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In today‘s competitive job market, it‘s important to be a charismatic, attractive genius with a photographic memory. USA‘s new series, Suits, posits that having such attributes can even get you a coveted position at a top corporate law firm.Far-fetched? Probably. But it‘s TV -- and it‘s fun -- so why not? Read more »
No one expects much from summer programming. Relationship-heavy and plot-light bits of fluff fill the airwaves. That‘s fine, but it does mean an occasional summer-lowering of TV quality. By that rational, USA‘s new legal show, Suits (Thursdays at 10pm), is too good for summer. Much too good. Read more »
With the recent debut of Suits on USA, Gina Torres is back on television. The actress, known for her roles in shows like Firefly, Angel, Alias and 24, plays Jessica Pearson -- the apparently calm, rational senior partner of the law firm -- on the new show.Torres recently spoke with reporters about Suits, her history of portraying strong women and the role of Jessica. Read more »
Sure, you‘re nursing not having the likes Yvonne Strahovski, Dianna Agron and Nina Dobrev* on your TV screens, but summer TV brings folks like us its own brand of hotties, too. Heck, they call it summer because of that! Read more »
In a move that‘s great news for those who love quality television, USA has renewed its legal drama, Suits, for a second season. Even though the show represents a slight alteration in USA‘s standard drama formula, it has succeeded on the network‘s summer schedule. It‘s also really, really good. Read more »
Summer is nearing its end, as are some of our favorite USA Networks shows. Shows like White Collar and Covert Affairs actually ended last week but other summer favorites like Suits, Burn Notice, Royal Pains and Necessary Roughness still have a few more weeks in them. Thankfully it‘s just a short break for some and gives room for Psych to return! To end the season in style, BuddyTV is giving away the USA Summer Essentials bag to one lucky reader. It‘s got all the must haves in nautical fashion, gadgets and accessories. The Prize (Pictured above):  Read more »
If your summer has been dominated by USA shows, you‘re likely going into a bit of a mourning period right now. White Collar and Covert Affairs have already ended their summer runs, and Burn Notice, Suits and the rest will soon follow along into hiatus oblivion. But don‘t get too upset -- USA has already announced the dates for some of the shows to return in the fall. Covert Affairs, Burn Notice and Psych will all air new episodes in 2011. Read more »
Suits -- summer‘s most surprisingly good show -- comes to end tonight. The final episode, "Dogfight," finds Harvey and Mike heading to court in an attempt to overturn a decade-old murder conviction. The big twist? It‘s a murder conviction that Harvey won back in his days as a prosecutor.Harvey can beat anyone, but can he beat himself? That‘s the big question of the episode. Read more »
The Golden Globes are known for embracing wild cards. The 2012 nominations will be announced Thursday, December 15, and it‘s safe to assume that the television nominees will include one or two surprises.  Read more »
Love is in the air this week as we find out about one rumored affair, a recent engagement and the big reveal of one relationship. Who‘s dating whom? Read on to find out more.  Read more »
This year‘s Screen Actors Guild Award nominations are a very mixed bag for television. The comedy side is full of stale, aging shows like 30 Rock and The Office while completely ignoring fresh, newer faces like New Girl or Parks and Recreation. For dramas, however, there were some big surprises, none more shocking than the nomination for Patrick J. Adams from USA‘s Suits.  Read more »
There was high-stakes drama all around when Suits aired its very first season finale back in September, what with everything surrounding Harvey and Mike. On the one hand, there was Harvey trying to absolve a man who was falsely convicted. It originally happened with the former District Attorney, Cameron Dennis. But with the new DA, Terrence Wolf, trying to stop him with everything he has, things heated up even more. Read more »