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AOL has joined forces with NBC to provide Studio 60 and Twenty Good years to fans, in their entirety, a week before their official air dates. This move itself is not daring in the face of the ABC‘s launch of a streaming service last year on its own network site, but it does mark a first with regards to a network utilizing its motherships technological arm (both companies fall under the Time/Warner umbrella) as a method for delivery. Read more »
Fall 2006 New Shows Rank: #1Gist of the Show: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is a behind the scenes look at a sketch show very similar to "Saturday Night Live". Created by Aaron Sorkin (“The West Wingâ€?, “Sports Nightâ€?), Studio 60 stars Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet and a host of others. Cast Member Looking To Reclaim Former Glory: Matthew Perry, who finally makes his triumphant return to TV in a role that might turn out to be better than Chandler Bing.Similar in Theme to: "The Larry Sanders Show"Time Slot Competition:What About Brian, CSI: MiamiLikelihood of Second Season:100%Final Word:Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is, far and away, the best new show on television. It might also be the best show on TV, period. Granted, I‘ve only seen the pilot, but the cast is incredible and Aaron Sorkin is one of the best writers around. Check out my review of the Studio 60 on Sunset Strip pilot to learn more.-Oscar Dahl Read more »
The Class – Series Premiere It sucked.(No, really. That‘s my review. Does it matter why? At least half of the cast is terribly unlikable, the dramatic bits are embarrassing to watch, and I didn‘t laugh once.)How I Met Your Mother – Season PremiereI had never seen this show before and I wasn‘t particularly looking forward to it, but was pleasantly surprised. It‘s not hysterically funny, yet there were no cringe-worthy moments, which is important for a comedy. The cast is attractive and likable, especially Neil Patrick Harris, who gets all the best lines. Will I keep watching How I Met Your Mother? Eh, probably not actively. If I have nothing better to do, it‘s an acceptable way to pass a half hour. The New Adventures of Old Christine – Season PremiereI expected a whole lot more. I felt like I was back in the mid-90‘s. The writing was unoriginal and flat, the characters cookie-cutter, and almost every joke was lame. Julia Louis-Dreyfus did her best to salvage something of the episode, but it wasn‘t enough to make it funny.Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – Series PremiereI‘d already seen the pilot and reviewed it, but this time I watched it with a crowd. Of the seven friends I watched it with, all loved it, even after I‘ve been hyping it up for the last month. Seriously, if you‘re one of those people who watched CSI: Miami instead of Studio 60 last night, you are a fool. David Caruso has nothing on Studio 60.-Oscar Dahl  Read more »
File this under in-case-you-didn‘t-know, NBC has followed in the footsteps of practically every other network and created a fictional character to blog from within the universe of their latest hit "Studio 60". The web site, tited "Defaker", is a blog which basically chronicles the gossip from within the story-line through the eyes and fingertips of a salacious blogger who shares a handle with the websites namesake. Check it out at Read more »
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip has been doing just fine, ratings-wise, according to NBC. That is mostly correct. Although they have lost the overall battle to CBS‘s glorious crapfest CSI: Miami the last two weeks, Studio 60 has more or less tied the Caruso-saturated CBS procedural in the all important 18-49 year-old demographic. The first two episodes have received good enough ratings to be a success, but they haven‘t proven to indicate Studio 60 as the big hit NBC expected. I have faith where others don‘t, it seems. I believe that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip will end this season in the Nielson‘s Top Ten and will widely be regarded as one of the best (if not the best) show on TV. Man, I wish CSI: Miami would go away. -Oscar Dahl Read more »
With high-pedigreed shows already dropping like flies (Smith, Kidnapped) after being given only a couple of episodes to find an audience, it‘s only a matter of time before the merciless guillotine of impatient network executives comes down on its next victim. TV has never been an industry concerned with art for the sake of art. If you‘re not getting ratings, you won‘t have a spot in prime time. The film industry is far better at this; they often let critically acclaimed, independent artists make their own films, not expecting them to make a lot of money. On TV, if your show happens to be critically beloved while getting the necessary ratings, that‘s just icing on the cake. However, no matter how great your show is, a lack of ratings will seal your fate.  Read more »
Coming into the Fall season, NBC was confident in its new Monday night schedule, which boasted their two most heralded new shows. NBC was extremely confident in Heroes and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Both shows had received critical acclaim, and NBC decided to promote them accordingly. With Heroes at 9PM and Studio 60 at 10PM, NBC was looking to make some long-overdue waves on Monday night. Now, over a month into the new season, the results have been lukewarm. Heroes has become one of the breakout hits of the new season, and was the first new show to get a full season guaranteed. If anything, Heroes has exceeded the already high expectations placed upon them by NBC. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is a whole other story. Read more »
Jack RudolphActor: Stephen WeberShow: Studio 60 on the Sunset StripThe Chairman of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip‘s fictional network NBS, Rudolph is the shameless, cutthroat TV executive who cares about nothing more than ratings and profits, quality be damned. He‘s already butted heads with network president Jordan McDeere on numerous occasions, as well as with head writers Matt Albie and Danny Tripp. He also sneers a lot, which can be annoying.#10 / #9 / #8 / #7 / #6 / #5 / #4 / #3 / #2 / #1 Read more »
After a lot of hype since the Upfronts, a change of timeslot (it was set to air on Thursdays at 9 pm), a rocky start, a week benched in favor of Friday Night Lights, not-as-good-as-first-expected ratings, and a lot of cancellation talks all over the web, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is getting a full season according Michael Ausiello from TV Guide‘s sources. Studio 60, starring Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford, airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC (and Sundays at 10 pm on CTV for Canadians). -Isabelle Read more »
Hats off to Sorkin and company for securing what many thought was an unlikely full season order for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip! Luckily the folks at NBC are paying attention to the growth factor of West Wing and giving this gem a chance to grow. As always, Sorkin‘s dramatized counter-parts are still facing the same kind of stress Sorkin and his fans endured waiting for the show‘s full season confirmation.Studio 60, the fictional one, is struggling to maintain it‘s cathode umbilical as NBS threatens crippling budget cuts, and Matt and Danny find themselves fending off a revolt in the writers room as Rick and Ron make plans to abscond and take the entire writing staff with them. Meanwhile, Matt bristles at Harriet‘s news that she may doing a lingerie shoot. Read more »
Actress: Amanda PeetShow: Studio 60 on the Sunset StripOccupation: President of a TV NetworkPros: Is the president of a major TV network, so has money. Smart. Extremely good-looking. Confident and ballsy. Cons: Is neurotic. Always very busy. A little bit insane. Drinks excessively from time to time. Has a good chance of being fired at some point through no fault of her own.Jordan McDeere is interesting, beautiful and intelligent. She also runs a network. Think of all the Hollywood stuff you‘d get to witness as Jordan‘s significant other. All the people you‘d meet, the behind-the-scenes access. #10 / #9 / #8 / #7 / #6 / #5 / #4 / #3 / #2 / #1 Read more »
Yesterday, The Writers Guild of America announced its nominees for their annual end of the year awards. This is the season for awards and, while largely inconsequential, I‘m a sucker for all of it. I love awards, I love nominations. I like to intelligently discuss (read: argue incoherently) the nominations with my friends and foes. Whose deserving? Who got the shaft? All good topics.The Writers Guild are, obviously, concerned with the written aspects of television, so it‘s right up my alley. I‘m generally in agreement with the group‘s nominees this year, although I have a couple of minor nitpicks.The nominees are... Read more »
Well, so it begins. The carousel is getting started and the under performing television programs are meeting their inevitable fates. I don‘t totally disagree with anything that either FOX or NBC are doing, but I always question the point of producing shows that any normal guy could see were destined for failure.Who on earth thought that the Lithgow/Tambor golden years comedy 20 Good Years would succeed? Anyone? Well, no more. 20 Good Years has been given the old boot and will be replaced by, to add insult to injury, a special two-hour edition of The Biggest Loser. Ouch.Here‘s the complete rundown of the changes: Read more »
The numbers have come out and...they‘re pretty much what everyone expected. If you aren‘t familiar with the term, "Sweeps" are the bi-annual time periods where advertising rates are set based on the strength of ratings. During November sweeps, the networks roll out their best stuff, rarely show a rerun, and often resort to extreme measures to rope in viewers. As expected, ABC won sweeps, and pretty handily. NBC and CBS tied for second, however, and this is a pretty large upset. NBC had fallen into fourth place last year, but it looks as if it‘s new batch of shows has helped push them back to respectability. Another factor is NBC‘s new Sunday Night Football, which brings NBC ratings while hurting ABC, who had Monday Night Football last year.  Read more »
Show: Studio 60 on the Sunset StripWes Mendell interrupts the live broadcast of his own late-night comedy show and goes off for over a minute on everything that is wrong with television. This was a stirring, exciting, and intense moment in one of the greatest TV pilots I have ever seen. Studio 60 has had its fair share of detractors, but the show‘s pilot is almost universally lauded.Start Page / #10 / #9 / #8 / #7 / #6 / #5 / #4 / #3 / #2 / #1 Read more »
I know I‘ve been trumpeting the greatness of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip for quite some time but, mostly, that was all based on potential. I still loved the show, but I knew that it wasn‘t near as good as it could have been. It has been inconsistent, both from episode to episode and within every episode. Nonetheless, Aaron Sorkin had managed to create a slew of great characters who certainly had the capability to form the basis of a great drama.Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip finally delivered on its potential last night. Reminiscent of "The West Wing‘s" glory days, "The Christmas Show" came together and had it all. Quirky, Sorkin-esque banter, interesting drama, great character interactions, laugh-out loud moments, and, most impressively, a deft juggling of the large ensemble cast. Read more »
I‘ve kept telling everyone, "Give it time. It‘ll be fine. The show just needs to find itself." Yet, as is the norm in television, critics and viewers were quick to write off Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, even after its universally lauded pilot episode. The Aaron Sorkin drama has since gained a vocal base of critics, who have slammed anything from the overt tackling of political issues to the lack of humor on the show within the show. Granted, even I can admit that most of the criticisms, at their core, were legitimate. However, if you couldn‘t see the ridiculous potential of Studio 60, even in its mediocre episodes, you weren‘t paying attention.A TV show as complex as Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip does not come out of the gate fully formed. It can‘t. There are just too many characters, too many issues and only 42 minutes to work with. Sorkin and his staff had to find the character match-ups that meshed, the right tone (comedic, political, satirical), what kind of stories work, what don‘t, which characters needed more screen time, what characters needed to be added, how much of the show within the show to (ahem) show, and, ultimately, figure out all these issues through subtle trial and error. They had to do all this AND somehow gain the support of NBC, who mercifully ordered a full season. This is no easy task. Read more »
As we reported earlier, the rumor is that Amanda Peet has not tested well with audiences and may be fired from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.  Read more »
It‘s hard to objectively attempt to review something you have fallen in love with. You look at any flaws as totally inconsequential (that is, if you notice them at all) and the good aspects are blown out of proportion. I am telling you this only because it took me less than ten minutes for me to fully give myself and dive into the pilot of "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip". Once the main titles (as yet unfinished) appeared, I felt as if I‘d been punched in the stomach. Read more »
With six days until premiere week officially gets under way, TiVo‘s rankings of the shows people anticipate most this season offer few surprises. Fox shows that have already launched are high on the list. Read more »
Citing negative internet buzz, and an unexpected pregnancy, it is likely that Studio 60 will enter the ‘edgy‘ arena of dismissing major characters this season in the form of Amanda Peet. Peet‘s character Jordan McDeere tested luke warm with critics, but it is the overwhelming negative buzz from bloggers that has Peet‘s position in doubt. Read more »
Why should you watch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip? Check it out. Read more »
Leave it to FOXNews to put a foot on the chest of an ailing man; in this case it isn‘t _________ (insert Democratic candidate‘s name here), it‘s Aaron Sorkin and his gang at Studio 60. Despite NBC‘s continued show of faith in the show, illustrated by the order of more scripts, Fox entertainment "reporter" Roger Friedman published yesterday that cancellation was "imminent" for the freshman outing which is, admittedly, still struggling to find an identity. Read more »
With both shows turning in awesome numbers, it‘s hard to declare either CSI: Miami or Studio 60 the winner of the monday slot, and perhaps too early in the life of fledgling Studio 60 to determine it‘s course. Nonetheless, from a statistical stand point, the barely hyped stay-the-course CSI: Miami handily dominated over the premiere of Studio 60 which finished thrd for it‘s time slot. In terms of the ever coveted demographics, though, it was a tie with both shows getting an equal share of their target audience. Read more »
So, yeah, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip may have lost to CSI: Miami on Monday night. Big deal. As we reported earlier, the overall ratings went in CSI‘s favor, but the 18-49 demographic ratings were virtually the same. Studio 60 was heavily marketed, but the pilot was also widely seen in myriad venues by the public (Netflix, AOL, illegal downloading, etc.). The real test is next Monday, when CSI: Miami goes back to it‘s normal Miami setting after a gimmicky episode set in Rio De Janeiro and Studio 60 looks to add to to it‘s audience with it‘s first new episode that no one has seen. Read more »
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip just hasn‘t found its audience and NBC‘s patience is wearing thin.  A show whose merits I have time and again touted, Studio 60 has not received the ratings to justify its gaudy budget (over $2 million per episode) and big-name cast.  NBC has had confidence in the Aaron Sorkin-run show, but the audience that they thought would eventually come remains absent.  America would much rather watch its time slot competitor CSI: Miami, it seems.  Studio 60 was originally supposed to air another brand-new episode next week, but NBC is pulling it in order to air the premiere of The Black Donnellys, a mob drama from the mind of Paul Haggis (“Crash”).  NBC‘s official word is that Studio 60 is merely being placed on hiatus, and will return sometime in March.  We‘ve heard that one before. Read more »
Named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by People magazine, Amanda Peet emanates her strong and fierce stage presence as she stands out in the entertainment world. Distinctly gorgeous, she can easily fit in nearly any kind of role and persuasively portray it with gusto. She became part of the television series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which further established her as a television actress. Read more »
Canadian-American Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor Matthew Perry uniquely establishes himself as an amusing and comical celebrity who has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. He is a distinct icon known not only for his funny roles, but as well as his versatility in drama. Gifted with wit, charms and an appealing face, he lands a spot on the television show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Read more »
In an attempt to have a good mix of viewing pleasure, NBC has decided to make a few changes to their calendar and return The Biggest Loser and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, while pushing back America’s Got Talent.Nearly three months after announcing that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip will be on hiatus from February 19, NBC has decided to revive the “show-within-a-show,” which previously garnered poor ratings. The comedy series, which initially aired Mondays, will return on May 24 and will fill out the Thursday niche at 10/9c. Although Studio 60 will be coming back with six new episodes, the network has not yet confirmed if a second season will take place. Read more »
When this past TV season began, NBC, the critics and anyone who follows television put big money on the success of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Writer Aaron Sorkin’s follow-up to The West Wing, the show boasted some of the finest behind-the-scenes talent working in TV today, combined with an all-star cast. Friends star Matthew Perry, The West Wing’s Bradley Whitford, and hot young movie starlet Amanda Peet took the leads, flanked by a cast of very familiar faces to TV viewers. It was destined to become the breakout hit of the year.Or not. The show died a long time ago, but it‘s taken until now tor NBC to burn off the last episodes.  Tonight, NBC airs the series finale of Studio 60 after a tumultuous year of episode cutbacks, chronic rescheduling and an increasing apathy towards Aaron Sorkin’s attempts to find a distinct voice for the show. Read more »
Monday night‘s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip marked the first episode that this undervalued show lived up to the potential of its pilot. The episode, entitled "The Wrap Party", showed what Aaron Sorkin can accomplish when dialed in. The episode had a number of subplots; all intense, all emotional, all natural. Now that we know Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is capable of fully realizing the quality it‘s been merely hinting at over the last month, will the doubters silence themselves? And, more importantly, will America actually start to watch? Read more »
Okay, I think it‘s starting to happen. Aaron Sorkin, creator/head writer of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, has finally figured out the right balance for his show. Less preaching, less air time for the sketches on the show-within-the-show, and more over-arching story lines moving from episode to episode. Viewers, however, have been all over Studio 60 lately, and the backlash, I suppose, could be expected. Anytime a show brings up big social issues, a faction of the population is going to take offense to how those ideas are brought up. I‘ve stated all along that Sorkin knows what he‘s doing and will listen to the criticism and learn. TV shows, dramas especially, don‘t come you out of the gates as well-oiled machines. It takes awhile. We all just have to be patient. Read more »
Finally.After a month of holidays, egg nog, and more Snoopy and Ralphie Parker than one knows what to do with, we‘re finally back to normal. January is upon us, 2007 has begun its tyrannical, 300-plus day reign, and our favorite TV shows will no longer bludgeon us with repeats. Tomorrow, January 3rd, brings the return of a couple of our favorites, as well as two brand new shows.After that, the flood begins, and over the next month virtually every original program will air new episodes. A full list of the returning dates for most every show on television is after the jump. Read more »
After playing Chandler Bing on the hugely popular television sitcom Friends for 10 years, Matthew Perry attempts to make another huge hit role as he stars on Showtime’s The End of Steve.  The dark comedy series has been given a pilot order with a substantial penalty attached with it: the promise that it will showcase a darker side of Perry viewers have never seen before. After his stint on Friends, Perry starred in the telefilm The Ron Clark Story, where he played the title role.  He then returned to primetime television with his role as Matt Albie on NBC’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip where he received strong reviews for his performance.  Unfortunately, the series only lasted for one season. Read more »
If none of the new fall shows are tickling your fancy (though I‘d suggest watching an episode or two before damning most of them to your "skip" button), here‘s a comforting thought: The TV industry is a never-ceasing machine that will churn out new shows until the world ends or their ad revenue dries up, whichever comes first. (It will be the first one.)Oops -- did I say "comforting"? That sounded a little apocalyptic. But the bright side of the story is that today, in the heat of pitch season, four new and very different show concepts have been announced for development in the near or not-so-distant future, and at least three of them have exciting names attached. Let‘s take a break from looking at the fall schedule and take a look at them, along with a few other projects also in the works, shall we?  Read more »
The major networks are still looking over their new pilots, trying to figure out which ones will make it on TV next season, but for NBC, they already know what they want. The new comedy Go On, starring Friends‘ Matthew Perry, was picked up, according to Deadline.  Read more »
Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin is a master of TV pilots. The Newsroom, his latest series on HBO, is his fourth TV show, and aside from the many similarities in tone and style to his previous ones, it might be the best pilot.  Read more »
They say that the greatest comedy is rooted in pain. If that‘s the case, Go On has a chance to be one of the funniest shows in television history. Read more »