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Season 21, Episode: 1 Young at HeartAll is right in the world; Survivor is back! Tonight, 20 castaways begin their quest for $1 Million and/or reality TV stardom. 39 days, 20 people, one Survivor! Follow me for a recap of tonight‘s premiere episode of Survivor: Nicaragua.  Read more »
Last night on the season premiere of Survivor: Nicaragua, we said goodbye to our favorite goat rancher: Montana‘s own Wendy Desmidt-Kohloff. She was nice enough to speak with me this afternoon to give me the dish about what went down last night. She also tells me why the heck she mentioned blisters at tribal. Let‘s start with the question everyone wants to ask. What did your husband think when he found out you were the first person voted off Survivor: Nicaragua?  Read more »
One of the best things to happen to Survivor in recent years is HD television. Sure, you get to see more clogged pores and bug bites on the castaway‘s skin than you want to, but you also get to soak in the breathtaking scenery. The arrival of Survivor in HD, beginning in January 2008 with the Gabon season, shot much needed new life into a somewhat stale series. It‘s safe to say that Survivor in HD is one of the many reasons to be excited about watching the 10 year old, 21 season-long competition series. As I was watching the season 21 premiere last week, and marveling at the beauty of Nicaragua, I started to wonder about where the best and worst seasons of Survivor were shot? I‘m not talking about the best season of the series (Borneo, Samoa or Palau), or the worst season (Thailand); I‘m talking about the elements that allowed for the best and worst locations. Read more »
Well here we are, back for another episode of Survivor: Nicaragua, and what a doozy it was! 19 are left, who will be voted out tonight?Of Shoes and SocksRemember last week when Jimmy Johnson told everyone that he didn‘t want to be thought of as the leader? Well, it looks like that ship has sailed. From the moment the episode began, it became clear that Jimmy J. is the boss around camp. Jimmy J. (when can we start officially referring to him as "Coach?") is running Espada like a well conditioned football team, and everyone except Jimmy T. appears to be on board.  Read more »
When we first saw Shannon Elkins, the pest control co. owner from Lafayette, LA, he seemed poised for Survivor greatness. He seemed to have it all: the physical strength, the vitality, the looks, (the hair), and the good ol‘ southern boy charm that has led other contestants, like season 18 winner J.T., to win the title of "Sole Survivor." But then Shannon opened his mouth, and we quickly learned that he will say whatever is on his mind, tribal council be damned. Shannon went on Survivor for the experience, and to put another notch in his belt. Before his time in Nicaragua, the married father of three said he had never been much of an outdoorsman. "I‘ve never been camping a day in my life until Survivor" Shannon said. "I‘m more of a Chick-fil-A and hamburger patty kind of guy; I had never really had rice before Survivor." Even though he dropped a staggering 20lbs (in 6 days; get me on Survivor) in his short time out there, he really didn‘t think much of the physical aspect of the game. It was the social part that seemed to plague Shannon and keep him from lasting long enough to win the whole thing.  Read more »
If there‘s a pattern so far this week in the ratings, it‘s that CBS is still the top dog. On Wednesday night the network had the highest-rated shows in all three hours of prime time and The Defenders became the season‘s third highest-rated new show of the season (behind Hawaii Five-0 and Mike and Molly, both also on CBS).  Read more »
What a difference a week makes. Earlier this week I posted my power rankings for the Espada and La Flor tribes. One of the comments mentioned that my assessment of La Flor was flawed. After tonight, I completely agree; I was way off! Basically if you took my La Flor Power Rankings and reverse them, then you‘ll have the most powerful members in the tribe. But my Espada rankings weren‘t too far off.  Read more »
When the news first broke that former NFL coach, current ExtenZe spokesman, and all around good guy Jimmy Johnson was going to be a castaway on Survivor: Nicaragua, feelings were mixed. People weren‘t sure if casting a highly recognizable celebrity was merely a gimmick, or if Jimmy Johnson had a shot at being a real contender? This isn‘t the first time Survivor has used celebrities as castaways before. Former NFL player Gary Hogeboom (Guatemala), Olympic gold medalist Crystal Cox (Gabon), and a member of the R&B group SWV Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George (Tocantins) have all played the game. There have also been a handful of z level stars (Jonathan Penner, Rita Verreos), but never has the show cast someone as well knows as Jimmy Johnson.  Read more »
Come on Survivor, you‘re better than this. For the fourth week in a row, Survivor‘s editing has tipped us off to the castaway going home. Aside from the crazy tribal a few weeks back, there hasn‘t been much suspense as to whose torch is getting snuffed out. The show is still additively fun to watch, but adding a little suspense would make it all the better.Idol DramaI can‘t believe I‘m saying this but, way to go NaOnka! You can‘t say she didn‘t earn the idol. This season‘s most polarizing castaway has the idol and is now, statistically speaking, the most powerful member of La Flor. She continued on with her aggressive rants towards Kelly B. and her leg saying things like "stay away from the fire," she says the most outlandish things, I‘m almost becoming numb to her crazy sound bites ... almost. Now that Nay has the idol, Kelly B. and Alina are sitting ducks. Read more »
Last night on Survivor: Nicaragua, we said so long to James "Jimmy T." Tarantino, the commercial fisherman from Gloucester, MA. Although his tribemates didn‘t care for him, America sure did. He won a contest beating out thousands of people as America‘s choice. Sadly for Jimmy T. he could never get over not being top dog around camp. He was always asking to lead but never leading by example. I had the chance to talk to Jimmy T. this afternoon and get his take on what went down in Nicaragua. He also gives his opinion on Probst, Tyrone, his leadership skills, and how he felt he owed it to America to do well in the game. Read more »
Normally on Monday‘s and Tuesday‘s I post my Power Rankings for the La Flor and Espada tribes. Since not much changed on the Espada end, and only NaOnka really moved up a spot on La Flor (what can I say, she has the idol), it didn‘t make much sense to rank the tribes this week. However, at the end of last week‘s painful episode we caught a glimpse of good things to come. It looks like this week‘s installment, "Turf Wars" promises to switch things up a bit. So instead of doing Power Rankings this week (look for the new and improved rankings next week) I thought I would offer up some ideas on how Survivor can salvage this season.I‘ve been watching Survivor for the last ten years and like any long-term relationship, things can get stale if not treated properly. Two seasons ago, Samoa injected much needed vitality into the series, and then the whole Heroes vs. Villains season brought the series back to life. Entering into Nicaragua I was as excited for the series as I have ever been, but quickly into the season Nicaragua lost its mojo, and if the show wants to be back on top, they need to make some changes, quickly.  Read more »
This season of Survivor has been lacking in many areas: compelling challenges, tribal blindsides, interesting castaways. However, one area where Survivor: Nicaragua hasn‘t skimped is providing us with at least one polarizing contestant.Four episodes in and NaOnka "Nay" Mixon, the 27 year old P.E. Teacher from Los Angeles, has steadily become one of the most contentious contestants in 21 seasons. Judging by the comments in Survivor articles and slideshows on BuddyTV, people really feel strongly about Nay. Read more »
The fifth episode of Survivor: Nicaragua is almost here and if the preview for "Turf Wars" is any indication, the show we love is back!Tonight‘s challenge could possibly be one of the craziest head scratchers in 21 seasons. In a season that has seen reward/immunity challenges come down to bean bags and blindfolds tonight‘s challenge comes out of left field, in the best way possible. Read more »
Survivor: Nicaragua had it‘s best episode of the season last night. The once weak Espada tribe was given new life when four members of La Flor joined forces with Holly, Dan, Yve and Tyrone. Unfortunately for Tyrone Davis, the one-time frontrunner just couldn‘t keep his appetite in check to last another day. I had a chance to talk with the Fire Captain from Inglewood, CA about his Survivor experience, and you are never going to believe who he is rooting for to win the game.   How are you doing Tyrone?I‘m doing fantastically well thank you.I really didn‘t think I‘d be talking to you this early.Hey I appreciate that.  Read more »
And just like that, Survivor is back! After a string of less than stellar episodes, Survivor: Nicaragua came through with the best episode in this young season. I can‘t really tell if the episode was incredible or if it‘s just the first non-lame episode in a while. Either way I was riveted the whole time, and for the first time this season, I feel great about where we stand.Things got underway real quick-like when Probst told everybody to drop their buffs. The look on Marty‘s face was priceless when he realized that his evil empire may come crashing down. Others like Alina and Jane saw this as a great opportunity to rise from the bottom of their respective tribes.  Read more »
Take a bite out of the latest TV news in 300 words.Survivor: Redemption Island Casting SpoilersSpoilers about the next season of Survivor are surfacing and the news ranges everywhere from OMG to WTF! It‘s long been known that the 22 season of Survivor would also film in Nicaragua but now we are getting rumors that the show will have a redemption theme. Each castaway will be there with something to prove. The big talk around town is that Russell Hantz and Boston Rob will be coming back as leaders of opposing tribes. I still can‘t wrap my head around this one. You mean to tell me that two of the shows greatest villains in the show‘s history will go head-to-head? I am a little worried about Russell fatigue; this will mean that the last three out of four seasons will have featured Russell, but pitting him against Rob could be genius.Join the discussion. What do you think about Boston Rob and Russel coming back?  Read more »
There‘s a lot of drama on Survivor: Nicaragua because this week it‘s a double Tribal Council. There are double crosses amd intriguing plans. If you love brilliant strategies that hinge on making sure everyone does what you want, you‘ll love La Flor. It was the battle of the season‘s two biggest gamers, and somehow both of them managed to win.  Read more »