Articles for Sit Down, Shut Up Season 1

Will the Arrested Development movie ever see the light of day?  That‘s a question that only time will tell as producers Mitch Hurwitz and Ron Howard are still trying to close deals for their much-awaited project. But there‘s a way to catch Arrested Development actors Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Henry Winkler all together on the small screen in yet another Hurwitz‘s creation as FOX heads back to school with the series Sit Down, Shut Up.Premiering on April 19 on FOX, Sit Down, Shut Up marks the latest animated comedy joining the network‘s Sunday Animation Domination lineup.  The show revolves around the dysfunctional faculty and staff at a high school in a small Florida fishing town who care more about their own insecurities and agendas than about the needs of their students.  The series is also based on the hit live-action Australian series with animation set against a live-action backdrop, and attempts to satirize modern society and most formative authority figures: teachers. Read more »
FOX brings viewers a new animated comedy which centers on the lives of the teachers and staff of Knob Haven High School.  The pilot episode of Sit Down, Shut Up introduces this group of nine quirky characters who struggle with their own insecurities, prioritizing them over their students‘ needs.  On the premiere of Sit Down, Shut Up, we find Knob Haven High School in the midst of a financial crisis.  It‘s up to Acting Principal Sue Sezno (Kenan Thompson) to push the school towards winning the upcoming football game in order to receive donations from alumni.  If she fails and can‘t cut other costs, it‘s the pink slip for one faculty member. Read more »