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The wait is finally over for FX‘s highly anticipated motorcycle club series, Sons of Anarchy.  Tonight at 10pm, the network gives viewers a taste of the edgy yet humorous drama with its pilot episode that introduces the members of the notorious outlaw motorcycle club and their intent to protect their sheltered town of Charming, California from drug dealers and local corporate developers.Tagged as The Sopranos on Harleys, Sons of Anarchy stars Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller, the son of SAMCRO‘s (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original) late co-founder John Teller.  At present, Jax is the vice president of the club, next to his step-father president (and other co-founder) Clay.  Seeing that there‘s two co-founders, one died and the other married the dead guy‘s wife, viewers can expect this to become an issue at some point. Read on for tonight‘s episode preview. Read more »
Sons of Anarchy is off to a good start after its highly anticipated premiere last Wednesday, which garnered mostly positive reviews.  The series about the lives of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club operating in the fiction town of Charming in California has left lots of viewers hooked.  But for those who are not yet convinced to jump on board in a fanatic way, perhaps tonight‘s episode will change your mind. In the premiere episode, we saw Jax‘s journey starting with two discoveries: his son‘s distressing premature birth by his meth-addicted ex-wife Wendy Case and the life-changing document written by his father who died 14 years ago. Moreover, we were also introduced to a rival gang who robbed and sabotaged Samcro‘s illegal-arms warehouse, while some local white supremacists looked to expand their meth trade inside Charming‘s borders. Read more »
Tonight, fans can look forward to a new episode of Sons of Anarchy, the series about a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club operating in the fictional town of Charming in northern California.  But before I give you a preview of what‘s to come, here‘s a quick recap of what has happened so far: Samcro executed its own sense of justice in retrieving the guns after a rival club sabotaged their illegal-arms warehouse, while the deputy chief of police posed a new threat to Samcro‘s reign over Charming.  Jax continued to worry about the fate of his son Abel, who is born 10 weeks premature as a result of his mother‘s crank addiction.  On the other hand, Opie was forced to make a very difficult decision as he struggled with his finances. Read more »
Previously on Sons of Anarchy, members of Samcro took arms to capture an assailant after the 13-year-old daughter of the wealthy Oswald family was raped and beaten at a carnival.  Instead of going to the Charming Police Department, Elliot Oswald opted to take his problem to the Sons of Anarchy. Clay agreed to find the dirt bag that hurt Tristan as long as Elliot is willing to "deliver justice."  Moreover, a new batch of firearms arrived from Samcro‘s IRA connection, little Abel‘s condition improved, Wendy got out of detox while Tara‘s ex-boyfriend arrived in Charming. Tonight, fans can enjoy another episode of Sons of Anarchy.  The action continues tonight with the installment called “Patch Over.”  Read on for a preview. Read more »
SAMCRO fans will be pleased to know that FX has ordered another season of hit series Sons of Anarchy.  The motorcycle-club drama has been given a 13-episode order for its second run, with lead stars Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman on board.Coming from The Shield scribe Kurt Sutter, Sons of Anarchy is series about the lives of a close-knit motorcycle club operating in the fictional town of Charming in Northern California.  The show premiered on September 3 with 2.5 million viewers. Although the first-run episodes have performed modestly, the network reasoned the show‘s cumulative viewership numbers, which evidently prompted the sophomore order. Read more »
Sons of Anarchy isn‘t the type of show that captures a wide range of viewers.  However, it has found a solid following among a certain demographic, including female viewers, despite its intense brutality and strong sexuality that ranges from brawls to rape and castration.  It has also been among the most promising freshmen dramas for FX, ultimately leading the 14-year-old network to pick up the motorcycle-themed show for a second season following just four episodes.Though often billed as “The Sopranos on bikes,” Sons of Anarchy is still considered an unusual offering in today‘s TV line up.  So what drove executive producer Kurt Sutter to create a drama about a gun-running motorcycle club handing out an eye-for-an-eye justice in a small town? Read more »
BuddyTV interviews Charlie Hunnam, star of Sons of Anarchy.The FX drama Sons of Anarchy, which airs a new episode tonight at 10pm, was renewed for a second season this week. This is good news for star Charlie Hunnam, whose previous TV role was on Judd Apatow‘s Undeclared, a comedy well before it‘s time as now it‘s hard to imagine a show starring Seth Rogen would be quickly canceled.Since that show ended in 2002, Hunnam hasn‘t worked much, but that‘s by choice. He is very selective, only going after a role if the material is worth it. Though Hunnam is more concerned with a film career, the lure of Sons of Anarchy was too great. BuddyTV spoke to Hunnam about his decision to return to television, working with the show‘s great cast, and what fans can look forward to in season 2. Continue reading for the full transcript and to listen to the interview. Read more »
The last episode of Sons of Anarchy centered on the women of Samcro, who became the focus of pressure and attention of Agent Stahl (guest star Ally Walker).  Questions about Cherry‘s past rose to the surface, when she revealed interesting information about herself to Half-Sack.  Tonight, the action keeps on going with another installment of the series.  Sons of Anarchy returns with the episode “Capybara.”  Read more »
Last Wednesday on Sons of Anarchy, Jax‘s loyalty to SAMCRO was tested when one member got arrested and another went missing.  At the same time, Abel‘s improving condition spurred his release from the NICU but he wasn‘t the only one who came home.  Viewers also saw the return of Drea de Matteo as Jax‘s crackhead wife, who threw another wrinkle into the life of the show‘s main man, as well as the emergence of Sons of Anarchy‘s true villains, including the devious Agent Stohl, played by Ally Walker, and Clay Morrow.  While there‘s nothing definite at this point, there‘s something deeply evil about Clay that is likely to put him at odds later with Jax.  Fans will just have to stay tuned to find out every Wednesday at 10pm on FX.Read on for a preview of tonight‘s installment.Warning: This article may contain spoilers. Read more »
After being renewed for a second season, the freshman series from FX Son of Anarchy is set to air its first season finale tonight at 10pm.  The crime drama about an outlaw motorcycle gang in fictional town Charming, California was created by a former writer and producer of another FX drama The Shield Kurt Sutter.  According to a critic who had seen the finale, it was “powerfully satisfying, emotional and sets up the next season perfectly.” On this episode called “Revelator,” club members need to reevaluate their bonds of brotherhood in the wake of a great tragedy, so it means SAMCRO fans will get to feast their eyes on another 13 episodes and Charlie Hunnam, Katey Segal, and Ron Perlman.  When the show premiered more than a couple of months ago in September 3, it debuted to some 2.5 million viewers.  Going forward, the show turned out averaging 5.4 million viewers. Read more »
Previously, Charlie Hunnam is known for such roles as Nathan Maloney on Queer as Folk in 1999 and Bosie in the 2003 film Cold Mountain.  Today, the British actor is best known for his role as Jax Teller on the FX series Sons of Anarchy.  Tagged as The Sopranos on wheels, Sons of Anarchy is a darkly funny drama about an outlaw motorcycle club bent on protecting their town against invading drug dealers and corporate developers.  The Charming-based SAMCRO had a 13-episode run for its debut season, ending in an episode called “Revelator” that aired last night at 10pm.In an interview, Hunnam, 28, revealed that he had a two-year break before agreeing to star on Sons of Anarchy, revealing his extremely picky nature when it comes to projects. Read more »
Previously, we gave you some tidbits on how the second season of the FX motorcycle series Sons of Anarchy would shape up, thanks to creator and executive producer Kurt Sutter.  The sophomore 13-episode season will likely premiere in September 2009, so Sons of Anarchy fans have a lot of waiting to do, a mere weeks after the first season wrapped up its own 13-episode run.  As far as ratings go, 5.4 million viewers on the average. Meanwhile, Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam, who plays Jax Teller on the series, said he couldn‘t see himself putting on the shoes of the character he plays.  ”I am a super lazy guy outside of work and from what I have seen of that lifestyle it seems to be very hectic.  Don‘t think I would be able to keep up.”  After all, Jax is SAMCRO‘s vice-president. Read more »
The die-hard fans of badass FX series Sons of Anarchy will have to wait until around September before they get to see their favorite motorcycle gang from Charming, California back on screens.  In consolation, though, the show recently started shooting its sophomore season, and creator Kurt Sutter promised good things for its return."This season is going to be about all the internal conflicts that happen at the club," Sutter tells E! Online at the TV Land Awards.  "And I think the club is going to become its own worst enemy.  We‘re still figuring it out, and we‘re still doing some casting." Read more »
Several months before FX motorcycle drama Sons of Anarchy returns, the network has released another teaser trailer that focuses solely on Katey Sagal‘s character Gemma Teller Morrow - the "beautiful queen of bikers" who can be quite a "handful."  Gemma, of course, is the widow of SAMCRO motorcycle club founder who later married Clay, played by Ron Perlman.The 55-year-old Married ... with Children star tells Ace Showbiz that she is indeed very fond of her character.  "I like her loyalty, her sense of right and wrong in her world.  What‘s so interesting about a motorcycle club is the set of rules they live by, and there are definite ways of behaving.  She definitely loves her own family, her extended club family, and she would do anything for them." Read more »
Leave it to the people behind Desperate Housewives to make sure that Wisteria Lane is never short of a vixen to stir things up. Producers have been on the lookout for another housewife to join the ABC dramedy for quite some time and now that Nicolette Sheridan‘s character Edie is finally out of the picture, it‘s time to put a face to Edie‘s highly anticipated replacement. According to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, Emmy-winning Sopranos heroine Drea de Matteo is joining the cast of Desperate Housewives as a series regular next season. Though her character is yet to be named, she‘ll be playing the matriarch of a new Italian family. On the other hand, casting is underway for her on-screen landscape designer husband and their 19-year-old tightly wound son, who is likely to strike a spark with one of the neighborhood girls.  Read more »
The heavily anticipated second season of bad-ass FX motorcycle series Sons of Anarchy will return to screens September 8, kicking off the cable network‘s fall schedule, FX reports.  Sons of Anarchy will return alongside the fifth season of comedy It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, plus the second to the last season of Nip/Tuck, featuring guest stars Vanessa Redgrave, Rose McGowan, Mario Lopez, and Gilles Marini.Sons of Anarchy moves to a new schedule, coinciding with new adversaries for the gang in the person of two white supremacists A.J. Weston and Ethan Zobelle, played by Adam Arkin and Henry Rollins, on top of old adversaries and rival clubs.  It was previously reported that Drea de Matteo will not be returning to charming as Jax‘s baby-mama Wendy, as she is Wisteria Lane-bound for Desperate Housewives.  Both Ally Walker and Mitch Pileggi, meanwhile, will be back as Agent Stahl and Ernest Darby respectively.An average of 5.83 million viewers tune in to see the motorcycle club, big numbers in the cable universe. Read more »
After the Gemma-centric promo, FX has released yet another teaser en route to the September 8 premiere of Sons of Anarchy‘s sophomore season. This time, the motorcycle drama puts the spotlight on the rivalry between Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) and stepfather Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman, when the former challenges the latter in a head-to-head race on their Harley‘s.The rift between the two is by no means new; in fact, it was one of the major issues in Sons of Anarchy‘s debut season. Jax, of course, is the son of SAMCRO creator John Teller. When he died, Jax‘s Mom Gemma (Katey Segal) married Clay and later became the president of the motorcycle club. The friction between the two started when Jax found out the original manifesto of SAMCRO courtesy of his father‘s old journal.In other Sons of Anarchy news, the first season DVD will hit stores August 18, meaning fans will have less than a month to have a refresher before season 2 gets rolling on FX. Read more »
Just a little over a month before the sophomore season of FX motorcycle series Sons of Anarchy kicks off, E! Online reports that something "horrifying" will happen on the premiere episodes. What this is, there is hardly any hint, but from the way it‘s described, it appears to be pretty huge."Something worse and more distressing that the castration or the blowtorch tattoo removal in season one. It‘s the kind of thing that makes it hard to run around recommending SOA as "awesome," because it sucks all the bloodthirsty joy out of the show. On the other hand, it‘s aggressively honest--at least as far as fictional tales about barbarians go--and if you can bear to watch, it will certainly make you react and think and wonder what happens next."Sons of Anarchy is set to return to FX and Charming, California on September 8 at 10pm. It stars Charlie Hunnam, Katey Segal and Ron Perlman. According to earlier reports, the second season will see SAMCRO dealing with the fallout following Donna‘s death, causing internal tensions to rise to an all time high. Will the "horrifying" development on the season 2 premiere involve these "internal tensions" on the motorcycle club? Tune in to find out. Read more »
There‘s a lot more going on Sons of Anarchy besides sex and violence, if that doesn‘t get your attention. I admit that I‘ve just jumped on this show‘s fan wagon quite recently but when I did, I couldn‘t believe why it took me this long. In a nutshell, the FX series takes viewers to the exciting small town of Charming, where a motorcycle gang known as SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original) practically rules. It basically puts the spotlight on the bad guys with complex morals while keeping them likable enough by surrounding them with less affable characters like crooked cops, white-supremacist and other rival gangs.  Led by Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), the club protects and controls Charming through close community relationships, bribery and violent intimidation. Though club members have "day jobs" in local industries (most of them working at Clay‘s auto repair shop), they primarily earn a living by importing illegal weapons and selling them to drug gangs in the East Bay, along with protection runs for local business. Serving as vice president of the club is Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnman), a relatively sensitive soul who eventually discovers an unpublished manuscript by his late father and realizes that the original intention of the club is not what the rebellious group has evolved into. Jax doesn‘t seem to be indecisive but he‘s obviously struggling with the club‘s direction now that Clay is married to his mother Gemma (Katey Sagal). Still unconvinced? Perhaps the following reasons will change your mind: Read more »
FX has just released several promotional photos for the sophomore season of Sons of Anarchy, which kicks off on Tuesday, September 8 at 10pm. Captured on stills are the main and secondary characters including Jax, Clay, Tara, Gemma, Opie, Tig, Juice, Bobby Elvis, Chibs, Prospect, Piney, Hale, Uncer, AJ Weston and Ethan Zobelle. Though you can‘t tell based on the photos what‘s in store for season 2, you can expect new episodes to bring internal tensions to an all-time high as new villains surface the town of Charming.  Read more »
As if Sons of Anarchy hasn‘t had enough villains to deal with, it wastes no time in adding a few more hurdles for SAMCRO. Evil has a new face in Charming and this time, he comes in the form of Adam Arkin. When Sons of Anarchy kicks off its second season on September 8, the Chicago Hope star will play someone whose moral compass is not necessarily in keeping with his own. Wreaking havoc as Ethan Zobelle, he‘ll serve as the frontrunner of his white supremacist crew and is set to open a cigar shop on Main Street in an attempt to suck up to the community and force SAMCRO out. Read more »
Losing a tooth is a pretty big deal for Charlie Hunnam, who plays Jax on Sons of Anarchy, especially since he takes pride in the fact that he‘s never had a filling and has never done anything to his teeth. But it looks like it‘s all worth the pain and humiliation as the English actor describes the scene that caused this major sacrifice. If you‘ve been diligently watching Sons of Anarchy, then you‘re already aware of the kind of aggression the series doles out. SAMCRO itself is a fearless depiction of violence as members use their fists to express their feelings, whether it‘s about payback, protection or settling of scores. However, you wouldn‘t expect, Jax, among all its members, to physically come to blows with one of his club bros, right? Read more »
Last season, fans of Sons of Anarchy witnessed the death of Opie‘s wife, Donna, at the hands of Tig (and Clay) ---which pretty much set the tone and direction for the second season‘s plot. Unfortunately, it looks like Donna‘s funeral isn‘t the last one for the show because SAMCRO will be mourning for yet another loss this season. Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!! Read more »
FX has officially renewed Sons of Anarchy for yet another season after riding high into the finale with 4.33 million viewers total and 2.99 million adults ages 18-to-49--- the series‘ best ratings so far. Season 3 will consist of 13 installments and is scheduled to return in September 2010.If you missed the finale, you read the review here. Read more »
It‘s rare to find a TV series these days that could sustain good hype and live up to its glorious start but Sons of Anarchydid just that. Week after week, the second season surpassed myexpectations as Charming became a battle ground for SAMCRO and its manyrivals, proving that the tension in Sons of Anarchy is far from running its course. Asmy way of wrapping up a brilliant season, I‘ve picked 10 of my favoritemoments. Feel free to leave your favorite moments, scenes and quotes inthe comments below! Read more »
Amidst the whole NBC fiasco, it‘s nice to know that Conan O‘Brien has a spot waiting for him on FX. In case you didn‘t know, series creator Kurt Sutter has offered the Tonight Show host an "open invitation" to appear on his acclaimed motorcycle gang series Sons of Anarchy.  Read more »
If there‘s one thing I‘ve learned on Sons of Anarchy, it‘s that family always comes first in the world of SAMCRO. A lot of salt may have been added to Jax and Clay‘s wounds this season but the beef between these leather clad men has been put aside the moment Gemma came clean about her rape, and ultimately, when little Abel was abducted by Cameron.  Read more »
I honestly don‘t know where to begin. The second season of Sons of Anarchy kicked off with a very disturbing plot involving Gemma‘s rape and it concluded with a cliffhanger that has left me mourning with a very heavy heart. Going into the finale, I wanted SAMCRO to exact revenge against the League, and satisfyingly, the show did just that---only payback turned out to be even more gruesome than what I expected.   Read more »
It‘s time for retribution, Sons of Anarchy fans! All-season long SAMCRO has been trying to settle scores one way or another, whether it‘s between its members or its rivals. But vengeance is about to really take form tonight in the second season ender entitled "Na Trioblidi."  Read more »
While we wait for SAMCRO to rid Charming of Ethan Zobelle and his cohorts once and for all, let me leave you with some thoughts on what might go down in tomorrow‘s Sons of Anarchy second season ender. I have not seen "Na Trioblidi" yet so technically there won‘t be any spoilers here surrounding the much anticipated season ender. But read no further if you want to go into the final episode of Sons of Anarchy completely blind.  Read more »
Now that SAMCRO has seemingly solved all their internal issues, it‘s time to focus on the real villains of Sons of Anarchy‘s second season: The League. Last time on the FX series, our favorite motorcycle club found out about Ethan Zobelle‘s shady dealings in Charming behind the back of his second in command, AJ Weston. Now, they‘re using this little piece of information to tear the League apart just like the League tried to weaken the club when they gang raped Gemma.  Read more »
If you enjoy seeing SAMCRO at war, then you‘ll love what Sons of Anarchy has in store for "The Culling," the penultimate episode of season 2. The fight between SAMCRO and the League may have been anticipated all-season long but considering how brilliant and gratifying this whole season has been, it‘s safe to assume that everything about tonight‘s episode will blow your expectations.  Read more »
It‘s hard to believe that Sons of Anarchy can easily go from a place full of hate and retribution to a place where love and forgiveness reign. But we see the unexpected happen in the episode "Service."The 11th episode of Sons of Anarchy‘s second season picks up right where we left off last week with Jax attaching his SAMCRO patch back in his vest--- a confirmation that he‘s officially back in business. While Jax tells Clay "we kill them," his whole approach to avenge his mother‘s rape changes at the club meeting. SAMCRO takes the smarter route this time by studying the League‘s weakness, which turns out to be Zobelle‘s secret dealings with the Mayans to control the heroin circuit behind his pal AJ Weston‘s back. The club is determined to use this scoop to create internal friction within the League, ultimately giving Zobelle a dose of his own medicine.  Read more »
How do you follow up "Balm," which has been labeled the best episode of Sons of Anarchy? Leave it to the brilliance of series creator Kurt Sutter and company as the show moves on to its 11th installment called "Service." Gemma‘s revelation about her rape last week serves as the first step in what appears to be a very long healing process. However, her tragedy is so huge that it throws everything else, even Jax and Clay‘s hate for each other, in the backseat. And now that Jax is officially back in the club, we can expect that tonight‘s episode is about nothing but revenge. Read more »
If "Balm" isn‘t the best episode from Sons of Anarchy, then I don‘t know what is. And it‘s not even the finale yet. This week, we get 90 minutes of honest-to-goodness TV and I‘m not just saying this because I‘m a fan of this show. Much of the 10th episode of Sons of Anarchy delves into Jax‘s decision to go nomad and the impact it brings on the rest of SAMCRO though, in the end, we find comfort in knowing that all hope is not lost thanks to Gemma‘s big tear-jerking reveal about her rape. Read more »
If there‘s anything worth watching on TV on Tuesday nights, it‘s definitely Sons of Anarchy--a show about a notorious outlaw motorcycle club that leaves you at the edge your seat each week. Now imagine doubling that rush as FX airs 90 minutes of suspense, drama and action tonight at 10pm.  Read more »
The bloody prison fight, Bobby‘s speech for healing and Gemma‘s dinner have not improved the tension between Jax and Clay by one bit on Sons of Anarchy, and unfortunately, the death of Luanne has further added salt to the injury. In the episode "Fa Guan," we see more loathing than ever before as Clay blames Jax for Luanne‘s murder and uses her death as an excuse to shutdown the porn factory.  Read more »
Charming continues to be a battle ground for SAMCRO and its many rivals, proving that the tension in Sons of Anarchy is far from running its course. In tonight‘s episode called "Fa Guan," we see the our favorite motorcycle club deal with the aftermath of the death of Luanne, who was killed after Jax, Bobbie and Opie taunted and threatened her rival porn producer Georgie Caruso for stealing some cameras in Luanne‘s porn studio. Read more »
Jax and Clay‘s relationship seems beyond repair now more than ever and the events that transpire in this week‘s episode of Sons of Anarchy make all SAMCRO‘s holes even deeper. The rest of the club members are well aware that something has to be done to make things right, however, various legal and shady businesses have separated them further into different corners.  Read more »
The ending of last week‘s episode of Sons of Anarchy gives us a pretty clear picture of how muddled SAMCRO‘s state of affairs will be in the eighth episode of the second season called "Potlatch." Now that Jax and Clay have gone separate ways after brutally coming to blows in prison, it seems that nothing can be done to unite our favorite motorcycle club. Read more »
Time doesn‘t heal all wounds and this doesn‘t just apply to Tara‘s injured nose which seems to be getting worse each week on Sons of Anarchy. Bobby has it all right when he said that "the club needs a healing" in this week‘s episode but it‘s the kind of healing that doesn‘t come with time. Something has to be done to make things right within SAMCRO and it has to be done fast.  Read more »
After all the tension between Clay and Jax, it all comes down to a bloody prison fist fight in "Gilead," the seventh episode of Sons of Anarchy‘s second season. Ironically, this episode is supposed to be about healing of sorts though it seems like the wounds are deeper than ever. And if you‘re expecting these two men to set aside their differences in attempt to survive jail, then clearly you haven‘t been watching Sons of Anarchy that long.  Read more »
The League couldn‘t have picked a better place for Jax and Clay to come to blows in tonight‘s episode of Sons of Anarchy. With majority of SAMCRO members behind bars, the club is forced to make new alliances in prison to survive while Agent Stahl takes advantage of the situation to further put a wedge on Jax and Clay‘s relationship. Read more »
Everything‘s a mess in Sons of Anarchy and I mean that in the most positive way. This week‘s episode, "Falx Cerebri," presents the mounting tension within the club in a silver platter and this time the beef is not just between Jax and Clay, it‘s also between Jax and Opie. But before anything else, let‘s recap: a white separatist gang attacks Otto in jail, leading Jax and Clay to yet another heated argument on whether or not to retaliate against the League. Chief Unser confides in Hale about Gemma‘s rape in hopes of steering him away from Zobelle while Chibs was caught in an explosion at the club‘s garage. Read more »
If there‘s one thing on Clay‘s mind on tonight‘s episode of Sons of Anarchy, it‘s revenge and revenge alone. You can‘t blame him though. After all, the League tried to take down two of his men: first it was Otto, and then it was Chibs. And it looks like the settling of scores is far from over. Read more »
Sometimes revenge is not the best solution. Or is it? That seems to be main argument in "Smite," the title of the fifth episode of Sons of Anarchy‘s second season. After last week‘s tension-filled feud between Jax and Clay, the rivalry between these two characters has apparently become more subtle yet the wound is deeper than ever. Read more »
Besides Gemma‘s gang rape incident and SAMCRO being caught in between the One-Niners and the Mayans (as tipped off by the Aryan brotherhood), there hasn‘t really been an exchange of blows between our favorite motorcycle gang and the wicked white separatist group. But it looks like it‘s all about to go down tonight on Sons of Anarchy in the episode entitled "Smite." Read more »
Series creator Kurt Sutter and his crew must have had a eureka moment when they made this week‘s Sons of Anarchy episode, proving that the rest of season 2 can live up to its glorious start while surpassing expectations week after week. Charming is rapidly turning into a combat zone, not just with the arrival of the Aryans, but the fact that the Jax-Clay feud is now starting to take form, with members of SAMCRO taking sides. Read more »
More trouble‘s afoot on tonight‘s episode of Sons of Anarchy, and it‘s not just because of the traumatizing attacks on previous installments.  We last saw the characters in a "Fix" but it seems as though a stroke of genius will be hitting them tonight on "Eureka."  That is, if the gang survives another assault.On "Eureka," there‘s even more tension boiling between Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Clay (Ron Perlman) as they try to rescue Tig (Kim Coates).  He‘s been captured by bounty hunters, and crossing the state lines is going to be tough.  Read more »
Gemma is still trying to keep the best revenge against LOAN by keeping her mouth shut about being gang raped though it does take a toll on her relationship with Clay in Tuesday‘s episode Sons of Anarchy. I feel sorry for Gemma for what she went through but I also feel sorry for Clay for having no idea what happened. One thing‘s for sure, though, Gemma‘s "accident" is affecting not only their sex life, but their marriage as well.  "Fix" seems to be an appropriate title for the third episode of Sons of Anarchy‘s second season simply because it wastes no time in presenting solutions for some of the problems of SAMCRO and the rest of Charming, albeit temporarily.  Read more »
Jax may have gotten Tara back but that doesn‘t mean that these two will have their happily ever after ending, at least not anytime soon. And judging from the way things look in tonight‘s episode of Sons of Anarchy entitled "Fix," more roadblocks are in the cards for these two love birds.Now we all know that Tara‘s been trying her best to accept Jax --- and everything about him including his perilous lifestyle and his gang. She‘s also being exposed gradually to some of SAMCRO‘s shady deeds. And so far, she‘s been doing a superb job taking everything in, in spite of some pretty big reservations. But what happens when a girl gets in the way of Tara and her man? Read more »
If there‘s one thing I‘ve learned on Sons of Anarchy, it‘s never to underestimate Gemma. She may have suffered in last week‘s second season opener but she remains solid as ever. Not that being brutally raped doesn‘t take a toll on her. It does and we see it all in "Small Tears," which opens with a cold and helpless Gemma on the floor of an abandoned warehouse while Katey Sagal gives her own rendition "Ruby Tuesday" on the background. It‘s disheartening and outright haunting.   Read more »
Sons of Anarchy is one of the shows I‘m really looking forward to this fall and after watching last week‘s disturbingly good season 2 opener, my excitement has definitely hit the roof. With the arrival of the League of American Nationalists (LOAN), led by Ethan Zobelle and his pal AJ Weston, things are not looking good for SAMCRO. But the way things are going, our favorite motorcycle club might as well tear down itself before their new opponents do more damage. Read more »
After watching Kate Sagal‘s gripping scene in the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy‘s second season, it‘s only natural for fans to wonder what will now happen to her character Gemma. Will she plot her sweet revenge right away? Or will she carry on as if nothing happened? Warning: This article may contain spoilers!!! Read more »
"It‘s time for a change," Piney told Jax last season on Sons of Anarchy and I felt every bit of it as the show returned last night for its sophomore season. That "change," however, didn‘t come in the form of a resolution for SAMCRO as you can still feel the tension among its members in the wake of Donna‘s death. It‘s understandable, though, because fixing things doesn‘t happen quick and easy. Instead, we find a newly assertive Jax, a vengeful Opie, who still doesn‘t have a clue who really killed his wife Donna, and a new villain in the form of The League of American Nationalists (LOAN), who seems to stand for particularly twisted brand of malevolence.If you missed "Albification," then I suggest you stop reading and watch it now. Take note, however, that it‘s not for the faint of heart. But for the rest of you who did, fire your comments away as I discuss what went down.  Read more »
Tonight marks the return of Sons of Anarchy, picking up in the wake of Donna‘s death with the club now seemingly divided. At this point, it‘s going to be difficult for Samcro to return to the way things were but our favorite leather-clad men will have to figure out a way protect the club‘s livelihood and ensure that their sheltered town of Charming remains exactly the way it is. Unfortunately, there‘s a new gang in town who won‘t stop at nothing until they get what they want. Read more »
Just seven days and counting! Sons of Anarchy will soon kick off its second season, shedding light on the club in the wake of Donna‘s death. If you‘ve read our spoilers, then you already have an idea, more or less, of what‘s in store for the coming episodes. If you‘re still dying to get a glimpse of the new season and can‘t wait for next Tuesday, check out these episode stills from the episode "Albification," where you‘ll find almost all the players on Sons of Anarchy.  Read more »
As if Charming isn‘t already crowded with SAMCRO, the Mayans, the IRA and all the other rival gangs, Sons of Anarchy brings in two more characters to stir up the drama. According to the Chicago Tribune, Paula Malcolmson has signed on for an eight-episode arc, while Kenneth Johnson, who had a small role in the Sons of Anarchy season 2 finale, will be back for the show‘s third season. Read more »