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Smallville fans pretty much know and accept that Superman will not making an appearence in Smallville anytime soon. The producers of Smallville have stated since the beginning that the series is about Clark, and Clark alone. None-the-less, as the series progresses forward and Clark, and Tom Welling, age, and the milestones drift by (the death of Clark‘s father), the question of when Superman will appear on Smallville continues to be asked.In an October 4th article in the Seattle Times, Tom Welling again put the question of Superman in Smallville to bed, one more time:"This show will always be about Clark Kent. The transition to Superman is so catastrophic that it‘s a whole new show once he starts flying around." Welling said.Regardless of this, it seems that without the man in tights making an appearance on Smallville , the show may be just counting down to its own finale, right? Wrong. Smallville has already taken many liberties with the Superman universe, casting most of its characters as near-by residents to Smallville and often times, (like Lex Luthor), blurring and re-imagining the relationship to the, uh, teen-age/young man of steel. It‘s a course the producers and writers of Smallville don‘t intend to change. So if you‘re still waiting for Clark to become Superman, it might be good to accept that in the alternate universe of Smallville, Superman may never take flight. Read more »
Tom WellingCharacter: Clark KentShow: SmallvilleThere have been a few actors given the honor of portraying Clark Kent, aka Superman, and some would argue that Tom Welling has been the best. It takes a special combination of talent and physicality to play a superhero, and Welling has proved to be the perfect actor for Superman. Start Page / #10 / #9 / #8 / #7 / #6 / #5 / #4 / #3 / #2 / #1 Read more »
Smallville‘s breakout star of the season, Justin Hartley, is an interesting man. Hartley, who plays the Green Arrow, has been adored by fans since day one and his character has brought a ton to the table since his inception. Our friends over at Media Village have provided the second part of their two-part interview with the break out star. Here is an excerpt from that interview: Read more »
Smallville creator and executive producer Alfred Gough recently gave BuddyTV the opportunity to sit down with him for an exclusive interview. We discussed the evolution of Smallville, how comic books have taken over mass media, and his upcoming projects. Smallville airs every Thursday at 8PM ET/PT.How did you get into the TV business and eventually end up creating Smallville with Mile Millar? Read more »
For years, executives and producers would sweat the weekly Nielsen TV ratings, seeing as the ratings could make or break the revenue the show generated from advertising. However, the rise of uber-profitable TV series on DVD sales plus the decay of live TV advertising with the rise of Tivo and DVR is changing the profitability equation for TV shows. Now, smaller TV programs that are produced on a smaller budget have a chance to become money makers if their audience is rabid and buys the DVD in droves. This doesn‘t exclude the home runs of big budget shows like Lost that profit on the regular TV advertising plus DVD sales. So, with the omnipresent Nielsen ratings, we‘ve decided to look at the flip side to identify which programs can be the next big money making show because of the nature of their rabid audience and by looking at how popular they are in the online realm.Here‘s a look at the Top 10 Nielsen rated shows from December 4th through December 10th: Read more »
Hollywood takes on a refreshing face in the eyes of Kristin Kreuk. Having distinct and exotic features translates positively in the showbiz world as her striking appearance mesmerizes the viewers. Her inclusion in the popular series Smallville ultimately exposes her beauty and talent worldwide. Read more »
Tom Welling is the quintessence of overnight success. This popular actor went from being a model to ultimately being the star of his own series. As Clark Kent on Smallville, he allures viewers with his gorgeous looks and boy-next-door image. What makes up the young Superman? Enormous magnetism, a dash of talent and a generous amount of charisma comprises Tom. His natural cosmic appeal is a certified attention grabber.  Read more » has a gaggle of trailer caps and promotional pics from this weeks highly anticipated Smallville retrun: Hydro. The episode continues Clark‘s trek towards an inevitable confrontation with the mysterious Green Arrow, and explores further naughty going‘s ons at the Daily Planet centered around guest star Tori Spelling. Read on for more goodness.  Read more »
Tori Spelling, by all accounts, should not be famous.Maybe this is no way to start a story about last night‘s Smallville. But, really, it‘s the one thing that woodpeckers itself into my brain every time Tori Spelling receives another acting gig. Tori was introduced on Smallville last night as a gossip columnist named Linda Lake, only further enforcing the L-alliterated name motif in the Smallville universe (Lex Luthor, Lana Lang, Lois Lane). Tori Spelling plays Linda Lake in a hopelessly, almost embarrassingly over-the-top manner. She is cringe-worthy in every scene she appears, which is a shame, because last night was an otherwise great episode. Sure, she‘s a name, somewhat famous, but is anybody really saying to themselves "You know what, now that Tori Spelling is on Smallville maybe I WILL watch it." Read more »
Our friends over at Media Village have managed to procure a sneak peek at what may be the most anticipated episode in the history of Smallville. "Justice" will portray the formation of the renowned Justice League of DC Comics fame. Smallville has enjoyed a great sixth season thuse far, encapsulated by the growth and maturation of many of the main characters, as well as the introduction of some key newcomers, especially the fan favorite Green Arrow. In "Justice", Green Arrow enlists a number of "familiar faces" to help bring down enemy Lex Luthor. Here‘s a excerpt from the Media Village article: Read more »
Clark Kent joins a squad of superheroes bent on preventing the evil Lex Luthor from building an army of superhumans.Smallville‘s face will be forever changed after last night‘s episode. Embarking on a journey which hasn‘t been successful in a long time, the new CW remade the face of Smallville, turning it into a pure superhero smash-fest. Clark Kent, the young, undeveloped Superman discovers a new group of incredible young men who possess powers, though none match the abilities of Clark.Lex Luthor, the unscrupulous nemesis/friend of Clark Kent, harbors an assortment of secrets. As mysterious as he is evil, Luthor‘s underground project, 33.1, is slowly being revealed, and the more the viewers learn about his project, the more Clark and his new team of superheroes will be there to stop him. Read more »
John Schneider certainly blooms in his prime as he becomes significantly visible on TV with his handsomely mature façade. This celebrity with German and American roots proves to be versatile both as a singer and as an actor. Ultimately, his inclusion on the television series Smallville has positively exposed his thriving career.  Read more »
Sharply beautiful, Erica Durance easily gets the attention of the crowd as she graced the cover of FHM‘s May 2006 issue and ranked as #38 on World‘s 100 Sexiest Women. Her soft features balances her perky personality which makes her a sought after actress on television. Moreover, her popularity grew stronger as she became part of the hit series Smallville.  Read more »
If you guessed that the title ‘Crimson‘ indicates that Clark will again come into contact with Red Kryptonite, congratulations: you‘re a master of discerning the obvious. This time the Red Kryptonite comes in the form of an aphrodisiac lipstick worn by Lois Lane. Once she lands a smooch on Clark his ‘other‘ self comes out, and this time it is time to confront the ladies of his life, with doe eyed Lois in tow. Read more »
After this week‘s red-Kryptonite induced tirade on Smallville , what sort of fallout will come from Clark‘s admissions and revelations? What unexpected twists are waiting around the corner? We made it our mission to find out, and we did. Read on for the latest and best spoilers on Smallville. Read more »
As Smallville speeds towards it‘s season finale huge things are in store for the boy in plaid.  Will Lex‘s abuse of meteor freaks backfire on him?  Will Lana‘s pregnancy reveal a surprise?  Will Lex and Lana go through with the wedding?  Smallville has been on a role delivering awe-inspiring action seasoned with shocking dramatic twists,  read on to find out where Smallville will take us as it prepares to end an incredible sixth season. Read more »
Michael Rosenbaum, the antagonist Lex Luthor on the popular series Smallville aspires to stride behind the camera to direct an episode of the action-adventure drama series. Rosenbaum, a 34-year old American actor, came from Oceanside, New York. He graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in theater arts. Previously, he was included in films like Cursed, Sorority Boys, Bringing Down the House, Poolhall Junkies, Special, Kicking It Old Skool, and Sweet November to name a few. In addition he also worked on shows like Teen Titans, The Zeta Project, Batman and Beyond, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Read more »
The legendary Lynda Carter, actress known to personify Wonder Woman, will guest star on Smallville this season. The episode is called “Progeny” which will be aired on April 12, 2007. Read more »
John Glover, actor who plays Lionel Luthor, father of Lex Luthor, on the CW series Smallville, will take the role of "Man in Chair" in the Broadway production of “The Drowsy Chaperone.” The said Broadway show, which previously garnered five Tony awards, is about a Gotham loner, the Man in Chair, who keeps himself happy by listening to the cast recording of 1920s tuner. Read more »
Michael Rosenbaum, actor who plays Lex Luthor on the sci-fi series Smallville has decided to depart from the show, which has ultimately established his stance in the television world. According to Associated Content, Michael Rosenbaum confirmed that season seven would be his last participation on Smallville. At this point, there are no clear reports regarding the grounds of his departure or what’s in store for his future. Read more »
The ides of March bring wedding bells for Lex and Lana on Smallville, and what a more appropriate date.   The ides of March are on the 15th and mark the assassination of Julius Ceaser.  Shakespeare‘s play Julius Caesar and its line "Beware the Ides of March", defined the time as brooding declaration of doom.  Is doom coming to Lex and Lana‘s Smallville wedding?  Or will Smallville‘s most volatile couple actually go through with their wedding.  We have some super spoilerish details inside. Read more »
Smallville has done much over the years to distance itself from its comic book roots, while at the same time keeping them, surreptitiously, on tap. With the pending release of Smallville the complete sixth season DVD, that line will finally be crossed for good. This time around, not only will the minds behind the show be providing commentary, the folks from DC comics will be contributing as well. The meeting of minds behind the man in tights and the boy in plaid is a comic/Smallville geeks dream come true, and it gets better.  Read more »
The big day is almost here for Smallville residents, the marriage of Lana to Lex. With the events of recent episodes, however, by show of hands, who expects the wedding to go off?  If there are hands raised,  mine is not among them.  Not only do I believe the wedding will be the scene of a major disruption that will cement the Clark / Lex rivalry for all time, I see this event as a turning point for Smallville proper.  With Michael Rosenbaum making a predicted exit from Smallville, what a perfect time to kick off a major arc that will end in Lex going off to be the reclusive criminal genius we all know he has the potential to be? Read more »
Good news for Michael Rosenbaum fans! Aside from Smallville, avid fans can now savor Rosenbaum’s acting expertise with two upcoming projects, Kicking It Old Skool and Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Rosenbaum takes a comedic pitch with the movie Kicking it Old Skool where he plays Kip Unger. The movie is an American comedy directed by Harvey Glazer and written by Trace Slobotkin. The film centers on an average teen in the mid-80’s who gets into a coma after a break-dancing accident. He then wakes up 20 years later, tries to develop his old dancing team and struggles to catch up with the modern world. The movie, which is scheduled for release on April 20, 2007, includes Jaime Kennedy, Mario Menounos, Michelle Trachtenberg and Vivica A. Fox. Read more »
Smallville‘s episode 6.16 titled ‘Promise‘ is the culmination of the Lana / Lex wedding, and everything it should be.  At first, I was just happy to see the storyline come to some kind of end, be it a wedding or not.  After seeing the episode,  I‘m convinced that as tired as the Smallville melodrama became for me, the end result was a huge and ample pay off.  Definitely one of the best Smallville‘s ever. Read more »
Smallville ‘Promise‘ has the makings of an extravaganza for fans of the show.  It is, pretty much, what a great portion of this season has been leading to;  the marriage of Lana and Lex, and whether or not Clark is going to let it go down as planned.  With all the stress and suspicion that has evolved on recent episodes of Smallville,  it may be as likely at this point that Lana herself would throw in the towel on the marriage,  save for a little contingency that will surely shock and surprise many Smallville fans.  Read on and beware the spoilers. Read more »
if this weeks Smallville, ‘Combat‘, left you craving more super powered action, fear not!  The season finale of Smallville promises to deliver on a scale so far unmatched for the show.   After a season that saw such wonders as the Justice League, the Green Arrow, and of course, Titan vs Clark, how could Smallville‘s creative team possibly rise to the occasion? Read on to find out who Clark‘s ultimate rival will be when Smallville closes the book on its sixth season! Read more »
According to reports on Dark Horizons, Smallville’s Tom Welling has signed on board a remake of the Michael J. Fox film “Teen Wolf”.  In the new version, it is a teenage girl who finds herself bearing the mark of the beast.  Since, let’s face it, Tom isn’t a teenager anymore, we can only guess that his part is peripheral; perhaps a charismatic werewolf hunter?   Welling will be using his time off from Smallville to film the remake in Little Canada this summer. Read more »
It‘s the question Smallville cast and crew are surely tired of being asked at this point: ‘When wil Clark become Superman?‘   The answer is  so uniform from the set that  you just know it was handed out in a media training meeting:   Superman will never show up on Smallville, because this is not his story.  Over time, the fact that Smallville is, very much, an alternate universe version of Superman begins to sink in and, whether you agree with it or not,  you accept the fact that no matter how long it runs, Clark Kent will never become Superman on Smallville.  Well, never say never because eventually there will be a series finale, and well... could anything be more predictable? Read more »
Steve DeKnight is talking Smallville, and the talk is all about love triangles, mysterious Luthor projects coming to chilling fruition, and a mysterious figure from Clarke‘s past playing heavily in a Smallville finale that will leave you on the edge of your seat.  If that isn‘t enough,  our friends at are hinting that somebody might not be returning for season seven of Smallville, but we‘ll let them tell you about that.  In the meantime read on for the scuttlebutt concerning Smallville‘s  hotly anticipated finale. Read more »
The chatter at my favorite Smallville site,, is that somebody might be leaving Smallville this season.  Say it isn‘t so!  As much as I‘d hate to see ANY of the Smallville regulars leave, (particularly Michael Rosenbaum who has, unfortunately, already announced his intentions to leave next season), you just can‘t resist the sweet nector of speculation.  Who are the odds on?  Who are the odds off?  Is there anyone that Smallville can do without,  What loss would devastate fans of the show? Read more »
With only two weeks remaining until Smallville returns, fans want to know... what is the Progeny?  Well Smallville freaks every where, we have the answers right here.  In the weeks to come, Smallville will be inching closer and closer to its shocking finale, which all indications are will be totally fantastic.  So what does next week‘s episode hold in store for us?  Let‘s check in with the sultans of Smallville spoilers and find out. Read more »
Smallville alum Eric Johnson, who played the first man to come between Clarke and Lana, Whitney Fordman, will be getting his own shot at superherodom as he takes on the title role Flash Gordon in the new series being developed, appropriately enough, by the SciFi channel.   Johnson was a pivotal character on Smallville through the beginning of the series and left the show after many character shifting redemptions. Read more »
After completely reinventing the universe of Superman with Smallville, creators Miles Millar and Alfred Goughwill be crafting the next version of Brendan Frasier’s big screen franchise the mummy.  This time the challenge will not be adding to the already burgeoning mythology, though, it will be taking away.  The Smallville scribes have the unenviable task of excising actress Rachel Weisz’s role from the third Mummy sequel after the actress has declined to appear in the film.  Luckily, Smallville’s ever shifting ensemble cast has made Miles Millar and Alfred Gough experts at rolling with unexpected character substitutions. Read more »
Next week Smallville returns with the all new episode ‘Progeny‘ guest starring super hero royalty Lynda "Wonder Woman" Carter as Chloe‘s meteor afflicted mother.  As Smallville grows ever closer to its finale we should expect to see signs of an end-game beginning to form up in Smallville.  Could it be that ‘Progeny‘ holds the beginnings of what will become the core of the Smallville finale?  We checked in with our usual list of suspects to get all the lowdown on what to expect from next weeks thrilling Smallville. Read more »
Smallville is the latest to jump on the ‘let‘s kill a major character‘ band wagon.  Following the formula that was popularized by LOST and absorbed by practically every other prime time drama on television, Smallville will be disposing of one of four major stars.  Amongst the picks:  Tom Welling (Clark), Michael Rosenbaum (Lex), Allison Mack (Chloe) or Kristin Kreuk (Lana).  Personally, I think this is a no-brainer, follow on through for my prediction and check back with me at the end of the season to see how I did. Read more »
Super hero Royalty Lynda "Wonder Woman" Carter joins the cast as Smallville returns for an all new episode!  The plot revolves around familial issues, of the meteor afflicted kind, as Clark helps Chloe reunite with her estranged mother who has been in a mental institution.  Is she really crazy?  Twists of the kind that Smallville can only deliver ensue when Lex sticks his head into the situation.  What does he know about Chloe‘s mom?  What diabolical purpose does Lex have in mind for Chloe‘s mother? Read more »
With many huge Smallville moments behind us – Lex and Lana‘s Wedding, Chloe’s freak reveal, and now Lana’s fake pregnancy – one would wonder how the Smallville writer’s are going to top themselves as the series comes to the close of its sixth season in May.  Fear not, we have plenty of info on some of the twist and turns awaiting Smallville fans in the final three episodes of this season. Read more »
The people behind Wilhelmina Models, a modeling agency founded by supermodel Wilhelmina Cooper, felt proud to have employed Tom Welling, who now plays the lead of the sci-fi series Smallville. President of Wilhelmina Models Sean Patterson told USA Today that he was not surprised when Welling landed a gig on Smallville. He recounted, “Tom had just come in from Detroit, and he always seemed to glow. He was very sweet natured. He was definitely more boyish then. He is much more of a man now." Read more »
Smallville‘s Lex Luthor, Michael Rosenbaum, will be seen with hair in his new big screen movie ‘Kickin It Old Skool‘, which debuts in theaters on April 27th.  Granted, he only grew in his new do for three weeks, so don‘t expect a substantial different from his usual Smallville smooth.  Rosenbaum costars in the film along with Jamie Kennedy, and Maria Menounos. Emmanuel Lewis, David Hasselhoff, and John Ratzenberger, amongst others, make cameos in the comedy.  Read more »
Smallville once again proved that its fame and popularity extends beyond the borders of the United States. Last week, Smallville creator, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, and Michael Rosenbaum, who plays the villainous character Lex Luthor, were in Paris, France to witness Smallville’s tribute at the 2007 Jules Verne Festival. Aside from giving reverence to the Smallville, the people of France also took the opportunity to interview the show’s creators. In line with this, the creators disclosed that Tom Welling, actor who plays Clark Kent, signed with the show through its 8th season. Given this statement, many speculated that the program’s 8th installment would be its last. As for Clark Kent’s infamous rival, Lex Luthor, it was hinted that the actor might probably guest star if there would be a season 8. On the other hand, the creators mentioned that Michael Rosenbaum’s contract ends with season 7. Read more »
After leaving us with a glimpse at the frightening Ares project last week, how does Smallville kick off its final three of the season?  With a gimmick episode.  PT Barnum  would have been proud of this one, maybe not so much in what the Smallville crew accomplished, but in that the die hard fans no doubt ate this drivel and request second helpings.    Read more »
Last week Smallville gave us our first glance at the Ares project,  next week promises a little more up close and personal glimpse at the project as Clark and Lois inadvertently close in on the secrets surrounding the mysterious beast.  For more spoiler laced Smallville details jump ahead! Read more »
Michael Rosenbaum has said that he’d be leaving Smallville after the seventh season. Some fans were concerned about the show going on without him, while others point out that many sources say the seventh will be the last for Smallville anyway. But will it?While everyone seems sure that next season will almost certainly be the last for Smallville, rumours abound that producers of the show have signed some of the actors, like Tom Welling, for an eighth season.  Read more »
John Schneider, former cast member on Smallville, got upset over the $9,900,500 winning bid on his car restored 1969 General Lee Dukes of Hazzard car, which he auctioned on eBay. Schneider, a 47-year old native of Mount Kisco, New York, played Jonathan Kent on Smallville and became popular with his role as Bo Duke in the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard. Read more »
Erica Durance, Smallville’s Lois Lane, is rumoured to be in the running for a new remake of Barbarella, the 1968 cult science fiction erotica movie that starred a young Jane Fonda. The remake’s script is said to be written by James Bond writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, and produced by Italian movie producer Dino De Laurentiis (Hannibal, Hannibal Rising).Previously, tabloids and other outlets have reported at various times that Kate Beckinsale, Scarlett Johansson, Kirsten Dunst, Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie, and Lindsay Lohan have been considered for the role of Barbarella. Of course, there’s been no confirmation on any of these, and Kate Beckinsale told IGN news that she hadn’t been contacted officially or even heard the rumors herself.  Read more »
Phantom Zoner’s take note, Clark Kent is coming for you.  At least that is the basis of tonight’s sixth season finale of Smallville “Phantom,” but if you are guessing something entirely different is going to come of it, you may be right!  Amongst the loose threads to be tied up tonight: Chloe’s power will be revealed, Clarke will face a nemesis whose strength is his weakness, Lana will finally confront Lex over his deception, and the evening may have mortal complications for a major character.  For spoilers and speculation, read on. Read more »
Phil Morris appeared this season as the Martian Manhunter on Smallville. A genuine comics fan himself, Morris thinks a Justice League spinoff of Smallville would do very well. “I think it’s almost a no-brainer because I think the audience would love it and I think the fans would love it,” he told If Magazine recently. Morris believes that his character, the Martian Manhunter AKA John Jones, “will lend itself to the evolution of Smallville as a series, and then lay the groundwork for Metropolis, or Justice League, or whatever they want to do in terms of branching off for other series.”  Read more »
Smallville "Phantom" is the sixth season finale and promised to be the best.  Lex‘s diabolical plan to create a super army of freaks hinges on obtaining the DNA of someone very special, but it‘s not Clark.  It is the last remaining wraith from the phantom zone.  Meanwhile, there is a surprising connection between Martian Manhunter, Lionel, and Clark.  Let‘s not forget the reveal of Chloe‘s power, and the promise of death that has been lingering towards the end of the sixth season. Read more »
Smallville will be returning to its 8pm Thursday time-slot when it returns this September.  Fans of the alternate mythos Superman series  are relishing the short  wait  for new adventures.  Smallville will again be followed by the dark horror adventure series ‘Supernatural,‘ which returns for its third season. Read more »
TvShowsonDVD has snared the box art and details for the highly anticipated Smallville Season Six DVD set that will be hitting stores September 18th.  The set offers some cool extras that Smallville fans will love along with the usual high quality transfers that one would expect.  Season six saw the rift between Clark and Lex form into a divide of bitter rivalry as the bald baddie snapped up Clark‘s beloved Lana in marriage and became more and more obsessed with his plans to develop a master race.   As well, the season saw the formation of the Justice League and Clark was tempted for the first time towards his destiny of super hero at large. Read more »
Lost has announced its end date, Battlestar Galactica has followed suit, could it be time for Smallville to make a similar announcement?   Long time fans have languished since Smallville’s Michael Rosenbaum announced he will be leaving, the main concern is how to fill that Lex Luthor shaped hole in Smallville‘s plot.  While the show seems to be closing in on a fresh addition to the mythology to replace Luthor, Bizarre Clark, another possibility would be to close the book on the Smallville centric series altogether.  But how would they do it? Read more »
Justin Hartley came bursting on the scene on Smallville as the Green Arrow, the popular new super hero on Smallville. Hartley‘s portrayal of the smooth as silk hero has garnered much critical acclaim and adoring fans. There has even been talk of a spin-off.Our friends over at MediaVillage recently conducted an exclusive interview with Justin Hartley. Here is an excerpt: Read more »
Our good friends over at Media Village have just posted the results of a poll they conducted regarding this season‘s breakout TV star. These were the nominees:Masi Oka - HeroesAmerica Ferrara - Ugly BettyJustin Hartley - SmallvilleJesse Tyler Ferguson - The ClassMichael Urie - Ugly Betty Read more »
Finally.After a month of holidays, egg nog, and more Snoopy and Ralphie Parker than one knows what to do with, we‘re finally back to normal. January is upon us, 2007 has begun its tyrannical, 300-plus day reign, and our favorite TV shows will no longer bludgeon us with repeats. Tomorrow, January 3rd, brings the return of a couple of our favorites, as well as two brand new shows.After that, the flood begins, and over the next month virtually every original program will air new episodes. A full list of the returning dates for most every show on television is after the jump. Read more »
Next week Smallville finishes its sixth season on the air with twists, shocks, and surprises of a truly "super" nature.   There are lots of questions on fan‘s minds, particularly since Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) has announced his plans to the leave Smallville and the producers have made public that the death of a major character will take place in the finale.  Could this we Lex‘s swan song, or will another much-beloved character be taking a dirt nap when the Kryptonite settles? Warning:  Spoilers ahead. Read more »
How to create the perfect Smallville episode.  First cast the amazing Helo from Battlestar Galactica Tahmoh Penikett in the role of an involuntarily meteor infused super baddy with Clark like abilities, and a few more.  Throw him up against Clark in a super powered slapping contest.  That is it!  Seriously!  I love it when Smallville tries to tell a story, or have some touching moment of character development, but at the end of the day we just want to see Clark lay the smack down in grand fashion, and this time it delivered. Read more »
Just when the stage was set for Smallville to go nuclear, he gets trapped in a kryptonite-infested cave-in with arch nemesis Lex Luthor and they must work together to survive.   Meanwhile, Lana finds herself with Lionel’s life in her hands and he makes a stunning revelation as to why he forced her to go through with the wedding if he knew it was a sham.  This is probably the last Smallville we’re going to get before things start leaning towards all out war, so in that sense it was a much needed diversion. Read more »
Smallville returns for five straight weeks of new episodes leading to its sixth season finale.  In ‘Progeny‘  Lex finds out that Chloe‘s mother has the ability to control meteor freaks and quicker than you can say ‘diabolical plan‘, this Smallville is off and running.  The action and revelations in this one are off the charts cool and will be keeping Smallville fans talking for weeks. Read more »
Face it, it’s all sweet and all to watch Clark pine away for Lana, but in the end don’t you really just want to see Clark kick some ever loving bad guy behind on Smallville?  Maybe it is because I am a guy, who knows, but when I watch Smallville I’m waiting for the moments where he whips out the heat vision, or tramples some hapless baddie with some of that Kryptonian kung-fu.  Smallville ‘Combat’ is the pay-off for all of you fans like me, who just want a little action.  Or in this case, a LOT of action. Read more »
This week Smallville becomes a ‘Combat‘ zone when Clark steps into an underground fighting contest to square off against a Phantom Zoner named ‘Titan‘ played by WWE superstar Kane.  Its been a while since we‘ve had a solid knock down drag out on Smallville, and with a ring veteran like Kane on the scene it can only be nothing short of awesome.  So the question is, how would Smallville‘s young man of steel fare in the squared circle?  Read on to find out. Read more »
What‘s the first thing you do when the girl you love marries your arch enemy?  Go pick a fight, of course! This is exactly what is coming up on next weeks Smallville, in no small order either.  Clark is completely devastated by Lana‘s snub and later nuptials, so he takes his aggression to the road and goes out in search of a more than able opponent.  We have the intel on who it is Clark will be fighting on next weeks Smallville, and you will not believe it. Smallville spoilers beyond the link. Read more »
 I was expecting big things from Smallvile ‘Freak’. First because it promised a wide swath at the meteor afflicted mythos by introducing a character who can ‘see’ meteor afflicted individuals, but is other-wise blind; second, because it was the directorial debut of Smallville’s own Lex Luthor, Michal Rosenbaum so naturally there was a little morbid curiosity about how he did.   Naturally, with the premise comes the promise of “shocking” revelations for Smallville fans.  Read more »
After last nights ‘Trespass’, has Smallville fallen back into character oriented damsel in distress cliché, or will there be more super hero centric pieces to come?  Not that we don’t love it when Clark keeps his super side in check, but after Smallville wowed us with Justice, is there any chance more men in tights (and plaid) action is looming on the Smallville horizon?  Read on to learn what our investigation turned up. Read more »
After last week‘s Smallville, you‘d think Lana would be ready to leave Clark alone for a while, but oh-no - she just has to go get herself another stalker.  What is it with this girl? Lana gets a creepy underwear shot of herself delivered with an ominous message saying she is headed for deadsville and goes on a freak binge.  Lex is out of town, of course, so with nowhere else to turn, she naturally hikes it for the Kent farm.  What the?  Smallville gets as illogical as it can in this episode, and I‘m just getting started... Read more »