Articles for Standoff Season 1

Fall 2006 New Shows Rank: #9Gist of the Show: Two members of Los Angeles‘ FBI CNU (Crisis Negotiation Unit) juggle their professional lives with a personal romance. Standoff is a new twist on the old hostage negotiator story.Cast Member Looking To Reclaim Former Glory: One of the most under appreciated actors of our generation, Ron Livingston (“Office Spaceâ€?).Similar in Theme to: "The Negotiator"Time Slot Competition:Friday Night Lights, Dancing With the Stars, Gilmore GirlsLikelihood of Second Season:40%Final Word:If anyone can make a middling show enjoyable, it would be Ron Livingston. Standoff may not look great, but it has the kind of attractive cast and intriguing premise that might get viewers to turn in, even if Standoff isn‘t that good. I see the show has similar to Bones, and if that show can succeed on FOX, Standoff can too. -Oscar Dahl Read more »
Ron Livingston is an actor credible whether as a protagonist or as an enemy. Although he has a meek and angelic façade, he can easily portray vicious and challenging character roles. Undeniably handsome and alluring, he wins spectators with his captivating smile. At present, he stars as one of the lead characters on the series Standoff. Read more »
Exceptionally talented, Rosemarie DeWitt spans the field of theater, film and television with her adaptable acting expertise. Although she has been highly honed in theater, she positively translates her artistic acting to well-accepted television performances. Divinely pretty, she can possibly melt anyone’s heart with her invigorating and amiable presence. At present, she stars on the series Standoff. Read more »
FOX TV Studios recently made a pact with Canada’s CTV, Germany’s ProSieben and BBC for a new 13-episode adventure drama series which will cast Standoff star Ron Livingston as the central character.  Titled Defying Gravity, which comes from creator and executive producer James Parriott, who previously worked on Grey’s Anatomy and executive producer Michael Edelstein who also worked for Desperate Housewives.The new series is set in the future and revolves around eight astronauts from five countries who embark on a six-year-long mission throughout the solar system. Read more »
ABC has just picked up FX TV Studios‘ series Defying Gravity from Grey‘s Anatomy producer James Parriott. The show revolves around eight astronauts from five countries who undertake a mysterious six-year mission through the solar system. And while the 13-episode adventure tale doesn‘t really involve a medical plot, it has been described as "Grey‘s Anatomy in Space." Read more »