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YAY!  Survivor is back and it‘s bringing what looks to be one of the best seasons yet.  Tonight‘s premiere will introduce us to the superfans of the show as well as reintroduce us to returning favorites.  The fans have no idea that they‘ll be going up against some of the best players of all time and I‘m pretty psyched to see the looks on their faces.  Where as we‘ve been able to predict where past seasons are going, Micronesia should give us lots of jaw dropping moments.  Alright, here we go.  It‘s time for some live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your thoughts on the newest season of Survivor! Read more »
Survivor: Micronesia is a little weird in that no other season of Survivor has been remotely similar.  Granted, I‘m making this proclamation after only one episode of Micronesia, but it can‘t be denied that this season will be the most atypical Survivor season since Survivor: All-Stars.  The whole set-up has created motivations that have never existed before.  The Favorites came into the game super-confident, cocky in their abilities in the game.  They believed a beat-down of the Fans was inevitable.  After last night‘s humbling immunity loss, you have to believe that these Survivor veterans are going to work as hard as they can to prove themselves.  The Fans enter the game wanting to simply prove they belong next to the Favorites that they admire.  These excuses for motivation have never been a factor on Survivor until now.  But, as anyone who watched the premiere knows, last night was all about one Mr. Jonny Fairplay.  Read more »
Tonight, the newest season of Survivor premiered, Fans vs Favorites, set in Micronesia (aka Palau). Ten fans stepped into the game and found out, right away, who their competition would be. Jeff Probst brought in the favorites one at a time, each one looking for a second chance at winning that million dollar prize. The fans showed the most love to Ozzy, James, and Yau-Man. In fact, Yau-Man received the biggest ovation of them all! Probst didn‘t waste any time getting both tribes in the game. The two groups had to swim to another where their boats and maps to the camps were waiting for them. Also on that island were two individual immunity idols that could be used only at the first tribal council that the owner attends. Everyone rushed into the water and, surprisingly, Erik beat Ozzy to the island. Yau-Man and Kathy received the idols and everyone headed to their camps to set up their new homes. Read more »
Last night, the new season of Survivor kicked off and got things started with a major bomb drop.  Just a few days into the game, Jonny Fairplay asked his tribe to vote him out of the game on claims that he misses his girlfriend, Michelle, who was pregnant at the time with their daughter.  At first, it seemed that he was just fooling one alliance into voting for him while his alliance took out Eliza.  At tribal council, things became all too real and Survivor fans were disappointed to see the game‘s biggest villain become the first person voted out of the game.  In a conference call today, Fairplay explained himself and claims that he has ... dare I say ... matured. Read more »
Survivor: Micronesia got off to a middling start last week, thanks to the shocking and anti-climactic white flag thrown up by Jonny Fairplay.  Though the episode was weak as a result, I‘ll still contend that Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites is set up well and should be one of the best seasons of recent years.  I just have that feeling (I am a staunch optimist, so I generally always have that feeling).  Much of the potential success of Micronesia lies in the quality of the Fans.  We know the Favorites and, while that group is a mixed bag, there are enough beloved characters that it should be fun (and, how about Amanda Kimmel and Ozzy Lusth sucking face in the promo for Thursday‘s episode?).  The Fans are still a relative unknown, thanks to the fact that the premiere episode focused mainly on Jonny Fairplay and the favorites.  Still, that‘s not going to stop us from doing a Fans Top 10 Power Rankings.  First impressions are important.  Read more »
Yeah, so maybe power rankings are relatively useless at this juncture of a Survivor season  But, they‘re still fun and being needlessly speculative is one of my favorite things, so we might as well go for it, right?  I‘ve got a theory regarding the Favorites and this theory has informed the below rankings.  After the Jonny Fairplay debacle on the season premiere of Survivor: Micronesia, I believe that any alliances that formed over that first episode will disappear by episode two.  The Favorites are going to be so determined and angry after losing the first immunity challenge that they‘ll have no choice but to band together and momentarily forget about any sort of game play.  This, I believe, will lead them to immunity victory and buy more time for new alliances to form as they won‘t have to think about voting someone new off until episode three or later.  Also, as we saw in the promos, Ozzy and Amanda are about to get it on and that changes everything.  Read more »
I still haven‘t recovered from the fact that Fairplay basically voted himself out of Survivor: Micronesia but I‘ve also got to move on.  There are bigger things to worry about - like Survivor showmances.  Is it really wise to make your romance known to everyone so early in the game?  We‘ll find out tonight as Ozzy and Amanda GET IT ON in Palau!  Parvati also has her hands all over James, showing that she hasn‘t learned much since Cook Islands.  Time for a new episode with some live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your comments! Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Survivor, showmances were popping up all over the place.  On the Malakal tribe, Ozzy and Amanda paired off as did James and Parvati.  Over at Ariai, Mikey B started to develop some attraction and some feelings for Mary.  Exile Island made a triumphant return this season and came with a twist.  The hunt for the hidden immunity idol let some players on a wild goose chase.  A division in the Ariai tribe began when Tracy, Chet, and Kathy decided to set up their own camp away from the others.  A player is totally blindsided and voted out of the game. Read more »
Congratulations are in order for Amanda Kimmel and Ozzy Lusth.  Last night, these two “Favorites” from Survivor: Micronesia locked their sea-chapped lips and became the quickest make-out partners in Survivor history.  Their have been a handful of “showmances” on Survivor throughout the years, but typically the castaways take things slow.  There is a courting period, maybe some nice walks along the beach, before the make out sessions commence.  Well, Amanda and Ozzy aren‘t messing around.  On episode 2, four days after their arrival in Palau, they managed to keep their fellow tribe members awake at night with the fastest Survivor hook-ever.  Jonathan Penner, for one, was not happy about this.  However, though this may be the big story of the night to some, I want to talk about something else.  Namely, why the “Fans” are pissing me off. Read more »
The more I think about it, the more I dislike Joel‘s decision to blind side Mikey and Mary Sartain on the last episode of Survivor: Micronesia.  I didn‘t like it initially either, but now I don‘t see a good way out for Joel.  Since he aligned himself with the outsiders (the three older people), he has set himself up as a relatively untrustworthy person, and going forward it‘s going to be difficult for him to go far with either the older or the younger crowd.  The next tribal council for the fans is going to be very important, in that it should set the tone and the alliances for the rest of the season.  Joel made his big power play a little too early in the season.  Read more »
On last week‘s episode of Survivor: Micronesia, Mary Sartain took the fall after her alliance partner, Mikey Bortone tried to run the show.  Joel wasn‘t about to let Mikey B run away with the Ariai tribe so he made an early power play to blindside Mary.  Mikey and Mary became targets when their tribe suspected they were not only in an alliance, but perhaps romantically involved.  In her interview with BuddyTV last week, Mary dismissed any rumors that she had a romance in Micronesia.  In fact, through being on Survivor, she met her future husband, a former player himself.  Read on to find out who Mary did made a love connection with and just what she thinks of the tribe that voted her out.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
I‘m going to do something unprecedented.  It‘s completely insane, a little bit brave, and totally inconsequential.  For the first time in Survivor Power Ranking history, I‘m going to take last week‘s top ranked player and, despite no one being voted off his tribe, move him all the way to the bottom.  First to worst – never been done.  I‘m scared of what the ramifications of this might be.  I feel like I‘m trying to reinvent the wheel.  Such reckless Power Ranking behavior rarely ends well.  The reason for my drastic change of heart stems from two separate showmances in the Favorites camp.  A Survivor showmance has only worked once (Rob and Amber) and there‘s a reason – it makes the players lose focus and it generally pisses everybody else off.  Read more »
I see my awesome screen capture of the Survivor: Micronesia Ozzanda kiss has become a popular pic on BuddyTV.  Looking at it more closely, not that I want to, it looks like he‘s eating her face.  Or maybe it‘s the other way around.  No one is showering, no one brushes their teeth, so who wants to be making out on the beach?  That‘s what I want to know.  Hopefully, these two can keep it in their pants so they can take the targets off their backs after being so outright with their relationship and their alliance.  Tonight, the episode description says that the fans have to work WITH the favorites and I‘m intrigued.  Let‘s get going with live blogging which lets you refresh throughout the hour to get your constant updates! Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Survivor: Micronesia, Ozzy, Amanda, James, and Parvati realize that their foursome isn’t going to be strong enough to dominate the Malakal tribe. They try to bring Eliza in, looking to vote Jonathan out as soon as possible. Ozzy doesn’t trust him, saying that Jonathan plays everyone. A Survivor catalog is dropped off at each camp and tribe members can choose three items as their prize should they win tonight’s reward challenge. The favorites chose shelter, lighting kit, and a survival kit. The fans decided to play for a fishing kit, shelter, and a kitchen set. Read more »
I didn‘t want to eulogize Yau-Man Chan.  The Yau Man is one of my favorite all-time Survivor castaways, but on Survivor: Micronesia he simply got lost in the shuffle.  His screen time was minimal and we weren‘t privy to any of the Yau-orchestrated hijinks that were a regularity in his original season.  I find it bizarre that Cirie Fields felt that Yau was the biggest threat in that four-pronged alliance and not Jonathan Penner.  Yau is a threat, but if you know his game (which everyone should) then keeping him around for awhile isn‘t a terrible idea.  At least Yau had one shining moment on Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites – starting the fire with only the sun, his glasses and one drop of water.  He‘s like a little tiny MacGyver. Read more »
These Survivor Micronesia Fans are really going to make a war out of this, aren‘t they?  Not that I was one to believe that these Fans would somehow be intimidated by the Favorites – it‘s just a game, after all.  What has frustrated me about this group of Fans is that a majority of the tribe has been quite boring thus far.  The four tribe members most poised to advance to the merge have gotten little screen time, and have failed to make any impression with that screen time. Since last week focused mostly on the Favorites and their trip to tribal council, these Power Rankings aren‘t going to be much different from last week.  Read more »
Just because I predicted this would happen doesn‘t mean I‘m happy about it.  On last night‘s episode of Survivor: Micronesia, Yau-Man Chan became the third person eliminated from the game.  The Malakal tribe had divided into two tribes.  One one side, there was Ozzy, Amanda, James, and Parvati.  On the other, Jonathan, Ami, Eliza, and Yau-Man.  Cirie sat in the middle, as a powerful swing vote.  While some argue that the smart move would have been to break up the Malakal couples, Cirie thought it would be a better decision for her to take out Yau-Man.  Today, he spoke to BuddyTV about his fellow tribemates and coming back to the game for a second chance at a million dollars.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Survivor showmances are, quite simply, unreasonable.  As fellow BuddyTV scribe Gina Scarpa and I briefly discussed last week, the pure logistics are mind-boggling.  Take, for instance, that epic face-sucking session between Ozzy and Amanda, witnessed by Cirie and a diusgusted Penner, that occurred late at night at the Favorites camp.  This is not very hygienic.  There are no toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouth wash.  No one‘s taken a shower.  They are doused in salt water.  And, most disturbingly, they‘ve been on an almost entirely fish diet. I don‘t want to hear anyone talking about how adorable the Survivor: Micronesia showmances are anymore – you ever made out with anyone who just ate fish, hadn‘t taken a shower in a week and smelled like the ocean?   Doesn‘t sound very appealing, does it? Read more »
Oh, you sneaky Survivors, you.  Tonight, somebody decides to create a fake idol to throw their fellow players off.  It didn‘t work last season in China but who knows?  Maybe the players in Micronesia are gullible enough to fall for it.  The favorites have already lost two players while the fans only sent one home.  Since I‘m rooting for the favorites, I hope they pull off another win in tonight‘s immunity challenge to even things out.  Let‘s also hope that the showmances simmer down and everybody just gets their head in the game.  It‘s time for a new episode with live thoughts updated throughout the hour.  Keep refreshing and post your comments as well. Read more »
On tonight’s episode of Survivor, tension mounted at Malakal between Cirie and Jonathan.  On Exile Island, the hidden immunity idol was uncovered and a fake one was constructed.  Puzzle solving proved to be a useful skill to one tribe who used it to win both challenges tonight.  A tribe member was blindsided at tribal council.For the reward challenge, four members from each tribe had to swim to a floating platform. One at a time, they had to dive down a steel cage and retrieve coconuts with letters on them. Once the bin is full, they bring it back to shore where the remaining tribe members unscramble the letter to form a phrase. The prize is three egg laying hens and one rooster. The Favorites win, thanks to Ozzy’s superior swimming and James’s puzzle solving skills. Kathy is sent to Exile Island again along with Ozzy. Read more »
I get too invested in this stuff.  As a long-time Survivor fanatic, watching tribes do idiotic things bothers me to the core.  There‘s some personal shame to be had from being visibly upset after watching a reality show on the couch, but I can‘t help it.  That‘s the beauty of reality TV – we can transplant ourselves into any of these situations and decide how we would have proceeded.  Usually, we come to the conclusion that we could‘ve performed better than the people on screen.  Maybe that‘s true most of the time – the kind of people who generally try out for reality television aren‘t rocket scientists.  I would argue, however, that Survivor is an exception.  Survivor is not a place for your typical reality whores.  I know, for a fact, that normal people who would not dare be caught on Big Brother would willingly spend time on Probst‘s island - normal, relatively intelligent humans.  Still, the editing of a show like Survivor is done in a purposely vague enough way where audience second-guessing is encouraged.  Would I have done what Joel Anderson did last night on Survivor?  I‘d like to think not, but you never know. Read more »
It‘s pretty fair to say that the experience on Survivor: Micronesia was one Mikey Bortone wasn‘t expecting.  He went into the game, as a fan, thinking he has control over his tribe.  He found out just how wrong he was in episode 2 when his alliance partner, Mary Sartain, was blindsided at tribal council.  The next time the Ariai tribe lost an immunity challenge, Mike‘s name was on the chopping block.  Though it seemed his tribe would vote out Chet, a physically weak player, they ultimately decided to take Mike out instead.  Last week, after his elimination, Mike talked to BuddyTV about his experiences on Survivor and whether or not he‘s rooting for anyone from his tribe to make it to the finale. Read more »
Last week, it was announced that the Emmy Awards would be creating a new category for its next awards show: Best Reality TV Host.  Usually, I‘d be against the Emmys adding more awards – the Emmys are boring enough with the amount of awards they have now.  But, I think I speak for all reality TV fans when I say that this category is long overdue.  The reality TV host is an underrated position.  A good host can make a show seem greater than the sum of its parts.  A terrible host can bring the proceedings to a stand still (see: On the Lot‘s Adrianna Costa).  It‘s about time we honored the brave men and women who lead us on our reality TV journeys.  In honor of this new Emmy category, I thought I‘d chime in with my personal reality TV host rankings, complete with the five people who I think should be nominated for the Best Reality TV Host Emmy. Read more »
Survivor: Micronesia has seen a noticeable imbalance in screen time between the tribes.  One argument could be that CBS is showing blatant favoritism towards the Favorites this season for the simple fact that America is more familiar with them.  But, sometimes you dig your own grave.  The Fans on Survivor this season have simply been less entertaining.  That could be a product of editing, but I have faith in the Survivor producers – if something interesting goes down in the Fans camp, then they‘re going to show it.  This week‘s Power Rankings are interesting, because we know that the tribes are going to be shaken up on Thursday.  I‘ve kept this in mind.  Read more »
The Survivor Favorites were poised to go on a run.  They had won four of the past six challenges, they were living well with full stomachs and high spirits, and their dominance had turned the Fans into a depressed and beaten down group of castaways with little remaining confidence.  Unfortunately for the Favorites of Survivor: Micronesia, the tribes are going to be all mixed up on Thursday, rendering all their momentum useless.  Not to worry – all eight of the Favorites are well-equipped for what comes next.  After all, they‘ve done it before.  The sub-plot I‘m most interested in come Thursday is whether or not the two showmance couples will be split up.  It‘d make the game very interesting if they were.  Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Survivor should be very interesting.  Probst is going to switch the tribes up meaning fans will not be on the same team as favorites.  Unfortunately, we don‘t know the new tribe compositions just yet but a CBS commercial showed us Joel and Ozzy on the same team.  I can‘t wait to see who starts selling their alliances up the river for a little security in the game.  It‘s time for a new episode with live updates throughout the hour here on BuddyTV.  Keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too! Read more »
On tonight’s episode of Survivor, some tribe members started to get sick of each other and dreamed of switching teams. The timing couldn’t have been better! When the players showed up for their reward challenge, Jeff informed them that they would be choosing new buffs and mixes up the tribes. Ozzy and Natalie become team captains and they proceed to do a school yard pick. Ozzy’s Malakal tribe now consists of Joel, Amanda, Erik, Ami, Tracy, Cirie, and Chet. Natalie’s Airai tribe is made up of James, Alexis, Jonathan, Jason, Parvati, Kathy, and Eliza. Read more »
Did I just watch that correctly?  Did the Fans make the same mistake two episodes in a row?  Have they ever seen Survivor played before?  After five episodes, I suspect that CBS cleverly cast second-rate castaways as the Fans, in order to make the Favorites look good.  From the second this season was concocted by Mark Burnett and the Survivor team, they knew they were going to feature the returning Favorites and not the new Fans.  They did this by casting weaker players with weaker intellect and less personality on the Fans side, therefore giving the Favorites the upper hand and giving the editors an excuse to steal screen time away from the Fans.  That‘s fine, though – I don‘t care if Survivor: Micronesia is unfair, so long as us viewers get to spend more time with the Favorites.  But, just for fun, let‘s examine just how unfair this season was from the very start. Read more »
Joel Anderson thought he ran the show at the Airai camp on Survivor: Micronesia.  He successfully blinded Mary Sartain and Mikey Bortone at two consecutive tribal councils.  However, on last night‘s episode, things changed when Jeff Probst mixed up the tribes.  Suddenly, Joel found himself working with the enemy.  He devised a play with Ozzy to get rid of Chet after the new Malakal tribe lost both the reward and the immunity challenges.  Little did Joel know that Cirie had hatched a plan of her own to get rid of him before he could get rid of her.  Cirie successfully swayed Ozzy and Amanda to vote Joel out - a move he didn‘t see coming until it was too late.  Today, Joel spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Joel Anderson became a victim of his own aggressive game play last week on Survivor: Micronesia.  He was blind-sided at tribal council (mostly thanks to Cirie), and it made me happy.  His over-playing earlier in the season, in which he opted to keep Chet over better players like Mikey Bortone and Mary Sartain, came back to bite right when he finally targeted Chet.  Unfortunately for Malakal, this will severely weaken their tribe in future challenges.  Chet, one would assume, is the next to go from Malakal, but that‘s been the assumption for a few weeks and the feeble pageant coach is still (kind of) alive.  If Malakal continues to lose immunity challenges, the four favorites will be able to simply pick off the three remaining fans.  Ozzy, with his hidden immunity idol and showmance Amanda in tow, is in good shape.  Read more »
How do I judge this Airai tribe?  At this point on Survivor: Micronesia, with the tribe containing four fans and four favorites, with Penner possibly having to leave because of injury, what should be my basis for power judgment?  Last week, the fans were dumb enough on Malakal to relent to the fans and give up one of their own under the assumption that they were taking out the weakest player (Chet Welch), only to see Cirie Fields cleverly hatch a plan to vote off the Malakal‘s strongest fan.  Will Airai‘s fans, like Malakal‘s, succumb to the will of the favorites when it comes time for tribal council?  The Survivor favorites are too smart to even think about breaking rank, I think, to let one of their own get voted off - the worst they can expect is a tie vote.  But, since there‘s not much to go on for Airai, most of my rankings are based simply on perceived individual strength. Read more »
I don‘t like the title of tonight‘s episode of Survivor at all.  I‘m concerned - very concerned - about Jonathan‘s health.  I‘m not going to lie.  I didn‘t like him much during Cook Islands.  I think I was too hard on him, though.  He‘s actually my favorite player this season and if he has to go home tonight because of his injury, I‘m going to be so upset.  What will make up for it is the fact that idiot Jason finds Ozzy‘s fake immunity idol and ACTUALLY thinks it‘s real.  I question how big of a fan these fans actually are.  For people who have watched since the beginning, they can be pretty dumb.  I‘ll update throughout the hour so keep refreshing and post your thoughts as well.  Tonight looks like it‘s going to be a good episode! Read more »
On tonight’s episode of Survivor: Micronesia, the division between the fans and the favorites is apparent, despite the fact that they are mixed together. One tribe member’s injury poses a serious risk to his health and is assessed by the show’s medical staff. A tribe continues their winning streak while the other can’t seem to get it together.  A player asks to leave the game but his fellow tribe considers blindsiding a threat.  Here‘s more details on tonight‘s episode of Survivor! Read more »
Now that Chet is gone, maybe Malakal can win an immunity challenge.  It‘s not impossible.  The tribe is still relatively weak, with only one truly strong member in Ozzy, though I wouldn‘t call Amanda, Cirie and Ami dead weight.  We‘re entering the traditional mid-season Survivor lull.  On Survivor, it always seems like there comes a time when the the next couple of weeks are easily predictable – I think we‘re going to limp into the merge on Survivor: Micronesia.  Once we get to the merge, however, things should get much better.  Having the Favorites duke it out will be fun.  So, back to ranking the Malakal tribe.  The list is a pretty static one, similar to last week‘s, but with a couple of minor changes.  Read more »
Chet Welch was voted off of Survivor: Micronesia last night.  This was way overdue.  Chet was another in a long line of older Survivor castaways who brought absolutely nothing to the table.  He was a wet rag, a worthless pile of goo who forced others to change the way they played the game of Survivor, created unfortunate alliances and was the catalyst in three separate surprise eliminations.  It makes me sick that Chet outlasted as many castaways as he did on this season of Survivor.  It didn‘t have to be this way.  The blame falls squarely on one place and one place only – the CBS/Survivor casting department. Read more »
On last night‘s episode of Survivor, both tribes lost a player but only one was voted out.  After suffering an injury that the medical staff deemed too serious, Jonathan was removed from the game in order to seek treatment.  When Malakal lost their immunity challenge, they dumped Chet, who they deemed dead weight.  For a minute, it seemed that he had the opportunity to take Ozzy out, but the plan never came to fruition.  Today, both Jonathan and Chet teamed up to talk to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.  Read on to see what they both thought about how they left the game of Survivor! Read more »
I hate it when people get injured on Survivor.  Ever since front-runner (and all around bad ass) Michael passed out into the fire on Survivor: Australia and burned his hands, the out-of-nowhere injury has been my least favorite inevitability of Survivor.  Jonathan Penner‘s leg injury that forced him off the show last week is not only a massive disappointment for Jonathan himself, it severely alters the course of the rest of the season.  Airai, previously an even split between Fans and Favorites, is now under the control of the four Fans.  Last week, I thought the Favorites would dominate the rest of the game – the Fans of Airai can stop that from happening.  Read more »
Hello, everyone.  Tonight Survivor: Micronesia is airing in a special Wednesday time-slot thanks to the greatest sporting event known to man, the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  As such, I will be filling in for your usual Survivor live thought-er Gina Scarpa.  I apologize in advance for the inevitable disappointment.  Anyway, last week saw two male castaways exit Survivor: Micronesia, one (Jonathan Pennner) because he had a bad injury and the other (Chet Welch) because he was a big ol‘ ball of goo.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode, giving live updates as the action happens. Read more »
Silly NCAA Tournament.  Because of basketball, Survivor had to air on a special night tonight which meant that I couldn‘t watch it live because of Top Model.  When this is over, I still have Idol and Big Brother eliminations to catch up on.  It‘s a very busy Wednesday night, to say the least.   Moving on...Tonight‘s episode of Survivor kicked off with the idiotic Malakal tribe members discussing killing a chicken.  Chicken gives them protein, they say.  Yeah, so do eggs.  Ozzy tries to make an executive decision to keep the chickens alive but that just tips Tracy off to the fact that he‘s the leader and he probably needs to go.  That target on his back keeps getting bigger every day, doesn‘t it? Read more »
Kathleen Sleckman, one of the supposed super-fans from Survivor: Micronesia, up and quit the game on Survivor last night.  I can‘t remember the last time this happened (Oh, wait – it was the first episode of this season with Jonny Fairplay), but whenever it does I get very angry.  I‘m sick and tired of Survivor contestants whining about how hard it is out there.  They‘ve seen the show, they know the elements are difficult and they know that at times it will be miserable.  I find it exceedingly hard to believe that the conditions on Survivor came as a surprise to someone like Kathleen.  Her quitting is doubly offensive when you consider the agony of Jonathan Penner just one week ago, who fought and did everything he could to try and stay in the game, yet had to leave for medical reasons.  There are thousands of people out there who would have gladly taken Kathleen‘s spot on Survivor – if she ever had any inkling that she might quit, she never should have tried out for the show in the first place.  Read more »
Last night on Survivor, the often brutal conditions became too much for fan Kathleen Sleckman.  Her tribemates tried to convince her to tough it out but she had had enough.  Jeff Probst came to camp to get her and she boarded a boat, headed for home.  The Malakal tribe, having lost another immunity challenge, was headed to tribal council and Tracy Hughes-Wolf was looking to take out Ozzy Lusth.  Unfortunately for her, she didn‘t have the votes and the tribe turned on her instead, eliminating her from the game.  Today, the two talked to BuddyTV together in an exclusive interview. Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Watching Survivor: Micronesia this season, something feels a little off. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s one of the best and most interesting seasons in quite some time. Perhaps it’s the way CBS tried to pitch it to me, though. Fans vs. Favorites. Really? We’ve already established that a good half of the favorites aren’t favorites at all. They’re semi-memorable players from seasons past. In fact, probably only 3 (maybe 4) of them are technically favorites. The show has done a phenomenal job of focusing on them as opposed to the fans. Now that the tribes have been mixed up for a few episodes, they can’t hide them as secondary storylines anymore. All of this has left me wondering: Are these people really the superfans that CBS says they are? Read more »
Two weeks in a row, two castaways have left Survivor: Micronesia.  That has to be a a record: four contestants gone in two episodes.  The numbers have quickly dwindled on both tribes, with the Fans taking most of the hits.  As it stands now, overall, the Favorites outnumber the Fans 7 to 4.  With the merge rapidly approaching, this advantage is an important one.  On Malakal, only one fan remains.  And he makes his living as an ice cream scooper.  I wouldn‘t be too frightened if I were the Favorites.  Anyways, as I‘m wont to feel at this point in the Survivor season, I can‘t wait for the merge to happen, because that‘s when the real game will start and the Favorites will begin to battle it out with each other.  Until then, here‘s a look at Malakal‘s pecking order, according to a Survivor expert: me.  Read more »
Amid Kathleen Sleckman‘s disgraceful departure from Survivor: Micronesia last week, the most important consequence of the entire episode was overlooked: with Kathleen gone, the Fans no longer retain the power in the Airai tribe.  Before Kathy left, the Fans held a 4-3 advantage on the Favorites, and could have picked off whoever they pleased at the next tribal council.  Now that the tribe is evenly split, it‘s all up in the air.  If they go to tribal council before the merge (which isn‘t a sure thing), the vote will be an intriguing one.  But, considering what I‘ve seen thus far from Survivor: Micronesia, I have to place my faith in the Favorites.  These Airai rankings could be two separate lists, really – Airai Fans and Airai Favorites.  Read more »
When looking at the game of Survivor, it’s always interesting to see who ends up forming an alliance with whom and more importantly, who they ultimately decide to pair up with to take to the end. What’s even more interesting is that more often than note, a female player will always choose a male before choosing a fellow female. Here’s the thing about the women of Survivor refusing to team up with each other. Let’s look at some facts. Out of 16 seasons of Survivor, there have been only 3 where 2 women have sat next to each other in the finale. There have only been 2 seasons where a woman has successfully formed an alliance with a man that has paid off for her in the end. In season 2, Tina Wesson won over Colby Donaldson and in All-Stars, Amber Brkich won over Rob Mariano (though, in that case, they basically both won). Read more »
Okay, I‘ve had to wait two weeks for a new episode of Survivor.  I‘m pretty sure that all the quitters are gone.  Hopefully, now we can just focus and have a good game goin‘ on.  Tonight, I hear that the women band together to start getting rid of the men on one tribe.  Yeah, it‘s the smartest thing you‘ll do, women.  As I said last week, the chances of a woman winning against a man that she aligned herself with all season is slim to none.  I don‘t want to see Ozzy go but if I was playing the game, I would. Read more »
On tonight’s episode of Survivor, Erik worried that he was in big trouble as the only fan left on the Malakal tribe. The women tried to come together on Airai to form a solid alliance that would take them to the end. Led by Parvati, the plan was to pick off the strong men one by one when they get to the merge. Both tribes received notes saying that they had to choose a member of the opposing tribe to sit out of tonight’s immunity/reward challenge. They two players could not compete and would be sent to Exile Island BUT would receive individual immunity good only for tonight’s tribal council. Read more »
Survivor: Micronesia caught me off guard last night.  For the first time all season, the tribal council was legitimately surprising and the Survivor I had assumed would be voted off wasn‘t.  Well played, Survivor editors.  Fooled me.  After the episode, there was a lot of “You have to admit, that was an impressive move from Erik,” sentiment among fans.  I respectfully disagree.  We saw all the moves that Erik made on the screen last night, none of which were impressive, nor led to Ami‘s departure.  The only reason the tribal council went down like it did was because Ozzy made it happen.  Don‘t kid yourselves, Erik alone pulled off no such coup.  Read more »
It was an unfortunate set of circumstances for Ami on last night‘s episode of Survivor: Micronesia.  She put a little bit of trust in Erik when Survivor puts fans and favorites on the same tribe.  When Erik was on the chopping block (after Malakal lost their fourth immunity challenge in a row), Erik sold Ami up the river to Cirie, Amanda, and Ozzy.  When Ozzy caught wind that Ami was gunning for him, he decided to strike first.  The tribe voted a tearful Ami out, even after she tried to plead her case and convince them that her loyalty was to them.  Today, Ami spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview about playing the game a second time and which favorites she would have like to have seen this season.  Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
On tonight’s episode of Survivor, the tribes received tree mail letting them know that it was time for a merge. They greeted each other with hugs but soon scrambled to form alliances to keep themselves in the game. Eliza, feeling like she didn’t have anyone at all, teamed up with Jason. Parvati put herself in an alliance with just about everybody in the game except Eliza. She even put herself and Amanda in an alliance without asking Amanda’s permission. Amanda became jealous when she noticed Alexis cozying up to Ozzy. The new tribe name was Dabu, which is Micronesian for “good”. Erik came up with the idea. Putting good aside, Dabu went head to head for individual immunity and focused on eliminating their biggest threat. Read more »
I still don‘t feel confident that the fans can win on Survivor: Micronesia.  I‘d be surprised if any of them made it to that final tribal council.  However, somehow Erik helped get Ami eliminated on the last episode, making it the first time that a favorite has left in favor of a fan.  I believed that Ami had good intentions and felt bad that she left.  It‘ll be interesting to see who trusts who with the merge coming.  I‘ll be here the entire hour with live updates so keep refreshing and post your comments, too! Read more »
Is there anything better in life then when a Survivor castaway tries to play a fake immunity idol?  It‘s only happened twice now, but both times it has brought me immense joy.  Maybe it‘s the brief look of smugness on the fake idol holder‘s face when they think they‘ve pulled a massive coup.  Maybe it‘s the way Jeff Probst looks at it and then with a little smile throws it into the fire.  It was almost better that Ozzy‘s fake whittled Idol was so poorly constructed – it made Eliza Orlins‘ desperation that much more entertaining.  Survivor: Micronesia merged at exactly the right time and we‘re set up for a riveting end to the Survivor season.  Read more »
Despite her attempts to get rid of Ozzy on Survivor: Micronesia, Eliza just couldn‘t get the job done and was voted out in last night‘s episode.  She seemed to have a decent alliance early on but the minute the tribes were switched up, and she was separated from Ami, Eliza was in trouble.  She scrambled and finally aligned herself with Jason, one of the fans.  He was even willing to share his immunity idol with her after their tribe lost the immunity challenge but, as Eliza pointed out, the idol was a fake.  She played it anyway at tribal council, with the sole intention of outing Ozzy as the person who had the real idol.  She went out with a bang and today, spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Survivor is a beautifully filmed program.  It has a class that‘s rare for reality television, and the camera work is often astounding.  The cameramen are famous for being the best of the best, capturing the tribal interactions of the contestants without being overly intrusive. They are so good at documenting “real” moments, that NBC‘s The Office even hired some of Survivor‘s old cameramen to get the documentary feel for the comedy just right.  If there‘s been one complaint regarding the film making of Survivor, it‘s been CBS‘s reluctance to go ahead and film the show in high-definition.  That‘s about to change.  Starting next season, the long-running reality series will be filmed entirely in HD for the first time ever.  Read more »
I‘m still scratching my head over the fact that last week, the Malakal tribe got rid of Eliza in favor of Erik.  There are 4 fans and 5 favorites.  All it takes is one favorite (cough cough, Cirie) to jump ship and give the fans the numbers.  Like many have said, this is still a fans vs. favorites game on some level.  Tonight‘s episode title intrigues me.  Someone breaks a promise and maybe it surrounds tonight‘s reward challenge.  Contestants will fight for a feast which means either a team wins or one person wins and picks people to come along.  Prizes like that always end up pissing somebody off.  Hey, I‘d wanna eat too!  It‘s time for a new episode of Survivor and I‘ll be here all hour with live updates.  Keep refreshing and post your comments, too! Read more »
On tonight’s episode of Survivor, the contestants were split into two teams of four for their reward challenge. One person from each team has to swim out in the water and crawl through a net tunnel to a platform. At the platform, they had to study a series of puzzle pieces with Micronesian symbols on it. When they got back to shore, they had to duplicate the order of the pieces as they saw it on the platform. The winners get a trip to an island where they’ll stay overnight and enjoy a feast. One player had to sit out and go to Exile Island. Rough times! Read more »
Best episode of the season?  Maybe.  Whenever there‘s a surprise at tribal council, there are claims of “great episode!” every which way, but last night‘s Survivor illustrated the greatest legitimate criticism of the series: the game places the stronger players at a huge disadvantage.  Unless you can single-handedly win every immunity challenge, a strong physical player is going to be targeted for elimination.  While I understand this complaint from former and non-fans, it‘s something that I‘ve come to terms with over the years.  Even if it is a flaw in the Survivor game, it‘s one that has no solution.  A number of exceptional challenge players have won the million dollars, so it can happen.  The advantage of being physically gifted is off-set by the massive, blinking target on your back.  Ozzy should have realized this. Read more »
In a shocking tribal council on last night‘s Survivor: Micronesia, the tribe voted out Ozzy instead of Jason.  When Ozzy‘s alliance seemed set on sending Jason home, Cirie saw it as the perfect opportunity to formulate a plan to send him home.  She figured he would not play the idol because he‘d never see it coming.  She was right.  Cirie had Natalie, Jason, and Alexis on her side but needed to pull one more over.  Parvati was ready to make a big move in the game, even if it  meant that it cost her friendships or her original alliance.  With Parvati on their side, the five players voted Ozzy out of the game, making him the second member of the jury.  Today, he spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview and getting blindsided, his relationship with Amanda, and how he handles himself at the final tribal council.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Survivor: Micronesia has been taken over by the ladies.  Of course, you already knew that if you‘ve turned on CBS anytime in the past week.  Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites is lady-heavy right now, thanks to Ozzy‘s surprise ejection last week.  We see in the CBS promos that the females appear to rise up and join forces on tonight‘s upcoming episode.  Even though this is what the promos insinuate, that doesn‘t mean anything.  CBS likes to throw viewers off the scent – but, that female majority is still difficult to ignore.  So, just for fun, I want to see what would happen if the ladies actually do what CBS is leading us to believe they will – pick off the remaining men one by one.  Read more »
James Clement is on of my favorite Survivor castaways ever.  He‘s funny, doesn‘t take crap from anyone, and is self-deprecating when warranted.  Tonight, on Survivor: Micronesia, James might be voted off.  I don‘t have any real reason to suspect this, but with the latest CBS promos showing a girl-power revolution in the works, it seems reasonable for James, strong as he is, to be their first target.  Your usual BuddyTV Survivor correspondent Gina Scarpa has been called up to the big leagues to cover the return of Grey‘s Anatomy (don‘t forget us, Gina) and I, Oscar Dahl, am taking over.  I hope you‘re all not too disappointed. Read more »
The hidden immunity idol is an important object on Survivor, but not for the reasons you might think.  Oh, yeah, maybe it gives you some power, or some leverage, definitely provides you some game play options.  However, what it does most of all is give the holder a false sense of security.  Every season, the new Survivor castaways come into the game with more knowledge, and ever since Yul Kwon used his hidden immunity idol to become a millionaire, whoever holds the hidden immunity idol has become a massive target.  If I‘m on Survivor, I avoid the hidden idol like the plague.  Two weeks in a row, the idol holder has been secretly back-doored.  And, why not?  It makes sense for the rest of the tribe to treat whoever owns the idol like the most dangerous threat imaginable.  Tonight, it was Jason Siska who felt the wrath of idol ownership. Read more »
That better have been the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever!  Skippy, not Jif.  On last night‘s episode of Survivor, Probst brought out the famous food auction for their reward challenge.  It wasn‘t as fun as it usually is but that‘s probably because I was forced to watch Erik pay Cirie to lick chocolate off her fingers.  Even as I think about it right now, my stomach turns a little.  Perhaps worse than that, was the bat soup that Natalie had the misfortune of winning.  You watched thinking, "There‘s no way she‘s eating that," and you‘re right.  James, however, had no problem sampling it.  It was literally broth ... and a dead bat.  Worst auction ever!  Enough about food, though.  There were more important things going down on last night‘s episode - like Parvati‘s damage control, Natalie‘s attitude, and Jason‘s stupidity. Read more »
Let‘s talk immunity idols.  There‘s been a certain backlash against the existence of the hidden immunity idol on Survivor over the past couple weeks, stemming from its poor utilization by both Jason Siska and Ozzy Lusth over the last two Survivor: Micronesia episodes.  The basic argument against the hidden immunity idol is that it‘s extremely difficult to use correctly, and that if anyone else knows a specific person holds the idol, that person immediately becomes the biggest target in the game.  This is exactly what happened the last two weeks – Jason and Ozzy were outed as idol holders and were quickly blind-sided.  Has the hidden immunity idol run its course as a useful piece of the Survivor game?  Read more »
Let‘s not give Jason Siska the award for smartest Survivor player this season.  He fell for Ozzy‘s awfully constructed fake immunity idol.  He found a real immunity idol and didn‘t play it, which ended up being his undoing in the game.  Yet, despite his less than stellar moments, there‘s a lot that Jason has to be proud of.  He played a classy game, wasn‘t manipulative or ruthless, and gave Ozzy a pretty good run for his money in physical challenges.  In his exclusive interview with BuddyTV, Jason was a good sport about the idol mishaps and kicked himself for his mistakes late in the game.  Read on to find out what he thinks of Natalie and who he would have taken to final three!Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Survivor: Micronesia is only three episodes away from its conclusion, and it‘s shaping up to be one of the more exciting stretch runs we‘ve seen on Survivor in a long time.  I absolutely have no clue how the season will play out, which is great.  James is probably on the chopping block tonight unless he wins the immunity challenge, which he has a very good chance at doing.  Will the ladies stay strong?  Will someone have to leave for medical reasons?  Below, I‘ve written five fearless predictions for tonight‘s episode.  You will probably disagree with most of them.  Read more »
I‘ve put up this picture of James, because I believe that the name of the episode is probably a quote from James.  It just sounds like something he would say, probably in Parvati‘s direction.  Survivor: Micronesia airs its third to last episode of the season tonight, and this makes me sad.  Survivor could go on for six months at a time and I‘d be happy.  Also, it is a little bizarre to think that in the span of three episodes, Survivor is going to go from seven castaways to the final tribal council.  There is a very good chance that someone in the next couple episodes will have to leave Survivor due to an injury - the episode previews add to this suspicion.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode, giving my two cents as the hour rolls along. Read more »
Injury eliminations are the worst.  This Survivor season has been annoying in that way – it kind of bastardizes the entire game when a strong contestant is simply removed from the playing field.  The unfortunate Survivor: Micronesia castaway tonight was grave digger James Clement, whose finger malady was deemed too serious to not be taken care of at a hospital.  James didn‘t put up much of a fight when told he had to leave – I found this strangely endearing (maybe it was just my James man-crush kicking in).  However, James‘ departure was not near the biggest story of the episode.  After a full week arguing the merits of the hidden immunity idol, and how difficult it is to play it correctly, Survivor viewers treated to a devastating blindside.  Read more »
Oh Amanda, you made me so proud last night. You did what no man in Survivor could do: correctly play the hidden immunity idol. Up until last night’s episode, I questioned whether or not it could even be done. This season, on Survivor: Micronesia, it seems like getting sent to Exile Island means that it’s a given that you’ll find the hidden immunity idol. Back in the days of Cook Islands and Fiji, you couldn’t just get the idol on the first try. You had to work for it. This season, it seems anybody with a brain and the ability to swim could get their hands on an idol. Jason and Ozzy were stupid enough to hold on to theirs but not Amanda! ** WARNING! FINALE SPOILER AHEAD (it’s good though)! ** Read more »
Last night‘s episode of Survivor: Micronesia gave us not one, but two shocking exits from the game.  First was James, who was forced to leave due to a severe infection in his hand.  He made it just as far as he did last season in China, thanks to some bad luck.  Next to go was Alexis, who fell prey to the hidden immunity idol after Amanda successfully played in in tribal council.  Alexis never saw it coming and was totally blindsided when the votes were read.  Today, the two teamed up for an exclusive interview with BuddyTV, talking about Natalie‘s bad editing, Parvati‘s game play, and what will make them write someone‘s name down to win a million dollars.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Two episodes away.  Three hours from our next Survivor winner.  It‘s sad reaching the end of any Survivor season, but the Fans vs. Favorites experiment has been especially enjoyable to watch, if only for the action of the last three weeks.  The Fans were, of course, less interesting than our Favorites, but that‘s why the favorites are favorites.  With only five castaways left on Survivor: Micronesia, it figured to be about time for our last power rankings of the season. Before we get there, it must be known that CBS isn‘t telling anyone whether the final tribal council will be of the three-person variety or the two-person variety.  I prefer two-person tribal councils, but CBS does what it wants.  In terms of the rankings, it shouldn‘t matter that much.  Read more »
It should be very simple tonight on Survivor: Micronesia - if Erik Reichenbach doesn‘t win the immunity challenge he will be voted off.  The four remaining women (Amanda Kimmel, Natalie Bolton, Parvati Shallow, and Cirie Fields) have made it clear that they are going for an all-lady alliance.  If they stay true, then Erik is in trouble.  One thing to watch for early in tonight‘s Survivor episode is whether there‘s any backlash from Amanda‘s glorious use of the hidden immunity idol.  Natalie might be upset, but she‘d be smart just to go with the flow and jump on board the all-lady train.  I‘ll be here throughout tonight‘s Survivor episode giving my live thoughts as the episode moves along. Read more »
Survivor fans are being spoiled.  Simple as that.  Us Survivor fans don‘t like to admit it, but tribal councils are usually anti-climactic.  The Survivor editors like to try and trick the viewer in the minutes leading up to council, but if you‘ve seen enough seasons you can pretty much figure out whose torch will be extinguished.  Survivor: Micronesia is the exception.  For the last three weeks, we have been treated to wonderful tribal councils with surprises and drama and idiocy.  Idiocy, that might be the key, but I don‘t care.  Even if the through line in these excellent tribal councils has been the moronic play of the Survivor men, I‘ll take it.  You also have to take into account the genius of the ladies, who have played their men like a fiddle.  Good times.   Read more »
I really didn’t know whether to laugh or throw something at my television during last night’s episode of Survivor. When Natalie, Amanda, and Cirie came up with the idea to convince Erik to give up his individual immunity, I figured there was no way in hell that he was that stupid. Wow, was I wrong. What power do these women have over the men of Survivor this season, that they can convince them to not only play their idols but GIVE THEM TO THEM! I have to say, I’m actually glad there’s all women in the final four (even if Natalie’s one of them) because none of the men deserve to be there. Read more »
On last night‘s episode of Survivor, the remaining women in the game convinced Erik to hand his individual immunity to Natalie as a sign of good faith at tribal council.  They then proceeded to vote his stupid butt out of the game.  Some call when he did stupidity.  Others say he was too trusting, too naive.  Erik just really wanted to redeem himself and gain the trust of the women.  Instead, his attempt at an act of good faith ended up being his undoing.  Today, Erik spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview about his dumb move, his dreams of getting on the show, and Sunday night‘s exciting live finale!Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Cirie Fields, Parvati Shallow, Natalie Bolton and Amanda Kimmel.  One of those four women are going to win Survivor: Micronesia.  Throughout the season, the ladies proved once and for all that brains are more important than brawn.  While the men were indescribably dumb at times during the Survivor season, you still have to bow down to the women - their level of manipulation has been astounding.  The good cop/bad cop routine earlier this week that sent Erik over the edge was a sight to behold.  Tonight, Survivor hits us up with its two-hour finale, followed by the one-hour reunion show.  I‘ll be here all night, keeping up to date on the proceedings.  My prediction for winner: Amanda.  Read more »
Ah, yes, the Survivor Live Reunion show.  These are the things I watch the reunion show for: to see the excess of make up worn by the women, to see who has gained the most weight since the island, to see who is tense around who.  The word is that Amanda Kimmel and Ozzy Lusth have continued their romance since the season ended.  We will get confirmation, one would assume, on tonight‘s broadcast.  Maybe we‘ll even get a wedding proposal (I hope not).  It was a great Survivor season, with all sorts of nonsense abounding, so the reunion show should be pretty fun.  I‘ll be here throughout the hour, giving my live thoughts.  Read more »
Early on in the Survivor reunion special tonight, Jeff Probst stated that Survivor: Micronesia might be the best Survivor season since the very first.  After the last six weeks, it‘s hard to argue with that statement.  I can‘t remember a more exciting and enthralling end of a season.  However, what happened in the last month and a half is blinding us from what happened in the beginning of the season.  Maybe you don‘t remember, but the season began poorly – starting with Jonny Fairplay‘s shameful departure, to the wet blanket Fans Kathleen Sleckman and Chet Welch, Survivor: Micronesia did not look like it was going to be a winner.  Given this, I wouldn‘t place this season among the top two or three, but that‘s nitpicking – Micronesia was Survivor at its best for most of its run, and tonight‘s finale did not disappoint. Read more »
I should have seen it coming. In a season packed with more blindsides than Survivor has ever seen, even the finale was a shocker. From the beginning, Amanda was a frontrunner. She had played a decent game last season in China, but rode Todd’s coattails throughout much of the season. After finishing as runner up, she headed right back out to compete in Micronesia. After Ozzy’s blindside, Amanda kicked her strategy into high gear, playing a very physical and aggressive game. Even as James said at the final tribal council, Amanda had the game in the bag. Last night, though, viewers were shocked as, once again, Amanda finished second while Parvati was named the winner of Survivor: Micronesia. Read more »
On Sunday night’s finale of Survivor: Micronesia, Jeff Probst told the audience that fans felt that this season was second only to the very first season, which premiered in 2000. What’s interesting about that statement is, that even though fans may have liked this season, it didn’t translate into viewers. This past Sunday was the lowest rated Survivor finale in the show’s history, bringing in only 13 million viewers. That’s down 5 percent, while the reunion was down 13 percent from the previous year. Read more »
It was a pretty surprising finale of Survivor: Micronesia, when Parvati Shallow was named the winner over Amanda Kimmel.  At the final tribal council, viewers and players alike felt that Amanda had it in the bat but something shifted and the votes ended up going Parvati‘s way.  She played a strong social game all season and was the driving force behind some major blindsides and power plays.  Today, Parvati took time out of her busy schedule to talk with BuddyTV about her win, playing the game for a second time, and what helped her walk away with a million dollar check.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Survivor: Micronesia was unique, as far as Survivor seasons go.  The hybrid All-Stars formula of Fans vs. Favorites was perceived as gimmicky when announced, and the first handful of episodes did nothing to quell the doubters – the favorites were better, they were taking more screen time, and the whole Survivor season looked like it might turn into a rout.  While the Survivor favorites did dominate the season, the fans weren‘t completely worthless, and they gave us some nice moments along the way.  The number of injuries was unfortunate, but it added to the overall excitement of the season.  Now, looking back on it all, I thought I‘d try something new: castaway grades.  The grades are not based on when the players were voted off (though, that obviously plays a part), because luck has a lot to do with Survivor success.  The grades are based on how well each player performed, given the set of circumstances they were placed in.  Read more »
The 17th season of Survivor, Survivor: Gabon, is amping up to start filming in the west African nation in June, but CBS is already begun casting for Survivor 18, which is set to air beginning in January of 2009.  Open casting calls around the country began last weekend, and will continue for the next few weeks.  As they prepare for season 18 of the long-running reality series, CBS has made one major change to the application process: they‘ve lowered the age requirement from 21 to 18.  This is big news for 18, 19, and 20-year old Survivor fanatics around the country and a move by CBS that will, presumably, lead to a bigger talent pool for the network to work with and inject more youth into Survivor 18.  Read more »
The Moment of Truth kicked off its second season Tuesday, helping FOX win the night in the ratings.  If you bear with me for a second, I‘ll tell you why this is good news for Survivor.  The Moment of Truth, which debuted to monster numbers in its first season earlier this year, is expected to be one of the higher rated series of the summer.  Also, FOX, at their recent upfronts for the 2008-2009 season, placed The Moment of Truth on their Fall schedule on Thursdays at 8pm.  When pressed about The Moment of Truth‘s fall scheduling, in regards to Survivor, which will be a time slot competitor, FOX entertainment chairman Peter Liguori said:"Look, it‘s eroding. It‘s an older show. Its eventually going to give up and we‘re trying to accelerate that."  With FOX taking direct aim at CBS‘s long-running reality series, the question was this: Would The Moment of Truth retain its Winter/Spring audience, or would it regress without its incomparable American Idol lead-in?  Thankfully for Survivor, it looks like it‘s the former.  Read more »