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In its first season, Suits pulled off a near-impossible feat: There were no bad episodes. Instead, the show gave us 12 excellent hours of complex characters and entertaining plots. You‘ll be happy to know that history repeats itself with the Suits season 2 premiere, "She Knows." If anything, Suits is even better in its return. Read more »
Gabriel Macht plays the always dapper Harvey Specter on Suits, just about to begin its second season. When we visited the show‘s set recently, Macht took the time to talk to us about Suits season 2 -- all while wearing a tuxedo.  Read more »
After almost a year off our televisions, Suits has returned with its season 2 premiere. And the show is better than ever! With Mike‘s secret on the line and a new foe threatening the status quo at Pearson Hardman, "She Knows" gives us the promise of another excellent season. Keep reading for all of the episode‘s details. Read more »
If you watch Suits, you‘ll recognize Harold. With his curly blond hair and often strange dialogue, Harold is hard to miss among the Pearson Hardman associates. We talked to Max Topplin, the actor behind this character, on a recent visit to the Suits set. Learn more about him here! Read more »
Last week, Mike finally learned the message Rachel left for him, pouring out her paralegal soul to his joy. Jessica and Harvey began their battle against this season‘s big bad, Hardman. All the pieces were put together for the course of this season already.Well, that was fast. Too fast, really... Read more »
If you‘re a TV nerd heading to the San Diego Comic-Con, it doesn‘t get much better than this: Firefly will have a 10-year anniversary panel at this year‘s SDCC! Read more »
Harvey and Hardman are matched up and begin the delicate art of lawyer boxing, Rachel remembers she has a life outside Mike and Louis must come to terms with the fact that his associates are only the second unhappiest bunch in New York. To which he replies, "Only second?" Oh, Louis!  Read more »
Poor Louis; the sad sack who will always be his own worst enemy. Louis, on the outside looking in on an interoffice war, tries to gain an ally/support/recognition/something from Hardman. But Louis is trying too hard as always; so Hardman requests Mike Ross for assistance when Louis makes up that Mike is working on something with him. So now, he must try and collect Mike to help with his case.After Harvey‘s pride is hurt over Mike mocks his record collection (which looks sick), Harvey hands over Mike to Louis based on a bet, but not before Mike conveniently expositions all the necessary details for a case Harvey did four years ago. It must be convenient for the writers to have a character who can give the information to a complex plot in a few lines.Basically, Harvey represented a company that may or may have not been responsible for the murder of a man. They did or did not fix their necessary products and that man died. Maybe I‘m getting ahead of myself. What‘s important is that Harvey meets his old rival Travis Tanner, who is out to get money for the wronged family and to settle a personal point with Harvey. Tanner claims to have found a missing memo essential to the case that Harvey either buried. Tanner is set to sue Harvey and the firm. Enough exposition for you? Read more »
We start with Harvey, running from his problems. Or, just running through Central Park like any other lovable, rich boy with too much on his mind! Despite running in the vastness of New York, an old frenemy sports agent finds him. He commissions Harvey to help a budding tennis prodigy to emancipate from his father to become a professional tennis player. Read more »
I thought I could trust you, Suits. After a year and a half of incredible characters, intricate writing and constant surprise, I figured we were good. But you have just reminded me that all relationships have their bumps. We‘ve just hit a big one when it comes to the firing of Donna. Read more »
A surprise hit when it debuted last summer, no one saw Suits coming. No one, that is, other than series creator Aaron Korsh. Korsh recently spoke to reporters about his show, now in its second season on USA. Check out some of the best Suits spoilers and tidbits here! Read more »
This week on Suits, Harvey tries to convince a judge that a drunk man agreeing to give up his company in a poker game -- and agreeing to it on a napkin -- is not legit. Meanwhile, Louis and Rachel form an unlikely partnership as they take on a case, and Jessica‘s past comes back to haunt her.  Read more »
Sucker PunchFor being a complete douchebag, Harvey lands a good right to Travis during a deposition for taking the settlement offer from $5 million to $100 million and also getting disbarred. Travis further pushes Harvey‘s buttons about Jessica "being the man" and having a thing for her boss, which further leads to Harvey‘s mommy issues. Before Travis can finish his thought -- bam! -- Harvey gets him good. While Harvey took the bait, Travis of course deserves it. Read more »
White Collar, Psych, Suits, Necessary Roughness, Covert Affairs, Royal Pains and Burn Notice are making room for new faces in the coming days. Read on to find out who‘s appearing on your favorite USA Network shows.   Read more »
The past influences everyone. This is no less true for TV characters than it is in real life. So if we want to know how the Harvey, Mike and everyone else on Suits got to where they are today, we have to turn to their history. That history is exactly what we get in "Rewind." What will we learn? Read more »
This week, Suits does a flashback episode to a time long ago. Specifically, five years ago. It‘s a tightly written, greatly paced episode that fleshes out what we already knew but gives enough emotional punch to make it truly memorable. Read more »
The bygone days of Pearson Hardman seen in the latest Suits episode, "Rewind," showed us exactly how much can change in five years. One of the biggest changes was in the character of Jessica Pearson. We talked to Gina Torres, the actress who plays Jessica, to see what she thought of how the character had evolved. Read more »
On most TV shows, it‘s easy to find the Bad Guy. This is not the case on Suits. Taking into account what we learned in the show‘s flashback episode, "Rewind," whose behavior most strongly fits the role of a Bad Guy? Read more »
Along with the slowly unfolding Curious Case of Harvey Specter, the season has built this war between Team Hardman and Team Jessica/Harvey/Mike. Of course, Louis Litt is going to be the deciding factor in all of this. If only Jessica could understand and appreciate Louis Litt. If last week‘s episode was Harvey‘s, this one is definitely Louis‘ (until that sucker punch at the end). His drive to be valued and appreciated only makes him more sympathetic to us viewers, which in turn must make us more frustrated at Jessica for not seeing it. Read more »
As we go into the Suits season 2 summer finale, we still don‘t know who will come out on top of the struggle for Pearson Hardman. While she wouldn‘t answer our specific questions about the eventual winner, actress Gina Torres did give us some insight into Jessica Pearson and that character‘s actions in season 2. Find out what she had to say here! Read more »
Last year, Suits established itself as one of the best summer dramas out there. Then the show returned for season 2 -- and Suits became one of the best shows on television, period. So how can Suits fittingly end such an amazing second season?"High Noon," the midseason finale, is the answer. Read more »
Everything is going wrong for our heroes. And then, by the end, things are fine. After a close voting call, Hardman eclipses Jessica as Managing Partner. Jessica and Harvey have lost to Hardman as Louis has switched sides. Meanwhile, Mike is simply a mess, dealing with the loss of his grandmother in predictably unstable ways including but not limited to: weed, sexy times and antagonizing other kids at the playground.As much as I enjoy this show and its characters, I wish they would have stayed miserable. Now hold up! Let met explain. What happened in this episode wrapped up storylines too neatly and left very little anticipation for returning episodes in January. This summer finale, for me, dully wrapped an otherwise very promising sophomore season. Read more »
That‘s right! Suits season 2 isn‘t over yet! It‘s just very, very delayed. New episodes of the season will not be back on TV until January, but we do have some spoilers to keep you going until then.WARNING: There are Suits season 2 spoilers here. You probably realized that, but it‘s good to make sure. Read more »
Rejoice, fans of quality summer television! USA has renewed its legal series, Suits, for a third season! Read more »
It‘s sometimes hard to keep track of when we will see our favorite shows on USA. Sometimes they are in the summer. Sometimes the winter. There could be a lot of new episodes or there could be but a few. Fortunately, we now know exactly when we will next see three USA dramas: Suits, White Collar and Necessary Roughness will all return in January 2013.  Read more »
If the picture of Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Mike (Patrick Adams) in tuxes isn‘t enough to get you to watch Suits, then how about some of the smartest writing, brilliant performances, and compelling stories on television. A few fall shows hit a sophomore slump, but with Suits it was just the opposite. In season 2, it hit all the right marks and got better with each episode. Read more »
In the Suits summer finale the truth came out about Daniel Hardman‘s fabrication of the Coastal Motors memo that got Donna fired. With Hardman kicked out of the firm and Donna firmly back in place, what‘s going to happen in the final six episodes of season 2?Sarah Rafferty spoke with reporters on a conference call to spill on the remaining episodes. Read more »
Are you already hooked on USA Network‘s Suits? If not, what are you waiting for? It‘s not just another legal show. It has some of the smartest writing, brilliant performances, and compelling stories on television. The first 22 episodes are available to watch online prior to the show‘s return on Thursday, January 17, so you can watch them again or enjoy them for the first time. Read more »
Suits is finally returning this week to finish out season 2 with six episodes. Don‘t worry, the show will be back again this summer for season 3. In this Thursday‘s "Blind-Sided," Mike is mourning the loss of his grandmother and acts out in an understandable, but detrimental manner.I spoke with Patrick J. Adams about Mike‘s mental state, his relationship with Harvey, Louis and the firm, and perhaps most importantly Mike and Rachel‘s relationship. Read more »
Just because Hardman has been kicked out of the firm, doesn‘t mean the trouble is over at Pearson Hardman. When Suits returns for the six-episode conclusion of season 2, the fireworks continue. Mike continues to act out after his grandmother‘s death, Louis pays a price for his loyalty to Hardman, and Mike‘s non-lawyer status could be exposed. Read more »
Suits  returned darker than ever in winter premiere "Blind-Sided." Mike‘s job at the firm created a facade of normalcy and strength for him and that all came crumbling down when his grandmother died. He felt so wronged in life for being left alone that he made some bad, rash decisions under the illusion of doing right. Read more »
Jessica may have forced Hardman out of the firm, but a new threat has arrived. In the land of law, there is never any calm. There is always another case, firm, or complication around the corner. And, Mike‘s secret doesn‘t make it any easier. "Blood is in the Water" on the next episode of Suits! Read more »
Pearson Hardman is bleeding after the battle with Hardman and the sharks are circling in the aptly titled "Blood in the Water." As has become the norm, Suits has topped itself once again. This is no normal legal show. The characters are so dynamic that it‘s impossible not to care about them even when they are in the wrong or irritating. Anyone who didn‘t feel for Louis during this hour must not have a heart. Read more »
The sharks were in the water on last Thursday‘s Suits. This week the threat hits closer to home when Rachel‘s father, Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce, The WIre), is the opposing counsel on "Zane vs Zane." Pearson Hardman faces off against Zane in a gender discrimination case. Her father‘s presence means that Rachel will have to deal with their complicated relationship. Read more »
The case got personal this week on Suits. In a twist, it wasn‘t Mike who made got too involved, but Harvey and Rachel. In "Zane vs. Zane," Rachel‘s father, Robert Zane was the opposing counsel in a case against Pearson Hardman and then threatened the firm. That made it personal and Harvey asked Rachel to attend the deposition. And, the fun began. Read more »
On Suits, Jessica may have gotten Daniel Hardman out of her firm, but he‘s back to make her pay. Robert Zane was a formidable opponent, but the scorned Hardman will stop at nothing to get reveng on "He‘s Back." It must be weird for him to be opposing council against a firm with his name still on the wall. Read more »
On Suits, Daniel Hardman‘s back and holding nothing back. He wants to make Jessica pay for every wrong that he believes that she has committed. She took the firm away from him not once, but twice. And, he isn‘t willing to take any responsibility for his part in that. "He‘s Back" was his first stab and he‘s just getting started. Read more »
Suits season 2 is coming to an end. After the return of Daniel Hardman, the oust of Daniel Hardman, his return again, and his defeat, Jessica Pearson‘s firm could use a break, but that‘s not meant to be. In the finale, "War" will be waged and from the looks of the previews it won‘t be from outside the firm, but from the heart of it. Read more »
On the Suits finale, the war for the firm was on. Jessica on one side with Edward‘s support for their firms to merge and Harvey on the other side. Bets were placed that would guaranteed that there would be no winners."War" was practically mutually assured destruction. Even though no one died, relationships were destroyed that will be difficult to repair. Harvey brought lawsuits against Edward‘s clients and the first attack was launched. Read more »
On Suits, the battle against Daniel Hardman continued with the Folsome Foods gender discrimination suits. While Daniel thought he had a financial advantage, that all changed when Jessica and Harvey brought in outside support. The resources and force levels were turned upside down leaving Daniel behind. Read more »