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So You Think You Can Dance aired the premiere episode of the show‘s third season last night and it was good to be back.  There‘s always the thought that So You Think You Can Dance premieres too quickly after the finale of American Idol (less than 24 hours later, this year).  Give fans a little time to breathe, FOX.  The two shows are an extension of each other and So You Think You Can Dance, contrary to what some may believe, is on equal footing with Idol in almost every aspect of production.  If you like American Idol, you almost certainly will like So You Think You Can Dance.Like Idol, So You Think You Can Dance begins its season with a glut of audition episodes that showcase the good and the bad.  Actually, So You Think You Can Dance tends to focus less on the bad auditions than Idol.  Perhaps this is because bad singers tend to be funny, while bad dancers tend to be depressing.  Or, maybe there are simply less delusional people who think they can dance than there are delusional people who think they can sing.  You never know. Read more »
American Idol ends, So You Think You Can Dance begins, Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe get paid, and the world keeps on spinnin‘.  As I did throughout the American Idol season, I‘ll be giving my live thoughts for each episode of the So You Think You Can Dance season.  I am not a professional dancer and, thus, any analysis/criticism of the dancing should be taken with a grain of salt.  It‘s the season premiere tonight, which means a lot of footage of bad dancing.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching the episode. Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance makes its time slot debut tonight at 8PM ET/PT with a special two-hour audition episode.  Tomorrow, So You Think You Can Dance  will air one final audition episode (from Atlanta) before segueing into next week‘s Vegas round, where the judges will eliminate all but ten guys and ten girls.  So, if you‘re keeping score, So You Think You Can Dance is doing in five episodes what it takes American Idol five weeks to do: get out of the auditions and to the performance episodes. Read more »
Viewers were treated to an absolutely epic two hour So You Think You Can Dance episode last night.  We were taken to Los Angeles and Chicago, where anyone with a pulse could come and try out and make their way to the next round in Vegas.  The episode was devoid of bad dancing, which was actually a welcome surprise.  There were a few terrible auditions, of course, but far less than we‘re accustomed to.  Maybe people are starting to learn.Here‘s a look at all of the notable auditions from last night, including two people with prosthetic limbs, a disturbing amount of 18 year olds, and the infamous Gold Inferno: Read more »
The auditions are over on So You Think You Can Dance and we‘re moving on to Hollywood.  Last night‘s final audition installment from Atlanta was one of the better ones and we saw a lot of talent and a couple good stories.  The highlight of the night: the best robot performance you‘ve likely ever seen.  Really, and by someone you‘d never expect.  Shane Sparks again joined permanent judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy for the auditions in Atlanta.Here‘s a look at all of the notable auditions from Atlanta: Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance finishes their audition episodes tonight with a last stop in Atlanta.  The ATL should prove to be a nice epicenter of dance talent, if last night‘s promos were any indication.  Starting next Wednesday, So You Think You Can Dance moves to Las Vegas and by the end of next week we‘ll have our top 20 finalists.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching tonight‘s audition episode.I‘ll tell you what, I‘ve read a lot of people‘s opinions regarding Cat Deeley and not all have been kind.  I think she‘s a pretty darn good host.  No Seacrest, but still a very solid host. Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance hits Las Vegas tonight.  The Vegas rounds are where all the dancers who made it past the initial auditions try and prove that they deserve to be in the top 20.  What follows are my live thoughts as I watch tonight‘s episode.And here we are in Las Vegas.  190 dancers have made it to this round.  By tomorrow, we‘ll be down to a top 20.  The dancers are going to learn a bunch of different dances in a very short period of time.  People will cry, if you‘re into that sort of thing.  Read more »
Okay.  The episode of So You Think You Can Dance that this space has been chosen to discuss began its proceedings with 190 dancers.  It is unclear how many of these 190 were males and how many were females.  Regardless, there is no easy way for FOX to present this process.  They can‘t show, in acceptable detail, all the people we‘ve come to know over the initial audition episodes.  There is only an hour, and within that hour, 140 dancers were sent away into relative oblivion, likely never to be seen again.  The problem is this:  Where to begin in a recap like the one you are reading right now?  Read more »
This is the night where we learn who our season three top 20 finalists are.  It‘s round two of Vegas week.  We‘re starting the night off with 50 dancers, of which thirty will be eliminated.  So You Think You Can Dance has, in the past, made some relatively poor finalist decisions.  How will it work out tonight?  What follows are my live thoughts while watching the episode.Each dancer performs a solo routine.  We get highlights but little personal attention here.  I don‘t really recognize any of these people.  Well, some of them.  We see our first Vegas sighting of Caitlin Cucchiara, the 18 year old.  But after that, it‘s incredible how many of these finalists we‘ve never heard from before. Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance has their top twenty.  Before we get to that, here‘s a little run down of last night‘s events:With 50 contestants left, each dancer performed a solo routine in front of the judges for one last time.  They received no feedback, and the judges would make their final decisions based on their performances throughout the week.  After the solo dances and a quick deliberation by the judges, Nigel calls 16 dancers on stage.  He tells them all that they‘ve been eliminated and have to go home.  Brutal. Read more »
Tomorrow night, twenty little known dancing prodigies will step to the stage on national television and enthrall millions of viewers.  So You Think You Can Dance, now in its third year and one of the most popular summer television shows, begins the performance and results portion of its competition tomorrow night, which will see ten guys and ten girls competing for the next couple months until only one remains.  We got to know some of these finalists over the course of the audition episodes, but some we didn‘t see at all.  So ,who are these dancers that we will come to know in the coming weeks, root for and against, and from whom will come the next So You Think You Can Dance champion?Here is a look at the top 20: Read more »
Shane Sparks is an accomplished hip-hop dancer and choreographer who has become well-known for his work as a judge and choreographer on the hit summer series So You Think You Can Dance.  Shane broke into the business at an early age teaching hip-hop dance and, within the industry, is probably best known as the choreographer for the film You Got Served.  As the third season of So You Think You Can Dance hits their first performance episode tonight, we‘ve got an exclusive interview with Shane, in which we discuss how he got his start, what it‘s like to be a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, and what he‘s got in store for the future. Read more »
For those who watched tonight‘s So You Think You Can Dance, the prevailing thought had to be this: wow, that was really good.  The dancing, that is.  Everything else (the production, Cat Deeley‘s off-putting height, Mary Murphy inanity) was more or less the same.  The quality of the newly formed couples, however, was better than expected.  I was planning on comparing and contrasting my first impressions with tonight‘s dancers with some of last season‘s American Idol contestants.  For instance, “so and so is the dancing equivalent of Sanjaya.”  This cannot be done, because everyone was so damn good tonight. Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance brings us its first results show of the year and, unlike some reality shows, the voters don‘t have the whole say.  They will choose the bottom three, but after that it‘s up to the judges.  This is the way it should be.  What do us amateurs really know, anyway.  Let‘s leave it to the experts, at least in the early rounds.  What follows are my live thoughts and live results.  Stay tuned throughout the hour for constant updates. Read more »
It‘s a testament to the talent level of the performers this year on So You Think You Can Dance that the first two eliminated contestants were supremely talented and recipients of (arguably) the most flattering praise from the judges prior to Wednesday‘s performance show.  Ashlee Langas was told that she dances like people would dance in heaven.  Ricky Palomino was told by Mia Michaels that he was her favorite male dancer in the entire competition.  High praise; unfortunately, it didn‘t mean much. Read more »
If it‘s possible to be a polarizing dancer as a result of only the audition episodes on So You Think You Can Dance, Ricky Palomino was it.  After the quirky contemporary dancer was eliminated from the show last night, BuddyTV users arrived in droves to express their anger with the judge‘s decisions to send Ricky home.  Ricky is an extremely talented dancer and one of choreographer/sometimes judge Mia Michaels‘ favorites, but it wasn‘t enough to keep him around.  Ricky stopped by earlier this morning to talk about his experiences on So You Think You Can Dance.Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
Starting today, we here at BuddyTV will have exlcusive interviews with all the eliminated So You Think You Can Dance contestants.  The first today is with Ashlee Langas, the small-town Texas lady who wowed judges throughout auditions with her beautiful contemporary dancing ability.  Ashlee, unfortunately, didn‘t get show off what she is truly capable of and fell victim to an abnormally talent stocked group of females in this year‘s cast.  Ashlee discussed how she started dancing and what the future holds.Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of our interview. Read more »
19-year old Sabra Johnson, one of the 20 finalists on the second season of So You Can Think You Can Dance, said on Tuesday that she has never once lived in Boise, Idaho. The confusion regarding Johnson’s residential history was caused by an article posted on the Fox network’s KTRV website. Part of the article read: Read more »
Daniel Snyder, the diminutive billionaire owner of the Washing Redskins, bought Dick Clark Productions earlier today for a reported $175 million.  Dick Clark Productions produces the FOX hit So You Think You Can Dance, as well as other television staples, such as Dick Clark‘s New Year‘s Rockin‘ Eve and the Golden Globe Awards.  Snyder‘s acquisition of the franchises shouldn‘t mean much in terms of the content of the shows, but it could very well change their visibility. Daniel Snyder‘s Red Zone Capital Fund has been on a purchasing tear in recent years.  Aside from buying the Redskins in what was, at the time, the most expensive sports franchise transaction on history (roughly $800 million), Snyder acts as Chairman of the Board for Six Flags and owns the Johnny Rocket restaurant franchise.  There is word that Snyder might use his multiple organizations for cross-promoting, which means there‘s chance we‘ll all be seeing “So You Think You Can Dance: The Ride” quite soon (or, perhaps, “Mary Murphy‘s Haunted Liver”). Read more »
With last week‘s elimination of partners Ashlee Langas and Ricky Palomino, there will be no need for the reshuffling of partnerships, so we‘ll get to see how the various dancing duos have evolved since week one, and how they are able to transition from one dance genre to another on a week-to-week basis.  The 2007 edition of So You Think You Can Dance has thus far been impressive, mostly because of the high level of talent the season has produced.  But, with week number two for the finalists here, will there be any sort of lull?  Will they all be as jacked up and motivated as they were last week?  What follows are my live thoughts from throughout tonight‘s two hour performance episode. Read more »
For the first time since I can remember on a So You Think You Can Dance results show, I have no idea who will be eliminated, who will be in the bottom three, and, most of all, who I want to be eliminated.  Everyone‘s good.  No one sticks out like a sore thumb.  They all seem to be on the same plain of talent, even if they do practition a variety of dance styles.  The judges are going to have a remarkably difficult decision tonight, no matter who those bottom couples are.  Whoever gets sent home, a lot of fans will be disappointed.  I‘ll be here giving my live thoughts and updating the results throughout the show. Read more »
Uniqueness versus ability.  Potential versus performance.  Those were the questions the judges on So You Think You Can Dance faced last night.  They were the same questions they faced last week and will be the questions that haunt them until Cedric Gardiner is eliminated or learns how to dance with a partner.  The judges final decision last night has baffled and infuriated fans, and for good reason.  There‘s no real argument to be made that Cedric performed better on Wednesday‘s show than Jimmy Arguello, who was eliminated in his stead.  No one would tell you that Cedric was better than Jimmy. No one. Yet, the judges have chosen potential over performance.  These decisions are never sound, but they happen all the time.  Potential is a sexy entity, although it is rarely fulfilled to the degree that it is in your mind.  Potential over performance is the kind of mindset that makes normally rational humans like Joe Dumars draft a person like Darko Milicic over Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh.  Nigel Lythgoe and Mia Michaels fell victim to the sexiness of potential last night, simple as that. Read more »
Jimmy Arguello fell victim to what a multitude of fans are considering a huge injustice.  Not through any fault of his own, Jimmy was eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance, after performing better than fellow dancer Cedric Gardiner.  The reason: Cedric has more potential and is more unique.  Jimmy‘s solo routine, as well, was apparently not enough to convince the judges to keep in the competition.  Jimmy was kind enough to take some time and speak with us today about his time on the show.  Below you will find both the full transcript as well as the mp3 audio of our interview. Read more »
Faina Savich began her time on So You Think You Can Dance being introduced by her brother, Stanislav, during auditions.  Stanislav had made the top twenty last season and now Faina was attempting to follow in his footsteps.  Once you saw Faina do her thing in auditions, she definitely looked destined to make the top twenty.  Her elimination was controversial in that her partner, Cedric, let her down two weeks in a row, yet he remains on the show and Faina is sent home.  Faina took some time to speak with us earlier today about her experiences on the show.Below you will find both the full transcript as well as the mp3 audio of our interview. Read more »
With the American Idols and So You Think You Can Dances of the world, you rarely get controversial decisions early in the season.  There tends to be some proverbial fat that needs to be trimmed.  If you have 20 finalists, most of the time a rational person will be able to point out 10 of those contestants and say “they have absolutely zero chance of winning this thing.”  Weirdly, this doesn‘t seem to be the case with the 2007 edition of So You Think You Can Dance.  Four quality dancers, four people who appeared to have top 10 or top five potential, have been kicked to the curb.  You‘d think this would be regarded as a travesty.  It hasn‘t been, mostly because every dancer in the top 20 is so damn good. Read more »
Black Eyed Peas product Fergie will join Ludacris on stage during Thursday‘s So You Think You Can Dance live results show for a performance of “Glamorous.”  The song is the third single from Fergie‘s debut album, The Dutchess.  The thematic conceit of “Glamorous” is that although Fergie has, and seems to enjoy, all the glamorous things that come with fame and wealth (like private jets, champagne and limos), she is still “real” and remembers her past and is down to earth.  One of the examples she uses to prove her point is that she still loves to eat at Taco Bell and drink beer out of keg cups.  Needless to say, the song is quite poignant.Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance, in what is actually a bigger deal, legendary choreographer Debbie Allen will step in as the guest judge for the next two nights.  Debbie Allen‘s resume is a long and intimidating one, but these are some of the highlights: Read more »
Time for another ginormously garagantuan two-hour episode of So You Think You Can Dance.  They probably don‘t need the whole two hours (well, they definitely don‘t) but FOX doesn‘t care: everyone‘s still watching.  The top 16 are full of great dancers, but diverse.  Who will fail in a style outside their comfort zone?  Who will underwhelm in a genre in their wheelhouse?  Will Cedric step it up, or show his lack of partnering skills once again?  I‘ll be here through the whole two hours giving my live thoughts during the show.I‘m so annoyed by how much I like the So You Think You Can Dance theme song.  I always start tapping my feet unconsciously and it pisses me off.  It‘s a silly song. Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance hits us up tonight with an episode that will either give us a completely unsurprising result (Jessi can‘t dance and is eliminated, Cedric is finally sent packing) or, if neither of those results come, all bets are off.  The only way Cedric doesn‘t get eliminated is if him and Shauna aren‘t relegated to the bottom three.  If that‘s the case, the guys‘ side of the table is wide open.  For the girls, if Jessi is alright, and she performs well in her solo routine, then the girls‘ side is also wide open.  At that point, it‘s a crapshoot.What follows are my live thoughts and up-to-the-minute results for the episode: Read more »
For the third week in a row, the prestigious judges of So You Think You Can Dance have made controversial and relatively baffling decisions.  Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and guest judge Debbie Allen were given an exceedingly difficult task this week, thanks to the non-inclusion of Cedric in the bottom three.  His deserved elimination has been long in the making, was overtly talked about during the performance show, and would have certainly come had the judges been allowed to send him home.  But, making a decision on which male to eliminate turned out to be much less surprising than their decision to eliminate Jessi Peralta for the girls. Read more »
Had you asked a fan of So You Think You Can Dance on Monday who would be eliminated later in the week, the concesus choice likely would‘ve been Cedric Gardner.  Very few, if any, people would have guessed Jesus Solorio.  Jesus had been a stand out performer over the first three weeks, receiving nary a critique from the judges.  That is why, then, it was such a humongous surprise last night when Nigel Lythgoe, without giving much of an explanation, told Jesus he‘d be going home.  Jesus was nice enough to stop by earlier today and talk about his time on So You Think You Can Dance.Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
Jessi Peralta hasn‘t had the best week.  The day of So You Think You Can Dance‘s top 16 performance episode, Jessi was rushed to the hospital after feeling weak and unable to breathe properly.  She was unable to perform that night and her future in the competition hung in the balance.  Miraculously, she appeared on last night‘s results show, seemingly at full strength.  She wowed the audience with a Cha Cha performed with partner Pasha, but (apparently) failed to connect with judges on her solo routine and was eliminated from the competition.  Jessi stopped by earlier today to discuss her time on the show. Below you will find both the written transcript and the full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
For the first time in the history of So You Think You Can Dance, the show will take an entire week off and air zero (0) new episodes.  Granted, So You Think You Can Dance is only in its third year of existence, but now any thoughts of a Cal Ripken-sized streak have been drop-kicked out the window.  The reason for this hiatus is, of course, the fact that the Fourth of July, Independence Day, a time for barbecue and beer and fireworks and tacky flag-themed apparel, is this Wednesday, a day that typically houses two-hour editions of So You Think You Can Dance during the summer.  Wisely, FOX decided that viewers would likely not be willing to spend the holiday on their couch and gave the dancers the week off, which I‘m sure was much appreciated by all the contestants.  Read more »
With So You Think You Can Dance on an unprecedented one-week break during the summer, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at how the field has shaped up thus far.  With the top 14 dancers set to perform next week, who looks most prime to win the whole thing?  Who should be eliminated?  With those thoughts in mind, we‘ve concocted a ranking of both the female and male dancers who remain on the show.  Yesterday we gave you the female rankings, and today we have the male rankings.  Here they are: Read more »
With So You Think You Can Dance on an unprecedented one-week break during the summer, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at how the field has shaped up thus far.  With the top 14 dancers set to perform next week, who looks most prime to win the whole thing?  Who should be eliminated?  With those thoughts in mind, we‘ve concocted a ranking of both the female and male dancers who remain on the show.  Today, we have the female rankings, tomorrow we‘ll have the male rankings.  Easy enough.  Let‘s get started: Read more »
Every week, Nigel Lythgoe and company are presented with an exceedingly difficult task: having to eliminate two aspiring dancers in front of millions of people on live television and given only ten or so minutes to do so.  On So You Think You Can Dance, no matter who is sent packing, the decision is going to anger a lot of people.  There are certain pros and cons to giving the judges this final power (the So You Think You Can Dance method) versus giving all the power to the voting public.  The American Idol judges (who are relatively powerless) can hold a “tsk-tsk” moral authority over the voters, chastising America when they‘ve made the wrong decision.  On the other hand, Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and company have to constantly rationalize their decisions to America.  They must to explain themselves to the significant portion of viewers who no doubt disagree with their decisions.  It‘s a thankless job.  But, that doesn‘t mean we can‘t criticize their decisions. Read more »
On the last So You Think You Can Dance results show (which was on Thursday, June 28), Fergie came on to perform her newest single “Glamorous”.  When well-known performers do their thing in front of a live national audience, it is generally accepted that they will actually, you know, sing the songs.  Live.  Unfortunately, it appears as if Fergie decided that maybe she didn‘t actually need to sing the chorus of her song.  That maybe if she just sang the verses, that would be an acceptable alternative.  It‘s not.  As someone who actively dislikes Fergie, I felt completely robbed of a chance to hear her terrible singing and subsequently mock it.    Read more »
FOX has announced its special musical guest for Thursday‘s So You Think You Can Dance live results show: Hillary Duff.  Duff, the singer/actress (Lizzy McGuire, Cheaper By the Dozen), will perform the the third single, Stranger, from her new album, entitled Dignity.  This is the second Thursday episode in a row that So You Think You Can Dance will have wrangled a major celebrity for its guest performance (last Thursday episode featured Fergie and Ludacris).  Duff‘s latest album has been somewhat of a disappointment in record sales, debuting at #3 on the Billboard charts, selling around 140,000 copies in its first week.  Ironically, Dignity may be Duff‘s best reviewed album to date.FOX also announced that Adam Shankman, director of the upcoming film musical Hairspray will be the guest judge on both Wednesday and Thursday.  Not only that, Shankman will be choreographing Thursday‘s group routine to You Can‘t Stop the Beat, a song from Hairspray.  Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance returns tonight after a nearly two-week holiday break.  Mercifully, FOX has made tonight‘s performance episode a 90-minute affair, rather than the overlong two-hour episodes the last few performance shows.   It‘s hard to identify clear favorites at this point in the season, and the only thing we know for certain is that Cedric is on the chopping block in the judge‘s eyes.  Adam Shankman, director of Hairspray is the guest judge this week.  Let‘s hope he‘s as solid as Debbie Allen was.  What follows are my live thoughts updated throughout the show.  Read more »
The top 14 remaining dancers on So You Think You Can Dance are a talented bunch.  The favorites seem to fluctuate on a weekly basis, and there‘s still not a clear group of favorites to make it to the end.  In a word, there are no Sanjayas in this group.  It‘s a good thing.  The level playing filed makes each and every routine that much more important.  One slip-up could mean a ticket home.  Who succeeded tonight?  Did Cedric finally step it up in a partner routine?  How did the new partnership of Pasha and Sara work out?  The episode began with Cat‘s arrival and the mini-solo dances from each contestant.  Next, Nigel addressed the highly contentious issue of Jessi‘s elimination last week.  He was calm and reasonable in his explanation and, though I disagree with the decision, have no qualms with why it was made.  Then the dancing began. Read more »
Depending upon who America placed in the bottom three this week, the eliminations are going to be extremely difficult tonight on So You Think You Can Dance.  For the guys, the decision is a little easier, because its clearly between Hok and Cedric.  One of those two will almost surely go home.  For the girls, it‘s not so simple.  I have no idea who should be eliminated.  They‘re all really, really good dancers.  I do not envy the judges.  Oh, and also, Hillary Duff will also be performing live.  So, you know, have fun with that.  I‘ll be here giving live updates throughout the show. Read more »
This year‘s crop of So You Think You Can Dance contestants are the best the show has ever had and, frankly, it‘s not all that close.  From here on out, there will not be an easy elimination.  For the girls, the last two weeks have been preposterously close, and not once has one girl or another performed in a way that made you think they‘d be eliminated.  The means that there are eight girls who are all so good that they border on inseparable from each other.   The guy‘s side might be more hierarchical, but not much so.  Hok could be next in line for ejection from the show, but he‘s capable of wowing us at any moment.  Last night‘s So You Think You Can Dance results show began with an energetic group routine to a song from the upcoming film Hairspray.  The routine was choreographed by guest judge and director of Hairspray, Adam Shankman.  In an incredibly blatant night of cross-promoting, Hairspray received a lot of love.  The dancers and judges got to attend the Hairspray red carpet premiere and meet the cast.  We saw about ten minutes worth of footage about that.  Cast members were in the crowd.  Nigel hyperbolically called Hairspray something like an “instant classic”.   Read more »
The story of the season so far on So You Think You Can Dance has been Cedric Gardner.  The most unique dancer So You Think You Can Dance has ever seen, featuring a mesmerizing combination of hip-hop, freestyle, and contemporary, Cedric‘s solo routines are nothing short of astonishing.  The problem: he has no formal training and had never danced with a partner prior to the season.  The judges fell in love with Cedric‘s potential, yet were disappointed week after week with his partner routines.  Yet, week after week, the judges sent Cedric to the next round on the basis of his potential.  Potential can only go so far, however.  Cedric was eliminated last night, but not before receiving heaps of praise from all the judges.  Cedric spoke with us earlier this morning about his time on the show.Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
Shauna Noland, an 18-year-old from Hollywood, has been dancing almost all her life and it showed during her time on So You Think You Can Dance.  Flying under the radar during the beginning of the season, Shauna began to catch the attention of America and the judges recently after some very good performances in partner routines, but most of all as a result of her awe-inspiring solo performances.  Shauna‘s elimination may have come partly because of her partnership with Cedric Gardner who, although supremely talented, lacked partnering experience.  In the end, though, her exit is only due to the high level of competition this season.  Shauna stopped by earlier today to talk about her time on So You Think You Can Dance.Below you will find both the written transcript and mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
No offense to last year‘s crop of So You Think You Can Dance ladies, but this season‘s group of female finalists are the best the show has ever seen.  Shauna Noland, who was eliminated by the judges last week, had done nothing but dance her heart out and carry her inferior male partners.  Jessi Peralta, who was eliminated three weeks ago, looked like one of the early favorites to win it all, but was kicked off partly because of health reasons.  Saying that, the ladies that do remain are all dancing on an extremely high level, making it very difficult to separate them in terms of talent.  The judges, no matter what happens, will have a near impossible decision this week when it comes to which female to send home.  I‘m basing the below rankings on who I believe has the best chance to be the last female in the competition.  Feel free to tell us who you‘d rank where in the comments section below. Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance, the 2007 edition, is full of good dancers.  Not only are they good, but they‘re all on what seems to be an equal playing field.  That is, none are all that much better than any other.  This lack of separation is exceedingly apparent with the six remaining males in the competition. In my rankings, I knew who I was going to put last, but with those next five it was a relative crapshoot.  Frankly, I think the partners will play a large part in which males advance every week.  For instance, I think Kameron has been brought up to another level thanks to his partnership with Lacey.  Who knows what will happen to him when couples are switched up?The list is based on who I believe has the best chance to advance and become the last male standing. Read more »
It‘s already down to 12 on So You Think You Can Dance, and the competition is what you might call "fierce".   The fat has been trimmed from the contestant pool and only very able dancers remain.  The word on the street is that Wade Robson will be the guest judge this week, putting an end to the celebrity judge phenomenon.  Who will make an impression tonight?  My prediction is that Hok, again, comes up short in his partner routine and gives the judges no choice but to send him home.  As for the ladies, it‘s all up in the air.  I‘ll be here throughout tonight‘s 90-minute edition giving updates as the show moves along. Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance will unveil its top ten tomorrow night.  America will let their voices be heard, and the judges will eliminate to very, very unhappy contestants. Why unhappy?  Because being eliminated from the top 12 means that you were excruciatingly close to the top ten, which would have meant you would get to go on the So You Think You Can Dance tour.  Kind of a big hurdle, getting into that top ten.  That being said, the judges are going to have some mighty tough decisions tomorrow.  Every girl received compliments tonight.  For them, it‘s a crapshoot.  For the guy‘s, it‘s between either Kameron and Hok, both of whom were criticized somewhat harshly by the judges.  Anyway, this is what happened on tonight‘s So You Think You Can Dance performance show. Read more »
Who knows?  Really.  The outcome of tonight‘s So You Think You Can Dance results show is completely up in the air.  Thankfully, for the sake of drama, this has been the case for most of the season.  For the guys, the favorite to be eliminated has to be Hok, but you never know, he may not even be in the bottom three.  After that, Kameron is probably next in line, but even that is questionable, especially when we add the solo routines to the equation.  For the girls, everyone has to be a possibility, just because they were all so good last night.  I‘ll be here throughout the hour to give the live results as they come. Read more »
Yesterday was a monumental day for the contestants on So You Think You Can Dance.  A  spot on the 50 or so date So You Think You Can Dance tour was at stake: the two eliminated dancers would be the final two cut before the tour line-up was set.  Knowing this was the case, the six dancers forced to perform solos did so with an air of desperation.  You can‘t particularly blame them for performing this way.  Making the top 10 is a big deal.   As it turned out, one of the eliminated contestants was an expected choice, the other not so much.  Read more »
It‘s really kind of impossible to not like Hok Konishi.  The Japanese-born Hok grew up in England and started learning hip/hop and breakdancing at a young age.  Hok is one of the more unique finalists So You Think You Can Dance has ever seen, and it is a testament to his persistence that he made it into the top 20 this season: he had tried out the two previous years, but failed to make the top twenty both times (last year, he only had a student visa and could not be employed).  Hok, partnered with Jaimie Goodwin, was eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance last night and was kind enough to stop by and speak with us earlier today.Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
No one doubts that Anya Garnis is an incredible dancer.  Throughout the entire season of So You Think You Can Dance, there were very few disparaging words spoken about Anya.  Those that there were could only be reserved for her solo routines, a style of dance completely foreign to Anya.  Having danced ballroom with fellow finalist Pasha Pkovalev for nine years, their partnership was clearly and incredibly strong one, talented and diverse.  Anya, a native of Russia, will be missed in the competition and, thankfully, took some time to speak to us earlier this morning.Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
With Hok Konishi out of the picture, the male hierarchy on So You Think You Can Dance has become a bit murky.  All five dancers are unique, have different strengths and, on any given night, I could see any of them pulling out an awesome performance and outshining the rest.  How do you rank them?  We have to look to the past, to consistency, to weaknesses and identify who is the likeliest to be consistently great from here on out, especially now that they are changing partners every week.  It‘s almost more important at this point for the dancers to avoid messing up rather than giving an incredible performance.  Therefore, these rankings are based, in part, on who I think will stumble and seal their own fate. Read more »
What can you say about the ladies on So You Think You Can Dance this season?  They‘ve been awesome.  Just the fact that ridiculously talented girls like Shauna Noland, Anya Garnis and Jessi Peralta didn‘t make the top ten is incredible.  The remaining five ladies are a force to be reckoned with.  It‘s exceedingly difficult separating them from each other, even this late in the season.  A small semblance of a pecking order has been established, but is constantly in flux.  For now, this is how I rank them. Read more »
This was the big transition episode of So You Think You Can Dance.  Everyone received a new partner and the format changes for the rest of the season.  Each couple performed there partner routine as per usual, but a solo routine was added for each individual dancer.  And, from here on out, the judges no longer have a say in the eliminations.  America will vote for individual dancers, and the guy and girl with the lowest vote totals will be eliminated.  The guest judge tonight was Mia Michaels.   Read more »
Down to the final ten on So You Think You Can Dance.  It‘s happened rather quickly, hasn‘t it?  After the bloated journey that is American Idol, it‘s a little weird have a show with an almost identical format move along so much more swiftly than Idol.  These dancers are all nursing injuries at this point in the season, be them minor or major, and it‘s incredible how well they mask it.  Tonight will be the first night of brand new partners across the board, so it should be very interesting. Not only will each new couple perform a routine, but each dancer will also do their own solo, each choreographed, presumably, by Wade Robson.  I‘ll be here all night updating all the action live. Read more »
It‘s time for two more So You Think You Can Dance contestants to get the boot, whittling us down to the elite eight. Last night‘s solo performances all featured the exact same choreography by newly Emmy-nominated Wade Robson accompanied by the exact same John Mayer song. That didn‘t allow for a lot of individuality, so ones assumes the results will be largely based on the pair routines.Based on the comments of judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Mia Michaels, Kameron and Dominic should both be quivering in their shoes (or whatever dancers wear on their feet), though I‘ll start off by predicting Kameron and his silly faux-hawk are out of here. The ladies all received varying amounts of praise. If I were a betting man, I‘d say Jaimie is going home based solely on the fact that her routine was the most criticized, even though the judges loved her. Let‘s all get some dance fever!Tonight will be a bit different, since usual So You Think You Can Dance recapper extraordinaire Oscar Dahl is busy getting the scoop on Lost at Comicon, leaving me as a pale substitute. Last night was the first episode of this show I‘d ever seen, so forgive me if I don‘t bring the normal knowledge and experience you‘re used to reading at BuddyTV. I‘ll try to make up for it by being funny. Read more »
 For the final 10 contestants on So You Think You Can Dance, their fates are in America‘s hands.  The at-home voting is all that matters, and the male and female dancer with the lowest number of votes will be heading home.  The results show opens with the group dance, a weird, primal, animalistic dance with plenty of exciting moves.  It‘s pretty decent, and the Imogen Heap song helps a whole lot.This segues into an awkward segment where the judges apologize for some fake controversy.  If you remember when Simon Cowell was forced to explain his unintentional eye-roll during Chris Richardson‘s speech about the school shooting at Virginia Tech, then you‘ll realize this is about 50 times as uncomfortable.  Guest judge Mia Michaels, apparently, wore a jacket with an upside-down flag on it.  Man, the conservative bloggers must have been paying closer attention than me, because I don‘t remember it at all.  She says she meant no disrespect, she loves the country, supports the troops and that a friend gave her the jacket at the last minute.  So she apologizes, but also makes sure we know it‘s not her fault.We then get Nigel Lythgoe‘s explanation of the Wade Robson choreography for the solo performances on Wednesday.  The message was peace, or anti-war, and some people may have taken this as being unpatriotic.  Lythgoe assures everyone this is not true.  He gives the obvious defense that being against the idea of war in general does not mean you don‘t support America and its troops in Iraq.  The problem is that whoever is complaining about this made-up controversy has undoubtedly heard this argument before, and it will not change their minds.  Even more absurd, isn‘t this supposed to be a fun, summer dancing show?  Because write now I feel like I‘m writing an op-ed for the Huffington Post. Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Finalist Jaimie Goodwin started training in dance at the age of seven. Having trained in numerous styles such as tap, ballet, jazz, musical theatre, pointe, and contemporary lyrical dance, Jaimie immediately became a fan favorite on the show and a strong competitor week in and week out. Jaimie took some time to talk with us at BuddyTV earlier today about her experience on the show and how satisfied she was to make it as far as she did. Although she‘s done with the show, this young and talented dancer has a bright career ahead of her and she’s looking forward to going on tour with the rest of the finalists. Read the full interview and listen to the mp3 audio below.  Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Finalist Kameron Bink admitted he was a little surprised when he found himself in the bottom-two for the very first time. And it wasn’t easy hearing what the judges had to say about his performances, particularly the harsh words they had for him after his contemporary routine with Sabra on Wednesday night. Nevertheless, Kameron is happy that he made it as far as he did and told us at BuddyTV earlier today that he’s hoping that some of the connections he’s made in the industry through the show will help launch him into even bigger and better things. Check out Kameron’s full interview transcript and listen to the mp3 audio after the jump.  Read more »
All right, so I called it last week by ranking Jaimie last, let‘s see if I can pull off some similar magic today.  I don‘t know about the rest of you So You Think You Can Dance fans, but there wasn‘t much that made me alter my views on any of these ladies.  They‘ve pretty much established who they are as dancers.  The problem we have in ranking them is that they are all very, very good, but unique at the same time.  Depending on the routine, any of the remaining four girls could be sent home Thursday.  It‘s hard to argue either way.  It also, unfortunately, depends on who they get partnered with.  That all being said, here‘s how I would rank the four remaining ladies on So You Think You Can Dance. Read more »
Last week was disappointing for a couple of the remaining guys on So You Think You Can Dance (you know who you are).  Today‘s rankings will reflect this.  It‘s unfortunate to say so, but the ladies have outclassed the guys this year, and by what I would consider a fair margin.  The top eight or so girls were great and difficult to separate from each other.  For instance, if it wasn‘t for her medical maladies, I‘d fully expect Jessi Peralta to still be in the competition.  Likewise, Shauna Noland was someone who I believed was unfairly eliminated.  However, it‘s hard to argue with the four we have left.  But, with the guys, most eliminations have been obvious.  Kameron deserved to go last week.  Hok and Cedric were also understandable choices.  What about this week, then?  It gets a little tougher, and it may all come down to the dance style that each man picks out of their hat. Read more »
After watching tonight‘s episode of So You Think You Can Dance, everyone will likely be talking about Mia Michaels‘ emotional contemporary routine.  That‘s valid.  It was a great routine, emotional and well-executed.  But, for my money, there were two others that I believed were even better.  The top eight all received new partners this week, and after last week‘s unnecessary solo routines, the producers wisely scrapped that idea.  This week, each couple performed two separate routines, and it led to an all-around better 90-minutes of television. Adam Shankman, director of Hairspray came back as guest judge.  Read more »
We‘re down to the final eight on So You Think You Can Dance, and the quality of the remaining dancers is ridiculously high.  Everyone is both talented and unique, and it should make the rest of the season exciting to watch.  Tonight, each new couple will be performing two couples routines, doing away with the ill-fated Wednesday solos that plagued last week.  Who will the partners be?  Who will rise to the occasion?  I‘ll be here all night, updating live throughout the 90-minute show. Read more »
After last night, I wouldn‘t be surprised by anything on tonight‘s So You Think You Can Dance results show.  There were highs and lows for everyone on the show, and there‘s no use in predicting who America has voted out.  If it were up to me, I‘d eliminate Lacey and Dominic, but I wouldn‘t feel very good about it.  I bet the judges are very happy that they don‘t have to make this decision.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode, giving live updates as the show goes along. Read more »
FOX, let‘s talk.  Just you and me.  When you have only about fifteen minutes worth of actual content in your show, why do you feel the need to produce a one-hour episode.  A half hour is more than plenty to give America a tight, enjoyable results show.  But, no.  We have to fill time and the hour has drag at a snail‘s pace.  It‘s becoming unacceptable.  Here are the necessary parts of the results show: opening group routine (3 minutes, maybe), opening remarks from judges (5 minutes), solo routines (10 minutes), musical guest (5 minutes), and final results (2 minutes).   That‘s twenty five minutes of good television.  Anyway, tonight‘s episode of So You Think You Can Dance gave us one of the big shocks of the season and a couple of heart-wrenching departures. Read more »
Often times, fans of So You Think You Can Dance try to find out what songs their favorite dancers performed to and wonder where they can get this music.  Never fear, I‘m here with a complete recap of the music featured on this week‘s performance episode.Sara and Danny kicked off Wednesday night‘s performance with an Argentine Tango choreographed by Alex da Silva.  He chose "Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix)" by Sara Vaughn featuring Gotan Project.  Musical theater fans might recognize the song.  It‘s originally from the musical Damn Yankees.  Sarah Vaughn, nicknamed "The Divine One," is an American jazz singer.  The song is currently available on ITunes off the Gotan Project‘s album, Verve Remixed. Read more »
Alright, dance fans.  Be nice to me.  I‘m taking over the rankings for this week and I have a different take on the female dancers.  I actually wasn‘t surprised Sara went home.  The judges portrayed her as the most transformed dancer, the b-girl who became a lady.  But Sara has had previous training in many different styles of dance from jazz to modern to ballet and only had focused on breaking the last four years.  However, I will give it to Sara that she improved throughout the competition but perhaps not enough to clinch the title.  With that said, this is how I rank the three remaining ladies on So You Think You Can Dance. Read more »
I‘m a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance.  They get me from the beginning every season.  I‘m invested in the dancers, I have heated debates with my friends, like some of you.  When Hok went out just before they crowned the top 10, I almost threw something at my television.  Dominic‘s departure last week was coming but it made me sad, nonetheless.  He had really shown growth and proved a lot of people wrong.  This week, it‘s a tough call ranking the top male dancers.  It‘s bound to generate a debate but read on to see how I rank the top male dancers on So You Think You Can Dance. Read more »
Before she competed on So You Think You Can Dance, Sara Von Gillern had never danced in high heels or with a partner.  Dancing in various styles her whole life, Sara turned her attention to becoming a b-girl a few years ago.  She has been called the most transformed dancer in the competition but was eliminated on last night‘s live results show.  Sara admits to being at peace with America‘s decision and takes time to talk to us about her time on the show.Read the entire interview with Sara below. Read more »
The So You Think You Can Dance performance episodes begin tonight, which is welcome news to all fans of the show.  The auditions are all fine and good, more of a narrative necessity than anything, but they‘re nothing compared to the true meat of the season.  American Idol gets a whole lot more juice out of their auditions, and for good reason.  Singing has a lot more subjective qualities than dancing, and we can all pretend to know who is a good singer and who isn‘t.  Dancing is a lesser known expertise.  Anyway, what follows are my live thoughts from tonight‘s episode.  We meet the top 20, and they all do their little solo thing as they‘re introduced.  Cat Deeley introduces us to tonight‘s judges: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Dan Karaty. Read more »
The top twenty finalists were paired into couples last night on So You Think You Can Dance and they all hit the dance floor to perform their first live routines of the season.  All the usual suspects were back to choreograph the routines: Shane Sparks, Wade Robson, Mia Michaels, that creepy disco lady.  The quality of the routines was impressive, especially for the first performance episode of the season, with a number of dancers adeptly performing in genres far from their expertise.  Although it may be an early opinion, this group of finalists is probably the best So You Think You Can Dance has ever seen.  Dan Karaty joined Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe at the judges table.Let‘s take a look at the couples and what dances they performed last night.  Read more »
The 2007 edition of So You Think You Can Dance held its first finalist eliminations last week.  Viewers, in turn, got their first extended look at what the finalists were capable of when given a random dance routine and a week to prepare.  The question is: did last week give us enough information to identify some early front-runners?  So You Think You Can Dance is a show in which contestants tend to grow and improve significantly as the series moves along.  However, after taking a look back at the show‘s first two seasons, there are some “types” that we can peg as more or less likely to take home the crown.  Let‘s try and pare down the remaining 18 dancers and see who realistically might have a shot to take home the 2007 crown. Read more »
The talent level of season of So You Think You Can Dance was high, if not a little shallow.  The cream of the crop was incredible, but it lacked depth.  The 2007 version of So You Think You Can Dance is remarkable in its all-around depth.  Everyone brings something to the table, and the talents are unique.  We are seeing an unprecedented crop of dancers who are able to branch out from their strengths and admirably perform routines light years away from what they‘re used to.  I have no idea which couples will be in the bottom three and I have no idea who will be eliminated tonight.  That‘s how close the dancers are right now.  I don‘t think the judges have a clue either, and if they thought last week was a hard decision, it might end up being the easiest they have all season. Here‘s a look at each of the couple‘s routines from last night‘s So You Think You Can Dance: Read more »
The decisions for our esteemed So You Think You Can Dance judges are getting easier.  Or, to rephrase, the decisions should be easier tonight than they‘ve been the previous two weeks.  Here‘s the reason: first, if Cedric and Shauna are relegated to the bottom three, Cedric absolutely has to go, especially after the judges‘ comments last night, where they essentially laid the groundwork for his dismissal.  Second, Jessi Peralta had a medical emergency and, if unable to dance tonight, will be eliminated.  If she is able to dance, she will have to perform a solo routine, which isn‘t her strong suit.  So, in all likelihood, those will be the two eliminated contestants tonight.  Then again, things change, especially on live television, and if Jessi can return and knock her solo out of the park and/or Cedric and Shauna are not voted into the bottom three, things will be interesting. Let‘s take a prolonged gander at all eight couples‘ performances from last night. Read more »
It‘s down to the final six on FOX‘s So You Think You Dance and everyone‘s got an opinion on who should win.  By now, the fix have proven that they deserve to be there and America will have the tough choice of cutting it down to the final four.  It‘s in your hands and I‘ll be here live for the next hour taking you through the performances.Time for the opening bit where they all show off a trick or two.  Sabra looks cute as always.  Danny shows off some gymnastics tricks.  Lacey struts and is barely dressed.  Pasha and Lauren do some fancy footwork and of course, Neil spins seven hundred times.  Cat lets us know they‘ll dance with partners twice and do one solo each.  Tonight‘s judges are (of course) Nigel and Mary along with Debbie Allen. Read more »
The fans of So You Think You Can Dance often ask about the songs they heard on the performance episodes.  I‘ve got info on everything you heard on last night‘s episode from the partner routines to the solos.  Pasha and Lacey were paired up and performed a hip hop routine to "In The Morning" by Junior Boys.  They have been called an indie electronic pop group and hail from Canada.  You can find the song off their album, So This Is Goodbye.After that, Sabra danced a solo to "Rock Your Soul" by Elisa.  She is an Italian pop star and the song can be found on her 2005 album, Lotus.  The album features 16 tracks both in English and Italian.  Danny and Lauren teamed up last night for a contemporary routine, danced to Celine Dion‘s "Then You Look At Me".  Celine has many well-known hits including, "The Power of Love", "Because You Loved Me" and her monster song, "My Heart Will Go On" off the Titanic soundtrack.  "Then You Look at Me" is available off her greatest hits album All The Way: A Decade of Song. Read more »
FOX, you finally did something right.  Perhaps you read Oscar‘s piece last week where he complained that you crammed fifteen minutes worth of show into a ninety minute bore-fest.  This week, for the So You Think You Can Dance performance show, you did it all in an hour.  Each couple danced twice and each dancer did a solo.  And you did it all in an hour!  Now America, it‘s up to us.  And it‘s not an easy job choosing who‘s going to go to the finale.  Everybody‘s first partner routines were the strongest and each dancer had great moments tonight, here‘s the recap of the evening. Read more »
Dominic Sandoval was once called "what this competition is all about" by the judges.   A 21-year-old b-boy, he proved that breakers can do a lot more than cool tricks.  He tried throughout the competition never to think about whether or not he‘d be going home but rather, lived in the moment.  Known for his crush on host Cat Deeley and his outgoing nature, Dominic won us over both on and off the stage.  He took the time to speak with us this morning about his time on So You Think You Can Dance.Check out the entire interview below. Read more »
There‘s no getting around the comparisons between So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol.  Both were born of the same production team, have almost the exact same format, air on FOX, and are big-time successes.  One area, however, where the differences are glaringly apparent is also a sobering reality for the So You Think You Can Dance contestants: American Idol breeds stars, So You Think You Can Dance does not.  The reason is simple: pop singers are viable commodities, dancers are not.  Idol has given us Kelly Clarkson, Katharine McPhee, Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood.  No So You Think You Can Dance winner will ever sniff the success of any of those singers.  Is this the way is should be?  Could it be different?  Can FOX do anything about it? Read more »
Tonight is the final two hour performance from the final four contestants on So You Think You Can Dance.  Rounding out the final four tonight are: Neil Haskell, Danny Tidwell, Lacey Schwimmer, and Sabra Johnson.  There will no doubt be lots of partner dances, solos, and surprises.  Get ready for a fun night and remember, that your votes determine the winner.   I‘m here with live thoughts throughout the night and feel free to post what you think too!Alright, time to begin!  Who‘s excited?  The four do their intros, showing off their best moves.  Danny and Neil had a spin-off.  I don‘t know who did more.  Cat looks like an Emmy statue in her gold dress!  She lets us know everyone will dance with each other before the end of the night.  Tonight‘s judges are Nigel, Mary, and hip hop choreographer Dan Karaty.  Nigel lets us know the show will be back next season.  Nice! Read more »
It‘s tough to call who really deserves to win So You Think You Can Dance.  Each of the four finalists brings their own set of strengths and weaknesses to the table but tonight, they left it all out on the dance floor.  Now, it‘s in our hands to decide who America‘s Favorite Dancer is.  Competing for the $250,000 grand prize are contemporary dancers Sabra Johnson, Danny Tidwell, and Neil Haskell as well as ballroom dancer Lacey Schwimmer.The four began the evening with a Tyce DiOrio broadway routine and they all did a great job with it.  They worked together well and it didn‘t appear anyone was trying to outperform the other.  Throughout the night, before they danced their solos, videos aired of Cat interviewing them so we could learn a little more about them.  Also, all the dancers had the chance to perform with each other throughout the night. Read more »
Last night was the last chance the four remaining dancer‘s on Fox‘s So You Think You Can Dance had to convince America that each deserved to be crowned America‘s Favorite Dancer, as well as a cash prize of a quarter of a million dollars.  Although the results will not be revealed until tonight‘s two-hour finale beginning at 8pm, BuddyTV readers hesitated not in predicting the outcome.Many readers expected that ballroom dancer Lacey Schwimmer will not win and only made it to the final four because she is the sister of the last year‘s winner, Benji. Read more »
It‘s no secret that part of the success of So You Think You Can Dance comes from the great songs that are chosen to go along with the dances.  And once the episodes are over, the fans get online to figure out what songs the choreographers picked.  BuddyTV readers posted last night looking for the names of all the songs from Neil and Danny‘s performance to Lacey‘s solo.  Never fear, the entire music recap is here with all the info you need to get your download on.Kicking off the show were the final four in a Broadway routine choreographed by Tyce DiOrio.  Being the Fosse lover that he is, he chose Liza Minell‘s version of "Mein Herr" from the Cabaret soundtrack.  The show debuted on Broadway in 1966 and a movie version was made in 1972.  It enjoyed a revival in the late 90s and featured many celebrities over the years including Neil Patrick Harris, Teri Hatcher, Gina Gershon, and John Stamos. Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance, you‘re one smart cookie.  You know how to pack a two hour season finale and keep us interested and entertained which is more than I can say for some other competition-based reality shows.  You know who you are.  We were re-introduced to the top twenty dancers who performed Tyce DiOrio‘s Lion King piece at the top of the show.  Throughout the night, the choreographers chose their favorite routines that were performed throughout the season to get on the stage one last time.  Mary Murphy chose first, picking Pasha and Lauren‘s Transformers-inspired routine choreographed by Shane Sparks.  Also during the night, the best dancers who didn‘t make the show were also brought back to show off their solos.  Clogger Brandon Norris was the first one out to show off his skills Read more »
The epic two-hour finale of So You Think You Can Dance aired last night, with Sabra emerging as America‘s Favorite Dansuh (TM Cat Deeley). During the course of the episode, we saw old favorites from the auditions who didn‘t make it into the top 20, choreographers‘ and judges‘ favorite routines, including fan favorite Wade Robson‘s hummingbird and flower routine, and some group performances from throughout the season.It was a big night, and boy, were BuddyTV fans vocal about it throughout. From among the over 100 comments made, there were roughly three main categories: (1) comments from ecstatic Sabra fans, (2) comments from Danny fans lamenting his loss and (3) conspiracy theory comments about Nigel and the producers rigging the votes. Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance seems to get better every season.  In season three, we saw an extremely diverse and talented top twenty.  There were surprising exits and memorable routines throughout the summer.  In the end, only Lacey Schwimmer, Sabra Johnson, Danny Tidwell, and Neil Haskell remained and on last night‘s live finale, Sabra Johnson was named America‘s Favorite Dancer.One of the biggest surprises came early on when Jessi Peralta was sent home after landing in the hospital on performance night.  Her partner, Pasha Kovalev was forced to dance with a substitute partner and was deemed safe the next night.  He made it all the way to top six this season.  Fans were outraged over Peralta‘s dismissal by the judges and tried to start a petition to get her back on.  It was all in vain and the show went on. Read more »
On last night‘s season 3 finale of So You Think You Can Dance, Sabra Johnson was named America‘s Favorite Dancer.  It‘s hard to believe she only started dancing four years ago but she actually did.  Originally, Sabra hoped to be a design student but couldn‘t afford school.  She had a friend who owned a dance studio and decided to take some classes.  In the end, her new path paid off for her, in more ways than one!  She sailed through the entire season, always giving passionate, energetic, and entertaining performances.  Sabra took the time out of her busy schedule to check in with BuddyTV to let us know what the last 24 hours have been like! Read more »
This week, contemporary dancer Sabra Johnson was named America‘s Favorite Dancer on FOX‘s So You Think You Can Dance.  Now, fans will be able to see their personal favorite dancer when the show heads out on a national tour next month.  Kicking off in Albany on September 21, the tour will feature the top ten dancers as well as alternates Hok Konishi, Shauna Noland, Jesus Solario, and Shauna Noland.  The dancers will hit fifty cities in just two short months, with the tour wrapping up November 30 in Reno, NV.The tour will feature new routines as well as fan favorites from the seasons.  Concert goers can plan on seeing Wade Robson‘s hummingbird piece, featuring Konishi and Jaimie Goodwin as well as Mia Michaels‘ tribute to her father, danced by top four finalists Neill Haskell and Lacey Schwimmer.  The top ten will also dance group numbers together and the tour will feature solos as well. Read more »
After a whirlwind night of competition, So You Think You Can Dance floored viewers with an hour of performances that blew the bar away.  In the history of the show, it is difficult to think of a night where the contestants were so close in their levels of performance, confidence, and charisma. Now it‘s time to decide who will go home.  Here‘s what our readers are predicting. Read more »
SPOILER WARNING!  Well, kind of.  The So You Think You Can Dance Top 6 performed live Wednesday night, but due to pre-season football, the Thursday results show was postponed until this Monday.  However, the actual results show was taped Thursday evening, and despite FOX‘s insistence that no one spoil the results, that wasn‘t very likely.  Those results were destined to be on the Internet within minutes if not seconds.  Or not.Read on for more about the rumor-mongering and speculation about who was kicked off So You Think You Can Dance.  But be warned, this article may contain some spoilers, so read at your own risk. Read more »
As we reported on Friday, the rumors are flying all over the internet.  Who got eliminated on Thursday‘s episode of So You Think You Can Dance? FOX did the elimination in secret so no one knows for sure.  Everyone, however, has an opinion on who should go.  At this point in the competition, you have to feel like everyone deserves to be there.  They went through a rigorous audition process and, out of thousands, became some of the top 20 dancers in the country.  Yet, now it‘s time to get serious and determine who really deserves the win?  Let‘s start with the females.I put Lacey third in last week‘s rankings.  As I said, I know she‘s a great dancer but she‘s a bit too one-dimension for me with the use of her sexiness to get her far.  That‘s not to say that that ain‘t showbiz because it is.  But this competition should be about more than being sexy.  The readers weighed in on Lacey and Kuja said, "I think Nigel‘s favorite is Lacey but I do not think Lacey deserves to win. She is not as good as her brother."  Soccerplayer defended her by saying, "Lacey is amazing, no matter what anybody says. Nigel even said she was better than Benji, which is saying something since he was the winner last year." Read more »
Tonight, six become the final four and the pressure is on.  The six open the show with a number by Tom Waits.  They look like dead sea creatures.  Lauren‘s facial expressions stand out.  It‘s a strange number but interesting to watch.  Cat shows up to tell us the number was a Wade Robson piece.  Over ten and a half million votes came in and anyone could be going home.The judges weigh in - Nigel, Mary, and Debbie Allen.  Debbie lets us know that former contestant Cedric has been offered a scholarship to his school complete with housing, classes, and the opportunity to perform.  That‘s great to hear!  An African dance complete with a live band is the first performance of the night.  I appreciate that the show opens younger people to so many styles of dance. Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance, like American Idol, is famous for making us sit through 55 minutes of fill time to give us the results in the last five minutes of the show.  We‘re a sucker every time, aren‘t we?  I know I sit through it.  Tonight‘s results were actually taped Thursday but the episode was pre-empted because of preseason football.  I have to say, FOX did a great job of keeping the actual results from getting out beforehand.  In case you missed it, here‘s what happened tonight.At the top of the show, the remaining six dancers did a Wade Robson piece that appeared to be them portraying dead underwater creatures.  Guest judge Debbie Allen was back tonight along with Nigel and Mary.  Debbie announced that formerly eliminated dancer Cedric Gardner has been given a full scholarship to her dance school.  There were two performances tonight, one by an African dance troupe and one by Lil C and his crew doing a krump routine.  Both were entertaining and fun to watch. Read more »
On last night‘s episode of So You Think You Can Dance, host Cat Deeley announced the final four dancers who will compete in this week‘s finale.  The finale will air over two nights on FOX beginning tomorrow night and concluding on Thursday.  Ballroom dancer Pasha Kovalev and contemporary dancer Lauren Gottlieb were eliminated.  The final four is comprised of: contemporary dancers Neil Haskell, Danny Tidwell, and Sabra Johnson as well as ballroom dancer Lacey Schwimmer, whose brother won the competition last year.  As we head into the finale, here‘s how the final four dancers rank in my book.  Feel free to disagree.  Or agree! Read more »
Last night, in front of an empty studio, Pasha Kovalev and Lauren Gottlieb were eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance, setting the stage for the final four.  Wednesday night at 8pm, Neil Haskell, Danny Tidwell, Sabra Johnson and Lacey Schwimmer will perform, and the show‘s winner will be announced on the two-hours Thursday night results show.As Pasha and Lauren were being eliminated, BuddyTV readers were erupting with their reactions.  Did they deserve to go, or were others unworthy of being in the final four?  Will a male or female dancer win it all, and will the So You Think You Can Dance crown stay in the family?  Read on to find out what your fellow BuddyTV readers have been saying. Read more »
On last night‘s episode of So You Think You Can Dance, contemporary dancer Lauren Gottlieb was eliminated.  She narrowly missed being part of the finale as Sabra Johnson and Lacey Schwimmer moved on.  Lauren had quite the journey on the show over the last year.  On last season, she assisted Tyce DiOrio when he choreographed numbers for the contestants.  This year, she made it all the way to final six and gained lots of fans along the way.  She landed in the bottom more often than she would have liked but says it was a great learning experience.  Lauren took time today to talk to BuddyTV about her experience on the show.Below, you will find the mp3 as well as the full transcript of the interview. Read more »
On last night‘s episode of So You Think You Can Dance, ballroom dancer Pasha Kovalev was eliminated, just missing being part of the finale.  His longtime partner, Anya Garris, had gone home weeks before and Pasha went on dancing.  What fans may not know is that Pasha wasn‘t even planning on trying out for the show.  He went to the audition as a favor to his friend and partner Anya and got an experience that he never planned on.  Grateful for his time on the show and the support of the judges, Pasha takes some time of his busy day to talk to BuddyTV about how fate brought him in front of a national audience.  Below, you will find the mp3 of the interview as well as a transcript Read more »
If you‘re not firmly entrenched into the underground world of dance, it gets difficult to keep tabs of your favorite So You Think You Can Dance contestants once their season is over.  Fortunately for fans of Benji Schwimmer, season 2 champion of So You Think You Can Dance, you‘ll soon be able to see him on the big screen.  Schwimmer will be appearing in a major role in the upcoming studio film Love N‘ Dancing, about a deaf West Coast Swing dancing champion.  Benji will be playing the role of Keith Miller. Read more »
Neil Haskell was undoubtedly this season‘s heartthrob on So You Think You Can Dance, but he takes it all in stride.  He grew up doing musical theater, which explains why he shined in performance like the angel/devil piece and the dueling princes.  While the fans speculated over whether Lacey Schwimmer and Kameron Bink or Jessi Peralta and Pasha Kovalev were dating, Haskell‘s name never came up and he lets us know why.  He made it to the final four but was eliminated, ending up in third place.  With no regrets, he looks to the future and the upcoming nationwide tour.  Today, Neil takes a quick break from his rehearsal to talk to BuddyTV.Below, you will find the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview Read more »
Allison Holker, a finalist on season 2 of FOX‘s So You Think You Can Dance, has joined the cast of the “upcoming multimedia, dance and rock n‘ roll piece Revolution” at the Joyce Theater in New York City.  The off-Broadway production is being directed by Lloyd Culbreth, a veteran Broadway dancer.  Revolution was co-created Joel Hanna, a champion Irish step dancer, and Michael Schulster, a highly acclaimed tap dancer.  The show will incorporate many styles of dance, including tap, jazz, tango and even martial arts, all performed in front of a live rock band.  The show will run from September 25 through October 7 at the Joyce Theater. Read more »
Like her or not, every So You Think You Can Dance fan will remember Lacey Schwimmer.  Some say she had a built in fan base thanks to her brother, season two winner Benji.  Lacey feels it may have worked against her.  A talented ballroom dancer, she excelled in many different styles throughout the season.  She was paired with Kameron Bink early on and their chemistry got them far in the competition.  He went before her and she went on to be part of the final four dancers.  Lacey ended up finishing fourth but gave us many memorable pieces along the way.  She took a break from rehearsing for the upcoming So You Think You Can Dance nationwide tour to talk to BuddyTV.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview Read more »
To say Danny Tidwell‘s road to the finals of So You Think You Can Dance had its ups and downs along the way is an understatement.  Clearly the best technical dancer this season, he struggled to connect with the viewers as well as the judges.  Though no one could deny his dancing ability, judges questioned his character, calling him arrogant and saying he danced like he already won the competition.  Tidwell felt misunderstood and tried his best to show America who he really was.  This midseason turnaround took him all the way to the finals, where he ended up as runner up to winner Sabra Johnson.  Now rehearsing for the upcoming tour, Danny takes a break to talk to BuddyTV about his time on the show.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview Read more »
There is no doubt that Mia Michaels and Wade Robson are talented choreographers.  Both have made their mark in the dance world.  Now, the two can add Emmy winners onto their resumes.  Over the weekend, the 59th Annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards took place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.  So You Think You Dance choreographers Mia Michaels and Wade Robson walked away winners.  In the Outstanding Choreography category, where there is a possibility of more than one winner, Robson won for his piece, "Ramalama (Bang Bang)" and Michaels won for hers, "Calling You".  Both pieces were from season 2 of the show and both were definite highlights.  Robson‘s "Ramalama" piece was originally performed by the top 9 dancers and became so popular, producers brought it back for the finale, where all top 20 dancers performed it.  In season 2, the top 10 dancers included Donyelle Jones, Dmitry Chaplin, Allison Holker, and of course, winner Benji Schwimmer. Read more »
Love is in the air for two former finalists of FOX‘s So You Think You Can Dance.  Lacey Schwimmer and Hok Konishi, both of whom appeared in the third season of the reality dance competition, have confirmed they are dating.  However, it wasn‘t until after their fellow third-season finalists spilled the beans on them that they personally revealed their romance. The first to expose Schwimmer and Konishi was Lauren Gottlieb.  "Actually there is Hok and Lacey, I think they are official and I think they have been official," Gottlied told Access Hollywood last Friday when asked about any romantic relationships between her castmates.  So You Think You Can Dance season 3 winner Sabra Johnson and finalist Neil Haskell then echoed Gottlieb‘s claim. Read more »
In just a few days, So You Think You Can Dance fans can catch their favorite performers as they waltz across the country this fall as part of the show‘s 2007 live tour. As previously reported, the top 10 finalists of So You Think You Can Dance season 3 will be kicking off the tour on Friday, September 21 in Albany, NY and will conclude on Friday, November 30 in Reno, NV.  Read more »
Sabra Johnson, crowned winner of So You Think You Can Dance season 3, is currently enjoying her fame and exposure with the reality show‘s 49-city tour.  However, she is also aware that life after the tour may not be as glittery.  Compared to Jordin Sparks, the winner of last season‘s American Idol who was assured of a recording contract with Simon Fuller‘s 19 Entertainment, all Johnson is guaranteed is the $250,000 prize.Although uncertain of what the future may hold, the 20-year-old dancer from Roy, Utah is playing it smart.  While parts would not necessarily be handed to her, at least, she‘ll be able to go into auditions with the confidence she didn‘t have before. Read more »
On September 21, the top ten finalists from So You Think You Can Dance headed out on a whirlwhind nationwide tour that will take them into late November.  They will stop in over 40 cities, dancing their hearts out, and meeting fans along the way.  They brought four alternate dancers with them, favorites from the season: Hok Konishi, Shauna Noland, Jesus Solorio, and Anya Garris.  I have to admit that I‘m not the biggest fan of the American Idol tour, which is run by the same company as So You Think You Can Dance.  The tickets are expensive, a percentage of the singers aren‘t that great, and the night goes on longer than it needs to.  Do you really need to hear Sanjaya sing three solos for $85?  Fortunately, the same cannot be said for this tour which is a home run from start to finish and well worth the money you shell out. Read more »
Recently, the So You Think You Can Dance tour made a stop in my home state.  At each stop the dancers make, a press conference is held and five of the top dancers attend.  They rotate on and off, so that they get a chance to get a break from what can be a very strenuous schedule.  On this particular stop, winner Sabra Johnson, runner up Danny Tidwell, and fellow dancers Lauren Gottlieb, Dominic Sandoval, and Jaimie Goodwin attended.  They spoke to BuddyTV about their favorite dances, life on tour, and what the future holds for them. Read more »
Dance fans, are you ready?  Millions of votes came in last night to crown the winner of season three‘s So You Think You Can Dance.  Will it be Lacey?  Sabra?  Danny?  Neil?  I have absolutely no clue.  It seems like it‘s a wide open playing field.  Everybody has their favorite and the four all had strong performances on last night‘s show.  The night will be filled with live performances from the dancers as well as some hot musical acts.  You can try to guess how it‘s all going to end but I‘m sure there‘s going to be surprises along the way.  I‘ll be updating live throughout the two hour season finale tonight so let‘s go!The show has started and Cat announced that sixteen million votes came in for the finale.  Impressive!  The entire top twenty are there and I‘m so happy!  I loved the dancers this season.  Cat just came out and I‘m not loving that dress, anyone else?  All the judges are there and we‘ll be looking forward to seeing Cat and Nigel dance together later on in the show. Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance is coming to Canada.  The dance-themed competitive reality show with a nationwide auditions leading to the discovery of the next big star has been picked up by CTV, Canada‘s largest privately-owned network, along with 19 Entertainment, Ltd. and Dick Clark Productions, which will develop, produce and broadcast an all new Canadian version of the hit international series.The announcement, which was released on October 9, officially makes Canada as one of the countries that markets an original So You Think You Can Dance production, joining the United States, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Turkey and Israel.  Original versions of the series are also presently being produced in Australia, Poland and Malaysia and soon in Scandinavia as well. Read more »
The hype over So You Think You Can Dance has just been amplified as MTV started to air reruns of FOX‘s popular competitive reality dance show.  As it heads towards a new season, many supporters are awaiting the comeback of the show that promises to bring new faces and some fresh talents that will hopefully entice spectators to stick around for the rest of season 4.  Meanwhile, fans can catch the stars of the show by watching them on the live tour or by watching reruns of the previous seasons. In case you haven‘t heard, MTV already started airing season 2 last weekend starting from Friday night with auditions and then with regular episodes on Saturday until Sunday.  Based from the forums and online discussions, the marathon stirred a lot of positive feedback from fans, as well as spectators who haven‘t had a chance to watch the show during its original broadcast of FOX. Read more »
Lacey Schwimmer and Hok Konishi, former finalists on So You Think You Can Dance season 3, are currently preoccupied with the show‘s North American tour.  While they are pleased with the opportunity to flaunt their groovy dance moves, they are most blissful about the rare chance to travel and spend time with each other. As reported previously, Konishi met Lacy Schwimmer through her brother Benji Schwimmer.  Konishi became friends with Benji during season 2, wherein Konishi failed to make it as a finalist while Benji emerged as the champ.  On the third season of the competitive dance show, Konishi become a finalist, but failed to make it to the top 10.  Lacey, on the other hand, finished in fourth place. Read more »
Never mind that 20-year old Neil Haskell didn‘t bag this season‘s So You Think You Can Dance crown.  Arguably this batch‘s resident heartthrob, Haskell did make it to the final four and has since been kept busy with So You Think You Can Dance‘s tour, aside from his other personal gigs. Kansas City‘s Camp caught up with him earlier this month and found out what else the charismatic dancer from New York has on his plate. Read more »
On So You Think You Can Dance, Neil Haskell wowed the audience with his impressive dancing skills and smooth moves on stage.  His charm and good looks made him a huge hit with the ladies, as well, and although he wasn‘t named the winner of the reality dance competition, he made it all the way to the Top Four. In a recent interview, Haskell said that he wasn‘t all too surprised that he made it as far as he did, not because he thought so highly of himself, but because he always made sure to exude confidence while performing. Read more »
Winning the third season of So You Think You Can Dance has certainly thrust multi-talented dancer Sabra Johnson into the spotlight.  However, Johnson, who is currently touring with the rest of the previous season‘s Top 10 finalists, has managed to stay grounded despite her newfound fame. “It‘s just the kind of person I am.  I don‘t flaunt anything,” Johnson told the Contra Costa Times.  “I try not to get worked up about anything.  I shouldn‘t take it too seriously or too lightly.  It is what my life is right now.  I just remain modest and go with the flow.” Read more »
Cat Deeley, current host of FOX‘s So You Think You Can Dance, will act as host of FOX‘s “New Year‘s Eve Live” ninety minute event.  The special will air from 11pm ET/PT to 12:30am ET/PT.  The special will be live on the east coast, tape delayed everywhere else.  The broadcast will consist of Deeley introducing highlights from pop culture, music, films and television from 2007, as well as some special musical guests.  Spike Feresten (from Talk Show with Spike Feresten) will act as correspondent from New York City‘s Times Square, interview party-goers and generally being the funny guy he usually is on TV.  There is no word on who the musical guests will be at this juncture. Read more »
With reality talent-based reality shows such as American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, artistic endeavors and performances are currently experiencing a renaissance of sorts.  Dancing in particular is enjoying a resurgence of popularity across various age groups, including the younger set. Thanks to dance competition programs like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, traditional dances like ballroom are becoming increasingly popular even with the younger crowd. Read more »
Last season‘s top three players of So You Think You Can Dance, Sabra Johnson, Danny Tidwell and Neil Haskell, will be gracing the covers of Movmnt Magazine when the quarterly publication releases its winter issue starting in 2008. The urban-leaning lifestyle magazine, which was co-founded by Tidwell and David Benaym, will be featuring the three performers as part of their new project called “Keep It Real,” which is a non-profit effort to bring the world of art and pop culture together as a lifestyle by informing and educating people.  The new endeavor will be further discussed in the magazine‘s upcoming winter issue, with special interviews on the three famed dancers and an exclusive fashion story. Read more »
Entering its fourth season on FOX next summer, So You Think You Can Dance will soon be looking for potential participants to become the next Sabra Johnson, Benji Schwimmer or Nick Lazzarini.  The network has just announced the dates for the upcoming auditions, which will kick off in Dallas, Texas on January 17.So You Think You Can Dance holds auditions across the major cities of the United States, looking for the top dancers in each city.  All types of dance backgrounds, including salsa, ballroom, hip hop, street dancing, contemporary, jazz, and ballet, are encouraged to audition for a chance to win the grand prize. Read more »
Sabra Johnson, the most recent winner of FOX‘s reality television show So You Think You Can Dance, is sharing her time and her skills to teens who aspire to make it big in the industry. Last month, the 21-year-old famed dancer from Roy, Utah made a special trip to Nampa, Idaho to put on a workshop for teenage dancers. Johnson taught a variety of dance styles to participants who paid $5, which will be used for scholarships for children who can‘t afford dance classes. Last month‘s workshop successfully raised $2,000. Read more »
The great thing about So You Think You Can Dance is that you get hooked on your favorite in the season.  I knew quickly how much I would like and root for former contestants like Travis, Hok, or Danny.  The bad thing about the show is that once the tour is over, it‘s hard to track down these former reality stars and find out what they‘re up to.  Fortunately, there‘s MySpace where many reality stars head to update their fans on life after the cameras turn off.  Many participants from So You Think You Can Dance go on to teach, choreograph, dance professionally, etc.  Here are updates on some of your favorite dancers and where you can find them! Read more »