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The CW has spent a lot of time, energy and money to make itself into the premiere network for teen girls.  It all started with America‘s Next Top Model and Gossip Girl, and continues this season with the debut of new shows like 90210, Stylista and Privileged.  The network has done everything it can to cater to this particular demographic, but it hasn‘t exactly paid off in the ratings.  The CW can‘t seem to turn any of its new teen soaps into smash hits.Considering the success of edgier, more male-oriented fare like Smallville and Supernatural, it‘s a wonder the network doesn‘t attempt to develop more sci-fi and horror shows.  Both series returned last week to big numbers, with Supernatural delivering its highest ratings since it started airing on the CW. Read more »
The world of Supernatural will never be the same after the shocking twist in last week‘s season premiere.  We learned that an angel named Castiel pulled Dean from the fires of Hell, which immediately added an entirely new facet to the show‘s mythology.  Not only do Heavenly beings exist in the Supernatural universe, but Dean is now working for one.I had a chance to sit down today with actor Misha Collins, who plays Castiel on the CW series.  He talked about his role on the show, what it‘s like to work with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, and what fans can expect to see in upcoming episodes.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
I was lucky enough to attend the San Diego Comic-Con this year, where Supernatural creator Eric Kripke announced that actor Mitch Pileggi would play Mary Winchester‘s father on an upcoming episode of the series.  Many of the geeks in the room, myself included, reached nerd nirvana when the news was announced.  The man who so perfectly embodied the bad-ass Walter Skinner on The X-Files is an amazing choice to play Sam and Dean‘s grandfather.  Viewers will get a chance to see Pileggi in the role on tomorrow night‘s Supernatural episode, entitled "In the Beginning."I recently had a chance to sit down with Pileggi to discuss his role on the CW series, as well as his stints on Brothers & Sisters and Sons of Anarchy.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
We had a little auction snafu last week, and incorrectly advertised that we would be putting a copy of the Supernatural season 3 DVD up for bid on BuddyTV.  Fortunately, that has all been sorted out, and now, as you can see, we‘ve finally got our act together.Beginning today, we are auctioning off a brand new copy of Supernatural season 3 on DVD. The auction will last for seven days, and you can make bids by going to the BuddyTV auctions page.This is a great prize that one lucky fan will receive, but I assure you that we’ve got a really, really, really great prize that will be put up for auction in a couple of months, to keep you occupied during when Supernatural takes its holiday hiatus. (I won’t tell you what it is yet, but I will say that this item has been autographed by both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.) So I advise you to start earning star points early. Keep coming back to BuddyTV and participating in all of our many features, so that you’ll be in a good position to win this auction.Read on to see all the ways to earn star points. Read more »
Everyone‘s been clamoring for some Jared-love, so finally, here it is.I know that many, many of you submitted fan questions to ask the boys. Supernatural fans are among the smartest people I‘ve met online, and the quality of all of your questions was really great. I‘m really sorry to say, however, that we didn‘t have time to ask all of your questions. As you know, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles appear in virtually every single scene of every single episode of Supernatural, which means that most of their time on set is spent working. So when BuddyTV went up to the set of Supernatural, we were able to ask Jared only two fan questions. Read more »
Now that the fall TV season is in full swing, it‘s starting to look like the writers‘ strike caused a lot more damage to television than we originally thought.  Many sophomore shows have plummeted in the ratings compared to last year, including Pushing Daisies, Life, Dirty Sexy Money, Private Practice, Chuck, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Even Heroes, an already established hit, is down about 32 percent compared to last year, leaving many experts claiming that we‘re in for some sort of television apocalypse.As sad as it is to see so many great shows struggling for viewers, it‘s not doom and gloom everywhere on the tube.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Supernatural has experienced more ratings growth among the 18-49 demographic this season than any other show on television.  It‘s up 42 percent from its season 3 numbers, beating out second place gainer Criminal Minds by an impressive eight percent. Read more »
If I took a trip to see sassy psychic Missouri Moseley and asked her what‘s coming up in Supernatural‘s future, I think I know what she‘d tell me: the battle of Winchester vs. Winchester.  Dean has known he might have to face off with his brother since the beginning of season 2, when a dying John warned him that Sam might turn to the dark side one day.  The addition of Castiel to the mythology has only made the brotherly battle more inevitable.  Sam is cranking up his dark mojo with help from a demon, Dean is working for an angel, and the long-dead Yellow-Eyed Demon has a plan for Sam that has yet to be revealed.  None of this is going to end well. Read more »
<<PREVIOUS | NEXT>> The Winchester brothers on Supernatural know to be careful when choosing their demon-hunting outfits. They have to be prepared to be doused in demon blood, tossed around by a monster or dragged off to Hell at any given moment. With all the beasts and baddies they‘ve slayed over the years, it‘s a wonder Dean has yet to lose the trusty amulet he keeps around his neck.Not only is the necklace the perfect complement to Dean‘s multi-layered hunting attire, but it also has sentimental value. In season 3 of Supernatural, it was revealed that Dean‘s little brother Sam gave him the necklace as a Christmas gift when they were kids. It‘s rare when the origins of an accessory bring a tear to the eye, but from that moment on the amulet represented the everlasting bond between the Winchesters. Dean‘s necklace is the rare fashion statement that‘s bad-ass, stylish and imbued with meaning all at the same time. Read more »
Supernatural has had a wide array of memorable villains over the years.  In fact, we here at BuddyTV are currently putting together a personality quiz that will allow you to discover which of the show‘s baddies you most resemble.  The current big bad of the Supernatural universe is Lilith, who came in after Azazel bit the dust and started stirring up all sorts of trouble for the Winchesters.  We already know that Lilith is one extremely scary little girl, but is it possible there‘s a demon out there who‘s even more deadly and dangerous?Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello recently revealed that a new demon will soon be terrorizing the Winchesters.  Not only is he extremely powerful, but he may be scary enough to make Lilith shake in her boots. Read more »
Yesterday we announced that a powerful new villain named Alastair will soon be stirring up trouble for the Winchester brothers on Supernatural.  According to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, the character is described as a "calm and composed demon with a placid smile that belies his simmering sadism and evil."  Alastair is bound to be one in a long line of memorable baddies the brothers have faced over the years.The addition of Alastair made me think back to the other creepy villains the Winchesters have faced since Supernatural‘s first season.  I can‘t decide which is the best baddie of them all, so I‘m asking Supernatural fans to cast a vote for the most memorable villain to ever wreak havoc on the series. Read more »
The old saying claims that there‘s nothing to fear but fear itself, but that wasn‘t exactly the case on last night‘s episode of Supernatural.  Many of the things that terrified Dean after he became infected with Ghost Sickness were rather innocuous, but he had to face a few genuine fears as well.  Aside from the horrifying notion of being sent back to Hell, Dean had to wrestle with the possibility that Sammy may one day follow in the Yellow-Eyed Demon‘s footsteps.  The creepiest scene in the episode came in the form of a hallucination, as Dean imagined a yellow-eyed Sam attempting to strangle him.  Is the younger Winchester actually destined to become the next Azazel, or is Dean merely paranoid? Read more »
The latest episode of Supernatural, "Yellow Fever," found Dean (Jensen Ackles) getting infected with a Ghost Sickness that nearly made him die of fright.  The episode had some rather intense moments, but one of the lighter scenes involved Sam (Jared Padalecki) explaining that all the infected men had one thing in common: they were dicks.  The first man to die used to be a bully in high school, and the reveal seemed to imply that Dean‘s inner douchebag made him a target for the ghost.  That‘s the impression some viewers came away with, but in a statement to the fans released after the episode aired, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke explains away this notion.  The ghost actually went after Dean for more complicated reasons that won‘t be revealed until episode 10 of the current season. Read more »
The first two months of 2009 will be a great time for Supernatural fans.  Not only will the fourth season of the series still be going strong, but both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki will be battling evil on the big screen in highly anticipated horror movies.  In January, Jensen will storm the box office with My Bloody Valentine 3D, which is an update of a barely remembered 1981 film.  Nearly a month later, Jared will headline the revamp of a more iconic horror classic, Friday the 13th.  Both of these R-rated gorefests have a chance to clean up at the box office, but which will be the better movie?Just in time for Halloween, the teaser trailers for both My Bloody Valentine 3D and Friday the 13th have hit the web.  Check them out below, but be sure to watch with the lights on. Read more »
Last week I asked Supernatural fans to vote for the greatest villain the Winchesters have ever faced.  Even before I asked the question, I knew that the Yellow-Eyed Demon would come out on top.  He‘s been the ultimate bad-ass since the very first episode of the series, and he only became more evil with the recent revelation that he killed Sam and Dean‘s grandparents.  Azazel dominated our poll with 2,935 votes, but the runners-up were more difficult to predict.  Old Yellow Eyes didn‘t win by the massive landslide I expected, proving that a couple of baddies may be able to take the top honors one day. Read more »
Despite the spookiness of the holiday, most Halloween-themed TV episodes tend to be light and funny, focusing on the treats more than the tricks.  Even Buffy the Vampire Slayer moved away from the darkness to embrace some Halloween fun every couple seasons.  Of course, Supernatural has never been a show that follows the expected path, as last night‘s surprising, twisted and occasionally nasty episode proved.  After an hour that found Sam using his demonic powers, Dean hiding a mysterious Hell-related secret, and cranky angel Uriel threatening to obliterate a town, few viewers were left laughing. Read more »
Everyone likes to look at new pictures of their favorite television stars, but networks sometimes neglect to snap new photos of their hot actors between seasons.  Big hits like Lost pose their actors in front of the camera at every possible opportunity, but smaller shows like One Tree Hill and Smallville may only release new promotional pictures once every couple years.  I can‘t imagine it costs a bundle to gather a cast together for a photo shoot once a season, but maybe it‘s more complicated than I realize.Some CW shows may be relying on older photos this year, but Supernatural isn‘t one of them.  The network recently released new pictures of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, and we‘ve gathered them together as a treat for all the hardcore fans. Read more »
There‘s been an interesting debate floating around the Supernatural fandom that I‘ve ignored until now, mainly because I‘ve been afraid to open a giant can of worms.  However, the worms are already crawling all around the Internet, so it‘s time to jump head first into this controversial discussion.  In the new season Supernatural, it‘s been heavily implied that Sam has been carrying on an off-screen fling with the demonic Ruby.  Not only did Dean find a bra in his brother‘s motel room in the season premiere, but Jared Padalecki himself recently told TV Guide that Sam and Ruby may be lovers.  According to the show‘s mythology, demons are innocent people possessed by an evil force, and those people can sometimes catch glimpses of the terrible things their demonic puppeteers make them do.  If Sam actually is sleeping with Ruby, he‘s violating the body of an innocent girl who may never touch him otherwise.  Does that make our beloved Sammy a rapist? Read more »
You read it here. It‘s true. Jensen Ackles has a big ol‘ crush on Jared Padalecki.OK. Just kidding. Almost.As you know, BuddyTV went up to the set of Supernatural and got to hang out with these fine gentlemen. What I found out, besides the fact that they are now roomies, is that these two are hilarious. When the cameras are rolling, they are all business, working hard to make sure that they get their scenes perfectly right. But once the cameras stop, there‘s a lot of joking and joshing around going on. I even saw Jared grab a cherry tomato from Kraft Services and hurl it about 50 feet away at someone in the crew. (He missed.) There‘s never a dull moment on the set of Supernatural, folks. Read more »
Last night‘s episode of Supernatural had a perfect blend of humor and gut-wrenching emotion.  I can‘t think of another show on television that would feature a subplot about a booze-swilling bipolar teddy bear, then cap off the hour with a heartbreaking confession that could bring tears to the eyes.  "Wishful Thinking" was not only another solid episode in what‘s shaping up to be a great season, but it was also another home run for writer Ben Edlund.  I continue to find the installments written by Edlund or Jeremy Carver to be some of the best of the series.While "Wishful Thinking" had plenty of wonderful moments, I decided to make a list of the top three, followed by one minor thing that annoyed me.  Read on for the list. Read more »
Despite being addicted to Supernatural since its premiere, I wasn‘t involved in the show‘s online fan community until season 3.  I was surprised to find just how dedicated and knowledgeable the fans are, and I‘m still amazed at how much discussion takes place after every episode.  Supernatural viewers are a vocal bunch, and they‘re certainly not afraid to speak up when they dislike a plot twist or new character.  I‘m sure we all remember the great controversy known as Rubela-Gate ‘07, just to name one example.No matter what crazy demonic forces the Winchesters face, fans never seem to tire of debating whether Sam or Dean is the better character.  The Sam vs. Dean debates can be rather brutal, and much virtual blood has been spilled as viewers have raged back and forth arguing the merits of the two brothers.  As someone who loves both characters equally, I have to ask, can‘t we all just get along? Read more »
The People‘s Choice Awards are for the people, if that wasn‘t obvious enough already.  Who these people are, I do not know.  They are the people whose sensibilities inform Nielsen ratings and box office receipts, yet remain anonymous in my life.  I do not know anyone who religiously watches Two and a Half Men, nor do I know anyone who thought that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was one of the three best films of last year.  Yet, these are the kinds of conceits that have informed this year‘s People‘s Choice Awards nominees.  Below you will find the full list of the nominees for the television section of the awards.  The People‘s Choice Awards will air Wednesday, January 7 on CBS.  The event will be hosted by Queen Latifah.  To vote for the People‘s Choice Awards, CLICK HERE. Read more »
Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki receive a lot of praise for making Supernatural as compelling as it is, and deservedly so.  Without their unique chemistry, the show would fall apart.  However, the magical team known as Padackles aren‘t the only actors that make the series special.  Other cast members including Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Misha Collins, Nicki Aycox and Fredric Lane have also worked hard to elevate Supernatural to greatness over the years.  The series wouldn‘t be the same without their contributions.I‘d argue that the show‘s most important recurring guest star is Jim Beaver, who plays the one and only Bobby Singer.  Much to my surprise, there are some fans out there who think Supernatural would be better off without Bobby.  These ridiculous rumblings recently inspired the actor to post a blog on his MySpace, where he revealed that we won‘t see much of Bobby for the remainder of season 4. Read more »
Supernatural fans are used to dealing with stressful, mind-blowing cliffhangers, and they‘ll soon have to handle another one.  After this Thursday‘s episode, ominously titled "Heaven and Hell," Supernatural will disappear for several weeks before returning with new episodes January 15.  The series will likely leave the Winchesters in some sort of terrible peril, meaning fans can look forward to a more torturous holiday season than usual.Now that filming is about to begin on the second half of the season, interesting information is coming out about future episodes.  The latest bit of news involves the casting of the teenage version of Dean Winchester. is reporting that actor Brock Kelly will play teen Dean in an episode that flashes back to the brothers‘ high school years. Read more »
This past weekend in Chicago, Creation Entertainment held the second annual Salute to Supernatural convention, allowing fans to see their favorite stars from the CW series.  Aside from Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, the special event also featured actors Gabriel Tigerman (Andy from season 2‘s "Simon Said"), Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester), Chad Lindberg (Ash), Charles M. Whitfield (Agent Henricksen) and Richard Speight, Jr. (Trickster).The CW Source reported all the exciting details from the convention, which was attended by thousands of fans from all around the country.  Read on to see what Jensen and Jared had to say about the future of Supernatural, and what life is like now that they live together. Read more »
If you told me a year ago that Supernatural would feature a battle between angels and demons that ended with one angel recapturing her grace, I would have thought you were speaking gibberish.  The mythology of the series has taken an interesting twist in the past 10 episodes, with plenty of talk about Heaven, Hell, angels and even God Himself.  Some fans aren‘t particularly thrilled with all this Biblical mumbo jumbo, but I think it‘s made Supernatural more epic than ever.  My only concern is that creator Eric Kripke may not be able to top this in the show‘s fifth and possibly final season.  Once the boys outwit the armies of Heaven and Hell, what will they do for an encore? Read more »
At the beginning of September, BuddyTV had just come back from visiting the set of Supernatural where we learned that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are roommates. Well, here‘s the interview that proves it. Straight out of the horse‘s mouth, Jared and Jensen are roommates. Not only that, but they also hang out together and play guitar when they go home after a long day of work. How cute is that?Jared took some time out of his busy day of filming to answer our questions about Supernatural and Sam Winchester. Sadly, this is the final video interview of the boys that we‘ll have for a while, but I don‘t think it will be our last. We‘re all big Supernatural fans here at BuddyTV, and I think we‘ve made a great impression with the CW and with the powers that be at Supernatural, so I‘m hoping that we‘ll be able to get some more good video exclusives pretty soon. Read more »
One of my favorite parts of last week‘s third Supernatural season opener was when Dean (Jensen Ackles) first goes to see Bobby (Jim Beaver) after being pulled out of Hell. It was emotional on so many levels. Dean, I‘m sure, didn‘t quite know what to make of his return to earth, and Bobby, well, couldn‘t you just see how torn up he was when Dean arrived at his front door? He so desperately wanted to believe that Dean was back, but he was wary and on his guard in case it was really a demon who had taken over Dean‘s meat suit. What a perfect performance on both their parts!I always love the episodes that include Bobby. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside to know that Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean have a father figure whom they can turn to whenever they need help. Bobby is like the boys‘ Giles, except that he wears flannel instead of tweed. Here‘s a tiny clue about tonight‘s all-new episode: Bobby is at his Giles-iest, poring through and translating ancient texts to figure out how to stop an attack of vengeful supernatural beings. Read more »
As many of you may remember, BuddyTV had the opportunity to visit the set of Supernatural at the beginning of September. While in Vancouver, we watched the boys film several scenes from the episode "Yellow Fever," where Dean tries to fight his fright sickness. At the time, we had no idea what was going on. We just watched in wonderment and awe as Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Jim Beaver joked and went through business as usual.Now that the season is in full swing, it‘s time to reflect on where we‘ve come from. During our visit, we interviewed Jim, Jensen and Jared and asked them about their thoughts on the upcoming season. With everything so hush, hush, we didn‘t get a lot out of them, but that doesn‘t mean each interview wasn‘t awesome in its own right.So who‘s interview was best? Who let the most slip? Which of the men was the most insightful? Read more »
As you know, BuddyTV visited the set of Supernatural and had the amazing opportunity to hang out with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Jim Beaver. We had a blast meeting them. We got to ask questions about the season, about the pranks they like to pull on the crew behind the scenes and about themselves.First, I wanted to thank all of you great fans out there for submitting your questions to ask these actors. Unfortunately, we didn‘t have a lot of time to ask Jensen Ackles too many of your questions because he was in the middle of a grueling day of filming that went well into the wee hours of the night. Jensen is practically in every single scene in every episode, so we were actually really lucky to even get a few moments of his attention in between takes. Read more »
Ruby has been a controversial character among Supernatural fans since her introduction in season 3 of the series, and that certainly didn‘t change when actress Genevieve Cortese took over the role.  Some people, including myself, have found Cortese‘s acting skills to be a bit distracting, though most would agree that she‘s improved in recent episodes.  Performance aside, the fact remains that Ruby is a shady, possibly untrustworthy character.  We don‘t know if her true motivation is to help the boys or use them as her pawns, and until that becomes clear it may be impossible to warm up to Ruby.In a recent interview with TV Guide, Cortese revealed her theory as to why Ruby is helping the Winchesters.  Could she actually be in love with Sam? Read more »
I‘m tempted to declare season 4 of Supernatural my absolute favorite of the series, but we still have about 12 episodes remaining before the big finale.  It‘s too early to judge the season as a whole, so I decided to look back at the first 10 episodes and grade them individually.  I enjoyed every installment when it initially aired, but some held up better in my memory than others.  Read on for the report card, then chime in with your own opinions on the best and worst of season 4. Read more »
What is the best episode of Supernatural‘s fourth season?  That‘s a question I posed in an article yesterday, eventually settling on the mythology-heavy "In the Beginning."  It offered up a plethora of answers to questions we had been pondering for years, and successfully added numerous layers to the Winchester family history.  Of course, not all fans agreed with my choice, with some claiming that the episode lacked the brotherly bonding moments that makes Supernatural so special.  That‘s why I‘ve created a showdown that allows fans to vote for season 4‘s most awe-inspiring hour.  Is "In the Beginning" worthy of the honor, or should another episode rise to the top? Read more »
Supernatural fans are in for a long wait as they become hungry for more details about upcoming plots of Eric Kripke‘s paranormal thriller.  Luckily, I‘ve stumbled upon a casting scoop that will hopefully ease several weeks of waiting before The CW series returns next year.According to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, viewers can expect Barry Bostwick, John Rubinstein and Richard Libertini to join the cast of Supernatural for at least one episode.  While some of these names may not ring a bell, they have familiar faces that have graced a number of movies and TV shows.  Another thing they have in common is that they‘re all featured in Tara Ariano and Adam Sternbergh‘s Hey, It‘s That Guy!, a guide to identifying "famous" character actors and actresses, which is sort of a salute to the unsung heroes of the entertainment industry. Read more »
Thanksgiving is a time for food, family, and, most importantly, a time to plan your holiday shopping. The day after Thanksgiving is often called Black Friday because shopping malls are crowded with people doing all their Christmas shopping.BuddyTV wants to make that experience simpler, so we offer our new Holiday Gift Guide. We chosen the best gifts for TV and movies, plus a few other specialty categories to cater to your every need. Whether you’re trying to stay on a budget for your office Secret Santa or if you’re finding the perfect gift for that obsessive Supernatural fan in your life, we have great ideas for everyone. Read more »
Not all Supernatural fans are willing to crown season 4 the best of the series, but most can agree that the show is firing on all cylinders this year.  The stakes have been raised, Heaven and Hell are battling it out and the Winchesters are caught right in the middle of it all.  We may not be able to predict what will happen in the remaining episodes of the season, but we can look back and rank the first 10 installments.  Last week I asked Supernatural fans to vote for the best of season 4, and thousands of people chimed in with their favorites.  Read on to see which episode was crowned the best of the bunch. Read more »
Every Supernatural fan has a story about how they discovered the series.  Some people watched from the very first episode, others tuned in later after being pestered by friends, some caught up on DVD after a couple seasons had gone by, and a few people may not have seen a single episode before "Lazarus Rising" sucked them in.  We all stumbled upon the Winchesters in a different way, and we all fell in love with the show for different reasons.With over a month to wait before Supernatural returns with new episodes, I thought it‘d be a good time to share our stories about how we discovered this fantastic show.  When did you start watching, and what got you hooked? Read more »
People Magazine recently released their annual "Sexiest Man Alive" issue, with Australia star Hugh Jackman taking top honors for 2008.  Other sexy men listed in the issue include Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm, High School Musical heartthrob Zac Efron and Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson.  Overall it‘s not a terrible list, but it leaves off two very important names: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.  Supernatural may not be as buzzed about as Twilight or Zanessa, but how can People ignore two of the hottest men on television? Read more »
It‘s the beginning of December, which means Hollywood is rolling out their most prestigious movies so they can qualify for Oscar consideration.  Critically acclaimed films like Milk, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Wrestler will be the talk of the town for the next month, but critics will have nowhere to turn come January.  That‘s when the movie studios unveil the fun popcorn movies that don‘t have a shot at winning any major awards.  Maybe it‘s just me, but the upcoming reboot of Friday the 13th excites me just as much as any Oscar contender.  The gory horror flick pits Supernatural‘s Jared Padalecki against Jason Voorhees, who may be one monster that even Sam Winchester couldn‘t defeat.Those looking for a blood-splattering good time should mark their calendars for February 13, which is when Friday the 13th hits theaters.  To get fans ready for the big release, a new trailer for the movie has finally appeared online. Read more »
The year is almost over, and BuddyTV wants to know which shows were your absolute favorites from 2008. We have a huge Showdown featuring 48 of the top shows of the year, from reality staples like American Idol to smash hits like CSI. You can vote for your favorite cult shows like Supernatural, or a small comedy like It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  We have shows still going strong like Grey‘s Anatomy and shows canceled before their time like Jericho.VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE SHOW OF 2008>> Read more »
Sera Gamble has been essential to the success of Supernatural over the past four seasons.  She‘s the woman responsible for writing some of the best episodes of the series, including "Jus in Bello," "Faith," "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Crossroad Blues."  Gamble has a knack for bringing to life the brotherly banter that Supernatural fans know and love, and soon she‘ll get to show off her talents in another sci-fi-themed drama.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gamble is co-creating and executive producing a new drama for Showtime entitled Syns.  Former Jericho consulting producer John McNamara is working with Gamble on the project, which centers on a world where humanlike synthetic organisms, known as Syns, are used for strange and unusual purposes. Read more »
Earlier today BuddyTV interviewed three of Supernatural‘s best writers: Sera Gamble, Jeremy Carver and Ben Edlund. While the full interviews span about one hour‘s worth of great Supernatural discussions, those will be released over the next few weeks as we lead up to Supernatural‘s return on January 15.But there was so much goodness to come out of these interviews that I have to share a few of the coolest bits right away. From the 66 seals and angels to Sam‘s role and “Criss Angel is a Douchebag,” there was no Supernatural topic past, present or future that we missed. Here‘s a sneak peek of what‘s to come in the second half of season 4.WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead regarding upcoming episodes Read more »
UPDATE: Check out the first preview of BuddyTV‘s exclusive interviews with Supernatural writers Sera Gamble, Ben Edlund and Jeremy CarverThough Supernatural fans love stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, it‘s the show rich stories and brilliant writing that helps make Supernatural truly stand out. Tomorrow BuddyTV is interviewing three of the show‘s top writers, and we want you to submit your questions.BuddyTV will talk to Supernatural writers Ben Edlund, Sera Gamble and Jeremy Carver. Post your questions in the comments section below, and we‘ll try to ask as many as we can so you‘ll have the chance to find out what you want to know from these great writers. Read more »
There are plenty of great episodes ahead for Supernatural, with magicians, high schools and Dean driving a Prius (more on that last one can be heard in our upcoming exclusive interview with writer Sera Gamble). Kristin at E!Online recently got word on another episode that features Dean and Sam posing as ghosts to uncover the sudden death of reapers.The big news Kristin has today is that in this episode, “a character we know and love dies.” While she doesn‘t reveal who ths mystery death is, it shouldn‘t be too hard to figure out because, as any Supernatural fan knows, there aren‘t a whole lot of characters we “know and love.” It definitely takes Ruby out of the running. Read more »
Some angels just don‘t fit in with the whole concept of Christmas.  Even so, they still make for great television.  One of those responsible for the amazing ratings of Supernatural is fan favorite Castiel, portrayed by actor Misha Collins. Earlier in the season, Castiel yanked the ruthless Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) from the depths of Hell.  Since then, the trench-coat-sporting angel started guarding the Winchester brothers with his partner, Uriel (Robert Wisdom).  It seems as though Collins is sticking around due to the positive response he garnered from audiences.  He actually just signed on for six episodes, but it looks like he‘ll be in the Supernatural game longer than that. Read more »
It‘s somewhat arbitrary that we start the new year in January.  On the ancient Roman and Julian calendars, the new year began when the new consuls took office in Rome.  This used to be in March, but eventually changed to January, and so that‘s when the year began.  When the Gregorian calendar was adopted in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII, January was merely kept as the start of the year because that‘s how it was on the previous calendar.  (Big ups to my guys over at Wikipedia for that information.)  For television, we like to assign some sort of meaning to the arrival of the new year, but usually there is none to give.  It‘s simply the midway point in the typical nine-month TV season.  Not anymore, however.  These days, with January comes the real TV season.  September through December? Just a warm-up.  Meaningless.  A trifle.  American Idol, Lost, 24. That‘s what January brings. (Also, the return of our favorite fall programs – Supernatural fans, bear with me. I‘ve got something for you a bit later.)  Read more »
New Years is upon us and this weird thing we call a hiatus is almost behind us. Soon, shows old and new will begin to air and life will seem just a little bit better. Mid-season replacements are on the horizon and reality shows are about to kick into high gear. With so much television to choose from, we thought we‘d share the top nine shows we‘re looking forward to in 2009.Our list is not what you would expect. For instance, I expect a lot of flack for not having Lost or Battlestar Galactica on the list. This will infuriate a lot of people, but Lost jumped the shark a while ago and I think I gave up after all the “we‘ve always had a plan” and the “this is not a science-fiction show” bull. Battlestar is not on the list simply because how can we really bring ourselves to look forward to the end. Essentially, denial is my number one priority. Read more »
Jared Padalecki isn‘t slowing down when it comes to shooting horror flicks, and he seems to be enjoying the ride.  This year, he‘s ready to join Jensen Ackles once again, and return as Sam Winchester on The CW‘s Supernatural.  He rose to fame in House of Wax, and he‘s on a roll with another big screen hit, playing the Clay on Friday the 13th.  The star recently spoke to the press about his projects, especially facing off with one of cinema‘s notorious masked killers, Jason.   “It‘s hard to describe the preparation for Friday the 13th,” Padalecki said.  “I don‘t have a method ... I just try to get some ideas and familiarize myself with the character.  I filmed Friday the 13th on April 30th in Austin, Texas, and was filming Supernatural in Vancouver, BC, on April 28, so I flew straight from set to set.  If you talk to anybody in the cast, it was kind of a crazy shooting schedule—a lot of handheld, a lot of run-and-gun.  It was kind of like guerrilla filmmaking, but I think it‘ll turn out great.” Read more »
The stars of Supernatural aren‘t known for appearing on talk shows, mostly because the show films in Vancouver while all the daytime and late night shows are in New York or Los Angeles. All that is about to change, however, as Jensen Ackles is set to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Bonnie Hunt Show and Chelsea Lately at the end of this week.Aside from the return of Supernatural next Thursday, Jensen is also promoting his new horror movie, My Bloody Valentine 3-D, which opens on January 16. But if waiting another week is too long to get your Ackles fix, this trio of shows on Thursday and Friday are the perfect solution. Read more »
BuddyTV‘s running a special feature on all of the wonderfully unique families on TV. Within the feature, there‘s a chance to win a flat-screen TV as well as a couple of Showtime prize packages with DVD sets for Dexter season 2, Penn & Teller: BS! season 5, Californication season 1, The L Word season 5, and The Tudors season 1. TV families always seem to be more interesting than our own. In fact, they‘re never normal. At one point or another, we‘ll all wished to be a part of some imaginary clan. Something deep inside draws us to the craziness, the tenderness or the drama. So we salute all these unique TV families. Read more »
Now being a “shipper” is a very serious thing. I mean, as your characters fall in love, you do too. 2008 was full of great television relationships. We had to narrow it down to a lucky 20 for BuddyTV users to choose from.Any shipper fanatic knows their “ship” inside and out. I, for one, will always be a LoVe shipper. That is - Logan and Veronica of Veronica Mars. 2008 saw the development of new ships, the crumble of others, and the long lasting tension of our older ships. Overall, it‘s been a great year for most shippers.The competition will be fierce as there are a lot of fans out there. When we did our “Which One Tree Hill Couple is Best” showdown, Brook and Lucas pulled out the win from underneath Leyton and Naley fans. MiSa (Michael and Sara from Prison Break) fans have been known to be a powerful force. Read more »
There’s something new on the horizon for Supernatural. Kristin Dos Santos from E!Online has a huge spoiler that, if true, will change the show forever. It’s big, a little scary, and, if true, it’s sure to polarize the fans even more than the “Which Winchester is hotter?” debate.To learn more about Kristin’s Supernatural scoop, continue reading.WARNING: Major Supernatural spoiler below. Read at your own risk! Read more »
TV Guide Magazine is trying to fail. At least, that appears to be the case for many TV critics with today‘s bombshell that, according to Variety, the listings section for the magazine will no longer include schedules for such networks as the CW and MTV.So if you want to know whether this week‘s episodes of Smallville, Supernatural, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl are new, don‘t bother looking in your TV Guide (assuming you‘re one of the few people who still subscribes). Read more »
It‘s 2009, which means it is time to unveil the BuddyTV Podcast of Glory.  Every week, on Thursday, you the BuddyTV reader will be treated to audio goodness, in the form of BuddyTV personalities bickering and waxing poetic about your favorite shows.  Today, we talk about the first two weeks of American Idol, last night‘s two-hour premiere of Lost and debate the merits of out Top 100 Shows of the Past 20 Years list.  You can listen to the mp3 audio below, or sign up to our podcast feed and have our podcasts automatically downloaded into your iTunes. Read more »
Today the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation released its nominees for the 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards. Aside from the usual television nominees like The L Word and Ugly Betty, there was one atypical nominee: Supernatural.The GLAAD Media Awards have a special category for an individual episode of a show that doesn‘t feature a regular gay character. Supernatural was nominated for “Ghostfacers,” the faux reality TV series episode that featured intern Corbett (current 90210 jock Dustin Milligan) who had a gay infatuation with Ed, resulting in the classic line, “Ed, you have to go be gay for that poor dead intern.” Read more »
BuddyTV has confirmed from a spokesperson from Supernatural that the show‘s director and executive producer Kim Manners passed away Sunday in Los Angeles due to complications from lung cancer.Supernatural creator Eric Kripke released a statement saying, "Everyone at Supernatural is walking around in a daze, shocked and absolutely devastated. Kim was a brilliant director; more than that, he was a mentor and friend. He was one of the patriarchs of the family, and we miss him desperately. He gave so much to Supernatural, and everything we do on the show, now and forever, is in memory of him." Read more »
I wasn‘t fully prepared for the firestorm of hate that came my way from the Supernatural community when I wrote earlier today that Dean is a sex addict. It seems fans take their beloved Dean very seriously.Many of you offered impassioned and lengthy defenses about why Dean isn‘t really a sex addict, just a normal guy. Some were well thought out and raised some issues I hadn‘t actually thought about (the possibility that he‘s overcompensating after spending what felt like 40 years in Hell). Others just wanted to yell at me for being an idiotic Jensen-hater. Read more »
It may feel like Smallville and Supernatural just got back from their winter break, but the CW‘s Thursday night line-up is poised to take yet another hiatus. After this Thursday‘s new episodes, both shows will take three weeks off, returning with new episodes on March 5.This week, Smallville airs “Requiem” at 8pm, Kristin Kreuk‘s final episode back, and at 9pm, Supernatural airs “Sex and Violence,” in which a sultry siren turns the Winchester brothers against one another. Read more »
One month ago, Supernatural star Jensen Ackles made the talk show circuit to promote his movie My Bloody Valentine 3-D. Now it’s time for the other star to promote his own horror movie, and Tuesday, February 10, Jared Padalecki will appear on The Bonnie Hunt Show to promote his new movie, Friday the 13th.In addition to Jared’s appearance, TVGuide also broke news on casting for the rather controversial role of the third Winchester brother. Read more »
Jared Padalecki was on The Bonnie Hunt Show this morning to talk about his role in Friday The 13th, which comes out this Friday--the 13th! Jared was positively adorable chatting up Bonnie about how he was discovered, his Polish heritage, and Supernatural. Bonnie and Jared also spent part of their interview talking about Jared‘s on-screen brother Jensen Ackles who also recently visited Bonnie‘s show. Bonnie joked that she and Jensen started dating shortly after the interview and Jared went right along with the joke without missing a beat. Jared‘s sit-down time with Bonnie convinced us that we‘ll be seeing a lot more of Jared on the big and small screen. With his easy charm and quick wit, we foresee some leading man roles and Rom Coms in Jared‘s future. Read more »
Last night’s episode of Supernatural will probably go down as one of the most important in the show’s history. It marked a turning point in the relationship between Sam and Dean, the moment when their fears and anger and rage boiled to the surface. We can blame the Siren on the epic battle between the Winchester brothers, but the underlying feelings were real.The Siren made them fight, but I don’t believe the Siren also forced them to say the things they said to each other. Dean said Sam has changed and that he’s keeping secrets and doing things behind his back. Sam accused Dean of being weak and unable to face the truth about what they have to do. When you look deep inside the boys, nothing they said was a lie. Read more »
Then: Castiel warned Dean about Sam‘s dangerous new hobby with Ruby and Sam was upset that Dean didn‘t realize he was trying to do good.Now: Supernatural kicks off with a man coming home late from work and getting into a pretty typical argument with his wife. Then he bludgeons her to death with a meat tenderizer. Sam (Jared Padalecki) learns about this case, the third such incident of a happy husband killing his wife. Read more »
Next week, Supernatural gets seductive when a siren tricks men into doing her bidding. Sam and Dean are forced to investigate a strip club, and in one of the show’s funnier bits as seen below, they could not care less.The CW released an early first look at a video clip from next week’s episode, “Sex and Violence.” It features Sam and Dean in a strip club, but it’s almost certainly not what you’d expect (or what you hope for, if you were thinking the boys were going undercover as Chippendales dancers).Continue reading to watch a sneak peek of Supernatural’s “Sex and Violence.” Read more »
I‘m growing a little worried about Dean. At first, his seemingly juvenile obsession with porn and sex was amusing, a harmless little hobby. But lately, it‘s taking on a disturbing new tone.In last night‘s episode of Supernatural, Dean proudly boasted that three of the female cheerleaders at the high school they were investigating were legal. If he discovered this through some normal method, it might be OK, but since he was snooping in the principal‘s office for dead kids, it means he actively chose to seek out the ages of the cheerleaders. It was a funny line, but it‘s also kind of gross. Read more »
Then: Sam wasn’t too keen on the way the Winchesters were raised, but Dean loved his dad and promised to always take care of his little brother.Now: It’s high school, and popular kids are gossiping about a Slutty Cheerleader doing the reverse cowgirl over the weekend with some random dude. The Slutty Cheerleader feels bad, so to cheer herself up, she calls another girl a Fat Pig. Later in the girl’s bathroom, the Fat Pig slams the Slutty Cheerleader’s head into the mirror before drowning her in the toilet. Then some black goo pours out of the Fat Pig’s nose. Read more »
Tonight at 9pm on the CW, Supernatural brings the long-awaited “After School Special.” This episode includes flashbacks to Young Sam and Dean while the current versions revisit their old high school. It also has Dean in shorts playing a substitute gym teacher, which should provide quite a few laughs.However, it will still be a somewhat somber episode as it’s the first one airing after the passing of the show’s long-time director and producer Kim Manners. Given how close the show’s stars and staff are, viewers can hopefully expect a tribute to Kim Manners either at the beginning or end of the episode. Read more »
The last two episodes of Supernatural haven‘t been all that great, but hopefully that will change with this Thursday‘s new episode, “After School Special.” In it, Sam and Dean go back to their former high school to investigate a ghost, and they relive their childhood with a series of flashbacks featuring Young Sam and Dean.The CW released three video clips from the episode that show all the different elements of this episode. There‘s comedy with Dean posing as the high school‘s substitute gym teacher, emotion with Sam reliving a traumatic childhood experience, and we get to see a flashback scene with Young Sam and Dean. Continue reading for more details and to watch these clips. Read more »
Between the douche bags, magic tricks and gay S&M sex dungeons, the major storyline this season on Supernatural actually moved forward last night. Ruby showed up to inform Sam (and us), that Lilith has now broken 34 of the seals, putting her past the halfway point to raising Lucifer.It was a significant moment for the season, and perhaps even more important, it put Sam back in the driver’s seat. While the brotherly dynamic is what truly drives Supernatural, the first half of the season focused largely on Dean. This isn’t a criticism since he was pulled out of Hell by an angel, which needed a lot of explanation. Read more »
It‘s finally here, the "Criss Angel is a Douche Bag" episode of Supernatural!  It‘s probably my favorite episode title ever, and since I no longer get to recap A Double Shot at Love on MTV, I don‘t have that many opportunities to use the term "douche bag" in my writing.  So if I just start calling everyone a douche bag, it‘s only because I can.Three old-time magicians regret how magic has become a young man’s game. They watch some young douche bag on stage who’s wearing eyeliner. They’re bitter that this douche bag is headlining while they’re not. Read more »
How nice is it to only have to wait a week for a new Supernatural episode?!? After last week‘s dark and serious turn in "Family Remains," the Winchester boys are ready to make you laugh in this weeks cheekily titled episode, "Criss Angel is a Douche Bag." It‘s always a little alarming when a show‘s title is so funny you‘re afraid it will overshadow the comedy of the actual episode but based on this just released teaser--there‘s nothing to worry about, "Criss Angel is a Douche Bag" is seriously going to bring the funny.As evidenced by the title, this weeks episode finds Sam and Dean dealing with magicians. In "Criss Angel is a Douche Bag" Sam and Dean are faced with magicians delving in black magic. The brothers are called to investigate after several people wind up dead in ways similar to the illusions the magicians perform on stage. The episode was written by Julie Siege, who brought us "It‘s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester."However, the teaser clip has nothing to do with magic and everything to do with humor. Dean walks up to a shady looking building in a deserted alley and asks for "Chief." Chief sounds like a magicians name, so Dean isn‘t  worried. So imagine his surprise and your laughter when a leather-clad, cat o‘nine carrying Bear emerges for Dean. While the leather daddy looks positively delighted about how handsome his next client is, it seems that Dean has finally found one sexual conquest he‘s unwilling to try. Read more »
Back in “Yellow Fever,” some people wondered if Dean didn’t get sick because he was a dick. Creator Eric Kripke denied it, but now I think the genius did protest too much. After last night’s bombshell reveal that Dean enjoyed torturing souls in Hell, it seems slightly obvious that Dean is a little bit of a dick.I’m not trying to tick off the legions of Jensen lovers in the Supernatural community, but this twist certainly puts some tarnish on the image of the show’s golden boy. Kripke went ahead and made one of the lead characters rather unlikeable and made him do something that is not easy to forgive. From a storytelling perspective, I find this utterly fascinating. Read more »
Then: The angels and demons fought and Dean tearfully confessed to torturing souls while he was in Hell.Now: The power goes out in a creepy house. The man living there gets up, but is shocked by a scary looking girl who comes out of the closet and menacingly walks towards him before we hear him choked to death. Read more »
Supernatural finally returns with new episodes on January 15 at 9pm. It‘s been a long wait since Dean broke down after admitting the truth about his time in Hell, but this next episode seems to put the angels and demons story on the backburner for a good, old-fashioned horror show.In “Family Remains,” Dean and Sam try to protect a family living in a haunted house. It‘s a simpler, more traditional horror plot than writer Jeremy Carver is used to: his recent episodes include such wild rides as “In the Beginning” and BuddyTV‘s best episode of 2008, “Mystery Spot.” Read more »
Puppets, luchadore masks and lingerie! No, it’s not my New Year’s Eve plans, it’s more wacky hijinx from the Ghostfacers. The hilarious, bumbling paranormal detectives from Supernatural back in another video released by the CW.It’s a holiday-themed episode with a Secret Santa that reveals some very disturbing secrets, a parody of The Night Before Christmas, and Ed and Harry dressed as stockings. Continue reading to watch their hilarious antics, which might include a clue about a future Supernatural episode. Read more »
We‘re still a month away from new episodes of Supernatural, but if you can‘t wait until the new year for creepy haunted houses, magical magicians and Jensen Ackles in shorts and gym socks, you‘re in luck. The CW has generously released some snippets from the first three episodes of the new year, just enough to whet your appetites. They‘re more like stocking stuffers than actual Christmas presents. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of Supernatural left us with a "to be continued" that forced me to throw things at my TV.   "I  Know What You Did Last Summer" came to an end with Castiel and Uriel arriving to kill Anna, who can overhear their conversations and possibly intercept the text messages they swap on their heavenly BlackBerries.  Before that shocking conclusion, we learned that Sam and Ruby got down and dirty while Dean was in Hell, and we also met a frightening new demon named Alastair.  Dean recognized the beast from his stint down under, but the nature of their relationship was left unclear.Tonight‘s episode of Supernatural, which happens to be the last of 2008, offers some answers about Dean‘s time in Hell.  It also wraps up with a powerful emotional gut punch that will leave fans floored. Read more »
I hate to deliver bad news to Supernatural fans, but tomorrow night‘s episode, entitled "Heaven and Hell," is the final installment of the series until January 15.  Don‘t worry, we‘ll get through the long Winchester-free drought together, and I promise we can drown our sorrows with copious amounts of turkey and egg nog during the holiday season.  Before we wave goodbye to the demon-hunting siblings, we can look forward to "Heaven and Hell," which is bound to be full of twists and turns.  It‘s not often that creator Eric Kripke writes an episode, but when he does you can bet it‘s going to be a nail-biter.To get fans ready for tomorrow night‘s Supernatural, we have some clips from the big episode. Read more »
As much as I‘d like to ruminate on many of the interesting twists and turns that took place during last night‘s episode of Supernatural, there‘s one thing that has to be addressed right up front: Sam and Ruby had sex!  The suspicions we‘ve had about the pair since the season 4 premiere proved to be true, but things didn‘t play out like many people theorized. Thankfully, the idea of Sam being a rapist was tossed aside when it was revealed that Ruby is actually inhabiting the body of a dead, soulless girl.  Sam needed someone to help him get over his grief, and Ruby was willing to help with both her body and some smart advice.  Who knew that the lisping demon would end up being the one to heal Sam‘s tortured soul? Read more »
Last week‘s episode of Supernatural ended with a surprising confession, as Dean admitted that he remembers everything that happened to him in Hell.  We still don‘t know the details of what he went through, but we do know that some sort of unspeakable torment was on the menu.  "Wishful Thinking" gave Dean a chance to open up to his brother, and tonight‘s "I Know What You Did Last Summer" allowed Sam the same opportunity.  Every Supernatural fan has been dying to know what happened between Sam and Ruby while Dean was six feet under, and now we finally have some answers.  Warning: there‘s sex involved! Read more »
It‘s been nearly a week since the last new episode of Supernatural, and I still find myself mourning for the bipolar teddy bear named, fittingly, Teddy.  Teddy was brought to life thanks to a wishing well that actually worked, but he wasn‘t the only strange thing the Winchesters ran into last week.  Dean faced off with a kid who wished himself super-strength, while Sam had to convince a lovesick Ted Raimi that it‘s never okay to use crazy hoodoo to win the heart of a lady.  The brothers may have saved the day, but it didn‘t lead to a happy ending.  Dean admitted that he‘s haunted by the memories of everything that happened to him in Hell, meaning he may be on the road to a mental breakdown.On tomorrow night‘s Supernatural, entitled "I Know What You Did Last Summer," the Winchesters face off with a crazy fisherman who kills teens with a hook!  No, wait, that‘s not right at all.  They actually run into a powerful new demon named Alastair.  Read on for some pictures and clips from the episode, Read more »
What is Dean hiding?  That‘s one question we were left pondering at the end of last week‘s Supernatural, as Uriel told Sam to ask his brother what he remembers from his time in Hell.  We‘ll have to wait a couple weeks to find out more about Dean‘s time down under, but at least Sam is learning to express himself.  Not only did he find the nerve to stand up to Uriel, but he defied both the angels and his brother by using his mental powers to get rid of Samhain.  Can anyone stop Sammy from turning to the dark side?Tonight‘s episode of Supernatural takes a break from the apocalypse to introduce a giant talking teddy bear named Teddy.  Seriously. Read more »
The last episode of Supernatural written by Ben Edlund was so great that I had to compose an entire article dedicated to the writer‘s brilliance.  Edlund has brought us some of the funniest episodes of the series, and tomorrow‘s "Wishful Thinking" looks like it‘ll continue in that grand tradition.  The episode may not contain old school movie monsters or hilariously wacky Ghostfacers, but it does feature a wishing well that actually grants wishes.  What would happen to the citizens of a small town if they could have anything they asked for?  I predict plenty of chaos, and at least one giant stuffed animal.To get fans ready for this week‘s Supernatural, we have a promo and clip from the episode. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of Supernatural was all about fear.  After Dean was infected with a mysterious ghost sickness, he became terrified of everything from adorable little kitty cats to his own brother.  Sam and Bobby managed to save Dean‘s life, but not before Lilith revealed that the elder Winchester is keeping some sort of secret. Did something happen to Dean in Hell, or is he hiding something darker and more mysterious?  We‘ll have to wait a few weeks to find out all the details.Tonight‘s episode of Supernatural is a special Halloween-themed extravaganza.  Thankfully, it‘s more of a treat than a trick. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of Supernatural brought us Sam with yellow eyes, Dean screaming like a woman, a fantastic tribute to "Eye of the Tiger," and the epic "Dean is not a dick" controversy.  Now that Dean‘s heart is in no danger of exploding, tomorrow night‘s installment can get back to the apocalypse.  The Halloween-themed outing, brilliantly titled "It‘s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester," features the return of Castiel, who teams up with a not-so-friendly angel to smite an entire town.To get fans ready for Supernatural‘s holiday spectacular, we have three clips from tomorrow night‘s episode. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of Supernatural contained old-school movie monsters, Dean in lederhosen and one great reference to Porky‘s II.  It also proved that Dracula is a really annoying customer if you work at a pizza place.  It was an extremely fun hour of television, but now it‘s time for the Winchesters to dabble in darkness once again.  Tonight‘s Supernatural, "Yellow Fever," finds Dean growing more and more frightened after picking up a nasty infection.  Dean‘s anxiety is rather hilarious at first, but soon he‘s in danger of ending up back in Hell.  We wouldn‘t want all of Castiel‘s hard work to go to waste, so let‘s hope Sam and Bobby can save the day. Read more »
This week Forbes Magazine released its list of the most reliable box office stars. The magazine sent out forms to entertainment insiders to rank more than 1,400 actors based on their merits and potential to make a movie a hit.The top of the list reads as you might expect, with stars like Will Smith, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the top. But the bottom is where things get slightly muddled, and some of the stars of the CW‘s top shows are extremely low on the list, including Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles and Smallville‘s Kristin Kreuk. Read more »
Sometimes it‘s nice to take a break from dwelling on the impending apocalypse.  Last week‘s episode of Supernatural was a welcome change of pace from the darkness that has pervaded season 4, but it looks like the bleak tone will return in tomorrow night‘s installment.  The episode, entitled "Yellow Fever," finds Sam and Dean investigating the deaths of some men who appear to have died of fright.  Are their deaths the cause of some strange illness, or is there a nefarious force on the loose?To get fans ready for tomorrow night‘s Supernatural, we have two surprisingly funny clips from the episode. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of Supernatural contained plenty of juicy conflict between the Winchester brothers.  After Dean discovered his brother‘s late-night dalliances with Ruby, he punched Sammy twice in the face and spent the remainder of the episode arguing with him about right and wrong.  After seeing nice guy Jack turn from a loving husband into a flesh-eating Rugaru, Sam decided to stop using his powers altogether.  He may be able to help people with them, but sometimes it‘s better not to play with fire.Tonight‘s episode of Supernatural is a black-and-white ode to the monster movies of the 1930s.  If you‘ve ever longed to see Dracula escape from the Winchesters on a motorized scooter, now‘s your chance. Read more »
I love any television show that isn‘t afraid to break the rules and try something completely outside the box.  The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer always took plenty of creative risks, and Supernatural has followed in their footsteps by subverting its formula whenever possible.  This week‘s episode, entitled "Monster Movie," shakes things up yet again by bringing the Winchesters face to face with some of Hollywood‘s most famous creatures.  The brothers battle Dracula, a wolf man and a mummy in the special black-and-white installment, which also features a sweeping orchestral score that would fit perfectly in a movie from the 1930s.To get fans ready for Thursday‘s new Supernatural, we have three exciting clips from the episode. Read more »
Writer Ben Edlund had quite the impressive career even before he joined Supernatural in its second season.  He‘s perhaps most famous for creating the character of The Tick, who first appeared in comic books before spinning off into both an animated and live action series.  He moved on to write two episodes of Joss Whedon‘s late, great Firefly, and then teamed up with the creator again when he joined the writing staff of Angel.  Edlund wrote many episodes, but his most classic may be "Smile Time," which found Angel turning into a puppet.  After short stints writing for shows like Point Pleasant and The Venture Bros., he started making his mark on Supernatural with the season 2 episode "Simon Said."  Since then he‘s written many of the funnier episodes of the series, including last night‘s "Monster Movie."There are some Supernatural fans out there who aren‘t fans of Edlund‘s work, but I think you‘d have to be insane not to praise this amazing writer. Read more »
Last night‘s episode of Supernatural nicely tied together the monster of the week storyline with the ongoing struggle between the Winchester brothers.  Dean‘s disgust with Sam‘s demonic mojo has been growing since season 1, but only after Castiel sent him back in time did he realize how dangerous his brother could become.  Though Sammy may be keeping secrets and possibly sleeping with Ruby (more on that in a bit), I found myself siding with him whenever Dean attacked him.  Sam really is trying to do the right thing, and though he may end up in a dark place eventually, right now his powers are actually helping people.  Is it wise for him to stop now and follow Dean‘s orders, or should he go ahead and dabble in darkness? Read more »
Last week‘s episode of Supernatural dove deep into the show‘s mythology to answer all sorts of questions we had been pondering for years.  The biggest shocker was the reveal that Mary came from a family of hunters, and that she basically sold Sam to the Yellow-Eyed Demon to bring John back to life.  Dean also learned that the YED has bigger plans for Sam than making him the leader of a demon army.  Castiel wants Dean to stop his brother from going to the dark side, otherwise the angel will take care of the younger Winchester himself.On tonight‘s episode of Supernatural, the brothers team up to stop a man from transforming into a flesh-eating monster.  Who‘s feeling hungry? Read more »
When I wrote the preview for last week‘s Supernatural episode, "In the Beginning," the Internet nearly exploded after I reported that Sam would only appear on screen for about 45 seconds.  Fans of Jared Padalecki almost took to the streets in protest, but they needn‘t worry, because the younger Winchester looks to play a major role in tomorrow night‘s episode, which is entitled "Metamorphosis."  We have some pictures and a clip from the installment, and all of them feature plenty of Sam.  "Metamorphosis" looks to be less mythology-heavy than "In the Beginning," but it‘ll certainly feature enough brotherly conflict to make fans happy. Read more »
I have quite a few friends who discovered Supernatural after season 2, and they‘ve yet to go back and jump into all the goodness of those first 44 episodes.  I‘ve had to field quite a few questions from them after last night‘s amazing installment, which dug deep into the mythology of the show and answered some questions that fans have been pondering since season 1.  Not only did we learn that Mary came from a family of demon hunters, but we also learned why she apologized to Sam in "Home," and why she recognized the Yellow-Eyed Demon in "All Hell Breaks Loose."  I wish I could say I was ahead of the curve and predicted that Mary was a hunter long ago, but it‘s obvious Eric Kripke is smarter than I am.  I didn‘t see the revelation coming at all, which is why my mind is still reeling from the big twist. Read more »
Dean Winchester is under a lot of stress these days.  First he goes to Hell and suffers horribly for four months, then he gets yanked out of the pit by a snappily-dressed angel, then he finds out that it‘s his job to stop demon leader Lilith from unleashing Lucifer upon the earth.  With all of those issues, it‘s probably best that Sam is keeping his newly honed demon-killing mojo to himself.Tonight‘s episode of Supernatural finds Dean in yet another strange situation, as Castiel transports him back to 1973 to hang out with younger versions of his parents.  I‘m betting it won‘t be a warm and fuzzy family reunion. Read more »
The latest episodes of Supernatural have introduced a lot of interesting mythology to the series, but the show still hasn‘t answered some burning questions from its first couple seasons.  We‘ve been waiting ages to discover why Mary recognized the Yellow-Eyed Demon in "All Hell Breaks Loose," and there are also a lot of unanswered questions regarding Sam‘s powers and his ultimate destiny.  I‘ve had a chance to see this Thursday‘s Supernatural episode, entitled "In the Beginning," and I can assure fans that these things will definitely be addressed.  It‘s a fantastic installment of the series that fills in some huge gaps, and I can‘t wait to see how fans react to it.To get Winchester addicts ready for Thursday night, we have some photos and a clip from the episode. Read more »
I‘m beginning to understand why creator Eric Kripke has repeatedly said he‘d like to end Supernatural after its fifth season.  The first episode of season 4 introduced God and angels into the show‘s mythology, while last night‘s installment began setting up a showdown between the Winchesters and Lucifer himself.  Lilith‘s quest to break the 66 seals sounds like it‘d take about two seasons, and if Sam and Dean successfully thwart her and stop Satan from walking the Earth, where else could the series possibly go?  Once you‘ve beaten back Lucifer and the armies of Hell, everything else seems like small potatoes. Read more »
My mind is still trying to recover from last week‘s brain-melting episode of Supernatural.  In case you missed the thrilling premiere, Dean was yanked out of Hell by an angel of the Lord named Castiel.  Apparently, God knows all about the Winchester brothers, and he sent Castiel down to Earth to give Dean some work to do.  In addition to that jaw-dropping revelation, we learned that Sam has been perfecting his mental mojo with help from Ruby, who jumped into a new meat suit after last season‘s finale.  Sammy can now kill demons just by closing his eyes and focusing his concentration, which is a talent he doesn‘t plan to share with his brother.On tonight‘s episode, the ghosts of Supernatural‘s past return to make Sam, Dean and Bobby feel very, very guilty. Read more »
Last night‘s season premiere of Supernatural contained more than one bombshell, but nothing came close to the revelation that an angel of the Lord pulled Dean out of Hell.  God and other heavenly creatures have been talked about on Supernatural from time to time, but this is the first proof of their existence within the mythology of the series.  I didn‘t expect this twist at all, partly because Eric Kripke had previously mentioned that he had no intention of bringing God into the show.  Was the series creator simply lying, or is the angel Castiel not what he appears to be? Read more »
The wait is over.  After months of anticipation, we finally get to see the Winchester brothers reunited during tonight‘s return of Supernatural.  In last season‘s gut-wrenching finale, Sam, Ruby and Dean raced to find Lilith in an attempt to break Dean‘s contract.  After failing to overpower the demon leader, Ruby died, Sam survived, and Dean was mauled to death by Hell Hounds.  The last shot of the season found Dean strung up in the depths of Hell, leaving us with the biggest cliffhanger in Supernatural history.Tonight‘s episode finds Dean returning to Earth, but the reasons behind his resurrection will shock even the most hardcore fans of the series. Read more »
When I went to see Friday the 13th, I had only three expectations. First, I wanted to be scared so horribly that I’d jump out of my seat and bury my face in my jacket. Second, I wanted to see attractive young people having sex. And third, I wanted some insanely awesome deaths.By all accounts, the new Friday the 13th succeeded on every one of those levels. I didn’t want to get bogged down with a complex plot or interesting character development, and sure enough, neither of those things were there. But if you’re looking for some scares, some violence, and a healthy dose of sex, this is your movie. Read more »
If you‘ve already circled March 5 on your calendar, I hope you wrote it in pencil. While Smallville and Supernatural were originally scheduled to return with new episodes on that day, today the CW revealed that their returns are being pushed back yet another week to March 12.No official reason was given for this delay, but odds are it has something to do with a little show called American Idol. On March 5, American Idol will have its final semi-final round where the judges select the final three singers who will compete in the Top 12. Read more »
Supernatural returns after a painfully long hiatus with a new episode, "Death Takes a Holiday," March 12 on The CW and Dean is gonna get some revenge. After being tortured by the creepiest looking man on the planet, Alastair, for three months (or 40 years - take your pick) now it‘s Dean‘s turn to shove a blade down his throat. All that and Sam gets some hot and heavy action. Sounds like another Thursday night down the tubes. Oh darn. But we don‘t have to wait three weeks for a taste. Here‘s the preview for "Death Takes a Holiday." Read more »
Today the CW announced it will pick up six of its most popular shows for next season. The list includes all the top shows you‘d expect like Supernatural and Smallville as well as popular teen dramas Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. Freshman drama 90210 also made the list, as did two more cycles of America‘s Next Top Model.Details are still unclear for many of the pick-ups, leaving some burning questions. Will Tom Welling and Chad Michael Murray stick around? What about the Gossip Girl spin-off about Lily‘s early years? What will happen to great shows like Privileged, Reaper and Everybody Hates Chris? Read more »
Supernatural alumni Katie Cassidy has been cast in the next generation spin-off to Melrose Place. The series will premiere on The CW next Fall. Katie Cassidy, who‘s used to playing the demon Ruby, will now portray a potentially demonic character of a different stripe. Her character, Ella Flynn, is described as a stylish, alluring and ambitious publicist. Cassidy, the daughter of David Cassidy, is joining already-cast Michael Rady (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Swingtown.) Rady will play Jonah Miller, an aspiring filmmaker too obsessed with his artistic ambitions to be successful with the people in his life, a character Entertainment Weekly compared to a grown up Dawson Leery (Dawson‘s Creek.) Read more »
If you thought a Supernatural episode about reapers and death was going to be all scares, think again. The CW released three video clips from this Thursdays brand-new episode of Supernatural, “Death Takes a Holiday,” and they are most definitely entertaining.Not only does “Death Takes a Holiday” mark the return of Supernatural after a five-week hiatus, but it also brings the villainous Alastair back into the picture. If that’s not enough, Weeds star Alexander Gould also shows up. Continue reading for more details and to watch the videos. Read more »
We’re now less than one week away from the return of Supernatural. After an unbearably long hiatus (the last new episode was February 5), Supernatural is finally back to finish up its fourth season. And since the CW already picked up season 5, there will be plenty more ahead.While the CW has released a preview video and official photos from next week’s episode, “Death Takes a Holiday,” we also have official episode descriptions from the next three episodes. There will be torture, murder, and health drinks. Continue reading for details on what’s to come on Supernatural. Read more »
BuddyTV Senior Writer Oscar Dahl and movie buff Matt Knudsen discuss the film Watchmen.Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons brought a graphic novel into the world over twenty years ago, forever changing the way the comic book medium was viewed by the general public.  The graphic novel, which portrayed superheroes as sociopaths living in an alternate universe, where the US won the war in Vietnam and Richard Nixon was serving his fifth-term as President, was called Watchmen.  After twenty years of Watchmen almost getting made into a film, constantly cycling through studios and directors, it finally hit the big screen last weekend.  Zack Snyder (“300”) directed a cast of niche actors – Jackie Earle Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural), Patrick Wilson, Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Carla Gugino, Matthew Goode – in the $150 million adaptation.  The film opened to slightly disappointing numbers, grossing roughly $50 million, and has inspired a cacophony of debate in the fan community.  In today‘s BuddyTV Podcast, I talk to friend/movie expert Matt Knudsen about Watchmen, whether it can be considered a success, how it compared to the graphic novel, how Watchmen will effect the future of comic book films, and much more.  You can listen to the full mp3 audio below.  Read more »
Great news for fans of Misha Collins. The Supernatural star revealed in an exclusive interview with BuddyTV that Castiel will not only play a big role in the final eight episodes of this season, but he is also in the final stages of signing on as a series regular for Supernatural season 5.In our interview with Misha Collins, we also spoke about what‘s in store for Castiel this season, his interactions with fans, whether he‘ll finally get to wear something other than a suit and trenchcoat, getting into trouble with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, his grandmother‘s reaction to his shocking and disturbing guest appearance on Nip/Tuck, and the possibility of more than just five seasons for Supernatural. Read more »
The return of Supernatural is just two days away, but parts of this week’s episode “Death Takes a Holiday” have already been released online in order to keep the excitement alive. Earlier this week The CW released three video clips from the episode. But The CW had one more to share. Something tells me they don’t need to worry. But I’m always happy to get new Supernatural footage.We already know that in “Death Takes a Holiday” Dean and Sam pass into the spirit world in order to discover why no one is dying in a small town and to set death on its course. In this clipName Read more »
Then: Five long weeks ago, Supernatural aired its last new episode.  Sam and Dean both said they were OK when they clearly weren‘t after engaging in an epic fight with words and weapons thanks to a Man Siren.Now: A mugging at a bar goes awry when the victim gets shot int the chest. The mugger flees, and the victim gets up, perfectly fine. The Winchesters are called in to investigate people not dying. Sam (Jared Padalecki) tries to go, but Dean acts like a passive aggressive tool and wonders if Sam really wants him to come even though he‘s not as good of a hunter as his little brother. I guess things aren‘t OK after all. Read more »
The return of Supernatural brought a ton of dark surprises and twists. Sam has apparently been staying after school with Professor Snape for some Dark Arts training, as he can now take out just about any demon he wants with a simple flick of the wrist. And Dean got a dire warning from his former reaper Tessa about how this “second chance” might not be all it‘s cracked up to be.But what struck me the most about last night‘s episode was the way they killed off Pamela. This was her third episode on the show, and just as fans are starting to get used to her, they have a demon go and kill her. It‘s sad because there‘s probably a long and rich backstory that we never got to see for her.Read BuddyTV‘s Recap of "Death Takes a Holiday" Read more »
NOTE: In TV, "meta" refers to anything that refers to itself.  For instance, "Hollywood Babylon" is considered a meta episode because it makes self aware references iike when Dean thinks that L.A. looks a lot like Vancouver, it‘s because the show is actually filmed in Vancouver.This week’s Supernatural should be brutal and dark, with Dean torturing Alastair. However, the following two weeks are looking to be comedy gold, which will either make you very happy or very angry.The CW released an official description for the April 2 episode, “The Monster at the End of This Book,” and no, it’s not an April Fool’s prank. Supernatural is going meta to an extent that writer Sera Gamble said will even trump “Hollywood Babylon.” Continue reading for the full details on this episode. Read more »
A new episode of Supernatural is just a few hours away, and to get you ready, we have a painfully great clip from tonight’s episode, “On the Head of a Pin.”In the episode, angels are being killed, and Castiel suspects that Alastair knows who’s behind it. Rather than interrogate himself, he asks Dean to torture Alastair until he gets the information out of him. Watch a scene with Dean and Alastair below. Read more »
THEN: Castiel came back to capture Alastair, the evil demon who tortured Dean in Hell.  Sam continued to flex his incredibly powerful evil demon-crushing power.NOW: Castiel finds a dead angel with her chest ripped apart. He and Uriel seek out Sam and Dean, who are a little troubled just having come from Pamela Barnes’ funeral. Dean is pissed off at Uriel as always, but the big bad angel doesn’t care because seven angels are dead. Read more »
It’s hard to figure out where to start when writing about last night’s episode of Supernatural? Do I begin with the Earth-shattering revelation that Dean was the one who broke the first of the 66 Seals, thus beginning the quest to bring Lucifer back to the world?Or how about the fact that Sam is drinking demon blood by the pint and killing demons with a simple flick of the wrist? And then there’s Castiel, his doubts about what he’s doing, and his temporary allegiance with Anna. There’s also the little matter of two major Supernatural characters from this season being killed off. Read more »
In the second half of BuddyTV’s exclusive interview with Supernatural writer Sera Gamble, we asked her about the show’s future, and she delivered. Aside from discussing upcoming episodes, Gamble also addressed fan concerns about Sam’s role in season 4, explaining that it’s because the angels “appear at times to be so much more connected to Dean.”Gamble also described her favorite writing experience on Supernatural and offered a preview of several upcoming episodes, including one that features Dean, a soy latte, and a Prius. Trust me when I tell you it’s not what you think. Continue reading for a transcript and to listen to the full interview. Read more »
Supernatural writer Jeremy Carver joined the show from virtually nowhere in season 3 and has quickly made his mark with episodes like “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” “In the Beginning,” and BuddyTV’s best episode of 2008, “Mystery Spot.” This Thursday Supernatural returns at 9pm on the CW with another Carver episode, “Family Remains.”BuddyTV spoke to Carver about how he joined Supernatural, his upcoming episode, and his reaction to co-writing BuddyTV’s best episode of the year. Continue reading for the transcript and to listen to our exclusive interview.Read MoreExclusive Interview with Ben Edlund Exclusive Interview with Sera Gamble, Part 1 Read more »
Ben Edlund is exactly who you‘d expect him to be. He created The Tick. He wrote and directed “Smile Time,” the puppet episode of Angel. And he‘s penned some of Supernatural‘s most off-the-wall episodes like “Monster Movie” and “Wishful Thinking,” with the suicidal alcoholic teddy bear. He‘s an insane genius, a master of the absurd whose brain operates in an entirely different way than normal people‘s.BuddyTV spoke to Edlund about where his wacky Supernatural ideas come from, though getting a straight answer from him isn‘t easy since he seems as amused by his brilliantly off-beat mind as the rest of us are. In between fits of laughter, Edlund talked about his upcoming serious episode of Supernatural, the show‘s use of religion, ghost bees and man-eating cookies. Continue reading for the full transcript and to listen to the interview. Read more »
The Supernatural writing staff has a lot on its plate this season. With the introduction of angels and God, there‘s a whole new world for the staff to figure out. In our exclusive interview with writer Sera Gamble, she explained how the show is blending the actual world of religion with the Supernatural mythology. In part 1 of our interview, Gamble also talked about the 66 Seals that need to be broken, and how working on Syns, her new Showtime pilot, will affect her job at Supernatural. Continue reading for the full transcript and to listen to our interview.And come back to BuddyTV over the next few weeks for more of our exclusive Supernatural writer interviews, including Jeremy Carver‘s thoughts on writing, Ben Edlund‘s inspired comedy, and more from Gamble about Sam‘s role and what‘s to come for the rest of season 4. Read more »
A lot of Supernatural’s Sam fans get a little frustrated if he’s not on screen or if he doesn’t get to share a lot of scenes with Dean. While this has been true this season thanks to the arrival of the angels, it doesn’t mean Sam doesn’t have a storyline. He has a big one.This season, while the angels have been making plans for Dean, Sam has been busy making his own destiny. In the latest episode, “On the Head of a Pin,” we discovered that Sam’s demonic, psychic abilities have grown to an unimaginable strength. But at what cost? Read more »
After the latest, very dark and serious episode of Supernatural, the show is moving to a lighter tone. The next episode, “It’s a Terrible Life,” is a bit different as it features Sam and Dean living separate, different lives as two guys who work in the same office building but don’t know each other.It’s bound to be a weird one, and the CW has released three video clips from this episode of Supernatural. So if you want to see Sam possibly hitting on Dean and the triumphant return of the Ghostfacers, check out these three video clips from the episode. Read more »
For a couple of haphazard, hilarious ghost-nerds Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore, better known as The Ghostfacers, sure are divisive characters among Supernatural fans. Basically, the Ghostfacers are the Supernatural equivalent to strong coffee, you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Read more »
I have some exciting news for you Supernatural fans! BuddyTV has set up a Supernatural Twitter account and we‘ll be tweeting tonight‘s episode, during commercial breaks of course. We think the Twitter account will be a great new way for you to talk about Supernatural and catch up with other Supernatural fans. We‘ll be watching and tweeting the show on East Coast Time, so if you‘re a West Coaster and don‘t want to be spoiled, you might want to avoid the tweets until you‘ve finished watching. Though tweeting with fellow Supernatural fans should be exciting enough, we‘ll also be hosting a Twitter contest with prizes to celebrate our inaugural night of tweeting. Read more »
THEN: Dean cried when he learned he was responsible for breaking the first Seal.  Sam killed Alastair thanks to drinking some of Ruby‘s demon blood.  Anna killed Uriel and helped convince Castiel it was time to go rogue.NOW: Dean wakes up, but this is not the Dean we know and love. He’s in a nice suit, drinks a soy latte, and drives off in his Prius while listening to NPR. He works in an office where his nameplate says Dean Smith. He eats salads and talks about diet plans and his love of Project Runway. The saddest part is that I could actually envision myself being friends with this Dean. Read more »
For a couple of haphazard ghost nerds and wanna be hunters Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore are certainly divisive characters in the Supernatural universe. Some of you love the Ghostfacers and some of you love to hate the Ghostfacers. A couple of days ago I asked Supernatural fans on BuddyTV and SupernaturalTV to your their no holds barred feelings on The Ghostfacers. And you all did, with abandon and expertise. Nearly 200 of you shared you true feelings about Harry, Ed, and the comedic entity that is The Ghostfacers. 675 Supernatural fans voted in a "Ghostfacers: Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em" poll and I‘ll share the results of that poll with you at the end of this post. For now, enjoy The Great Ghostfacers Debate, in your own words: Read more »
Last night on Supernatural, Dean went all ‘California diet craze,‘ Sam played with his Dracula bobblehead, their coworkers gave new meaning to the phrase ‘pencil neck geeks‘ and everybody was affected by the cold economy. But during the commercial breaks Supernatural fans went on a new diet plan, replacing extra trips to the fridge to rummage through old pizza boxes with actual socialization. Well, Twitterization.BuddyTV hosted the first of many future Twitter town halls, leading rapid fire conversation about topics such as the worst ways to die, twist endings and Ghostfacers: Good or Bad? Tweets are inherently a short format, but not surprisingly fans were smart, outspoken and often funny in their critiques of their favorite series. Read more »
Last night in “It’s a Terrible Life” Supernatural took a pleasant detour from the chilliness and despair of the previous two episodes. The colorful, offbeat story fans got instead did not have driven the global plotline forward in a way that makes you scream at the TV so loudly your neighbors bang on the wall. But it was a particularly fun chance to see the characters in a unique situation and to riff on Sam and Dean’s relationship. Next week the detour continues in “The Monster at the End of This Book” when the Winchester brothers discover that a pulp fiction author is chronicling their story in a series of horror novels. In light of recent signs of the apocalypse they’ll no doubt find it disturbing that the series ends in Dean’s damnation. Read more »
Supernatural is heading into the home stretch of season 4. With only five episodes left, every minute counts as Sam and Dean Winchester race to stop Lilith from breaking the remaining 66 Seals and bringing Lucifer to Earth.Unfortunately, fans may not get to see these final episodes uninterrupted. Early, unconfirmed reports suggest that more breaks are scheduled, and the scheduling of these final episodes might leave fans hanging for longer than they’d like. There are also recently released episode titles for all the remaining episodes, though they might give away more than you’d like.SPOILER WARNING: Read no further if you don’t want to know what the final Supernatural episodes are called. Read more »
The Ghostfacers have pulled off a truly phantasmagoric feat. They’ve stepped out of your television and entered the real world. Need proof? They’re blogging and they have home videos. Totally spooky, huh?In a new viral video, the Winchester Brother’s rival ghost hunters teach you the basics of GMA. That’s Ghost Martial Arts. Duh. With all of the buffoonery of the comic foil in a Fred Savage comedy Supernatural’s Geek Squad smack and whack each other in a low rent playground. In true kindergarten roughhousing fashion Ed gets to be the GMA master while Harry has to play the ghost, and that’s worse than playing the cowboy to somebody else’s Indian or The Joker to somebody else’s Batman, or Dwight to someone else’s Michael Scott. The Office? Isn’t that what kids play now? No? Read more »
THEN: Dean broke down after learning he started the breaking of the 66 Seals, but Castiel‘s boss turned him around.  Sam was drinking demon blood to bulk up for a confrontation with Lilith.Welcome to the most wildly absurd episode of Supernatural ever. For all of you big Supernatural fans, get ready for a swift kick in the pants with a series of shout-outs to the fandom. Sam and Dean walk into a comic book store and ask about a possible haunting. After some time, the comic book guy recognizes them and asks if they’re LARPers. As if you don’t actually know, this means Live Action Role Players. He asks because they’re acting just like Sam and Dean, two characters from an underground cult series of books called Supernatural. Read more »
The best part of last night’s Supernatural wasn’t when they cried, it was the entire episode. I must not be a real fan, because I’m not complaining a lot. In “The Monster at the End of This Book,” Supernatural took a surreal turn down the meta-highway by becoming the single most self-referential episode of television I’ve ever seen.Supernatural talked about the show’s best and worst episodes, the underground cult following it has, it’s sexy doctor competition, the Sam vs. Dean debate and even slash fiction. The conversation between Sam and Dean about what slash is may have been the funniest thing Supernatural has ever done. But in the midst of all of this brilliant meta-comedy, the drama and the show’s season-long storyline moved into a dark, dark place. Read more »
The latest episode of Supernatural featured meta jokes on top of meta jokes, so it stands to reason that the title of the episode might also include some hidden secrets. Fans were quick to notice that The Monster at the End of This Book is actually the title of a Sesame Street children’s book featuring Grover. Could this harmless piece of kiddie lit hold the secret to the entire Supernatural mystery?In the book, which is itself a piece of meta fiction, Grover talks directly to the person reading the book, warning them about the monster at the end and urging the reader not to continue reading. It’s a rather adult concept, but if you reach the end, you get a surprise.SPOILER WARNING: Read no further if you don’t want the end of this children’s book spoiled. Read more »
Last night on Supernatural, Comic Book Guy caught onto Sam and Dean’s game and recognized them for what they really are: LARPers. Now that’s a word you don’t hear on television very often. Slash? Sure. Filk? Of course. Zines? All the time. But LARPing? Never. As it turned out the answer was nowhere near that WorldCon. They simply had an experience we all have from time to time. They found an author who understood them so well it was though he could read their minds and they felt as though he were writing just for them. Read more »
Fans of Supernatural have known for quite a while that executive producer Eric Kripke envisioned their favorite series to have a five season story arc. Rather than allowing Supernatural to become a shell of its former self, Kripke is determined to make the episodes that remain very strong and leave audiences wanting more. Recently rumors have begun circulating suggesting that the series might continue; but Kripke was recently crystal clear with Entertainment Weekly that even if the series went on he would not.‘‘Despite what the network and studio may or may not want, I don‘t have more than five seasons of story," he said. "I certainly would be willing to make sure there are enough villains and heroes around to continue a new story line, and I would be around to answer a few questions — that‘s it. I‘m outta here. There‘s no way I‘m doing season 6." Read more »
CBS is often derided by TV critics for being a network entirely built on boilerplate procedural crime dramas. The new drama Harper’s Island, premiering tonight at 10pm, goes against that trend in the polar opposite direction. As serialized as TV can be, the 13-episode horror show chronicles a doomed wedding party on a remote island as a serial killer picks them off one by one.It’s a lot like Friday the 13th, but as a series. The cast starts out huge at 25 major characters, but Harper’s Island promises to kill at least one off every episode, slowly whittling the cast down until the killer is revealed. With the fate’s of the characters unknown, it plays more like a reality show than a typical scripted drama. Read more »
  A junk food lover who plays tricks on the self-important to humble them; a commando with super strength; a beautiful woman who makes men offers they can‘t refuse but will regret for all eternity. Sam and Dean Winchester have confronted a lot of vividly drawn, sometimes humorous and often disturbing villains on Supernatural. But which one stands out as their greatest opponent? BuddyTV fans chose Azazel, the Yellow Eyed Demon. Read more »
Supenatural is almost back and, finally, season 4 will air straight through until the very end.  After countless off-and-on scheduling flaws, the next four Thursdays will feature four new episodes of Supernatural leading up to the exciting season 4 finale on May 14 (despite early rumors that the show might have another break before the finale, we‘ve confirmed that it‘s not true).Thus Thursday brings "Jump the Shark," the episode that reveals Sam and Dean‘s long lost half-brother Adam.  Or at least he claims to be their brother.  Supernatural has had some lies and false realities lately, and even the title of the episode suggests that adding a third Winchester brother is a terrible idea for the series. Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Supernatural the question isn‘t whether or not Sam and Dean could have a brother - not if you ask their supposed kin Adam. He wants to know whether it‘s possible that he himself has brothers, whether John Winchester could have had sons other than him.  Read more »
Attention all Supernatural fans: Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 21) at about 12:30pm PT, BuddyTV will be interviewing Jim Beaver, known to all Supernatural fans as the beloved Uncle Bobby.  With only four episodes left in the season, Uncle Bobby has been eerily absent since breaking up the EWinchester brothers‘ brawl in "Sex and Violence," but now he‘s coming back.Submit any questions you have for Jim Beaver and we‘ll go through them and pick the best ones to get the answers to the questions you want to know.   Read more »
Jim Beaver is a busy man.  Not only does he star on the CW‘s Supernatural and CBS‘ Harper‘s Island (both airing Thursday nights), but he‘s also a new author with the recent release of his third book, Life‘s That Way: A Memoir.  Supernatural fans can look forward to part two of this interview later this week in which he talks about what‘s ahead for Uncle Bobby, but first, BuddyTV spoke to Jim Beaver about his extremely touching new book.  In it he shares the nightly e-mails he wrote to friends and family as he spent his final days together with his wife Cecily. She was dying of cancer and they made plans for him to raise their autistic daughter Maddie alone. The book is full of stories about Jim‘s time on Supernatural and Deadwood but at the heart of it, Life‘s That Way is a story about enjoying what you have before it‘s too late. Read more »
The CW‘s Thursday night has had more starts and stops this season than a teenager learning to drive with a stick shift, but tonight both Smallville and Supernatural air the first of four consecutive brand-new episodes leading up to their respective season finales on May 14. Read more »
THEN: Lilith returned to Supernatural all grown up and wanting to have sex with Sam as part of a deal to stop breaking the Seals.  That didn‘t happen, but we did find out that a prophet named Chuck has seen the future, and it‘s not so good.NOW: A woman is terrified in her house so she locks herself inher bedroom.  Too bad for her the monster is under the bed and it dragsher down.  While being taken, she knocks over a picture frame.  Apicture frame containing a photo of...John Winchester! Read more »
Without even appearing in the episode, John Winchester made a huge impression on last night‘s episode of Supernatural.  Unlike Grey‘s Anatomy, Supernatural doesn‘t need Jeffrey Dean Morgan to appear as a ghost to get its point across.  Even though Dean was right about John‘s long lost son Adam Milligan being a trap, he was also wrong, because it turns out John really did have another kid.Not only did we learn a lot more about John‘s secret past, but we learned more about his relationships with his sons.  He showered Adam with affection and baseball games not because he loved him more, but because John wanted some level of normalcy, and he knew he could never have that with Sam and Dean after what happened to their mother. Read more »
Earlier this week we talked to Jim Beaver about his upcoming book, Life‘s That Way: A Memoir, which chronicles his final days with his wife as she died of cancer and he prepared to raise his autistic daughter alone. BuddyTV users responded with their support. One reader said the book changed their life and another said they had cried their way through it over the weekend but found it heartwarming and happy even as it made them sad. Today we share part two of our interview in which Jim talks about his work on Supernatural playing salt of the Earth, ghost hunting tough guy Bobby Singer. He talks about his relationship with Supernatural‘s late producer Kim Manners and his future on the series.  Read more »
Last week Supernatural took a slightly tarter tone after several weeks of quirky, self-referential fun. Given the episode‘s premise, I think it was a good compromise for Adam to actually be John‘s son, but for him to never appear on camera in his mortal state. The ghoul‘s revelation that Adam really was a Winchester was morbid and melancholy but also satisfying. It added to the series‘ legacy without screwing up the essential formula.This Thursday Supernatural comes back with "The Rapture," which looks to continue the series‘ return to darker, more through-line oriented stories. But that doesn‘t mean the premise won‘t have you scratching your chin as you wonder, "How could that happen? What‘s really going on here?" Read more »
THEN: An angel named Castiel brought Dean out of Hell, adding yet another handsome face to the world of Supernatural.NOW: Dean‘s sitting on the dock of the bay, just fishing.  Castiel popsby to let him know this is a dream and that they have somethingimportant to discuss.  But Dean‘s head isn‘t a safe place, so Cas tellsDean to meet him at a special location. Read more »
It was all about Castiel on last night‘s Supernatural as the angel left the building and allowed his vessel, Jimmy Novak, to go back to his life.  However, as powerful as Cas‘ departure and return were, the real shocking twist of the episode came from Sam.Feeding on demon blood all season long finally caught up to him as he went through serious withdrawal, unable to perform and acting irritable.  Luckily for him, he managed to get his fix when he slit open a demon and started drinking her blood in the middle of a fight, only this time, Dean was right there to see the whole gruesome scene.  Read more »
Last night on Supernatural, Cas got in touch with his feminine side when he possessed the boby of a little girl; Castiel‘s alter ego Jimmy lived out his own personal Joan of Arc fantasies when he spoke to an angel who told him to boil his arm alive; and Sam‘s tank was running on empty so when he got a chance to fill up on some demon blood he went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Our readers are always ready to go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs when they get a taste of Supernatural, and they showed their Sam and Dean team colors and offered their takes on "The Rapture" as part of our Supernatural Twitter discussion. Since TV is never quite so much fun as when you watch it with a Buddy who can shout at the TV with you and turn over the pretzel bowl we were excited to be there and share in the opinionating. These were some of the high points. Read more »
Last week on Supernatural, Dean and Bobby felt forced to act after watching Sam lose control for demon blood. They lured Sam into the cellar under the false pretense that they all had to prepare for the end of the world, then they locked the door. Like any true intervention it was tough to watch. No matter what the good reason, like any true intervention Dean had to betray the confidence of his brother, humiliate him in front of someone else, and impose his will onto another adult in a strong and serious way. That‘s not to say it wasn‘t absolutely the right thing to do but for a righteous cause it sure looked and felt like kidnapping.  Read more »
We love Misha Collins. Last September we talked with the then-new Supernatural star about developing the role of Castiel and what it was like to work with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Then in March we talked with him again, this time about his future on Supernatural, the possibility of a sixth season for the series and his grandmother‘s reaction to his appearence on Nip/Tuck. On the heels of last Thursday‘s Misha-centric episode "The Rapture", the Supernatural actor was great enough to check in with us again. In our latest conversation he tells us why he thinks Castiel is now taking Heaven‘s company line with Sam and Dean, shares his personal plans for the summer, and answers the questions you sent us on our Supernatural Twitter site. Read more »
THEN: Dean was grossed out by seeing Sam feed on demon blood, so he tricked him into Uncle Bobby‘s panic room and locked him in for some detox.NOW: There‘s no typical Supernatural teaser as Sam is still stuck in thepanic room.  He demands that Dean let him out, but  big brotherrefuses.  They revisit the same old debate about how Sam is doing thisin order to become strong enough to kill Lilith.  Dean thinks he andBobby can do it on their own.  Has Dean ever met Lilith?  If he has,he‘d know that‘s just not a possibility. Read more »
The levee wasn‘t the only thing that broke on last night‘s episode of Supernatural.  So did the brotherly bond between Sam and Dean Winchester.  As painful as it is to admit, their relationship was torn apart last night and it shows no obvious signs of repair.The fight over Sam‘s demon blood addiction has been brewing all season and it finally came to a head in Sam‘s hotel room.  The basic argument is simple: Dean doesn‘t want his brother to turn into a monster and Sam wants to do everything he can to stop Lilith.  Yet those fundamental differences caused the two to have a relatively short fight before Sam walked out the door. Read more »
In six short days, the season 4 finale of Supernatural will air, and there are a lot of big events to deal with.  Lilith is closer to breaking the 66 Seals and bringing Lucifer to Earth and Sam and Dean are at each others‘ throats over how to proceed.  In anticipation, below is a video clip from the Supernatural finale. Read more »
The fight is on. Like the famous showdowns of Ali/Frazier, Hogan/Andre, or Apple/Mac both faces and egos will be bruised when Supernatural brothers Dean and Sam Winchester throw down. The opening jabs were last night, with Dean calling Sam a monster and Sam responding with a fist to the mush. Round one clearly went to Sam, whose offense is just dominant. But who should win out in the end? Supernatural fans long ago chose sides but now they‘re standing on opposite sides of their line, vowing their support on our Supernatural Twitter site and right here on BuddyTV. Last night they weighed in on that and other topics, including "Baby Eating: Terrifying or Ridiculous?" and which would be worse, a demon Sam or a dead Sam? Read more »
In three short days, the season 4 finale of Supernatural will air, and there are a lot of big events to deal with.  Lilith is closer to breaking the 66 Seals and bringing Lucifer to Earth and Sam and Dean are at each others‘ throats over how to proceed.  In anticipation, below is a video clip from the Supernatural finale. Read more »
In two short days, the season 4 finale of Supernatural will air, and there are a lot of big events to deal with.  Lilith is closer to breaking the 66 Seals and bringing Lucifer to Earth and Sam and Dean are at each others‘ throats over how to proceed.  In anticipation, below is a video clip from the Supernatural finale. Read more »
THEN: Lilith wanted to break the 66 Seals to bring Lucifer to Earth.  Dean was recruited by the angels to stop it while Sam went his own route, drinking demon blood until he became strong enough to defeat her.  This difference in strategy caused the brothers to have an epic fight and vow never to speak to each other again.NOW (actually, still THEN, since the opening scene takes place in 1972): At a Maryland convent in 1972, a priest is terrified when a demonrushes in and takes over his body.  The next day the priest fives asermon to the nuns that his dad is locked away and that, ironically, herecently learned that the door to his cage is at that very convent. The demon priest yells at the nuns and then his eyes goes Yellow beforehe has some fun.  That‘s right...Azazel is Lucifer‘s son! Read more »
For me, the Supernatural season 4 was like eating KFC Famous Bowl.  It contains everything I love, it‘s the perfect size, and it‘s so good that you want more right away, but if you actually had it, you‘d probably explode.  The only difference is that tomorrow, I can have another Famous Bowl.Supernatural‘s season finale had just enough of everything to go around.  If you like the bad guys, the finale had plenty of demons.  If you like comedy, there were a ton of pop culture references.  If you like the brotherly love or the Heavenly battle or betrayal or intense Supernatural mythology or Uncle Bobby or Chuck Shurley, it had all of them too.Check out BuddyTV‘s Recap of the Supernatural Season 4 Finale, "Lucifer Rising" Read more »
The only bad part of a Supernatural season fniale is how long fans have to wait for it to return.  Last night Supernatural had one shocking episode that killed off two major characters, had Castiel betray Heaven and saw Lucifer on the rise.But now fans are left with an entire summer trying to figure out what‘s going to happen next.  There are undoubtedly a ton of questions you might have, but here are my five most important questions, and hopefully you can provide your own theories. Read more »
After last night‘s Supernatural there‘s no need for end of the world predictions. The Hellmouth is open. Armageddon is coming next season on Supernatural. Well, unless, of course, Sam and Dean can prevent it. But wait, I‘m getting ahead of myself. Last night at 9pm you didn‘t know any of that. Sam was coming from the north, Dean from the south, Lilith was in the middle and it wasn‘t at all clear what would happen if the brothers got in each others‘ way. The Angels were thought to be carrying out God‘s agenda, whatever that was. Anything could happen, and it would. Our readers congregated in the usual spot to react to record their reactions - their predictions, their moments of surprise, excitement and disapproval.  Read more »
UPDATE: It looks like we have our answer.  According to, it‘s Smallville that will be moving to Friday nights at 8pm, paving the way for exactly what I wanted: a Vampire Diaries/Supernatural one-two punch.Tomorrow morning the CW officially announces its Fall schedule, but most of it is already determined.  Six shows were renewed earlier in the season, and now it‘s been confirmed that three new shows are being added.  That leaves one hour of open primetime, but given the network‘s track record, that will most likely be filled with an America‘s Next Top Model repeat.The six returning shows are: America‘s Next Top Model, 90210, Smallville, Supernatural, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.  The three new sdows are the modeling world drama The Beautiful Life, the vampire brothers drama The Vampire Diaries and the new Melrose Place.  The much-hyped Gossip Girl prequel spin-off was not picked up. Read more »