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YES!  Survivor returns tonight for its 17th season and, for me, it never gets old.  I‘m a fan who‘s been watching the game since the very beginning.  This season, Survivor heads back to Africa for only the second time in the show‘s history.  It will also be shot in high def, which just means better, clearer images of Jeff Probst!  Oh yeah, we‘ll also see every bug bite up close too.  I‘ll just focus on the positive!  Many of the players coming in have studied the game of Survivor and it looks like they‘ll make this an interesting season.  I‘ll predict right now that either the bossiest or oldest person goes home first.  It‘s a 2 hour episode tonight and I‘ll be here the whole time, updating live so keep refreshing, post your comments, and let‘s settle in for a night of Survivor! Read more »
On tonight’s season premiere of Survivor: Gabon, the contestants were dropped off in the middle of Africa with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Jeff has each player introduce themselves and say what their occupation is. Some choose to leave a few important details out, such as Crystal, who fails to mention that she is an Olympic gold medalist. Once the introductions are over, Jeff says that, in true African tradition, the elders must be the ones to make the important decision. He asks Bob and Gillian to step forward and they will have their first pick for the new tribes. Ace and Crystal are the first chosen and, from there, a schoolyard pick takes place with Michelle being the last one. The new tribe names are Fang (the red tribe) and Kota (the yellow tribe). Read more »
I don‘t want BuddyTV readers to get the wrong idea about my opinions of Michelle.  I‘m certainly not her biggest fan and I can see where she made mistakes in her social game.  However, voting out strong players early on in Survivor is a mistake that many have made in the past and it never works out in their favor.  People get too paranoid early on.  Last night, the Fang tribe was even trying to send Dan home!  This kind of irrational gameplay is exactly what will be their undoing and I think every Survivor fans sees Kota basically floating along, no problem, to the merge.  They‘ll have the numbers and a Fang tribe member will be lucky just to get to final four.  They‘ll have a lot of work ahead of them if they make it to the merge, trying to fit in with people who have already bonded and been living together.  The‘yll just have to hope to become a swing vote.  Michelle knows thi too, and today, she spoke about it in her exclusive interview with BuddyTV.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Survivor: Gabon boasts the most stunning scenery we‘ve seen in the show‘s seventeen seasons.  Unlike Survivor‘s first season in Africa (otherwise known as “The Worst Setting Ever for a Survivor Season”), Gabon is a lush and expansive place.  The producers found an exceptional landscape to film the season, with rolling meadows, canyons, strategic hills and an abundance of water.  This is a perfect setting for Survivor.  The switch to high-definition isn‘t as noticeable as I thought it‘d be, but the aerial camera work and the shots of the wildlife are stunning nonetheless.  But, all of that periphery is meaningless in Survivor.  It‘s all about the cast and Survivor: Gabon, upon first impression, has a worthy cast of characters, a solid mix of heroes and villains.  Read more »
Gillian was able to return to her roots when she joined the 17th season of Survivor, located in Gabon, Africa.  This native of South Africa is a long time fan of Survivor and has been trying to get cast on the show since the very beginning.  Gillian may have been aware that her age could be her undoing in the game but she came into Survivor with as much energy and personality as anyone else.  Her tribemate Michelle was voted out first but when the Fang tribe lost their third challenge in a row, they decided that Gillian was the one who needed to leave.  Today, she spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview, weighing on Michelle, her tribe, and what she might have done differently.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Survivor: Gabon is my perfect TV show, I think.  Survivor has always been my favorite reality show, though from season to season the show can be inconsistent.  Some settings are better than others.  One of my favorite TV events of the last few years was, without a doubt, Planet Earth.  Our house has it on Blu-Ray, and often times we find ourselves re-watching episodes.  It‘s an amazing show.  Survivor: Gabon, being the first season of the series to be filmed in HD, is almost like a Planet Earth-Survivor hybrid.  The setting of Gabon, Africa is perfect for Survivor‘s first foray into Hi-Def – the landscapes are vast, the wildlife spectacular, and CBS is taking full advantage of the surroundings, peppering the first two episodes with extended, beautiful establishing shots.  Just find an HDTV and watch Survivor. It won‘t disappoint.  As we approach tonight‘s third installment of the season, I thought I‘d go out on a limb and pick my horses.  Read more »
Twenty-nine-year-old Charlie Herschel could soon gain notoriety for being the winner of Survivor: Gabon but he still has a long way to go. Until then, he’s earned some notoriety for another reason: the openly gay Herschel knew Clay Aiken’s big secret before the former Idol singer came clean. Of course, we all knew about Aiken but Herschel heard it from the man himself, when the two became fast friends online two years ago. “There was a point when I was in law school that I was on IM almost every day, so we used to IM almost every day,” Herschel told The Advocate in a recent interview. Besides dishing on Aiken, this Survivor talked about getting the opportunity of a lifetime to be part of his favorite reality show. Read more »
I don‘t get it.  Isn‘t Survivor: Gabon‘s Crystal supposed to be an Olympic athlete?  She was one of the last people up the hill in the first challenge.  That could just be her pretending to be weaker than she is.  In her interview with BuddyTV this week, Gillian said that one of her biggest regrets was picking Crystal first on the Fang tribe and not outing her for the superior athlete that she is.  It doesn‘t matter at this point what Gillian‘s regrets are since she‘s out of the game, along with Michelle.  The Fang tribe is going to need to get it together because they‘re headed down the same path that Stephenie‘s Ulong tribe in Palau is and that worries me.  I‘ll be here for the next hour, updating live as the episode plays out.  Keep refreshing and keep your fingers crossed for Fang! Read more »
Could I have jinxed this season any worse?  My last two articles on Survivor: Gabon focused on how I liked Paloma and despised Ace.  And, what do you think happens?  Of course, Ace orchestrates the elimination of poor Paloma.  I‘ll give it to Ace – he has serious potential to become a bona fide evil genius.  The way he subtly got Paloma to “take the pole,” if you will, was a great move, forcing his team to witness Paloma‘s weakness, even if it was totally unfair.  I‘m pretty sure Crystal would have dominated any female when it came to that challenge.  Now that one of my rooting interests is torch-less, I can turn my attention to rooting against Ace.  But, should I?  I do not want him to win, and I don‘t like him one bit, but would Survivor: Gabon be more fun with him around for an extended period of time? Read more »
Paloma knew that the minute that she hugged that pole in last night‘s reward challenge that she was in trouble.  Two players from the opposing tribe would have to pull her off and drag her through the sand to their finish line, which they did with great ease.  The idea to put Paloma in the competition was Ace‘s, undoubtedly to expose her weaknesses as a physical player.  When her name was brought up for elimination, she wasn‘t surprised but didn‘t go out before trying to turn her tribe against Ace.  Today, she spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview and this Survivor spoke her mind when it came to strategy, alliances, and her fellow players.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
On tonight’s episode of Survivor: Gabon, the Fang tribe had a hard time dealing with their hunger issues. Somehow, the tribe had been eating 3 meals a day but realized quickly that they wouldn’t be able to ration enough food to survive out there much longer.  They decide to cut it down to 2 meals a day but GC puts up a fight, further alienating himself from his tribe members.  Over at Kota, alliances are being formed one by one.  Ace and Sugar stick together while Corinne pulls Bob in to her alliance of 5.  No one in that alliance has any plans of taking Bob to the end (probably because no one could beat him in a jury vote) but string him along for now to keep the numbers in their favor. Read more »
I don‘t know if you‘ve seen the CBS promos yet, but if you have, then you know something big about the next episode of Survivor: Gabon.  I guess since it‘s a little bit of a spoiler, I‘ll wait until after the jump to let you know what it is.  But, really, if it‘s on TV already, it can‘t be a spoiler, right?  It‘s hard to know the proper protocol for issues like this, especially in an age when so many people are sensitive to surprise spoilers.  For the sake of all you Survivor fans out there, let‘s just wait till after the jump.MINOR, MINOR SPOILERS BELOW!!! Read more »
The Top 8 Power Rankings for Survivor: Gabon, which are written in black computer ink below this paragraph, are largely inconsequential.  There‘s not much separating any of these contestants.  After three episodes, the focus has mostly been placed on the troublemakers, the kind of personalities that might get voted out early in the game.  Ranking the bottom-feeders was relatively simple, but after taking a long gander at the remaining eight Survivor castaways, it looks to be a very muddled situation. No one has pulled away from the pack and, when the tribes get shook up, the alliances currently formed will be thrown into disarray.  Nonetheless, the rankings will start immediately after this paragraph ends, and if you could just take a few minutes and give them a looksie, you‘d make my mother very happy.  Read more »
There‘s nothing I love more on reality television than a good bromance and I have a great one in Survivor‘s Marcus and Charlie. Hopefully, the other Kota tribe members don‘t take notice.  The tribe members seem to be more focused on Ace and Sugar, who are clearly in some kind of alliance and have a bond out there in Africa.  Though Kota started strong this season, Fang fought back last week and started winning challenges.  My money is still on Kota to go into the merge with the numbers in their favor.  I heard from a little bird (named Oscar Dahl) that the tribes are switched up tonight.  I‘m not excited about it but maybe Jeff Probst will change my mind about it.  Whatever my reaction, I‘ll be here all hour so keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too! Read more »
If there‘s one thing a Survivor player should know, it‘s that they should never sit pretty in this game.  Things can change at any time - people can switch alliances, someone can play a hidden immunity idol, a merge can occur when you least expect it.  From the very beginning this season, solid alliances have been formed.  On the Kota tribe, there is Charlie and Marcus as an inner alliance who pulled in Bob, Corinne, and Jacquie.  On the Fang tribe, Ace and Sugar have not only become good friends but trusted partners in this game.  As a straggler in this game, the best you can hope for is to become a swing vote at a crucial tribal council but like I said, this game can change at any time - and tonight, it did. Read more »
Take that, Ace.  Bwahaha!  This is the earliest tribal shake-up I can remember in a long time, but it was a necessary one.  There were strong alliances on each side, and had the season progressed with tribes unchanged, boredom would have run rampant.  That‘s not what Survivor: Gabon needed.  This fresh start is going to reinvigorate the season, and we‘re already off to a solid start.  The machinations of the new Fang tribe were wonderful to watch last night, as Kelly switched allegiances (suck on it, Ace) and helped eliminate Jacque from the game.  Of course, Ace just gets to replace Jacque with Sugar, who he has a stronger bond with and who also has an immunity idol, but the stakes have been claimed.  If Ace and Sugar want to survive their next tribal council, it‘s going to have to be through tricky idol maneuvering.  Read more »
It‘s too bad that one of the only reasons fans knew Jacquie Berg this season on Survivor: Gabon is because they kept confusing her with fellow player, Kelly Czarnecki.  The truth is that the similarities stop at their blonde hair.  The two played very different games but unfortunately Jacquie was hit by a series of unfortunate events in this week‘s episode.  When the tribes were switched up, Jacquie landed on Fang, where she was outnumbered.  She aligned herself with Ace and Sugar, currently two big threats in the game.  Fang decided to let her take the fall for that alliance and voted her out.  Today, she spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Editor‘s Note: This is a weekly guest post from the TV staff at Check back here on Wednesdays for more stories about your favorite shows: Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, American Idol and America‘s Next Top Model. .By Susan Young, Film.comWhen Crystal Cox struggled climbing up that hill in the season opener of Survivor: Gabon, didn‘t you think she was just sandbagging for the camera?I mean, the girl had to have some game, right? That huffing and wheezing had to be an act, right down to needing a little booty push to make it up the hill. No need to show her hand just yet. Like other professional athletes playing reality shows, she needed to hide that light under the nearest bushel if she wanted to live to compete another day. Read more »
Survivor: Gabon is in that pocket right now where you‘re not exactly sure what direction the season will take. We don‘t know who will be the stars of the show, if you will, and we also don‘t particularly know if this will be a great season or merely a good season (there are no bad seasons of Survivor).  There are some crazy characters, but there are quite a few dullards out there.  Too many cookie-cutter handsome dudes, and some of the women aren‘t much better.  The dynamic Survivor castaways so far: Bob, Ace, GC, Randy, Corinne, and Charlie.  Everyone else, I‘m still on the fence with.  As we approach Survivor: Gabon‘s fifth episode (I can‘t believe that it‘s already been a month), some previous behavior has led me to concoct a few predictions.  Feel free to share your episode five predictions in the comments section below. Read more »
Last week‘s Survivor provided fans with a great twist when Jeff Probst pulled a tribe switcheroo.  Just to remind everyone, here are the new tribes.  The Kota tribe is now: Marcus, Dan, Charlie, Randy, Corinne, Susie, and Bob. The Fang tribe is now: Matty, Ace, Crystal, Sugar, Ken, Kelly, and GC.  Sugar spent the last few days on Exile Island and has no idea that she‘ll be joining the Fang tribe, who voted out Jacquie last week.  Jacquie was sent home because players were worried that she was in an alliance with Ace and Sugar, which means there are huge targets on their backs.  I‘m expecting Kota to do well tonight as they seem to have the stronger tribe (and a few of my favorite players).  I‘ll be here all hour and I hear one Survivor almost quits when hunger gets the best of them.  My money‘s on a female from Fang.  Keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too! Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Survivor, the Fang tribe were shocked to find an elephant dangerously close to their camp.  They watched it from afar but Ace and Matty decided to get in their boat and take a closer look.  The elephant spotted them but ultimately left them alone.  Conditions are the Fang camp worsen by the day and it was starting to get to GC.  He snapped at his teammates and disappeared minutes before the immunity challenge.  Sugar was sent to Exile Island again and lived it up, relaxing in the "Sugar Shack" with lots of fresh fruit, all for her.  Kota continued their winning streak as well as continued to thrive out in Gabon. Read more »
Sure, Ace may be an arrogant jerk.  There are worse ways to act on Survivor.  You could be malicious.  You could just give up.  No one is ever going to accuse Ace of lacking effort.  He has tried to carry the Fang tribe on his back over the last couple episodes of Survivor: Gabon.  Unfortunately, his supporting cast has let him down.  Even though he doesn‘t currently have the numbers on Fang, you just get the feeling that Ace is going to survive.  He‘ll find a way.  Of course, Fang would be insane to target Ace at this point, while in dire need of winning a challenge or two.  The scenes from next week show Ace playing a lot of hands, mixing it up a little.  If he succeeds in acquiring the immunity idol from Sugar, that‘s just another feather in his cap.  Read more »
This season on Survivor, GC earned one of the worst reputations in the game for being difficult and argumentative.  Early in the game, he was named the leader of the Fang tribe, a title that came with responsibilities he never asked for.  Misunderstood by many, GC failed to form an alliance that would at least get him to the merge.  When Fang lost yet another challenge last night, the tribe took their opportunity to vote him out of the game, after he suggested that he was ready to go home.  Today, GC spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
How horrendous of a tribe is Fang?  One of the worst Survivor tribes ever.  It‘s plain ugly.  Just by the law of averages, they have to win a challenge of two in the near future, right?  They probably shouldn‘t, give the poor make-up of their tribe.  The lack of competitiveness is really keeping Survivor: Gabon from becoming a great season of Survivor.  Everything else is falling into place quite nicely – the scenery is astounding, the challenges well-constructed and the cast is full of intriguing characters.  Just because I‘m an eternal optimist, I‘m going to proceed under the assumption that Fang will win the next immunity challenge.  If they don‘t, the situation will become incredibly dire for Fang‘s members.  Read more »
Know this, Survivor players.  If you give any inclination that you‘re ready to leave the game, the other players will pounce on top of that.  Just ask GC and other contestants who have come before him that couldn‘t hack it in the game of Survivor.  You know it‘s going to be hard and lonely.  You know you‘re going to be exhausted and starving.  Why sign up if you don‘t have it in you to make it through the long haul?  I hope that from this point on, no one whines about the conditions and just plays the game hard.  My fellow writer, Oscar Dahl, is right.  This season lacks the competitiveness that we‘ve seen in the past.  Let‘s step it up, Survivors!  I‘ll be here all hour, updating as we go so keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too. Read more »
On tonight’s episode of Survivor, two Fang players found themselves in terrible positions in the game. Matty and Ace knew that they both have had targets on their back since Day 1 so they did what any good player would do: they aligned with one another.  Meanwhile, over at Kota, Dan was rubbing his tribemates the wrong way by taking extra portions of food.  He claimed that because he weighed more, he deserved more, a comment Corinne neither appreciated nor agreed with.  Dan started out tonight with a big target on his back and he‘d need his tribe to continue winning in order to keep his place in the game. Read more »
Yeah, you read the headline right.  Survivor cast.  There is no better reality show than Survivor, and sometimes a person gets nostalgic.  Just reading cast list for a specific Survivor cast makes me nostalgic.  At first, I thought this was a little sad, but you know what - after considering this, I‘m happy that just the mere glance at a Survivor cast list can conjure up vivid memories.  For any real fan of Survivor, I‘m sure that you feel the same way.  Survivor has been such a constant in my life for the past decade that the Survivor casts have begun to blend together.  Each time a Survivor cast is announced, a pang of excitement enters in the beings of any Survivor fan.  The possibilities are endless, and with each diverse cast comes surprises and favorites that fans will remember long after each season has ended.  Read more »