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Woohoo!  A new season of Survivor kicks off tonight and I couldn‘t be more excited.  I‘m a Survivor junkie and even though I was hoping for an All Stars season, China has intrigued me enough to keep me happy for another season.  The contestants will get to do all kinds of cool things like sleep on the Great Wall and visit the Shaolin Temple.  Plus, a change of scenery breaths new life into a show that‘s been around for 15 seasons.  I‘m here for the next hour with live thoughts on premiere night of Survivor China. Read more »
CBS knows how to cast a television show.  Or, maybe we should give it up to Mark Burnett‘s production team.  Whoever is responsible, if last night‘s premiere is any indication, they put together a solid group of castaways for Survivor: China.  Typically, the first couple episodes are lacking in the character department because there‘s too many contestants to get to know in a mere 42 minutes.  You can‘t get a handle on the personalities.  Last night‘s Survivor: China premiere, on the other hand, provided a masterful introduction to some of our newest castaways, to the point where I‘m confident in the accuracy of my first impressions.  We didn‘t spend ample time with all of the castaways, of course, but some of the bigger personalities showed their colors, and the only verdict a Survivor fan can offer is that the show‘s latest installment is poised for a great season. Read more »
Last night, CBS unveiled it‘s latest season of Survivor.  Just when you thought you‘d seen it all, Survivor brought us to a location we rarely get a glimpse of, China.  The show made history as the first American television show to film an entire season in the communist country.  Sixteen new people would compete for a million dollars and share in the experience of a lifetime.The contestants arrived in China and were taken to a temple to participate in a Buddhist ceremony.  Everyone participated fully except Courtney and Leslie.  Courtney seemed bored and Leslie had a hard time because of her conflicting religious beliefs.  Once they finished, Jeff Probst dropped a bombshell: they would be heading into the game right then and there with just the clothes on their backs.  Some had outfits that would work, many weren‘t even wearing underwear, and one didn‘t wear a bra.  Yikes. Read more »
It‘s never good to be the first one voted out of a reality show.  You feel like you never really got to show what you could do and you also probably rubbed people the wrong way.  Steve "Chicken" Morris, a Virginia native, was voted out by his tribe for being difficult while building a shelter. He campaigned to get rid of Ashley Massaro, who got sick and hardly did anything around camp for three days, but the tribe wasn‘t on his side.  Before going to China for Survivor, Chicken had never been on a plane or out of the country.  The experience is one he‘ll never forget and yesterday, he talked with BuddyTV about his time in China.Below, you will find the transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Survivor: China got started with a bang last Thursday, CBS providing audiences with a diverse and entertaining group of castaways.  The problem in the first couple episodes of Survivor is always getting to know everyone.  It takes a little time.  Since the Fei Long tribe won the immunity last week, we spent more time with the other tribe and so it‘s harder to get a solid feel for the Fei Long members.  Expect these rankings, then, to drastically change over the coming weeks.  For now, this is my best guess.  Read more »
Is one hour of television enough to devise power rankings for each Survivor: China tribe?  Probably not, but it never hurts to try.  For Survivor obsessives like yours truly, there can never be enough speculation and inane Survivor babble, especially when last Thursday‘s premiere set the table for what looks to be a great season.  There‘s a sixth sense in me that kind of just knows when a great season of Survivor is on the way.  The cast has to click and it looks like CBS did a great job of casting complex people with discernible flaws, yet kept the almost entire cast somewhat likable.  Today, I‘m ranking the Zhan Hu tribe, tomorrow we‘ll hit up Fei Long.  Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Survivor, the teams mud wrestle for their competition.  Jean-Robert kicks his strategy into gear, intentionally trying to be disliked.  Dave tries to organize his tribe.  Can Fei Long continue their winning streak or will Zhan Hu give them a run for their money?  I‘m here for the hour with live thoughts and feel free to post what you‘re thinking, too.  Here we go. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Survivor, the tribes had trouble getting along.  They competed in a reward challenge for fishing gear and a boat.  The winning tribe would get to kidnap someone from the losing tribe, who carried valuable information.  The immunity challenge was a tight race combining brains and brawn.  Another tribe member is sent home.In last week‘s tribal council, Jeff looked for someone to step up as leader of Zhan Hu.  Both Dave and Peih-Gee stepped up and agreed to get their tribe in order.  Zhan Hu lost respect for Dave as quickly as they had gained it.  Though he had good ideas, he didn‘t seem to want to listen to anybody else and got annoyed if someone disagreed with his point of view.  Over at Fei-Long, Jean-Robert kicked his strategy into gear, intentionally being lazy, causing his tribe to dislike him. Read more »
The second episode of Survivor: China angered me.  It pleased me too, at times, but I came away angrier than hell.  CBS had just spent an hour making me thoroughly enjoy the Ashley Massaro era of Survivor when she was suddenly and cruelly snatched from us by a heartless tribe, scared to rid themselves of a terrible leader, seemingly only because they would miss that leader‘s work ethic.  Their laziness trumped any sense of fairness and honor.  Perhaps I‘m making too much of this and it was Ashley who instigated the conflict between herself and former male model Dave Cruser, but it sure didn‘t seem that way.  Dave appeared irrational at camp, forsaking logic in favor of his own misguided stubbornness.  Ashley had the stones to call him out for this, and was sacrificed as a result.  I hope Zhan Hu goes down in flames. Read more »
When WWE wrestler Ashley Massaro entered the game of Survivor, her fans had high hopes for her.  Massaro could have been seen as both a physical and mental threat.  Unfortunately, she became ill almost the minute she stepped foot in China, sidelining her from helping out around camp.  Her weak performance around camp combined with her differences with Dave caused her to be voted out on last night‘s episode.  Though she is used to traveling, Massaro‘s trip to China for Survivor was her first visit to the country.  Today, she spoke to BuddyTV about her time on the show, why Chicken should have stayed, and how she couldn‘t wait to get back to work.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
The Zhan Hu tribe of Survivor: China made a big, big mistake on last week‘s episode by voting off WWE Diva Ashley Massaro.  Ashley was a hell of a competitor, and a fun personality, but she was railroaded by self-appointed leader Dave, and the rest of the tribe fell right in line.  The tribe is in relative shambles at this point and, if they want to make things interesting before the merge, they need an immunity victory this week.  We have a little better feel for the tribe after two episodes, but it‘s still completely clear.  I don‘t know too much about Erik Huffman or Sherea Lloyd still, but I have more to go on than last week.  Read more »
Is this going to be one of those seasons with a dominant Survivor tribe?  These happen every once in a while on Survivor, where one tribe is relatively unstoppable in challenges and pulls off a string of three, four, five immunity wins in a row and decimates the other team prior to the merge.  These type of seasons are generally less interesting than the Survivors with equal tribes. Physically, Zhan Hu cannot touch Fei Long.  James is the most physically dominant specimen the show has ever seen, Aaron is a big, strong dude, and with Massaro gone Amanda is the most athletic female remaining.  For entertainment‘s sake, let‘s hope Zhan Hu pulls off an immunity victory tomorrow night, creating some conflict and intrigue within the Fei Long tribe. Read more »
Last week on Survivor, Fei Long wins the ability to kidnap a member of the opposing tribe and they choose Jaime.  She brings a clue regarding the immunity idol and can give it to whomever she wants.  She chooses Leslie, feeling she is a weak player.  Zhan Hu lost the immunity challenge for the second week in a row, leaving Dave and Ashley on the chopping black.  Zhan Hu eliminated Ashley, for not pulling her weight and fighting with other tribe members.It‘s time for a new episode and I‘ll be here with live thoughts throughout the hour.  Post your thoughts as well! Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Survivor: China, Zhan Hu made a comeback in the competitions.  Todd and Courtney overheard their tribemates talking about them.  A favor was repaid and a tribe got rid of a weak player.Jean Robert continues his strategy of intentionally being disliked and man, it‘s working.  Early in the episode, he snuggles up the girls at night, who don‘t want to be anywhere near him.  He complains that he‘s cold and just wants to be warm but he invades everyone‘s personal space.  Later in the episode, he and James talk strategy while Todd and Courtney overhear their plans.  Todd wants him out as soon as possible.  When does this strategy turn into him being the popular guy at camp? Read more »
Man, I‘m enjoying this season of Survivor.  Through three episodes, Survivor: China is already the most physically demanding season in series history.  I‘m surprised there haven‘t been any serious injuries yet.  I‘m also surprised James hasn‘t ripped someone‘s arm out of its socket.  Last night‘s reward challenge got ugly, faces narrowly missing wood as contestants plummeted into the water.  Of course, the downside/upside to such physically taxing challenges is the nudity.  It‘s always fun watching women rip each other‘s tops off...if they happen to be attractive.  This hasn‘t been the case on Survivor: China.  In one instance, which would have been the most traumatic uncensored nudity of all time, Denise the Lunch Lady was prominently exposing some lower frontal nudity, inducing a large blurry spot from the CBS censors.  No one needs that. Read more »
On last night‘s episode of Survivor: China, Fei Long lost both their reward and immunity challenges.  They decided to vote out Christian radio host, Leslie Nease.  The clue she received regarding the immunity idol didn‘t help her find it in time.  Self-described as a Survivor superfan who currently lives in a "Christian bubble", Nease had been trying to get on the show for years.  She wanted to experience something new and step outside of her comfort zone.  She walked away feeling like a winner and formed true friendships in China.  Today, she talked to BuddyTV, sounding off about her fellow tribe members and spilling secrets we, the viewers, didn‘t know.  Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Survivor‘s Jonny Fairplay is back in the news, this time for getting beat up by Danny Bonaduce.  That was a weird sentence to write.  But, somehow, also true.  Just look at that picture.  It‘s a crazy-eyed Bonaduce hurling Jonny Fairplay over his shoulders.  What is this world coming to?  This is what went down: at the FOX Reality Awards last week, Fairplay was on stage presenting an award.  The audience then started booing.  Fairplay wondered aloud why the audience was booing.  Then, out of nowhere, Danny Bonaduce walks on stage and says something to the effect of “They‘re booing you because they don‘t like you.”  Fairplay then approached Bonaduce and gave him a massive bear hug/tackle.  He jumped on him, wrapping his arms and legs around The Partridge Family actor‘s body.  Bonaduce reacted by flinging Fairplay over his shoulders, causing the Survivor star to take a massive face plant on the stage.  Injured, Fairplay stumbled back stage.  Jonny Fairplay busted his face open, lost a front tooth and had to go through two and a half hours of emergency dental surgery.  Read more »
The Zhan Hu tribe on Survivor: China came away with a momentous immunity challenge win last week, saving themselves from what would have been a crippling 8-5 tribe member deficit.  I‘m sure it made the producers ecstatic as well.  Blowouts are no fun.  But, that doesn‘t mean things are all rosy in camp.  As witnessed last week and in the promos for Thursday‘s episode, Dave “Zoolander” Cruser keeps rubbing his fellow Zhan Hu members the wrong way.  I‘m annoyed by Dave and I only see him once a week.  I can‘t imagine spending days upon days with him.  In the commercials for Thursday‘s Survivor, he and Sherea get into what looks like major scuffle.  This could have major repercussions if Zhan Hu ends up going to tribal council.  With that in mind, let‘s get our rank on. Read more »
Fei Long was poised to blow Zhan Hu out of the water on Survivor: China last week.  Unfortunately, they trusted Courtney with the task of of chopping ropes in the immunity challenge.  Really, really bad idea, it turns out.  Courtney put Fei Long into a massive hole that, despite Courtney‘s lack of physical strength, they actually almost got out of.  At tribal council, they decided to get rid of Sister Christian Leslie Nease, who sealed her fate when she said that Fei Long lost immunity because they didn‘t have the heart of Zhan Hu.  It couldn‘t have been Courtney‘s fault, Leslie?  Fei Long still has a one person advantage over Zhan Hu, and are probably the overall stronger tribe.  But, how do their members stack up? Read more »
On last week‘s episode of Survivor: China,  Zhan Hu won both their reward and immunity challenges.  For their reward challenge, they won kerosene, rope, pillows, and a tarp.  Fei Long was sent to tribal council and it came down to Jean Robert or Leslie for elimination.  Fei Long chose to send Leslie, the Christian radio host, home.  It‘s time for a new episode of Survivor,  and I‘m here with live thoughts for the hour!  Feel free to post your thoughts during the hour and we‘ll see whose torch goes out tonight. Read more »
On last night‘s episode of Survivor, teams set off fireworks and compete in a barbaric challenge.  One tribe was visited by local fishermen for their reward.  A fight erupted at Zhan Hu between Sherea and Dave.  Another clue was revealed regarding the location of the immunity idol.  A leader was sent packing.Jean Robert uses his background as a poker player to advance him in the game.  He spent the first three episodes being lazy and generally useless around camp.  Last night, he stepped it up and suddenly, was pulling his weight.  His tribe seemed to take notice with the exception of James, who just doesn‘t seem to be a fan no matter what Jean Robert does. Read more »
CBS, Mark Burnett and everyone involved with Survivor: China has really stepped it up in the challenge department this year.  I don‘t know what got into the production team, but every single challenge this season has been, in a word, awesome.  Last night‘s Survivor featured a chopsticks/fireworks challenge and a full Chinese body armor challenge.  Those are two things I want in my reality shows and CBS gave them to me.  In other incredibly good news, the insufferable Dave “Derek Zoolander” Cruser was ejected from the Survivor proceedings, assuring much less overall audience annoyance in the coming weeks.  James proved again his physical dominance, and Jean-Robert Bellande redeemed himself in more ways than one. Read more »
Survivor: China‘s Zhan Hu tribe, whether it was justified or not, made a poor strategic decision last week when they eliminated Dave Cruser from their tribe.  Dave was an annoying dude, a jerk, someone who was terribly difficult to co-exist with, but he was also as hard a worker as Survivor has come by, doing all of the necessary daily chores.  He wasn‘t great in the challenges, but he wasn‘t bad either.  Without Dave, how are the remaining five Zhan Hu members going to delineate all the tasks Dave accomplished on a daily basis?  No one appears all that motivated to work in camp.  This is a problem.  End Dave rant.  Let‘s do some arbitrary ranking of contestants! Read more »
Early on in Survivor: China, it seemed the Zhan Hu tribe was in trouble.  They weren‘t a group that got along with each other the way their opponents, the Fei Long tribe, did.  At the first tribal council, they voted out one of their hardest workers, Chicken, for being too stuborrn.  At that tribal council, Jeff asked somebody to step up as a leader and both Dave and Peih-Gee agreed to rise to the challenge.  Unfortunately, Dave butted heads with many of his tribe members, landing him in the hot seat at the next tribal council.  He was saved when Ashley was sent home, for not contributing enough to her team and butting heads with the tribe leader.  Zhan Hu went on to win the next immunity challenge but wasn‘t so lucky this past week.  The tribe had finally had enough of Dave and, despite his tremendous contributions around camp, sent him packing.  Today, Dave spoke to BuddyTV about secret romances, alliances, and his time on Survivor: China.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
If Fei Long ends up winning Thursday‘s immunity challenge, they will turn Survivor: China in to a full on rout.  It would be seven on four at that point, Fei Long boasting three of the four strongest males and the strongest female.  If they lose, things will get interesting.  The funny thing is, Fei Long might actually benefit from an immunity loss if it allows them to relieve themselves of some dead weight (Courtney or Denise).  It all depends on when the Survivor: China merge goes down and whether the Zhan Hu members band together or splinter.  My rankings of Fei Long took a fair amount of thought.  There are two power alliances in Fei Long, both with their own strengths and weaknesses. Read more »
Aras Baskauskas has done well for himself.  Aras is a Survivor winner, one of the fourteen people to have taken home the million dollars from the long-running reality show.  A former Division I basketball player in college, Aras is a man of many talents, something his Survivor victory only further proved.  Since he took home that million dollars, Aras has kept busy.  He is the founder and CEO of, a winter hat company.  He also devotes much of his time to teaching and practicing yoga.  Aras currently lives in Venice, California.  Baskauskas recently took the time to speak with us about his time on Survivor: Panama - Exile Island, what he‘s been up to since his win, and a new yoga DVD that he has coming out. Below you will find the full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »