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If Supernatural fans wanted to get their message out, they wentto the right place.  This morning a Twitter crusade rose on the popularsocial networking site as Supernatural fans tweeted the phrase"Lucifer is coming" in honor of tonight‘s season 5 premiere in whichthe prince of darkness rises to Earth.The fans successfully made it one of the popular trending topics on Twitter (at one point this morning, Supernatural held five of the top trending spots).  But a bit of a controversy broke out which caused Twitter to remove "Lucifer is coming."  Read more »
The season 5 premiere of Supernatural was preceded by the launch of asurprising and effective Twitter campaign in which fans used the hashtag "#LuciferIsComing" to raise awareness for Supernatural.  Sadly,that endeavor was cut short when a group of all-too-serious people,scared that Satanists were taking over Twitter, fought back with"#GodIsHere." Read more »
I never thought that it‘s possible for me to enjoy a show even after reading every bit of spoiler, watching every trailer and browsing through all its promotional photos. But Supernatural proved me wrong with last week‘s explosive premiere, which left me satisfied and wanting more. I shouldn‘t even ask if you saw the fifth season opener but if you didn‘t, you can read John Kubicek‘s recap here.With Dean still unable to trust and forgive Sam, it‘s going to be tougher than ever for the Winchester brothers to battle demons or Lucifer for that matter. And we all see that tension get worse in tonight‘s episode entitled "Good God, Y‘all."  Read more »
For the second week in a row, it looks like Twitter is trying to silence to Supernaturalfans.  Earlier this week we reported on a campaign spearheaded by MishaCollins to get "#PDiddyIsScaredOfHisTV" to the top of Twitter‘sTrending Topics list as retribution for P. Diddy‘s hand in getting lastweek‘s Supernatural Twitter campaign, "#LuciferIsComing," banned from Twitter.Supernatural fans were told to tweet the new message en massethis morning, but while "#Supernatural" has made it as high as secondso far on Trending Topics, there‘s no mention of P. Diddy or what he‘sscared of.  Read more »
Last week‘s episode of Supernatural was a Hunter reunion,brining Sam and Dean back together with Rufus and the Harvelles.  Theexistence and presence of other Hunters was a big part of season 2, buthasn‘t been around much since then on Supernatural.However, this latest look back into the world of Hunterdom inspired me to ask: Who is Your Favorite Hunter?  Read more »
Supernatural and the entire television community suffered a great losslast year when director and producer Kim Manners passed away.  His workon shows like Supernatural and The X-Files was fantastic and he certainly earned the respect of fans and his peers.However, some fans were shocked and disappointed during Sunday‘s EmmyAward telecast when, for some reason, Manners was left out of the "InMemoriam" segment honoring members of the television industry whopassed away over the previous year.  Read more »
It breaks my heart whenever Sam and Dean go separate ways and last week‘s Supernatural episode just laid the groundwork for what would be a season of dissolution, misery and, perhaps in due course, even forgiveness and reconciliation. But there‘s a sliver lining as Sam decides to stop being a Hunter and go off on his own. We get to see Dean and Castiel in action and as a team. Now, that‘s something definitely worth looking forward to.  Read more »
If you‘re like me, you‘re probably still laughing about the wacky hijinx Cas and Dean got into in last night‘s episode of Supernatural.  The good news is that the fun is only just beginning.  Check out this video clip from next week‘s episode of Supernatural featuring another classic conversation between these two.  Read more »
Ever had a dream about zombies taking over the world? Well, I have (probably from watching way too many zombie flicks) and it scares the hell out of me every time. Unfortunately, this nightmare is the kind of reality that Dean has to face in tonight‘s Supernatural episode entitled "The End."Still burdened with guilt for breaking Lucifer‘s prison, Sam (Jared Padalecki) tells Dean (Jensen Ackles) he wants to rejoin him in the fight against the Apocalypse, but Dean tells Sam that they are better off apart. I can‘t help but feel sorry for Sam but at least, we get to see more Dean and Cas (Misha Collins) in action.  Read more »
THEN: Supernatural split up the Winchesters.  Sam got a job as a bartender before finding out that he is Lucifer‘s perfect vessel.  Dean and Cas learned about prostitutes with daddy issues, the possibility that God is dead, and the theory that Lucifer brought Cas back to life.NOW: It‘s time to go back. the future!  But before we do, it might be helpful to check out this little refresher course on Croatoan, a demonic virus first shown waaaaaaaay back in season 2. Read more »
I know it‘s wrong to say, but I‘m really loving the Devil this season on Supernatural. Lucifer is a fascinating and compelling character, and whether he‘splayed by Mark Pellegrino or Jared Padalecki, I just want more Luciferon my screen.This should come as no surprise, since villains are always more beloved than heroes.  Christian Bale didn‘t win an Oscar for The Dark Knight, but Heath Ledger did.  Gossip Girlfans love Chuck Bass but get bored with Dan.  And at this year‘s Emmys,awards were given to a drug dealer, a murderous lawyer, and Lost‘s Benjamin Linus.  Read more »
The wait is almost over for Supernatural fans: next week, Paris Hilton finally arrives!  That much buzzed about Paris episode of Supernatural, "Fallen Idol," airs Thursday at 9pm on the CW, and the studio has just released two video clips from the episode. The episode is billed as one of Supernatural‘s funnier ones in which demons take the form of famous celebrities like Abraham Lincoln, James Dean and, yes, Paris Hilton. Read more »
Supernatural fans, get ready to show off your creative muscles to winsome great prizes.  BuddyTV is sponsoring a brand new contest for thechance to win a Supernatural companion guide signed by JaredPadalecki, as well as four copies of a fantastic collection ofSupernatural essays.These are great prizes any Supernatural fan would love to add to theircollection, and the only way to win is to make the coolest, awesomestpiece of Supernatural artwork that you can.  Keep reading for detailson this giveaway for a chance to win these great prizes.For this contest there will be 5 winners. The first place winner will receive copy of Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 3 autographed by Jared Padalecki. The other four runners up will receive In The Hunt: The Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural.  Read more »
As much as I enjoy seeing Dean and Cas team up, I‘m relieved that Sam and Dean are back together just like the good old days. But the Winchesters‘ sweet reunion is not what the hype is all about because as we all know, tonight‘s the night Paris Hilton haunts our TV screens. It‘s not as bad as it sounds though. Series creator Eric Kripke even assures fans that a guest stint by the reality TV starlet doesn‘t herald the end of the world as we know it. Read more »
THEN: Sam and Dean were reunited and it felt so good.  Except for the part about the impending Apocalypse.NOW: It‘s Paris Hilton time!  Some fans have been dreading the arrival of special guest star Paris Hilton as her demonic self on this episode of Supernatural, but I‘ve been counting down the days with my Paris Advent Calendar.  In anticipation, I came up with a check list of five things I want to see in the episode, with a possibility for six bonus points.  How did Supernatural do?  Keep reading to find out. Read more »
Supernatural fans need to start preparing for a long and coldhibernation.  It turns out the last new episode of the year will airThursday, November 19.  After that, it‘s more than a month and a halfof reruns until the second half of season 5 begins in 2010.That‘s the bad news, but there is some good news: Supernatural fanswill get five new episodes over the next six weeks.  This Thursdaybrings a new episode, followed by a repeat of the season 5 premiere onOctober 22.  However, from October 29-November 19, it‘s four brand newepisodes of Supernatural.WARNING: This article contains Supernatural spoilers for upcoming season 5 episodes.  Read more »
The traditional Nielsen ratings might say that shows like NCIS and Grey‘s Anatomy are on top, but when it comes to younger audiences and non-traditional ways of watching TV, the CW is way out in front.The official premiere week for television was the week of Monday,September 21, and while the CW‘s shows had mostly premiered by then,they were still lumped together at the top of the DVR ratings reportwhen the final +7 numbers came in.  If you‘re new to ratings analysis,DVR +7 refers to the numbers of times a show was watched on  DVR withinseven days after it originally aired.  Read more »
After last week‘s Paris Hilton-episode, Supernatural is totally raising the bar for craziness with more myths, fairy tales and urban legends. A true blue SPN fan would recall that Sam and Dean already encountered a somewhat similar dilemma in the third season episode called "Bedtime Stories," where in fairy tales such as Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretel come to life when a the spirit of a young girl, poisoned by her stepmother and trapped in a coma, becomes angrier as more time passes. This time, however, the Winchester boys are facing a much a bigger threat considering that they‘re dealing with someone who‘s more powerful, not to mention conscious and alive. Read more »
The Supernatural fans came out in full force for BuddyTV‘s latestSupernatural contest for a chance to win a book of Supernatural essaysor our grand prize, a companion guide signed by star Jared Padalecki.Fans submitted their Supernatural photos, and now it‘s your turn tohelp decide who wins!  We took the top 160 entries and placed them infour different Showdowns.  Now you get to pick the winners.  Read more »
For Supernatural season 5, we were promised the Apocalypse and abattle with Lucifer.  But so far, for the most part, Lucifer has beenMIA.  Where‘s the Prince of Darkness when you need him?I‘m still enjoying this season of Supernatural, particularly forthe creative ways the show finds to use comedy in a deadly seriousdrama.  But what about Lucifer?  In the first six episodes, he‘s onlyappeared three times, and each of those times he was barely in it.  Read more »
While the CW only has eight shows on TV right now, the network isworking hard to find the next popular series by developing shows forpilot season.  Traditionally, networks start out with a large number ofshows in development, then some will get made into pilots, then thenetwork will choose some of those to add to its schedule for Fall 2010.Right now, the CW has at least eight very interesting projects in development, one of which could be the next Vampire Diaries or the next Gossip Girl.  Which one will it be?  Check out the initial descriptions to pick your favorite. Read more »
It‘s still incredibly early to start talking about whether or notSupernatural might be picked up for another season, but since thisweek‘s episode is a repeat, I‘ve had some time to think.  From thebeginning, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke has said he has a five-yearplan for the show, and while he has every intention of finishing it asplanned, the summer saw a change in tone regarding the future ofSupernatural.CW President Dawn Ostroff and Kripke himself both remained open to thepossibility of continuing Supernatural beyond its current fifth season,but should they?  More Supernatural is rarely a bad thing, but is itworth it for another season?  Just like for every important debate, Imade up a list of pros and cons to help figure it out.  Read more »
The Supernatural fans came out in full force for BuddyTV‘s latestSupernatural contest for a chance to win a book of Supernatural essaysor our grand prize, a companion guide signed by star Jared Padalecki.Fans submitted their Supernatural photos, and now it‘s your turn tohelp decide who wins!  You guys voted for the first 160 entries narrowing it down to just the top 20. Now we have the final showdown. We took the top 5 from the 5 showdowns to create the finalists. If there were ties for 5th place BuddyTV decided. The final showdown will determine the final 5 winners. You can vote as many times as you want. However, once you have completed the showdown and continue to vote the same, the overall voting number does not change. You‘ll just be earning star points. Who knows, maybe you‘ll need those points to bid to win a Supernatural prize in future auctions.  Read more »
Supernatural fans often use the mantra "In Kripke We Trust" to reassure them that creator and Supernaturalmastermind Eric Kripke knows what he‘s doing.  Indeed, Paris Hiltonwasn‘t terrible when she guest starred, so at least we were right tohave faith then.  But with the next three episodes, I find myselfgrowing doubtful.Following the homicidal Castiel visiting a brothel, a homicidal AbrahamLincoln, Paris Hilton and the Tooth Fairy, the next three episodes willfeature Dean turning into an old man, the Winchesters living in TVparodies and the boys taking a trip to a Supernatural fan convention.  But isn‘t Supernatural supposed to be a drama, and isn‘t this season about the Apocalypse?  Read more »
Welcome to our first official Supernatural Vlog.  BuddyTV has teamed up with popular TwilightVlogger Emma for a new series of Vlogs about another passion of hers,Supernatural.  Yes, she‘s as obsessed a fan as you can get, and everyweek Emma will be Vlogging for BuddyTV about new episodes of Supernatural.  Read more »
Tonight is the very exciting "Changing Channels," the TV parody episodeof Supernatural .  I was lucky enough to see it last week and have beenproviding plenty of previews and coverage, some of which may or may notinclude secret references or allusions to some of the big twists intonight‘s episode.More "Changing Channels" Coverage:Early Review: Parodies Make for Great TVA Complete Guide to the TricksterEverything You Need to Know About Grey‘s Anatomy15 Other Parody and Crossover IdeasSupernatural Vlog: Season 5 So Far  Read more »
Sorry ladies, but Jensen Ackles is off the market.  The Supernatural star and long-time girlfriend, One Tree Hillstar Danneel Harris, are engaged.  The news first came when Harrisshowed off her ring when the two attended the annual Breeder‘s Cuphorse racing championships in California over the weekend, and Harrisconfirmed the engagement by tweeting a simple "Yes" on her officialaccount.  Read more »
This morning the People‘s Choice Award nominations were revealed, andas always, it‘s populism at its best.  On the TV side, the nomineesoften look like the top of the Nielsen ratings list, with a few notableand surprising exceptions.  Shows like True Blood and Gossip Girl crept into the Favorite TV Actress categories while Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show features Lost, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.However, those are the very cool exceptions.  For the most part, the list is full of CSI, NCIS, Grey‘s Anatomy, Two and a Half Men and other top-rated shows.  Here are the major television nominees for this year‘s People‘s Choice Awards. To vote for the People‘s Choice Awards, CLICK HERE. Read more »
Welcome to the first ever Supernatural Convention! Tonight, the line between reality and fantasy becomes a blur as fans gather to pay tribute to their beloved Sam and Dean by dressing up as...Sam and Dean! And like most fan conventions, we can expect tons of fun activities, including a live action role playing game. Catch up on Supernatural by reading last week‘s recap here.Also check out: 5 Things I Want to See in Supernatural Fan Convention. Read more »
With eight weeks of no new Supernatural on the horizon, we‘retaking a look back at the first half of season 5.  This year has seenplenty of big moments on Supernatural, including the rise of Lucifer,the return of hunters and demons from the past, Paris Hilton, theTrickster, a search for God, the Anti-Christ and an angel in awhorehouse.  Read more »
Something big is about to happen in "Abandon All Hope," the final new episode of Supernatural before the show goes on hiatus. We won‘t be seeing Sam and Dean for several weeks so we can expect the mid-season finale to leave us with enough lingering mysteries and cliffhangers to drive us crazy while we wait for the show‘s return in January. In the meantime, we have a little hunter‘s reunion to look forward to tonight. Read more »
It‘s going to take some time before Sam and Dean return to our TV screens and I‘m sure we‘re all going to suffer from severe Supernatural withdrawal. Luckily, executive producer Sera Gamble has shared some teasers to get us through the cold dark holiday season. Warning: This article may contain minor spoilers so read at your own risk. Read more »
Christmas is coming early to BuddyTV fans this year with a great SupernaturalTrivia Contest.  Starting this Thursday we‘ll be sponsoring a contestfor a chance to win great prizes that make the perfect Christmaspresent for any Supernatural fan.  Read more »
Last month Rogue Events organized an intimate event for less than 100 Supernatural fans to sit down and chat with Supernatural actors: Mitch Pileggi, Mark Pellegrino, Chris Gauthier and Rob Benedict in Birmingham,UK. BuddyTV was lucky enough to have Lynda Lees, our special Guest Columnist, sit down and ask some questions. The evening began light hearted and humorous with a few brief hello‘s and a photo session. Then they all took the stage again for an hour long stage talk, opening up the floor to questions from the audience, and without prompts, they gave insights into their lives and careers to date!  I took the opportunity, on behalf of BuddyTV Supernatural fans, to ask them all, some questions relating to both the show and to other areas of their lives. Read more »
Yesterday Lynda Lee‘s shared with us the thoughts, comments, and insights Mitch Pileggi, Mark Pellegrino, Chris Gauthier, and Rob Benedict had while working on Supernatural.  Now they share information on a more personal level with Lynda and BuddyTV.  To check out Part 1. Read more »
After two exciting weeks, BuddyTV‘s Supernatural Holiday Trivia Contesthas come to a close.  The competition was fierce, and the top 50scorers earned more than 350 million trivia points.  Thank you all forplaying, and BuddyTV will have a lot more contests in 2010, but fornow, here are the winners.  Read more »
The Supernatural Holiday Trivia Contest is now over.  See the winners below:The Winners>>Play Supernatural Trivia>>Play All Trivia>> Read more »
NEW UPDATE (12/17): The Supernatural Holiday Trivia Contest is now over.  To see a complete list of the winners, click HERE.The Winners>>Play Supernatural Trivia>>Play All Trivia>>The holiday season has arrived, and BuddyTV is offering great gifts with our Supernatural Holiday Trivia Contest.Toparticipate all you need to do is leave a comment on this article andplay BuddyTV Trivia and earn points.  The contest will last for twoweeks, and the people with the highest Trivia scores during that timeperiod will win.  The trivia contest starts Thursday, December 3, 2009at noon PST and run through Thursday, December 17, 2009 at noon PST. Read more »
For those of you that don‘t know, we here at BuddyTV are running a video contest for the best relationship of 2009. We already gave you our rankings, but we‘d like to hear from you. What couple do you think was the best relationship of 2009? And to prove your case, we‘ve asked that people submit fan videos based on their favorite couple of the year.The contest has been running for several weeks and there are already nearly 50 entries. We‘ve been keeping tabs on the videos and wanted to share our favorites with the community. These are not necessarily the front runners but a handful of the videos that caught our attention. The contest runs for another week and there‘s still plenty of time to enter. Check out the details and enter as soon as you can. I know I‘m a bit upset that there haven‘t been any Glee submissions yet but I‘m hoping for some in the 4th quarter. Read more »
New Year‘s Eve is a time for celebration, reflection, and of course, new (or renewed) determination to make this coming year even better than the one before. In other words, it‘s almost RESOLUTION time!We here at BuddyTV are always striving to bring you even closer to the TV characters you know and love so well, so we personally spoke* with 20 of your favorites and found out: what do they resolve to do differently in 2010?We also made some resolutions of our own, and hope you‘ll share yours with us. Have a safe, healthy, happy, and TV-filled new year, from your buddies at BuddyTV. Read more »
Sorry ladies, but it looks like BOTH Supernatural men are now off the market.  A short while after Jensen Ackles announced his engagement to One Tree Hill star Danneel Harris, it‘s now being reported that Jared Padalecki is also former co-star Genevieve Cortese.  Read more »
Well, you have spoken and, well, the People‘s Choice Awards have been given out. For the most part, the winners were an expected bunch.House took two awards: it was voted Favorite TV Drama, and its lead, Hugh Laurie, was named Favorite TV Drama Actor. The Big Bang Theory was named Favorite TV Comedy.  Read more »
Every time CW president Dawn Ostroff takes questions from the press, wealways get the same debate: will there be a sixth season for Supernatural?Over the weekend, Ostroff spoke at the January press tour for theTelevision Critics Association, and once again she was asked whetherseason 6 is going to happen for Supernatural.  While there‘s little new in her answer, things are definitely looking up for fans who want more Sam and Dean.  Read more »
Here at BuddyTV, we really like ships. We get invested in the relationships or potential relationships of our favorite characters and we definitely get a bit obsessed. We‘ve already told you our rankings for the Best Ships of 2009, but we want you to be able to convince us otherwise. We decided to put together a video contest for the best (relation)ship of 2009. Simply watch the video below for the rules and then submit your entry.UPDATE: Due to the large number of entries winners will be announced Friday January 15! Thank you to everyone who submitted. Read more »
With a fresh Fox News deal under her belt, a best-selling biography on the bookshelves (plus a new InTouchmagazine cover!), and a firm RSVP to be the special guest at nextmonth‘s Daytona 500, Sarah Palin‘s 2010 agenda is becoming clear:Total. Media. Saturation.Aspart of her goal to appeal to Americans of all politicalbeliefs, Palin hopes to transcend her lowly "ex-Governor" status to becomea true pop icon, in what we‘re calling the "Backwards Schwarzenegger"maneuver (or "B.S." for short), using the one medium we all know, love,and worship above all others: TELEVISION! Read more »
The wait is finally over! First of all, congratulations for surviving two painful months without Supernatural. The long hiatus has certainly been difficult to endure with all the big mysteries and cliffhangers left by "Abandon All Hope" but I‘m sure "Sam, Interrupted," the 11th episode of the fifth season, is worth the wait. Read more »
The guest star bonanza for Supernatural continues with twoactors who are very well known to sci-fi fans.  One will be a new gueststar while the other is a return appearance for a memorable Supernatural character we‘ve already seen.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains info about upcoming episodes of Supernatural.  Read more »
Since TV‘s greatest mystery began five seasons ago, we‘ve thought aboutwho we‘d want in our Tail Section every time we‘ve boarded a plane. Isdear old Dad really cut out for life on the Island? Could yourconniving frenemy outsmart Ben Linus?Our Lost obsession has even creeped into how we watch other television.Instead of admitting we had a problem when we began to ponder how otherTV characters would fare on the Island, we decided to embrace ouraddiction by making a list of our dream team of TV character‘s we‘dmost like to be Lost with.  Read more »
It looks like Sam and Dean aren‘t the only stars of Supernatural. Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler, the stars of Ghostfacers, will soon take center stage as they appear in their own show. The spin-off, however, comes in the form of a web series which will initially run as 10 three-minute episodes on The CW website, according to Variety. Read more »
How do you get a body like The Situation?  How do you make every mansay "J-Woww!!!"?  These are questions that, for Jersey Shore fans, burn hotter than the urinary tract of Pauly D‘s latest conquest.The simple answer is: GTL.  But some of our favorite TV charactersmight be unsure that this intense regimen of gym, tanning and laundry isright for them. To help them--and you--out, we put together someexpert renderings of what our favorite TV stars would look like if theygot tanned, juiced, and poufed-up as our favorite Jersey Shore cast members. It‘s no wonder those guidos and guidettes (their words!) always getting arrested on Jersey Shore, because it should be a crime to look this good.   Read more »
Want more Supernatural comedy? Tonight‘s episode should do the trick. Colton James, who is known for his appearance in The Lost World: Jurassic Park as well as his role of T-Bone on 7th Heaven, guest stars as a teenage nerd named Gary who performs a body-switching spell and changes bodies with Sam in "Swap Meat." Read more »
Now that the body switching drama is over, we can now move on to bigger and more important things on Supernatural such as the apocalypse. The show may have sidelined from its major arc from time to time but tonight‘s episode puts everything back on track as the angels make their move. Read more »
If you haven‘t had the pleasure of meeting Supernatural writer Ben Edlund in person, or seeing him talk, just imagine Shaggy from Scooby Doo,only with Velma‘s intelligence.  The man behind the garlic pizza-hatingDracula in "Monster Movie" and the suicidal teddy bear in "WishfulThinking" acts exactly how you‘d think he would.At the Supernatural 100th episode party, Edlund was having agreat time and I got to talk to him about what it‘s like to be a writeron Supernatural, his upcoming episode "My Bloody Valentine" and thepossibility of season 6.  Check out the highlights or listen to theentire interview.  Read more »
There‘s good and bad news for fans of the CW‘s Thursday night schedule.  First, the bad news: after this week, both Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries will be taking a five-week hiatus, with reruns filling the Thursday night schedule through the middle of March.What‘s the good news?  When Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries return with new episodes starting March 25, their seasons will finish uninterrupted with eight brand new episodes each.  Read more »
It‘s Valentine‘s Day on Supernatural, or as Dean would call it the "Unattached Drifter Christmas," but don‘t expect Dean to hit the bars and hook up with desperate lonely girls anytime soon. It looks like something is seriously wrong with him and we find out why tonight in the episode fittingly called "My Bloody Valentine."This should be a good installment considering that Supernatural will go on a five-week hiatus after this. I can only imagine something big going down tonight as we meet two new characters: Cupid and Famine. Read more »
The CW announced early renewals for next season, and one of the more surprising picks is Supernatural.  The show will officially be back for a sixth season despite creator Eric Kripke‘s original five-year plan for the series.  While Erick Kripke will be back, EW‘s Michael Ausiello is reporting that Kripke will no longer be the showrunner.  He will stay on to work on Supernatural, but according to Ausiello, writer Sera Gamble will take over showrunner duties.In addition to Supernatural, the CW has also renewed America‘s Next Top Model, The Vampire Diaries, 90210 and Gossip Girl.  The first two are hardly surprising since The Vampire Diaries and ANTM are the networks two highest-rated shows, but the others are a bit surprising.  Read more »
It‘s time for Supernatural to introduce Pestilence, one of the Four Horsemen who are described in the book of Revelation as part of the apocalyptic destruction of Earth. According to TV Guide Magazine, the show is currently looking for a 40-50 year old man to play the mythical figure who is described as "quirky, unassuming and highly intelligent." He‘s also a bit neurotic and has a nasty cold. Warning: Spoilers ahead!!! Read more »
Much like Supernatural itself, Jared Padalecki‘s wedding toformer co-star Genevieve Cortese flew under the radar.  The two gotmarried over the weekend in her hometown of Sun Valley, Idaho.The pair officially announced their engagement a few months ago andlast month Cortese had her bridal shower in California on the samenight Padalecki was in Vancouver for the Supernatural 100th episodeparty.  Read more »
We‘re now less than three weeks away from new episodes of Supernaturaland less than six weeks away from the big 100th episode.  To honor that100th episode milestone, BuddyTV is planning a special week of coveragedevoted to the fans‘ favorite moments from Supernatural, including thefunniest quotes.  Read more »
The next new episode of Supernatural is still a long time away,but the CW just released a new behind-the-scenes look at "Dead MenDon‘t Wear Plaid," airing March 25.This Supernatural episode is a good, old zombie-killingadventure with Sam, Dean and Bobby shooting their way through theundead.  The behind the scenes action is filmed and narrated by starJim Beaver who takes us backstage at Supernatural.  Read more »
Supernatural is now in the last, brutally long hiatus of season, withfive weeks of reruns until the show returns on March 25.  On the plusside, it‘ll be eight straight episodes after that.For now, Supernatural fans can get excited by studying thetrailer for the next new episode, "Dead Men Don‘t Wear Plaid."  Itlooks like a Bobby-centric episode where his wife returns as a zombie.  Read more »
THEN:  War and Death, two of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, arrived.  Sam and Dean continued to tread water in their fruitless attempts to find God, stop Lucifer and stop their destinies from coming true.NOW: It‘s a Valentine‘s Day episode of Supernatural written by Ben Edlund, the guy behind the suicidal teddy bear.  In other words, this episode is not for the faint of heart. Read more »
THEN: Castiel turned angel Anna over to the Heaven Police forsome enhanced interrogation, Dean went back in time to 1973 to meet hismother and destiny was still waiting for Sam to become Lucifer and Deanto become Michael.NOW: Supernatural gets off to a sexy start asDean enjoys some "sweet cherry pie" courtesy of two strippers dressedas an angel and the devil.  Leave it to Dean‘s imagination to turn theApocalypse into a lap dance.  It‘s obviously a dream, as we learn whenAnna shows up.  She just broke out of Angel Jail and wants Dean‘s help. Read more »
THEN: Sam and Dean were biding their time after Lucifer drop-kicked the bejesus out of them.  Sam also realized he‘s in desperate need of anger management, but he doesn‘t really have the time with the whole Apocalypse thing.  Don‘t you hate when the end of the world gets in the way of your "Me" timeNOW: Supernatural gets off to a funny start when Sam walks up to abar and asks the "barkeep" to "sell me some alcohol."  After ordering abanana daiquiri (delicious!) the woman next to him starts flirting, asI‘m surer any woman would when sitting next to a guy who looks likeJared Padalecki. Read more »
THEN: Supernatural has been off the air forever, so let‘s catch up: Lucifer is raising Horsemen to bring the Apocalypse, Sam, Dean and Cas are trying to stop him, and the Harvelle women were blown up.  Let‘s see if any of that hope can be un-abandoned.NOW: To save some money, this entire episode of Supernatural is setinside a nut house.  Sam and Dean check themselves in when an oldHunter buddy lets them know a bunch of psych patients have been killedby a monster. Read more »
THEN: Dean broke the first Seal, Sam broke the last Seal and Lucifer rose, causing Hell on Earth.  Dean is meant to become Michael‘s vessel, Sam is meant to be Lucifer‘s vessel, and the two brothers are supposed to fight to the death for the fate of the world.  Also, God is MIA and the boys finally located the Colt.NOW: It‘s the big mid-season finale of Supernatural, which means major events, shocking twists, death and enough of a cliffhanger to have every Supernatural fan hating the months between now and the next new episode. Read more »
THEN: Chuck Shurley wrote a popular series of books called Supernatural, and his tales amassed a cult following of devoted super fans like Becky, who enjoys writing highly disturbing fan fiction about clavicles.NOW: Supernatural puts a mirror on the screen. Allowing all you crazed fans at home to get a good, hard look at exactly what being obsessed with Supernatural is really like.  Read more »
THEN: The Trickster played some tricks on Sam and Dean, making theWinchesters want to kill him.  For everything you need to know aboutthe Trickster, CLICK HERE.NOW: "Supernatural is filmed before a live studio audience." Yes, we‘re starting off the show with our first TV parody, and theWinchesters are stuck in their own sitcom Hell.  Read more »
THEN: A possessed Bobby stabbed himself and ended up in a wheelchair while Sam, Dean and Castiel were out looking for God and the Colt.  That makes me wonder: if the Colt can kill Lucifer, could it, theoretically, also kill God?NOW: Supernatural continues to bring the funny with Dean turning into agrumpy old man.  I‘m expecting a ton of old people jokes.  So take yourheart pills, mash up your peas dust off your Bingo cards, because it‘sabout to get crazy.  Or not.  In fact, I‘ll argue this is the worstepisode so far of the season. Read more »
THEN: Sam and Dean got back into the swing of things by ganking Paris Hilton while Castiel was off searching for God.NOW: Supernatural and little kids go together like peanut butter and jelly.  It doesn‘t matter  if they‘re adorable kids growing up without a dad who Dean bonds with in season 1, scary little girls with an evil imaginary friend in season 2, Lilith in season 3, or a little girl who accidentally brought a suicidal teddy bear into the world in season 4.  Now Supernatural continues its time-honored trend of creepy little kids with the most adorable little Anti-Christ you‘ve ever seen. Read more »
THEN: Lucifer rose, the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse rode into town, the Winchesters split up and Cas left to find God.NOW: Supernatural gets a little weird, with Dean and Cas teaming up on a wild and crazy adventure (including a trip to a whore house) while Sam spends some time in bed with his dead girlfriend (and another man). Read more »
THEN: Lucifer rose, Bobby got shanked, Cas came back from the dead(but really, who hasn‘t on this show?), and Dean refused to forgive Samfor all of last season.NOW: Since this episode of Supernatural is one bigreunion for some of the great Hunters of seasons past, it‘s probablybest to get reacquainted with who they are and when we last saw them. Read more »
THEN: Supernatural reached new heights of awesomeness with angels, Azazel‘s master plan to bring Lucifer to Earth, Sam drinking demon blood, suicidal teddy bears, an epic Winchester fight, Chuck the Prophet, betrayal by the angels and, in the end, Lilith and Ruby got real dead, which wasn‘t so good since it led to Lucifer rising.NOW: After another amazing montage of what happened last season (Supernatural,hands down, has the best season opening montages ever), we pick upright where we left off, with Sam and Dean in a church as Luciferrises.  They try to escape, but the doors lock them inside with thelight. Read more »
In less than two weeks Supernatural returns with new episodes. The first new episode back, "Dead Men Don‘t Wear Plaid," will focusheavily on Bobby, prompting me to wonder what your favorite Bobbymoment is.Bobby has been a major part of Supernatural since firstappearing at the end of season 1, though Jim Beaver has only appearedin 25 of the show‘s 96 episodes.  That‘s still a lot of great momentsto choose from, so let us know which one is the best.  Read more »
A month and a half ago when I spoke to Jared Padalecki at the 100th episode party for Supernatural, his life was a lot different than it is now.  Since that night, he‘s gotten married and his show was renewed for a sixth season.  But on the night I spoke to him, he was just happy to be working on Supernatural.Well, kind of.  Proving his dedication to the series, while he was in Vancouver for the event, his bride-to-be, Genevieve Cortese, was in California enjoying a bridal shower.  Separated by a long stretch of the Western coastline, she was still first on his mind.  Read more »
This week Supernatural finally returns after five long weeks off the air.  Thursday‘s new episode, "Dead Men Don‘t Wear Plaid," is a zombie extravaganza, and we have a new video clip to check out.Watch Behind-the-Scenes Video from This Episode>>  Read more »
Few actors get the same level of love and respect the fans of Supernatural have for Jim Beaver.  As the gruff but loving Bobby Singer, he‘s as endearing a character as TV has to offer.  Though he‘s only appeared in about a quarter of the show‘s episodes, Bobby is an integral part to the show‘s success, a guy who knows how to hunt demons but also knows how to whip the boys into shape.Jim Beaver may not be in every episode of Supernatural, but it was easy to tell at the show‘s 100th episode party in January that the show is always with him.  He‘s had many great roles in his long career, but it‘s the blend of emotion, action and dry wit that makes Bobby the one fans will remember.  Read more »
After a long hiatus, Supernatural returns tonight with the much talked about zombie storyline. But forget Zombieland, Night of the Living Dead or 28 Days Later. The show is taking a different approach to flesh-hungry reanimated corpses and we find out about it in the episode "Dead Men Don‘t Wear Plaid."Tonight‘s installment takes place in Bobby‘s hometown, which strongly suggests that the 16th episode of the fifth season is Bobby-centric. And any Supernatural fan knows that anything involving Bobby is awesome, funny and heartbreaking all at the same time.Exclusive: Jim Beaver at the Supernatural 100th Episode Party  Read more »
THEN: Sam and Dean continued to get the fuzzy end of the Apocalypse lollipop, not making a whole lot of progress in stopping Lucifer.  Sam went back to demon blood detox after a nasty bout with Famine while Dean begged God for help.Take the Quiz: "Dead Men Don‘t Wear Plaid">>NOW: Supernatural is all about Bobby and his dead wife.  I hope you brought your hankies, because this could get teary.  Read more »
Season 5 has been especially difficult for Bobby Singer on Supernatural.  First he was injured and forced into a wheelchair, then he wanted to kill himself, then he sat back while Ellen and Jo were killed, and most recently, he was forced to kill his wife for the second time.  With that level of tragedy, Bobby belongs in a Greek play, not a CW series.Read Our Recap from This Episode>>  Read more »
The big 100th episode of Supernatural comes April 15 at 9pm on the CW, and today the network released the official plot synopsis for the episode.  What will happen in the 100th episode and will it change the face of the series forever?  Here‘s what the CW has to say about it:  Read more »
If you watched the preview for next week‘s episode of Supernatural, you know that Sam and Dean are killed.  Again.  This time, they do battle with Zachariah in Heaven.  The studio just released three video clips from next week‘s episode, "Dark Side of the Moon," so check them out for a first look.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains videos and details from next week‘s episode.  Read more »
Death is no stranger to Supernatural but when it involves Sam and Dean, it‘s hard not to worry and feel gloomy, and that‘s in spite of the fact that the writers have already killed the Winchester brothers so many times. But tonight‘s episode is a little different, amusingly because we get to see Sam and Dean go to heaven and reunite with some familiar faces. Read more »
Castiel is an intense angel with a gravely voice and a total lack of emotion.  Misha Collins, on the other hand, is as serene and gentle as they come.  I spoke to Collins during the Supernatural 100th episode party in January to talk about celebrating 100 episodes (or in his case, a lot less), the possibility of Castiel in season 6(before season 6 was even picked up) and his roller coaster relationship with the infamous trenchcoat,  Read more »
March 25 marks the return of Supernatural but there‘s another important date fans should take note of on their calendars. According to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, the show‘s 100th episode, entitled "Point of No Return," will air on April 15 and will feature a lot of shocking twists.SPOILER WARNING: Details about the milestone episode are revealed after the jump! Read more »
A few weeks ago, BuddyTV reported that sci-fi favorite Michael Shanks, who is best known for his role as Dr. Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG-1, will soon be gracing the world of Supernatural. At the time, though, not much has been revealed about Shanks‘ character except that he will play a man in a local militia. Most recently, Shanks spoke to Newsarama about his Supernatural debut, as well as a few details about his character Rob. Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead!!! Read more »
After introducing Cupid and Famine, Supernatural will be introducing yet another mythical being. Baldur, also known as the God of Light, will be gracing the fifth season, and according to Digital Spy, actor Adam Croasdell has been cast to play the role.  Read more »
It‘s time for Sam and Dean to die.  Again.  Supernatural already killed off Sam at the end of season 2 and Dean at the end of season 3 (as well as multiple times in "Mystery Spot"), but they always managed to come back.  So why should "Dark Side of the Moon" be any different?See Photos from This Episode>>  Read more »
Throughout this season of Supernatural, there have been a lot of depressing moments.  Sam and Dean split up, Bobby wound up in a wheelchair, the Colt didn‘t kill Lucifer, Ellen and Jo died, Bobby wanted to kill himself, etc.  But perhaps the most emotionally painful one happened in "Dark Side of the Moon" when Dean threw away his amulet necklace.Read My Recap of "Dark Side of the Moon">>If you‘re not familiar with the backstory, this might seem trivial, but it‘s not.  Originally intended as a gift for their dad, Sam gave Dean the necklace as a Christmas present when they were young and it came to represent the bond between the two, the way Dean was Sam‘s surrogate father and protector.  By throwing it away, Dean essentially threw away his relationship with Sam.  Read more »
Remember that awesome scene when Sam and Dean were massively surrounded by demons in the episode "Jus in Bello"? That scene was the first thing I remembered when I first saw the promo video for tonight‘s Supernatural episode, making me think that the 99th episode of Supernatural will be just as good, if not surpass Sam‘s pre-recorded exorcism that played over the office‘s PA. But instead of being trapped in a local sheriff‘s office, Sam and Dean are outnumbered by demons while helplessly driving the Impala. Read more »
It‘s the 99th episode of Supernatural, and Sam and Dean are getting their Jay-Z swagger on.  If you got girl problems I feel bad for you son, but Sam and Dean are dealing with a lot more than that, with Lucifer becoming more powerful, the Apocalypse nearing and the recent revelation that God wants nothing to do with them. Read more »
At the end of Supernatural season 4, Sam turned his back on his brother, left him behind and went off to do what he thought needed to be done in order to stop Lilith.  In "99 Problems," it was Dean‘s turn to do the same thing.Read My Recap of "99 Problems">>In many ways, Supernatural is like a ping pong match of sacrifice.  John gave up his life to save Dean.  Dean gave up his life to save Sam.  Sam gave up his humanity to stop Lilith.  Now Dean is giving up his own body to save the world.  Read more »
Fans of Supernatural have met War and Famine while Death was raised by Lucifer in "Abandon All Hope."  Now that Four Horsemen set is complete as Supernatural has cast Pestilence.  Read more »
In honor of the big 100th episode of Supernatural, BuddyTV is running a super secret contest.  Why is this contest a secret?  Read more »
Supernatural reaches its 100th episode on April 15 and it looks like a big one.  There are three new clips from the episode, "Point of No Return," so get your first look at the momentous episode.Enter the 100th Episode Hidden Message Contest>>100th Episode Party Interviews:Jared PadaleckiMisha CollinsJim BeaverWriter Ben Edlund  Read more »
Would you name your daughter after the psychic waitress from True Blood?  Would you name your son after the trenchcoat-wearing angel on Supernatural?  If so, you‘re not alone.According to Namipedia,Sookie and Castiel are the two hottest growing baby names for 2010. While the most popular names remain staples like Charlotte and Oliver,there‘s an interesting trend with the rising popularity of babies namedafter TV characters and stars.  Read more »
Here‘s what not to miss this week on TV.MONDAYLife Unexpected (The CW, 8pm): The first season finale brings Ryan and Cate‘s wedding, but will Baze ruin their perfect day?Plus: Which Life Unexpected character are you? Read more »
Tonight Supernatural airs its landmark 100th episode, reaching a point very few shows reach, and as the title suggests, it‘s the "Point of No Return."  The Apocalypse is in full swing and Dean has decided to say "Yes" to being the angel Michael‘s vessel so that he can do battle with Lucifer.Check out Supernatural‘s 100 Funniest Quotes>>The 100th episode of Supernatural succeeds as both another strong episode of Supernatural, continuing the storyline, and also a big event episode that is just different enough to be seen as something special.  There are some very big changes for a lot of the characters, changing a lot of what fans thought they knew.  Read more »
Over the past weeks, BuddyTV‘s Supernatural fans have been decoding a secret message in our 100 Memorable Characters slideshow to enter a contest to be named one of BuddyTV‘s 10 Ultimate Supernatural Fans.If you missed it, the contest was a bit tricky.  Fans who went to the slideshow noticed that one letter on each slide was improperly capitalized and in bold.  If you wrote out these 100 letters and read them backwards, you‘d find the hidden message:  Read more »
At the end of January, Supernatural writer and producer Sera Gamble‘s life was a lot less complicated.  Sure, she was celebrating the show‘s 100th episode while writing the two final episodes of the season with Eric Kripke, but that was before Supernatural was officially renewed for a sixth season and before she was named the new showrunner for season 6.Next year Supernatural belongs to Sera Gamble, and at the 100th episode party, I spoke to her about what that future might look like, what fans can expect from the 100th episode, and her thoughts on some of the more comedic and insane elements of Supernatural.  Listen to the interview or check out her best quotes below.  Read more »
If facing demons and dealing with the apocalypse is just too heavy for you, then perhaps Ghostfacers is the show for you. The team of amateur spook-hunters, who first appeared on Supernatural, has been given their own web series due to popular demand and it kicks off today, in conjunction with Supernatural‘s 100th episode.  Read more »
It‘s the big 100th episode of Supernatural, so buckle up, because it‘s a ride that features shocking returns, decisions, betrayals, sacrifices and a major death.  Or have fans have come to expect, just another episode of Supernatural.100 Funniest Supernatural Quotes>>100 Memorable Supernatural Characters>>  Read more »
Over the past week BuddyTV held a special contest to find the Ultimate Supernatural Fans, and now that the winners have been chosen, we asked for their thoughts on the 100th episode.  The general consensus is that it was one of the best episodes, due largely to the relationship between Sam and Dean and the faith Sam had in Dean.  There‘s also a lot of sympathy for Castiel, a lot of happiness that Zachariah is dead and, for the first time this season, hope that things are finally looking good for the Winchesters.Check Out My Recap of the 100th Episode>>  Read more »
It‘s rather remarkable how Jensen Ackles can stay in such high spirits.  AS Dean Winchester, he‘s been in nearly every scene of every episode of Supernatural for five years, but at the 100th episode party, he was still as excited as a little kid.100 Funniest Supernatural Quotes>>When I talked to him, Jensen fondly reminisced about five seasons and 100 episodes, looking back at the moment he first new the show was special (it happened a lot sooner than you might think), how he‘s managed to cope with the long hours and his favorite prank on the set that involved the late Kim Manners.  Read more »
The 100th episode of Supernatural changed the game by giving hope to Sam and Dean for the first time this season in their quest to stop the Apocalypse.  Now that the bad blood is behind them, they can get back to simpler things, like weird motels full of elephants.This week‘s episode, "Hammer of the Gods," promises to be another strange adventure for the Winchester, so check out the preview clip below.  Read more »
During Dean‘s first conversation with Michael on Supernatural,one line jumped out at me.  Michael claimed that he could use John‘sbody as a vessel because he comes from the same bloodline as Dean, abloodline going back to Cain and Abel.  It‘s all about the blood.Supernatural fans have been given a clue all along, in the titlecard for season 5.  At the start of every episode, a gush of bloodbursts onto the screen over the main title.  Blood has always beenimportant on Supernatural, from Azazel dripping it in Sam‘s mouth as ababy to Sam drinking demon blood to fuel his strength.  Now, more thanever, blood is the key.  Read more »
Throughout this season of Supernatural, we‘ve heard a lot aboutdestiny.  Gabriel tried to get the boys to recognize that there‘s onlyone inevitable outcome in "Changing Channels," and Michael once againtried to hammer the point home in "The Song Remains the Same."Dean can‘t change his destiny.  It‘s gone back thousands of years, andevery little seemingly random event has led him to this point.  Everytime he tries to stop it and run away, he just gets closer to the endresult.  Dean will say "Yes" to Michael, Sam will say "Yes" to Luciferand the two angelic brothers will have their Apocalyptic showdown.  Read more »
There are two kinds of great dramatic Supernatural episodes:those that deal with the Winchester family dynamic and those that dealwith the Apocalypse mythology.  This week‘s episode, "The Song Remainsthe Same," combines the two for an episode that will make you laugh,cheer, cry and drop your jaw.In the episode, Anna returns from angel prison with a simple goal: killSam Winchester and prevent him from becoming Lucifer‘s vessel.  Toachieve this, she goes back in time to try and kill John and Marybefore they had Sam, but the boys gets Castiel to take them back too sothey can stop her.  Read more »
Now that we‘ve seen a glimmer of hope in Dean and Sam, we can now move on to lighter things on Supernatural, albeit not completely happy things no thanks to the Apocalypse. Catch up on Supernatural: 100th Episode Recap Read more »
This odd pairing seems to be making the rounds these days. According to Perez Hilton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who has exceptionally played John Winchester on Supernatural, as well as Denny Duquette on Grey‘s Anatomy and Judah Botwin on Weeds, was spotted with former One Tree Hill actress Hilarie Burton at the movie premiere of The Losers at Grauman‘s Chinese Theatre on Tuesday in Los Angeles, California. Read more »
For the first time this season on Supernatural, there‘s hope.  Dean killed Zachariah, and even though Cas and Adam are MIA, the Winchesters are more devoted than ever to each other and stopping the Apocalypse.See Photos from This Episode>>The good news is that Sam and Dean actually get a plan to stop Lucifer without resorting to saying "Yes" to Michael.  The bad news is that it comes after a whole lot of characters are killed off, including one that will be sorely missed.  Read more »
The latest episode of Supernatural was full of hilarious comedy and unbelievable tragedy, both courtesy of Gabriel.  But with the new plan to get the rings of the Four Horsemen and trap Lucifer, Supernatural is ready to head down a dark and final road to the season finale.See the Funniest Quotes from "Hammer of the Gods">>The laughs start to stop with next week‘s episode, "The Devil You Know."  In the episode, Sam and Dean deal with the difficult challenge of getting the rings from Death and Pestilence, finding an old "friend" to help.  Read more »
After the 100th episode of Supernatural, Sam and Dean are back on the same page, turning their backs to destiny and looking to stop Lucifer and the Apocalypse on their terms.  How will they do it?  The next few episodes will hold the key.SPOILER WARNING: This article may give away details you don‘t want to know, so read at your own risk.  Read more »
This week Supernatural celebrates 99 episodes with "99 Problems," the appropriately-titled episode that finds Sam and Dean dealing with the Apocalypse.  This time, they run into a town full of incredibly awesome religious fanatics who have taken up arms in the final Holy War.It sounds kind of crazy, but on Supernatural, the crazy people are right.  Check out a video clip from the episode below.  Read more »
This season of Supernatural has already seen the return ofJessica, Mary, John and other memorable deceased characters.  Back inDecember, we reported on another dead character coming back to Supernatural.Now Supernatural has yet another memorable dead character comingback for an appearance in an upcoming episode.  Who is it?  Keepreading if you want to find out.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information about an upcoming episode of Supernatural.  Read more »
Famine arrived on Supernatural, and other than grossing viewersout and getting ripped apart by a bloodthirsty Sam, the Horsemanprovided one shocking insight.  According to him, Dean‘s soul isblackened and decayed so badly that it‘s as if he doesn‘t even haveone.  Can the hero of Supernatural really be soulless?The simple answer is: yes.  After Sam was brought back to life thanksto Dean‘s Crossroads deal, there was a lot of talk of him being broughtback wrong.  The same thing could be said of Dean ever since he went toHell and was tortured for years.  Read more »
When it rains it pours, and now Supernatural fans have two moreclips from the upcoming episode, "My Bloody Valentine."  The episodesees Sam, Dean and Cas facing Cupid on Valentine‘s Day.  But don‘t holdyour breath for a rose or a box of chocolates.In these two clips, we get the customary set up for an episode of Supernatural,complete with the boys in a motel and the boys in a morgue.  In thefirst time I can remember, Cas joins them in the morgue, providing somevery good laughs.See More "My Bloody Valentine" Video Clips>> Read more »
Next week, Supernatural celebrates Valentine‘s Day, but it‘s notgoing to be all warm and mushy, unless you‘re referring to humanentrails.  During the Supernatural 100th episode party, I spoketo Ben Edlund, the writer of "My Bloody Valentine," and he called itone of the most gross and disgusting episodes in Supernatural history. We‘ll have the full interview up early next week.  Read more »
So, it‘s been awhile since our very own Supernatural blogger Emma (aka The NuttyMadam) has done a review. For those of you that don‘t know, Emma is best known for being a huge Twilight fan. She‘s a total fangirl, probably just like some of you. Because, let‘s be honest, if it weren‘t for the fangirls, there wouldn‘t be Supernatural fan conventions and we wouldn‘t have five seasons of Supernatural and episodes like "Swap Meat" to watch.   Read more »
Over the weekend, the cast and crew of Supernatural gathered inVancouver for a party to celebrate reaching the show‘s 100th episode. Sadly, Eric Kripke wasn‘t able to attend due to a last minute conflict,but the night was still full of Supernatural love.  Jensen Ackles,Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, Misha Collins, Robert Singer, Sera Gambleand Ben Edlund are just a few of the attendees, along with CW presidentDawn Ostroff.During the next few weeks and months leading up to the big 100thepisode, titled "Point of No Return" scheduled to air April 15, we‘llbring you our exclusive interviews with the stars as they talk abouteverything from the best pranks to the 100th episode to a possibleseason 6.  Read more »
Next week‘s Supernatural episode brings back Castiel, Anna andone very cool angel power: time travel.  Unlike season 4‘s "In theBeginning," this time both Sam and Dean are traveling back in time toprotect Mary and John from an assassination plot to prevent the boysfrom ever being born.  Read more »
"Swap Meat" was generally a solid episode of Supernatural, funnyin all the right places with just a little bit of drama and theon-going storyline of season 5.  While watching it, my main problem waswith Dean.Once Gary, the nerdy teenage boy, swapped bodies with Sam, it should‘vetaken Dean a matter of minutes to figure out something was wrong withhis brother.  Instead, it took forever.  At first, I chalked it up tobad writing.  Dean couldn‘t figure it out too soon because, if he did,there wouldn‘t be an episode, so it could‘ve been an obvious plotdevice.  Read more »
If the first clip from the upcoming Supernatural episode "SwapMeat" that we already posted didn‘t get you excited, maybe two moreclips will.  The episode features a nerdy teenage boy swapping bodieswith Sam, and in these clips, we get to see the new Sam out and about.  Read more »
Next week‘s Supernatural is sure to be full of comedy as Samswaps bodies with a nerdy teenage boy.  Since Dean is always mockinghis little brother for being a nerd, I‘m guessing it will take a whilefor him to catch on.Watch 2 More Clips>>The CW has released a clip from the episode, titled "Swap Meat," that should give fans a pretty good taste of what‘s to come.  Read more »
When the Winchesters went into a psychiatric hospital on Supernatural,they weren‘t just facing a Wraith, they were facing their own psyches. They may have gone a little cuckoo, but "Sam, Interrupted" was one ofthe more psychological episodes of Supernatural, exploring the root causes behind Sam and Dean‘s actions.For Sam, the episode revealed that his rage and violent outburstsaren‘t connected to drinking demon blood, they‘re much deeper.  Thismakes sense because, if you‘re looking for the cause of Sam‘s currentpsyche, it goes back long before he met Ruby.  Read more »
When the Winchesters went into a psychiatric hospital on Supernatural,they weren‘t just facing a Wraith, they were facing their own psyches. They may have gone a little cuckoo, but "Sam, Interrupted" was one ofthe more psychological episodes of Supernatural, exploring the root causes behind Sam and Dean‘s actions.For Dean, there are two obvious character flaws.  The first is hiscompulsion to save everyone and his willingness to sacrifice himself todo it.  The second is the way he copes with that stress: a steadystream of booze and women.  Read more »
The casting execs have finally put a name and a face to one of the highly anticipated characters of Supernatural‘s fifth season. Cupid, as reported previously, is paying a visit to Sam and Dean just in time for Valentine‘s Day. However, he won‘t come in the form of a little winged cherub. Warning: Spoilers ahead!!! Read more »
This week Supernatural finally returns with new episodes, andfans are being inundated with clips to get you excited.  We alreadyposted a video clip of Sam and Dean getting check into the mentalhospital, and now we have two more scenes from the new episode.  Read more »
In exactly four days from now, Supernatural officially returns to our TV screens with an episode that involves a former hunter who calls Sam and Dean for help investigating a case in a mental hospital. As expected, the Winchester brothers will have to get themselves admitted as patients to check out the mysterious monster that is attacking the patients. And what better cover to get in as patients than to play themselves. Warning: Spoilers ahead!!! Read more »
Thanks to the CW‘s Twitter mole, LilMissX, we now have a sneak peek at an upcoming Supernaturalepisode that will feature the return of John Winchester.  But beforeyou get too excited, relax: Jeffrey Dean Morgan is not back.  Read more »
The fifth season of Supernatural has already brought a lot offamiliar faces back.  Jessica, Ellen, Jo and Rufus have all made returnappearances, and now there‘s another very familiar face finding its wayback to the show.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information about upcoming Supernatural episodes.  Stop reading if you want to avoid being spoiled.  Read more »
As BuddyTV hinted previously, Supernatural will be treating fans with a horrifying episode that explores the nature of love and desire just in time for Valentine‘s Day. Not much has been revealed about the episode back then except for the fact that it‘s entitled "My Bloody Valentine." Recently, however, more details have surfaced.Warning: Spoilers ahead! Read more »
Supernatural‘s fifth season is shaping up nicely as we unearth more dirt on the unpredictable second half of the season. So far, we‘ve stumbled on a zombie storyline, a body swap plot, a horrific Valentine‘s Day episode and a psych ward scene, just to name a few. There‘s also some time traveling involved though don‘t expect a lighthearted storyline involving Doc Brown. Warning: This article contains spoilers! Read more »
It looks like things are about to get worse for Sam and Dean when Supernatural returns for its second half of the season. The show kicks off with an episode that pays homage to Winona Ryder‘s movie, Girl, Interrupted, as the Winchester brothers find themselves in what looks to be a psych ward. Read more »
Ever wondered what heaven would be like? Supernatural is giving us not just a sneak peek of paradise as reported previously but an episode set in the mystical place, according to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello.Warning: Spoilers ahead!!! Read more »
How are you holding up Supernatural fans? Only one more excruciating month to go and we‘ll soon lay our eyes on Sam and Dean again. As difficult as it seems, I assure you that it‘s all going to be worth the wait. Case in point: Supernatural‘s 100th episode. Read more »
The mid-season finale of Supernatural may have been incrediblydepressing and without hope, but one single line caused fans‘ minds tostart racing at the speed of light.  After Lucifer got up after beingshot by the Colt, he said that he is one of only five creations thatare immune to the Colt‘s killing ability.Read More About the Origins of the Colt>>This comment caused my mind to race with a thousand differentquestions.  Does he mean him specifically or angels in general?  Whatare the other four?  Why would Samuel Colt do this?  It‘s enough toleave Supernatural fans in a daze of theories and possibilities.  Read more »
The mid-season finale of Supernatural was titled "Abandon AllHope," and it certainly delivered on that promise.  It turned out to beone of the most depressing hours of TV Supernatural has ever produced, and now, more than ever, I have no hope of a happy ending.The episode saw the small group of heroes travel to fight and killLucifer.  Instead, Jo and Ellen died, the Winchesters learned the Coltis useless against Lucifer, and Death, the second Horseman of theApocalypse, was raised.  The show ended with tornadoes ravagingMissouri while Sam, Dean and Bobby stared sadly at a photo of theirgroup slowly burning.  Read more »
If you want to go into the final Supernatural episode of 2009completely blind, I suggest reading no further.  There have been somepretty major spoilers circling around the Internet for a while aboutthe events of "Abandon All Hope," so stop reading if you don‘t want tobe even remotely spoiled.This is your last warning.  Stop now.  Read more »
It‘s time to horde every last morsel of Supernatural you can, becauseafter this Thursday‘s new episode, the show is going on a Winter Breakuntil January 14, 2010.  Since this week‘s episode, "Abandon All Hope,"is the big mid-season finale, expect plenty of fireworks and majorupheaval in the story.  Read more »
Next week‘s episode of Supernatural is the mid-season finale,meaning it will be the last new episode for about two months. Therefore, it‘s safe to assume we won‘t be watching a lot of silly,pointless comedy.  Instead, Supernatural finally gets back to the Apocalypse and Lucifer.  Read more »
Perhaps there is no one better to recap ‘The Real Ghostbusters‘ than our very own Supernatural blogger Emma (aka The NuttyMadam). Emma is best known for being one of the biggest Twilight fanatics in the world. She‘s been to the conventions, she has made a trailer reaction or two, and she‘s a total fangirl... probably just like some of you reading this article right now. Because, let‘s be honest, if it weren‘t for the fangirls, there wouldn‘t be Supernatural fan conventions and we wouldn‘t have an amazing episode like ‘The Real Ghostbusters‘ to watch. So check out what Emma had to say about the episode. Did you like it as much as she did? What are you thinking of her season-long theory? Let us know what you think. Go!Or leave a video response>>>  Read more »
Last night‘s episode of Supernatural ended with prophet and Supernaturalbook series author Chuck telling his fans "It‘s not Jumping the Sharkif you never come back down."  At first I really wanted to think thiswas a joke, but the more I think about it, the more I realize it‘snot.  Supernatural really is Jumping the Shark.For weeks I‘ve been trying to defend and rationalize Supernatural‘srecent increase in comedy.  Cas visited a whorehouse.  Future Cassmoked pot.  Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Paris Hilton, the Tooth Fairy andthe Incredible Hulk have all turned up.  Supernatural parodied CSI and Grey‘s Anatomy.  And finally, Sam and Dean attended a Supernaturalfan convention.  A while ago I wrote an article defending the show‘suse of comedy.  I would now like to retract that statement.  Read more »
If last week‘s TV parodies and shocking angel revelations onSupernatural weren‘t wild enough, the writers have upped the ante onbreaking the fourth wall this week.  In "The Real Ghostbusters,"Thursday at 9pm, Supernatural super fan Becky tricks Sam and Dean intoattending a Supernatural fan convention.  Let the inside jokes begin.Watch a Video Clip from "The Real Ghostbusters">>We got brief glimpses into the world of the Supernatural book series onthe show in "The Monster at the End of This Book" and "Sympathy for theDevil," but now Supernatural is diving head first into fandom.  Whatcan we expect to see, and more importantly, what do we want to see?  Read more »
After being trapped in TV land, Supernatural sets up a little fan convention this week as Wincest fanfiction writer Becky (guest star Emily Perkins) returns. Not everyone was pleased when Becky first appeared in the fifth season opener "Sympathy For The Devil," since the thought of Sam and Dean hooking up made a lot of fans sick but perhaps her comeback in this week‘s "The Real Ghostbusters" will shed her in a different light. Read more »
This week is the highly anticipated Supernatural TV parodyepisode "Changing Channels."  Previews have already shown that theepisode will feature Sam and Dean living in various TV show parodies,including a traditional sitcom and CSI.  But perhaps the funniest is a spot-on parody of Supernatural‘s time slot rival, Grey‘s Anatomy.I was fortunate enough to see an early copy of "Changing Channels," andwithout giving away too many details, there‘s more to this episode thanjust parodies.  Like all of the best Supernatural episodes, thecomedic elements are only a small part of the overall story, and thereare definitely some shocking twists and dramatic moments in store forall the characters.  Read my early review of this episode.  Read more »
I was hard on "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester," the latest new episode of Supernatural,because I felt the story and, in particular, the villains didn‘t work. An episode needs a strong antagonist, someone viewers can connect with,which is why I was ecstatic that Warner Brothers sent critics anadvanced copy of next week‘s brand new Supernatural episode, "Changing Channels."Like any good fan, I watched it as soon as possible, and while youwon‘t find any major spoilers in this review, I can tell you that itis, hands down, the best episode of the season.  Of course, I‘m alittle biased.WARNING: Stop reading if you don‘t want to know anything about "Changing Channels."  Read more »
Next week‘s Supernatural is all about TV parodies, with the Winchesters getting stuck in fake world‘s resembling Grey‘s Anatomy, CSIand more.  The CW just released a new video clip from next week‘sepisode, and while it doesn‘t take place in TV land, it stillreferences one television icon.  Read more »
Supernatural took a bit of a turn for the worse in the latest episodewith a rather dull and poorly developed story about a couple ofwitches.  Luckily, there was one thing that saved "The Curious Case ofDean Winchester," and that was the performance of Jim Beaver.Bobby has always been a fan favorite, and his classic wisecracks andunique ability to keep those two idjit Winchesters in line make him akey part of Supernatural.  But after he was paralyzed in theseason 5 premiere, Bobby became defeated, a man stuck on the sidelines,unable to help in the battle.  Read more »
Supernatural returns Thursday at 9pm with the first of four straightnew episodes.  In "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester," Dean plays ahigh stakes game of poker to try and get Bobby out of his wheelchair,but he ends up giving away years of his life, turning him into an oldman.The one video clip we already posted shows that we should expect plentyof jokes about Dean becoming an old man, but aside from a surprisinglyrandom Grumpy Old Men reference, what more do we hope to see fromsenior citizen Dean Winchester?  Here are the five things I most wantto see him do in this episode of Supernatural. Read more »
After this week‘s painful lack of a new Supernatural, things are looking better with next week‘s new episode, which will be the first of four straight new episodes of Supernatural. In "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester," Dean takes after Brad Pitt‘smovie character and becomes a young man trapped in an old man‘s body.  Read more »
Okay, so this is coming a bit late but we have our first official installment of our Supernatural Vlog. BuddyTV teamed up with popular Twilight Vlogger Emma (aka NuttyMadam) after learning she also has an obsession with Supernatural (who doesn‘t?). Each week, Emma will be giving her thoughts and opinions on each new episode. This week, we tackle episode 8 "Changing Channels." Read more »
While the revelation that the Trickster is really an angel was a big shock on Supernatural,I was just as mesmerized but a much smaller moment earlier in theepisode.  When Sam and Dean were trapped in the Japanese game show thehost asked Dean "Would your Mother and Father still be alive if yourbrother was never born?"It‘s a disturbing question because, in many ways, the birth of Samhelped start Azazel‘s master plan to open the gate to Hell, free Lilithand get the ball rolling to free Lucifer.  Dean‘s answer in Japanesewas "Yes," which was the correct answer, but is it really?  Read more »
Who would‘ve guessed that the TV parody episode of Supernaturalwould include the biggest twist and bombshell of the season?  Not onlydid we find out the Trickster is really the archangel Gabriel, but welearned that the entire series has actually been an allegory forMichael and Lucifer‘s battle over God.That‘s pretty good for an episode of Supernatural that also sawSam get slapped, hit in the nuts and stricken with genital herpes, notto mention the uncomfortable feeling of Dean digging around in histrunk.  But what does Gabriel‘s message really mean.  Read more »
Was watching Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and Paris Hilton on Supernaturalnot enough craziness for you?  Next week‘s episode looks to up the anteby tossing in none other than the Tooth Fairy.  Next week‘sSupernatural episode, "I Believe the Children Are Our Future," willfocus on a little boy with the ability to make whatever he dreams ofcome to life, thus causing all kinds of chaos.The CW released a video clip from this episode of Supernatural, so check it out below.  Read more »
There were a lot of haters in the Supernatural fan communitysurrounding creator Eric Kripke‘s decision to cast Paris Hilton as aspecial guest star in last night‘s episode.  I guess those fans forgotthat the phrase "In Kripke We Trust" exists for a reason, so thismorning, those haters are all eating crow.The truth is that Paris Hilton was fantastic on Supernatural. She didn‘t stay for the whole episode, just the end, but when shearrived, she provided plenty of laughs, action and social commentary. It was better than I ever could‘ve imagined.  Read more »
This week is the true test for Supernatural: can the showsurvive a guest appearance by the one and only Paris Hilton?  Given thefact that the show has featured slash fiction, a suicidal teddy bearand a third Winchester brother, I suspect Supernatural will be safe.The Paris episode of Supernatural, "Fallen Idol," airs Thursdayat 9pm on the CW.  But what can we expect from her role?  Moreimportantly, what do we want to see?  There are a lot of possibilitiesfor the Supernatural writers, but here are five things I hope we‘ll see in the episode.  Read more »
It‘s often said that on a first date, you shouldn‘t discuss religion or politics.  In that case, Supernatural is two-for-two in bad date etiquette.In the latest episode, Supernatural surely ticked off some redstaters with its nightmarish vision of a post-apocalyptic future.  Notonly was Lucifer ruling the world as a demonic virus wiped out most ofthe population, but the newspapers in Supernatural‘s fictitious 2014 added one more sign of the end of days: President Sarah Palin.  Read more »
This Thursday‘s new episode of Supernatural, "The End," seesDean traveling to a post-apocalyptic future overrun by zombies.  We‘llget to see two Deans, a stoned Cas and Sam dressed all in white (whichis never a good sign).  But how is the proud Winchester papa Johnconnected to this episode?  Read more »
Usually an episode of Supernatural has one or two amazing quotesthat leave fans laughing for hours.  But last night‘s episode featuredmore than its fair share of gut-busting greatness.  I credit this tothe episode‘s writer, Jeremy Carver.When he came on in season 3, hedidn‘t have many credits to his name, but as writer for episodes like"A Very Supernatural Christmas," "Mystery Spot" and "In the Beginning," he‘s proven himself to be one of the show‘s top writers. Read more »
The shocking bombshell at the end of last night‘s episode ofSupernatural with Sam being Lucifer‘s perfect vessel certainly took thewind out of my sails.  It‘s been a hard enough life for Sam, and now hehas to do with the fact that his entire life has been centered aroundthe notion of him becoming the devil?But important than Sam‘s bad luck was another question I had: who isGod‘s perfect vessel?  In both of last night‘s storylines, we saw thatangels have one vessel that works best for them, so it‘s only logicalto assume God, if He isn‘t dead, would have one too.  As I see it,there are five distinct possibilities.  Read more »
Yes, it‘s still Friday, which means six more days until next week‘sSupernatural.  By now, you‘ve probably rewatched the preview at the endof last night‘s episode half a dozen times, mostly to fixate on Samlying in bed.But now, we have a clip from next Thursday‘s episode, "Free to Be You and Me." Read more »
Last week I got a lot of flak for trying to defend Sam and wrote thatDean should‘ve forgiven him at the end of the episode.  After thesecond episode of Supernatural‘s fifth season, I‘ve been proven wrong.I was fooled by Sam, tricked into thinking his apologies were sincereand that he truly regretted what he did.  I also thought that raisingLucifer would be one of those eye-opening experiences and make himnever want to even think about drinking demon blood ever again.  Read more »
Season 5 of Supernatural started with a bang as Lucifer rose, Castiel killed some angels, and the Winchesters were left unsure how to proceed.  The second episode, "Good God, Y‘All," continues what I can only assume is the theme of this season: back to the beginning. Read more »
I thought I‘d seen it all.  When Supernatural actually made areference to slash fan fiction in last season‘s "The Monster at the Endof This Book": ("as in Sam/Dean...together"), I figured Supernatural hadgone as far as it would on the subject.  Boy was I wrong.The Supernatural season 5 premiere introduced us all to Becky, an excitable Supernaturalfan girl who uses the screenname SamLicker81 to act as web mistress (which, thankfully or sadly, is not a real site). When we first saw her, she was in her room writing her latest work,opening with the now immortal line "Sam caressed Dean‘s clavicle."  Read more »
The Supernatural season 5 had a ton of feel-good moments, mostlycentered on Dean finding new and creative ways to insult Zachariah, butjust when fans thoughts the boys were back on the same page, ready toface the devil, the final scene reminded everyone that what happenedlast season didn‘t stay in last season.In the end, Dean admitted that he can‘t forgive and forget what Samdid, betraying his own brother in favor of Ruby and her demon blood. The episode ended with Dean quite literally walking away from hisbrother, a mirror of when Sam did the same thing after their huge fightin season 4.  Read more »
The ratings are in, and it looks like vampires aren‘t going anywhere.  Last night‘s series premiere of the CW‘s The Vampire Diaries was watched by 4.8 million viewers, and that‘s without any additional DVR numbers.Just how big is that for the CW?  It‘s on par with last year‘s much-hyped premiere of 90210, which was the CW‘s highest-rated premiere ever.  However, I suspect the fall-off into the second week won‘t be as huge, since The Vampire Diaries doesn‘t suck nearly as much as that did.  Read more »
Things are about to get even more heavy as we countdown the days for the epic battle between heaven and hell, also known as Supernatural‘s season 5 finale. This week, however, it‘s all about putting Sam and Dean‘s master plan in motion in preparation to trap Lucifer. Read more »
Tonight makrs the beginning of the end for season 5 of Supernatural.  Sam and Dean have a plan (collect the Four Horsemen‘s rings and trap Lucifer), so these final three episodes will focus on how to do it.See Photos from This Episode>> Read more »
If you like daydreaming about dating your favorite TV characters, then you‘re not alone. After all, TV Land might just be the best place to find that perfect hunk, whether you‘re looking for someone who will knock you off your feet with grand romantic gestures, a knight in shining armor who will rescue you from serial killers or that special friend with benefits. We asked and you answered the call for your favorite TV boyfriends. Here‘s who made the short list:  Read more »
This week Supernatural‘s penultimate episode of the season finds Sam and Dean one ring away from the complete set, but Death isn‘t going to be so easy.On the bright side, the episode comes with a hilarious clip sure to tickle your funny bone.  Check it out.  Read more »
Only one episode left before Supernatural sings its swan song, which is also fittingly the title of final episode of season 5, and yet it seems that Sam and Dean still have a long way to go in their quest to save the world. Not surprisingly, Bobby steps up in hopes of lightening the weight on their shoulders by making a deal with Crowley. Read more »
We‘re two rings down with two to go on Supernatural as Sam and Dean are two Horsemen away from collecting the set.  The only problem is that finding them and getting their magic rings is the easy part.  The hard part is getting Lucifer back in his cage.  But let‘s take one step at a time.See Photos from Next Week‘s Season Finale>> Read more »
The end is here.  The season 5 finale of Supernatural is less than a week away, and now that Sam and Dean have all four Horsemen rings, it‘s time to try and trap Lucifer.  Easier said than done.The episode, titled "Swan Song," promises to be the epic conclusion to the Apocalypse and offers the conclusion of creator Eric Kripke‘s original five-year plan for the series.  Check out this sneak peek at the finale.  Read more »
The Supernatural season 5 finale is almost here and all of the pieces are in place for the final showdown in the Apocalypse.  Dean has all four Horsemen rings and is ready to trap Lucifer back in his cage while Sam has a plan of his own: saying "Yes" to Lucifer and sacrificing himself.See Photos from the Season 5 Finale>> Read more »
The Supernatural season 5 finale is almost here, so here‘s another video clip from the episode to get you through to tomorrow.  We‘ve already seen a video of Dean agreeing to Sam‘s plan to say "Yes" to Lucifer, now we get the second part.Photos from the Season 5 Finale>>How Will Season 5 End?>>  Read more »
By now you probably know what‘s going to happen in tonight‘s episode of Supernatural but still don‘t have a clue as to how the fifth season will end. Well you‘re not alone. Because while we‘re aware that the entire season (or better yet the entire show) has been leading up to the showdown between good and evil, we all know that Lucifer is one powerful creature and right now it looks like Sam and Dean don‘t stand a chance at defeating him.  Read more »
It‘s here, the Apocalypse on Supernatural.  From the start creator Eric Kripke promised a five-year plan, and this episode, "Swan Song," will end that plan.  Sure, the show‘s been renewed for a sixth season, but writer and producer Sera Gamble will take over as showrunner, and while Kripke will stick around in some capacity, this is the last Supernatural with him in charge.See Photos from the Season 5 Finale>> Read more »
One of the most shocking parts of the amazing Supernatural season finale came at the end when Chuck, the prophet and author of the Supernatural series of books, finished the Winchesters‘ story and vanished into thin air.  The sudden confusing act left fans with one big question: is Chuck God?Read My Full Recap of the Season 5 Finale>>The obvious answer would be yes.  Supernatural, according to Castiel, was meant to be the Winchester Gospel, a new New Testament, and since the Bible is the book of God, it‘s logical that God would be the one writing it.  Chuck being God also explains him being dressed in white and magically disappearing at the very end.  Read more »
It‘s official: Sam and Dean Winchester are all grown up.  Nearly three months after Jared Padalecki married Genevieve Cortese, People is now reporting that Supernatural Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris were married in Jensen‘s hometown of Dallas on Saturday.As was the case with Jared, Jensen‘s wedding flew under the radar and snuck up on everyone.  He and Harris, who has starred on One Tree Hill, announced their engagement in November 2009.  Read more »
The news of Supernatural‘s renewal for a sixth season is definitely something most fans would rejoice about. Unfortunately, there‘s a big BUT involved. According to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, Eric Kripke, the man behind Supernatural, will be stepping down as showrunner for season 6, and will be replaced by executive producer Sera Gamble.See More:The Plan for Season 6Is Supernatural Moving to Fridays?How Would Cas Fit Into Season 6?Best Moments from Season 5The Road to the Apocalypse100 Funniest Quotes100 Memorable Characters Read more »
The CW‘s Upfront presentation is this Thursday when the network will announce its fall lineup including new shows, returning shows, and new timeslots.  While we know some things (six shows have already been renewed), the rest of the schedule is still a mystery.One thing that could definitely change is when fans can watch the sixth season of Supernatural.  The show was already renewed, but its Thursday timeslot at 9pm might be in jeopardy. Read more »
Supernatural season 5 marks the final chapter in Eric Kripke‘s masterpiece, though it won‘t be the final season of the show.  Season 5 introduced Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer as the main foe of Sam and Dean, who spent the season finding a way to stop him from causing the Apocalypse.  Relive every great moment from Supernatural season 5 by looking through our coverage for each episode.Supernatural Season 6:Supernatural Moves to Fridays for Season 6Season 6 SpoilersSera Gamble Takes Over as ShowrunnerThe Plan for Season 6How Would Cas Fit Into Season 6?100 Funniest Quotes100 Memorable CharactersSlideshowThe Best Moments of ‘Supernatural‘ Season 5 Read more »
Supernatural fans can rest easy this summer thanks to Zap2It. The site confirmed that both Jim Beaver and Misha Collins will be back for season 6.  It‘s unclear if that means for one episode or most of the season, but whatever the case, Sam and Dean won‘t be alone.The bigger question is how.  Chuck‘s closing narration mentioned that Dean and Bobby‘s farewell marked the last time they‘d see each other for a long while, which might mean that Chuck isn‘t the infallible deity I thought he was.  Read more »
Today the CW announced its plans for the fall, and the lineup includes plenty of returning shows, but many of them will air in new time slots. Eight of the network‘s 10 shows are returning to the schedule, with only two new dramas making the cut.  However, 90210, One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected and Supernatural are all getting new times on new nights.  The network also announced, as previously reported, that the upcoming tenth season of Smallville will be its last.See More:CBS‘ Fall Lineup>>ABC‘s Fall Lineup>>FOX‘s Fall Lineup>>NBC‘s Fall Lineup>>  Read more »
The CW officially renewed Supernatural for season 6, which has fans excited and asking one huge question: What happens after the Apocalypse?Season 5 of Supernatural saw the rise of Lucifer, thearrival of the Four Horsemen and an eventual conclusion to creator EricKripke‘s fabled five-year plan for the series.  Now that there‘s asixth year, what‘s the new plan?Slideshow‘Supernatural‘ Season 6 Premiere PhotosSee More:Jensen Directing and a Familiar Face ReturnsCas and Bobby Back in Season 6Supernatural Moves to Fridays for Season 6Season 6 SpoilersSeason 5 Episode GuideSera Gamble Takes Over as ShowrunnerHow Will Cas Fit Into Season 6?Best Moments from Season 5The Road to the Apocalypse100 Funniest Quotes100 Memorable Characters Read more »