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The CW announced its upcoming fall schedule which includes three new shows: The Originals, Reign, and The Tomorrow People. They also revealed two additional series which will air at mid-season in 2014: Star-Crossed and The 100. Check out the show descriptions, cast and sneak peek clips of the two mid-season shows. Read more »
The CW is the final network to announce its schedule for the 2013-2014 TV season, and things are getting shaken up. While returning hits Arrow and The Vampire Diaries are staying put, all the other returning dramas are moving to new nights.  Read more »
CBS Studio has announced the CW and CBS shows that will have panels at this year‘s San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), including the new summer hit Under the Dome, fan-favorite Beauty and the Beast, and two new shows Intelligence and Star-Crossed . The event takes place in San Diego from Thursday, July 18 through Sunday, July 21 Read more »
The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con will be here before we know it, so to help you plan for the big event, take a look at all of the television-related panels and event information for Thursday, July 18. Read more »
The CW is introducing a futuristic Romeo and Juliet story with Star-Crossed. When a spacecraft crash-lands in a small town, so begins a fierce battle between humans and aliens (Atrians). On that day, Roman (an Atrian boy) meets Emery and there is a deep connection. However, Roman is quickly taken as the Atrians are forced to live in a well-guarded camp, separate from humans. Believing him to be dead, Emery is shocked when 10 years later Atrian teens enroll in her school, including Roman. Their connection is stronger than ever, but their two families fight for power that threatens their relationship. San Diego Comic-Con 2013 offered an exclusive first look at Star-Crossed and a panel discussion. Read on for the highlights. Read more »
The CW has announced its 2014 mid-season schedule, with some shows being moved to different nights to make way for new dramas, most notably on Mondays, a night that hasn‘t seen the strongest ratings. Read more »
Star-Crossed is the futuristic story of the conflict and coming together of the Atrians and Humans 10 years after the aliens landed on Earth. For the first time, a group of Atrian teens will attend the small town high school with the humans. Read more »
Star-Crossed, the latest romantic drama on The CW, decides to throw a very specific wrench into the works as an obstacle for the show‘s young lovers: one happens to be an alien. Read more »
In the series premiere of the new CW romance/drama/teen series/Romeo and Juliet-remake Star-Crossed, we are introduced to our protagonists, both human and alien alike, and the world in which they are drawn to one another despite their differences. Read more »
The premiere of Star-Crossed introduced viewers to the world the show exists in; this episode expands and enriches that world, and raises the stakes for our Atrian protagonist, Roman. Read more »
The CW has announced its finale dates for all of its current (and upcoming) shows, most of which span the first three weeks of May. In addition, the network has released the premiere date for the miniseries Labyrinth.  Read more »
It‘s the 10th anniversary of Arrival Day on this week‘s Star-Crossed, but not everyone is content to sit at a memorial ceremony and mourn for what was lost. Read more »
After three episodes, Star-Crossed has proved to have more depth than a normal teenage romance would usually have. It takes place in a complex world with complicated relationships between the Human and Atrian communities.Jesse Luken portrays a high school student, Eric, who has a blatant disdain for the Atrians. I spoke with Luken about Eric‘s evolution, the friendship with maybe-Red Hawk Grayson, and the dynamic between the show‘s two extremist groups. Read more »
The two major storylines in this episode‘s episode of Star-Crossed revolve around a cell phone and a swim meet. Oh, and the usual discrimination plot too, of course. Read more »
Several characters question what freedom is to them in this week‘s episode of Star-Crossed, and one character escapes to Eljida -- but is he gone for good? Read more »
The Red Hawks get a lot more dangerous, and a surprising new threat enters the picture during this week‘s Star-Crossed. Read more »
Grayson struggles with his parent‘s betrayal, Roman and Emery work through their feelings and Lukas fights for his life in this week‘s episode of Star-Crossed. Read more »
During this week‘s episode of Star-Crossed, Roman learns the truth about what happened in the cockpit the night the Atrian ship crashed, Grayson pieces together memories from the night of his parents‘ charity ball and Taylor throws a party that leads to a few revelations. Read more »
Trouble is brewing for the Atrians on Star-Crossed. Castor publicly outed his nephew‘s romance. Now that Roman and Emery‘s secret is out drama will ensue for the young couple. That just adds to the turmoil that‘s already brewing between the Humans, Atrians, Trags and Red Hawks.During this weekend‘s Wondercon, Aimee Teegarden and Matt Lanter sat down with reporters to discuss the ramifications of Castor‘s declaration, some upcoming romantic encounters, intriguing interactions with the Trags, and how Grayson fits in. Read more »
Star-Crossed has upped the stakes for both the Humans and the Atrians throughout the season. As the Integration Program has brought the two group of teens closer together through friendships and romances, the extremist groups have become a greater threat. Read more »
This week on Star-Crossed, Roman and Drake make plans to eliminate the threat of the Suvek, Taylor thinks she‘s got a bun in the oven and there‘s a typical high school dance. Read more »
This week on Star-Crossed, a group of the teen characters work to smuggle the Suvek out of the Sector, and Teri does a bit of scheming of her own. Read more »
The CW made a lot of decisions Thursday, renewing three of its current shows (including a mid-season drama), cancelling three shows and ordering four new shows for the 2014-2015 season.  Read more »
This week is the series finale of Star-Crossed, and the countdown is on to find the Suvek before it goes off at Edendale‘s Mardi Gras parade. Read more »
What could the CW‘s Star-Crossed have done differently that might have saved the show from cancellation?The CW is not picking the freshmen drama Star-Crossed up for another season, despite an interesting premise and support from such stars as William Shatner, arguably a sci-fi legend himself.  Read more »