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The Emmys may ignore Sons of Anarchy, but anyone who watches know that it‘s one of the best shows on TV. The fourth season kicks off Tuesday, September 6 at 10pm on FX with a special 90-minute premiere, and it looks like the best season yet.Sons of Anarchy season 4 picks up 14 months after last year, with the majority of the motorcycle club being released from prison. It was a long, hard journey, but they come through it the same as ever, though Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) has thankfully cut his hair.  Read more »
After the Sons are released from prison and come home, we quickly get down to business and Sons of Anarchy season 4 starts kicking into high gear. There is a new sheriff in town, a new federal prosecutor, a new deal with the Russians and a lot of trouble brewing behind closed curtains. So let‘s run down tonight‘s biggest moments.  Read more »
This week on Sons of Anarchy is all about families. Gemma is worried about John‘s old letters in Jax‘s possession, Jax plays stay-at-home dad as good as he can and Opie copes, once again, with his wife‘s x-rated job. Too soft for you? Not enough explosions and testosterone? Well, there was still plenty of that to go around. And everyone was pretty much pissed at everyone else. Read more »
Stolen guns, secrets revealed, double crossings, a suspenseful vote, a car chase across Charming - this week, Sons of Anarchy pretty much ran down the bullet points of everything fans love about the show and tried to wrap it up nicely. A little stale but kick-ass nonetheless. Let‘s look at the main developments this episode.  Read more »
This week on Sons of Anarchy the gang begins reaping what they sow. Turns out when metaphorical fields are planted with drugs, adultery and lies you harvest trouble. Well, trouble and a lot of money but that‘s beside the point. David Hasselhoff also makes an appearance here to remind us he‘s not dead, it just looks like it.  Read more »
Sons of Anarchy season 4 makes way for SAMCRO‘s new enemies in the form of Sheriff Eli Roosevelt,  US Attorney Lincoln Potter and new prosecutor Ray McKinnon just to name a few. However, it looks as though the club has enough tension to deal with on their own . Warning: Sons of Anarchy spoilers ahead! Read more »
Chekhov‘s Juice, Part ISo remember last week when Juice foolishly took a brick of cocaine from the cartel because the Sheriff more or less coerced him to do it? Well, the Cartel is not too happy about it when they realize that the brick is missing. "When we find out who did it, Cartel or son, he‘s dead." Doesn‘t bode well for Juice. The guys try to scare the prospects into admitting they did the deed but you and I both know they didn‘t do it. All during that time, ominous close ups of a guilt-torn Juice pepper the proceedings, especially during a fake game of Russian roulette and after they leave the prospects in a locked room with a gun.  Read more »
SAMCRO will be riding through this town a little longer. The hit FX drama Sons of Anarchy was renewed for a fifth season today, following the recent end of production on season 4. Sons of Anarchy season 5 will most likely premiere in September 2012.  Read more »
The opening song said it all this week on Sons of Anarchy. Season 4, episode 4 ("Una Venta") showed us that for the boys of SAMCRO, times are definitely a-changing. From problems with other chapters to a rather uneasy relationship with their new partners in crime, viewers have to wonder when the tense drama that has building will climax - and who we‘ll lose when it does. A lot was revealed tonight and a lot more promises to be revealed, especially if you listen to some of the night‘s best quotes. If you missed our recap of "Una Venta," check it out here! >>  Read more »
During a little field trip to Tucson, Clay and friends realize that SAMTAZ has been involved in dealing crank. The king and his heirs are not amused. But what can you do, the show must go on.  Read more »
Despite a truly heroic effort from Sons of Anarchy fans, we couldn‘t quite get Sons of Anarchy trending tonight. That effort did, however, produce some pretty great Tweets. Here are ten of the best collected from browsing the #sonsofanarchy hashtag. Just let me add, SOA has some mighty dedicated (and mighty insightful) fans. Also, it should be noted that during the bunny scene, there were at least a dozen "Not the bunny" tweets. If you missed our recap of "Una Venta," check it out here! >>  Read more »
Well, things are definitely getting intense on Sons of Anarchy but I guess that goes without saying. Episode five of the show‘s fourth season, aptly titled "Brick," revealed a lot but left just as much unanswered. Let me just start a group prayer for poor Juice. It doesn‘t look like he‘ll be sticking around much longer. Just a note before I get into the best quotes from the episode, I just want to say the performances in this episode from the entire cast were incredible and even the addition of David Hasslehoff worked in some very strange way. Well done, SOA. Alright - let‘s get to it.If you missed the episode, check out our recap of "Brick" >> Read more »
Another Tuesday has come and gone meaning another episode of FX‘s incredible Sons of Anarchy has aired. Now begins the dreadful wait for next week. At least I know I‘m not alone in my misery as plenty of Twitter folk seem just as hopelessly addicted to SOA as I am. Here are ten of the best tweets from last night to tide you over. If you missed the episode, check out our recap of "Brick" >> Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of FX‘s Sons of Anarchy (season 4, episode 6) was intense with a capital tense. Over the last few episodes, Clay has been revealing more and more about who he is. He is a man without loyalty. He is a man without morals and, if I may make a bold prediction, he is a man who will soon be paying for his past with his life. There was a lot going on in this episode! OK, enough of my blabbing, let‘s get to the best quotes from "With an X."  Read more »
No one can claim Sons of Anarchy fans aren‘t loyal. Once again, we attempted to trend out beloved show but Twitter was just not on our side. Next week we‘ll try again. We might not succeed but we‘ll have fun flooding timelines and losing followers as we try. Tonight, the countdown to episode six of season four, "With an X," began more than an hour before the show began and the tweets didn‘t stop until well after the episode was over. I‘ve compiled ten of the best for your reading pleasure.  Read more »
Tonight‘s Sons of Anarchy was... I don‘t even know what to say to be honest. It‘s a good thing I‘m the tweets and quotes woman and am not responsible for recaps because I‘m quite certain I couldn‘t formulate words for the ridiculously epic hour of television I just watched. Next Tuesday is just too far away. This entire episode promises huge things to come. Here are some of the best quotes from "Fruit for the Crows" because I couldn‘t pick just ten. ‘Sons of Anarchy‘ Recap: Strange Fruit Swingin‘ from a Tree  Read more »
Last week on Sons of Anarchy, Juice attempted to return the brick of cocaine he‘d stolen from the Mayans‘ haul, but was stopped by Miles. In a scuffle, Juice put a few rounds into Miles‘ head, and then planted the coke on him. Oh, and Clay ordered a hit on Tara. It‘s about to hit the fan, folks.  Read more »
Suddenly, I got a little more excited about this season of CSI.Titus Welliver -- you might know him from his roles on Sons of Anarchy, The Good Wife and as the Man in Black on Lost -- has signed up for a major recurring role in the CBS crime drama, TVLine reports. Read more »
Spoilers ahead, folks. If you haven‘t seen "Family Recipe" yet, either stop reading now and prepare to be spoilered. Okay, on with it. Wow. That‘s about all I could say for about ten minutes after last evening‘s Sons of Anarchy. I think everyone knew Piney was on his way out the moment he went toe to toe with Clay but it was still shocking and it was still incredibly sad. Before Piney took his last breath on SOA though, he had one of his finest episodes to date. From his touching final interaction with Opie to his confrontation with Jax in his cabin, William Lucking turned in an Emmy worthy performance last night. I‘m heartbroken it will be his last on the show. "Family Recipe" was about far more than Piney though. Juice is alive but only he and Chibs known what really happened with that chain. Tara‘s had enough and is leaving... or is she? There‘s a rat in the Mayans and thanks to him, the body count is rising quickly. Heads were rolling - literally. The chili. That is all. There were so many excellent quotes in this episode but I‘ve narrowed it down to the best of the best. Enjoy! ‘Sons Of Anarchy‘ Recap: Tastes Like Death  Read more »
For real Sons of Anarchy fans, Tuesday nights are the culmination of a whole week‘s worth of anticipation. Many die hard fans start tweeting this love before the show has even aired but the #sonsofanarchy hashtag falls strangely silent for that magical hour that people are glued to their televisions - until commercial breaks of course. We are nothing is not supportive and loyal of the show we love. This week was no exception. Here are the ten best tweets from this week‘s Sons of Anarchy, "Family Recipe." Remember, spoilers ahead.‘Sons Of Anarchy‘ Recap: Tastes Like Death  Read more »
This week, a lot happened on Sons of Anarchy, but few questions were answered. Weirdly, this elaborate dance around the bush wasn‘t as infuriating as it should have been because the carefully laid-out character work in the season so far is finally paying off, and we have a lot of great moments between characters that are compelling and meaningful. And there is a shocking death. But we‘ll get to that in due time...  Read more »
This week, Sons of Anarchy was all about relationships. How they are formed, how they are broken, how they are maintained. Betrayals, secrets and secret betrayals have always been an inherent part of the show, and this week‘s episode showcased how the more soapy aspects of Sons can work just as well as the testosterone-fueled action. Piney‘s murder last week was addressed only obliquely and one has to assume that it will be treated in more detail soon. All the character moments, however, were rather excellent this week.  Read more »
After watching "Hands," episode 10 of the suddenly super-sized fourth season of Sons of Anarchy, I was almost afraid to go to Twitter to see what people were saying. A lot happened, even by SOA standards. Clay is so far into the darkness now, there‘s no chance he‘s going to survive this season. Gemma has finally seen him for the monster that he is and Tara has finally started understanding what life as an Old Lady looks like. It was emotional. It was revealing. It may well have been the defining moment for the series as a whole. The tweets reflected all of that. Here are the best 10. Read more »
Yet again this week, Sons of Anarchy has produced the kind of drama and conflict absent from nearly every other show on television. "Hands" could possibly stand as the defining moment for the show. It put all of the characters where they need to be. Clay is making enemies at every turn. Romeo doesn‘t trust him. Opie doesn‘t trust him. Gemma finally sees what Clay really is and Jax can‘t be far behind. Clay is digging his grave one careless choice at a time. The only question that remains is who will be the one to put him in it. Picking just 10 quotes from this episode was impossible but I narrowed it down to the best of the best. Enjoy! Read more »
Gemma and UnserWe bookend tonight‘s episode of Sons of Anarchy with our friend Unser. In the first scene he tinkers with Piney‘s murder scene. Because, let‘s not forget, that happened. Only Opie still doesn‘t know yet. Nor does anyone else from the Club for that matter. At the end of the episode, he offers moral support to Gemma, because, well, let‘s not get ahead of ourselves. First things first.  Read more »
With so many balls left in the air at the end of last week‘s episode, we had a lot to get to in this week‘s episode of Sons of Anarchy, entitled "Call of Duty." It was refreshing, then, that Kurt Sutter and company took their time in addressing the big issues and let a lot of character moments happen organically instead of simply pushing the plot forward. And with a 90-minute episode, we have a lot to get to. Read more »
Sons of Anarchy was, in my always humble opinion, in top form this week. Twitter was positively buzzing as episode twelve of season four, "Burnt and Purged Away," drew closer and the tweets kept coming long after the show was over. Fans were shocked as events unfolded and the show progressed. Many were also pleased over the fact that finally, after weeks of trying, Sons finally trended. I‘ve collected 10 of the best tweets for your viewing pleasure. Read more »
Things started to reach their climax in this week‘s episode of Sons of Anarchy. While some members are headed to jail, some members have turned into rats. The episode ends with a tense stand off between Clay, Jax and Opie and one can only imagine that nothing will ever be the same after hearing those two gunshots in the clubhouse. Who will be left standing by the time this season is over and what will remain of SAMCRO? With only two episodes left in the season, I honestly have no idea where things are going and I like that. I like it a lot. I couldn‘t just choose 10 quotes from this episode as the best but I‘ve narrowed it down as much as possible. Enjoy! Read more »
"I do what I always do. Protect my family," announces Gemma early in this week‘s episode of Sons of Anarchy. But with Wendy in town, and Opie on the loose out to kill Gemma, she has a lot on her plate. When Unser tells her that he told Opie that Clay killed Piney (still with me?) she urges him to find Opie and prevent him from killing Clay. Why? Because she‘s trying to protect what took her "twenty goddamn years to build." Two episodes ago, she proclaimed that that Clay is going to die at the "hands of a son." What happened to that plan? Quite obviously she‘s playing a long con of some sorts. And that kiss she gives Clay later in the episode? Seemed more like a kiss of death to me.  Read more »
Sons of Anarchy knows how to end with a bang and season four‘s two parter, "To Be," definitely seems to be carrying on that tradition. Theories abound as to what the future holds for Jax, Gemma, Clay and the rest of SAMCRO and Charming in general. Where are things headed? Fans offered lots of ideas on Twitter. Viewers also offered some great reactions to the events unfolding in the series. Ten of the best tweets about this week‘s episode are below. Read more »
Sons of Anarchy is always at its best just as the season draws to a close. The slow build up of tension, the development of characters and plotlines with the eventual payoff is what makes this show as close to perfect as a television series can be and if part one of SOA‘s fourth season finale, "To Be", was any indication, that‘s exactly what‘s happening again this season. Secrets are coming to light and SAMCRO is falling apart. I can‘t imagine where it‘s all going but I‘m excited to find out. As usual, the episode was full of terrific dialogue but I‘ve narrowed it down to the best of the best.  Read more »
Going RogueClay‘s not dead. Let‘s get that out of the way right from the start. He is badly hurt though, of course, and Jax, in the heat of the moment, comes up with a cover story for the shooting that is supposed to deescalate but, in fact, achieves just the opposite. Some black guys are supposed to be the perps, and that‘s exactly what Unser tells the Sheriff and what sets of Tig to go rogue. Later, Jax promises Opie to find out the truth. "Great that‘s what I need," answers Opie. "Another promise." Meanwhile, Tig wreaks all kinds of havoc. For example, he runs over (and kills) Leroy‘s girlfriend with a stolen car. Smart move, that. "You‘re gonna start a war!" Jax tells him. "I don‘t give a sh*t," is Tig‘s answer. That‘s pretty much in-character. Read more »
As it turns out, not everyone is who they said they were. Or may I call it a deus ex machina? In any event, on this week‘s Sons of Anarchy finale, Luis Torres and Romero Parada have been working with the CIA all along.  Read more »
Last night‘s Sons of Anarchy season 4 finale might have left fans hanging, but luckily show creator and executive producer Kurt Sutter (who also portrays jailbird Otto Delaney) was on-hand this morning to field some questions on season 4‘s unanswered questions, and what we can look forward to from SAMCRO and its adversaries in season 5.Season 4 was the highest-rated season yet for Sons of Anarchy, so of course it has already been renewed for season 5. While Sutter admits that he‘s unsure about many of the storylines going into season 5, he makes it very clear that those hanging plots -- Jax and Clay, Juice‘s guilt, Otto‘s betrayal, Gemma‘s machinations -- will continue through the next few seasons.Read on to hear more about what Sutter had to say about Sons of Anarchy season 5.Read our Recap of the Finale >>  Read more »
Good news, SAMCRO fans. Even though the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy won‘t premiere until the fall, FX has already renewed the popular biker drama for season 6. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the renewal comes as part of the network‘s new deal with creator Kurt Sutter.  Read more »
A lot of TV shows are on hiatus right now but there are still a lot to talk about, including pilot additions and a bunch of casting news. Read on to find out more. Read more »
For those of us unable to attend this year‘s PaleyFest on the holy grounds of the Saban Theatre, it was a torture to sit at home when the Sons Of Anarchy panel was supposed to be live streamed, and stare at a blank screen with an occasional "We are experiencing technical difficulties" message popping up. A collective online gasp went through the fiber-optic cables and DSL modems when Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter‘s frozen head suddenly started to talk. Also in attendance were Katey Sagal, Theo Rossi, Tommy Flanagan, Dayton Callie, David Labrava and Michael Ornstein. Read more »
Sons of Anarchy season 5 is shaping up to be a big one. According to Deadline, the show has cast Jimmy Smits in a major recurring role for season 5, which is set to premiere this fall. Smits will play Neron "Nero" Padilla, a Latino gang member who serves as a mentor to Jax.  Read more »
This week‘s Buddy Bites includes a controversial casting scoop, an exciting new series and a bunch of baby news. Read on to find out more. Read more »
Lost star Harold Perrineau has found a new gig. The actor best known for playing Michael Dawson on the hit ABC series has landed a major role in FX‘s Sons of Anarchy for the show‘s upcoming fifth season.  Read more »