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Supernatural star Jared Padalecki will topline the Midwest edition of FANGORIA’s Weekend of Horrors convention, to be held February 23-25, 2007 (three monstrous days!) at the Wyndham Chicago O’Hare Hotel (6810 North Mannheim Road, Rosemont, IL). Jared plays Sam Winchester on the hit CW series Supernatural. Read more »
The CW, following the footsteps of the big networks, have decided to make a couple of their shows available on iTunes. Better late then never, I suppose. The CW has nothing to lose by making their shows available for pay download. Why don‘t all the networks make all their shows available for download? I don‘t get it.Anyway, Veronica Mars and Supernatural will be the first two CW programs to enter the iTunes library and, given the amount of internet savvy I perceive fans of those shows to have, this seems like an obvious move for The CW. Veronica Mars, especially, should get a significant amount of downloads. I have no evidence to back this up. Read more »
One of our dearest friends over here at BuddyTV is the queen of all things spoiler-y, Isabelle. Tonight, Isabelle will be hosting one of her infamous SpoilerFix TVj sessions; something you surely do not want to miss. She will give up all the inside info on shows like Heroes, Gilmore Girls, Grey‘s Anatomy, and many more. If you‘d like an example of what Isabelle has brought to the table in the past, click here, here, here, or here.Today, we‘ll be giving everyone a little preview of Isabelle‘s extensive knowledge with some spoilers for Supernatural, the hit CW drama. Read more »
Simply irresistible, Jared Padalecki draws in the crowd with his winning smile. He transforms his calm and cool persona into an intensively hot energy on TV. Ultimately, his inclusion in the eerie sci-fi series Supernatural establishes him as a versatile actor. Read more »
Rugged yet undeniably hard to resist, Jensen Ackles makes the most out of his bad-boy character image to capture the hearts of hunk-thirsty viewers. Number 26 on TV Guide‘s 50 Sexiest Men List in 2006 and number 2 on TV Magazine‘s 50 Hottest New Faces in 2005, he certainly fits the description of a heartthrob. Ultimately, this gorgeous hunk gets his positive break on the television series Supernatural.  Read more »
What eerie twists and turns await Supernatural‘s Winchester brothers as they hurtle into February? We held a seance with the most accurate sources in the Supernatural spoiler dimension and came back with more than a few answers. Read more »
Jared Padalecki, one of the lead actors on the WB series Supernatural, is set to play a role apart from his ghost-chasing character on the paranormal drama. This time, he will be starring in the movie entitled “The Christmas Cottage.” Padalecki, a 24-year old native of San Antonio, Texas, presently stars as Sam Winchester on the thriller Supernatural. Prior to his inclusion to the series, he appeared in a number of movies and television shows like Gilmore Girls, A Ring of Endless Light, New York Minute and Flight of the Phoenix among others. Read more »
CW’s Supernatural, currently on its second season, earned quite a number of positive reviews since it premiered in September 2005. But despite the substantial devoted fan base, the renewal of the series for a third season was perceived by many to be doubtful. In line with this, Jared Padalecki, one of the lead stars on Supernatural, encouraged fans to promote the paranormal thriller. Read more »
Jared Padalecki isn’t the only Winchester brother with a new movie coming out this year. Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles has an interesting role in the upcoming independent feature film Ten Inch Hero. And by “interesting,” I mean “he has a blue Mohawk.”According to the website, Ten Inch Hero’s story “revolves around a young woman (Elisabeth Harnois) who comes to Santa Cruz in search of the young daughter she gave up for adoption, and ends up working with a cast of interesting lovelorn characters in a funky submarine sandwich shop owned by a hippie surfer.”  Read more »
It’s going to be a busy year for CW’s Supernatural star Jensen Ackles, who has just acquired another acting gig. Aside from his upcoming movie, Ten Inch Hero, Ackles will be appearing in the theater production of A Few Good Men in June.Ackles, a native of Dallas, Texas, currently stars as Dean Winchester, the classic rock-loving demon hunter, on the thriller series Supernatural. His acting credits include Days of Our Lives, Dark Angel, Smallville and Dawson’s Creek among others. Read more »
Supernatural being up against top rated shows like ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and CBS’ CSI is a reality cast members, as well as fans of the show, are currently faced with. With the questionable renewal of the series for a third season, many of its actors are doing their part in supporting the show. Last month, Jared Padalecki, cast member who plays Sam Winchester on Supernatural, has encouraged fans to spread the word and promote CW’s paranormal series. To further branch out, actor Jensen Ackles will be headed to London next week for the first-ever Supernatural convention. “Next week, I‘m headed to London for the first-ever Supernatural convention. So I‘m anxiously awaiting that to see how we‘re received there. But the fans have been great. When we started, we knew the show was going to be hit or miss, and we needed to find a core audience to really make us survive. And I think we‘ve been able to do that,” said Ackles in an interview with AOL. Read more »
Supernatural shifted into its mythological overdrive tonight, finally revealing the anatomy of its endgame.  After last night, the course of Supernatural is set on an entirely new path.  Is it safe to assume our brothers grim will emerge from this milieu intact?  After yesterday‘s startling revelations, how will Season Two come to a close, and what will season three hold for Supernatural fans.  Read on for a few tidbits. Read more »
Supernatural fans have reason to rejoice, The CW decided to release the fate of a few of their ‘on the bubble’ shows early, and Supernatural has been granted a third season.  Unfortunately, Veronica Mars received no mention in the release lending credence to the rumors that the Kristen Bell vehicle has been shelved despite a last minute tweaking of the formula designed to make the show more ‘mainstream.’ Read more »
Supernatural’s Jo Harvelle, Alona Tal, is set to join the cast of a new drama next fall. Cane, an ensemble show on CBS, stars Jimmy Smits (The West Wing, NYPB Blue), as Alex Vega, the heir to a family fortune. It will reportedly run on Tuesday nights. CBS describers the show as “an epic drama about the external rivalries and internal power struggles of a large Cuban-American family running an immensely successful rum and sugar business in South Florida.” Read more »
John Shiban recently granted us at BuddyTV the opportunity to speak with him about Supernatural, the popular sci-fi drama on The CW. Supernatural follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester as they travel America in their 1967 Chevy Impala, encountering all sorts of Supernatural disturbances and foes along the way. John Shiban started out as a Staff Writer on X-Files and has been in the TV business for almost a decade. He is now a writer and executive producer on Supernatural.Supernatural airs on Thursdays at 9PM ET/PT.You landed a job on X-Files early in your career. How did you break into the TV business? Read more »
Finally.After a month of holidays, egg nog, and more Snoopy and Ralphie Parker than one knows what to do with, we‘re finally back to normal. January is upon us, 2007 has begun its tyrannical, 300-plus day reign, and our favorite TV shows will no longer bludgeon us with repeats. Tomorrow, January 3rd, brings the return of a couple of our favorites, as well as two brand new shows.After that, the flood begins, and over the next month virtually every original program will air new episodes. A full list of the returning dates for most every show on television is after the jump. Read more »
After this week‘s “Tall Tales” is it finally time for Supernatural to get back into the big story? Fans say YES, do Supernatural’s producers agree? One thing is for sure, with only one episode left for February sweeps, it would make sense for Supernatural to end on a big, mythos saturated note. So what will it be? Another episodic chiller… or a Winchester epic? We emptied graves and spent half the night on Oujia boards to get the best Supernatural spoilers going, read on to find out what we uncovered. Read more »
 Unlike a lot of Supernatural fans, I wasn’t put off at all by this episodes positively non-mythos stance. True, Supernatural has done little but tease lately when it comes to addressing the ‘big’ story, but if the writers were to deliver on the level fans crave it would be irresponsible writing. This is the day and age of LOST, is it not? Give up the story too soon and we all lose interest. Supernatural ‘Tall Tales’ – as far as diversionary episodes go – was a much enjoyable departure with well executed humor and more than enough chills to keep Supernatural fans glued.  Read more »
Supernatural will be introducing a more traditional character from monster mythology.   One that Lon Cheney could really get into (and maybe Dick Cheney too, who knows.)  With the more recent episodes of Supernatural at best hinting towards the serialized segment of the show, when will we be getting back the epic of the brothers Winchester?  We have some encouraging news for Supernatural fans just ahead, as well as a look a super hot predator! after the link. Read more »
This weeks Supernatural had ever indication of digging deeper into the serialized aspects of the series, specifically Sam‘s battle with his dark side.  From the very beginning, though, we have an indication that this is not the case with the appearance of Meg.  So, unfortunately any twist related to Sam‘s dark destiny is foiled by some pretty overt foreshadowing.  None-the-less, Supernatual ‘Born Under a Bad Sign‘  does serve to provide some insight at least in the character dimension of what is to come in the serialized arc, and serves up a creepy mystery like only Supernatural can. Read more »
It‘s an all too familiar setup for Supernatural fans,  a couple on a lonely back road swerve to avoid a spectral figure and wind up off the road.  When the wife, Molly (played by Tricia Helfer), wakes up her husband is gone, as is the mysterious figure she swerved to avoid.  She goes off to find her hubby and instead finds the ‘Supernatural‘ figure who caused their crash.  She runs off and naturally runs smack dab into Dean and Sam, who just happen to be looking for, you guessed it, the mysterious ghost that haunts the road.  What ensues is some classic Supernatural goodness! Read more »
Being a big fan of classic horror movies I was extremely excited for this week‘s Supernatural because it was, ta da, a werewolf story.  This is especially of interest to me because I’ve been a little disenchanted by all the cgi wolf movies that have come out lately.  I just knew that Supernatural would get it right, and I was not disappointed.  In addition to the awesome wolf action though, this Supernatural also kicked it up a notch dramatically, which was an extra added bonus. Read more »
Supernatural kicked off it’s two part finale in a big way, finally busting loose and giving us Supernatural fans what we’ve been looking forward to for so long, the beginning of “The Big Story.”  It has been there, creeping under the surface, occasionally rearing its head, but the approach has been to keep it more or less under wraps.  The strategy of tease and deny has been a huge frustration for fans this season, leading some to deduce that the underlying story was merely a poorly fashioned device to string viewers along.  I doubt anybody is saying that now.  But on the other hand, if Supernatural had started its second season where it is leaving off, I don’t think anybody would be wondering If there was going to be a third season or not. Read more »
Is a vengeful angel turning ordinary citizens into instruments of divine justice? Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders committed by individuals who claimed to be acting on God‘s will, delivered to them by an honest to goodness angel.The very substance of the case summons a familiar rift between the brothers. Sam is on the verge of accepting the events at face value, Dean on the other hand is his agnostic self not willing to accept the figures of Christianity as tangible beings. Read more »
Supernatural finally returns with new episodes next week.  If you are expecting a burst of Winchester mythology to be unveiled, however, guess again!  Supernatural is serving up yet another respite episode to their barely serialized plot titled “Hollywood Babylon”.  Even if you’re going out of your mind waiting for the Winchester story to take center stage again, though, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the chills Supernatural has in store with “Hollywood Babylon”.  If your guessing that Supernatural is making a self referential statement with this baby, give yourself a gold star.  Forward for the preview. Read more »
In next week’s episode of Supernatural, “Folsom Prison Blues,” Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders that have taken place in a prison – allegedly committed by a ghost. In order to get inside, the Winchester brothers decide to allow themselves to be arrested. Initially charged with breaking and entering, they find themselves in deeper trouble when FBI Special Agent Henricksen (played again by Charles Malik Whitfield) shows up.  Read on for spoilers!  Read more »