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Everyone‘s favorite show within a show is back! And while the characters of NBC‘s Smash continually struggle to get "Bombshell" to Broadway, many were wondering the REAL  audience would ever see anything past Boston. In light of declining ratings and plot lines that many viewers found silly, Smash returned Tuesday night with a two-hour premiere, a new showrunner, some new faces and a new focus.Gone is creator Theresa Rebeck, replaced by Josh Safran, formerly of Gossip Girl. New to the show are Oscar-winner and former American Idol alum (joining Katherine McPhee) Jennifer Hudson and Broadway sensation Jeremy Jordan, who lit up the stage in both "Bonnie and Clyde" and "Newsies" on the Great White Way. But will it be enough to "fix" some of the issues that plagued the show in the first season? Will it attract a younger audience? Or will it just alienate the viewers who loved it? Only time will tell. Read more »
NBC was banking on Smash returning as a hit. They brought in a new showrunner, removed certain characters and storylines, and even cast big name guest stars like Jennifer Hudson. Did the overhaul work? Well, the numbers speak for themselves.Plus, Justin Bieber is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and NBC has released some SNL promos featuring the Biebs. The Wanted is getting their very own reality show. Buckwild and Top Chef have been renewed. And John Corbett is set to star in a potential NCIS spin-off. Read more »
After taking a week off for the State of the Union, Smash is back and hopefully recovers somewhat from the premiere‘s disastrous ratings. To give us a sneak peek of what to expect, NBC has released preview videos from "The Dramaturg." Read more »
I‘ve been a big supporter of Smash since the beginning, but after watching "The Dramaturg," I‘m afraid we might never get to see "Bombshell" make it to Broadway. The dismal ratings of the two-hour premiere certainly won‘t be helped by this episode, which had me shaking my head and wondering exactly what the show was missing. And it took until the last 10 minutes for me to realize exactly what it was: A story.Sure, the first season had its flaws, but the storyline still revolved around people we cared about. And there was actual conflict. Overdramatic plot twists aside, it was enthralling to watch the goings on of getting a show to Broadway, including the jockeying for roles, the sleezeball director who was brilliant at his craft and the search for financing to make it all possible. The criticism was that people were turned off by the side plots (thus the stripping away of significant others and outside distractions) and sick of Marilyn Monroe (thus the introduction of "The Hit List"). But in simplifying the plot, we totally lost the story. Read more »
After last week‘s fiasco, Smash needed a strong episode to pull back the fans who might have thought the show was falling apart. And while there are still elements that don‘t work and one-dimensional characters who have lost their identities, "The Song" reminded us why we like Smash in the first place. And that wouldn‘t have been possible without Jennifer Hudson.Let‘s be honest. There is still much to be desired when it comes to her acting ability. However, there is no denying that she has been blessed with an astounding voice, which was on full display this week (and during the Oscars!). While I‘ve learned that watching the show with a critic‘s eye makes you pay close attention, focus on stuff you might never notice and, honestly, takes some of the fun out of watching, that all vanished during the final musical number. I stopped taking notes, as I found myself transfixed, listening in awe, with goose bumps. Read more »
There was a lot of drama in last week‘s episode of Smash -- Eileen had to step down from producing Bombshell and her ex-husband Jerry stepped in and is now in charge. And the very sneaky Ellis was involved in the whole ordeal. But the good news is they‘ve been given the go-ahead to continue working on the musical. NBC has released three preview videos from this Tuesday‘s episode, "The Read-Through," which includes Karen performing as Marilyn and guest star Sean Hayes. Read more »
Hey, Smash fans! I‘m your guest recapper for the latest episode titled "The Read-Through," where we see Julia‘s revamped script get a read through in front of newly minted producer Jerry. Meanwhile, Kyle gets Hit List ready for its own read through, while Ivy has to deal with a rather ridiculous co-star played by Sean Hayes, who at least breaks up a lot of the eye-rolling going on in this show with some eye-rolls of his own. Read more »
Last week‘s Smash ended with Eileen in mid-sentence as she made her decision on which book the Marilyn musical will use for Broadway. Will it be the one from the workshop, or the current version that‘s told from the point of view of the men in Marilyn Monroe‘s life? Read more »
I swear to you all, I am really, really trying. I honestly DO like Smash, and I even went into Thursday‘s episode, "Fringe," telling myself I was just going to take things for what they were and not be overly critical. But I feel like I‘m suddenly a member of the cast, since everyone else ON THE SHOW is trying to remember what they liked about it in the first place as well.Someone needs to remind show runner Joshua Safran that this isn‘t the CW and we‘re not all 16-year-old girls. I don‘t know if I‘m even allowed to phrase things this way, but EVERYONE is acting like jerks. They‘re ALL a bunch of jerks! Read more »
After continually struggling in the ratings during its current season, it should come as no surprise that NBC will be moving Smash to Saturday nights at 9pm starting April 6. Saturday, as we know, is the night that networks usually burn off remaining episodes of shows that are effectively cancelled. The good news for Smash fans is that NBC will air all of the remaining season 2 episodes, though I guess the network didn‘t want to let The Voice try to prop it up during the rest of its duration. Read more »
We‘re one step closer to having a complete list of season finale dates for all of our favorite network TV shows now that NBC has made it official. There‘s a wide range, starting at the end of March with Whitney and going all the way until the latter half of June with The Voice and Hannibal. Read more »
The Top 8 are receiving some legendary help with their performances this week in the form of Smokey Robinson. Also in today‘s Roundup, both Katharine McPhee and Carrie Underwood are set to return to American Idol over the next two weeks to perform -- read on to find out which band the Smash star is performing with. The music video for David Archuleta‘s single has been released, presented in a very intriguing style. And Casey Abrams‘ Idol appearance is doing wonders for his album sales. Read more »
It‘s official. Smash is dead. Just like Kyle Bishop (Andy Mientus should be happy he got out early). Sure, there are a couple episodes left, but NBC made the move Friday that everyone saw coming. After just two seasons, the Steven Spielberg-backed project that was initially supposed to bring a Marilyn Monroe-inspired musical to the real life Broadway is over. And while the move was shocking to no one, the real question on fans‘ minds is how it ever got to this point?NBC Cancels Smash >>>The first season of Smash was widely criticized for some seemingly unbelievable storylines and obnoxious characters, while a few people got sick of Bombshell and wanted to see another side of Broadway (even though Bombshell was in Boston and hadn‘t yet reached the Great White Way -- and dramatic pause -- would it ever?). So executives ousted creator and executive producer Theresa Rebeck, who was apparently wretched to work with, and brought in Gossip Girl‘s Joshua Safran to be the new showrunner. Or as I call it, mistake number one. Read more »
Some familiar faces are returning to American Horror Story. A Cheers alum will show up on Bones. And which singer from Smash is guest starring on Elementary? Read on for all the latest casting news on these and much more, including Arrow, Nashville, Teen Wolf, and Hart of Dixie. Read more »
Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s hip-hop musical about the Founding Fathers, has made history of its own. The production was nominated for 16 Tony Awards, more than any show ever.Hamilton earned nominations in all 13 musical categories, including two for Lead Actor (Miranda and Leslie Odom, Jr.) plus a trio of nominations for Featured Actor (Daveed Diggs, Christopher Jackson and Jonathan Groff). The previous record-holders were The Producers and Billy Elliot the Musical, both with 15 nominations. Read more »