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In March, NBA star Shaquille O’Neal signed on to do a reality show that would help address the issues of childhood obesity in America. Shaq’s Big Challenge, which will premiere next Tuesday, June 26, is an adaptation of Ian Wright’s Unfit Kids, a reality show in Britain that first aired in September 2006. However, hosting a reality show that aims to help overweight adolescents is not the only thing that O’Neal and Wright have in common. Both have built impressive sports careers, with O’Neal being named the Most Valuable Player in 3 NBA Finals and with Wright being inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2005. Read more »
As the series premiere of Shaq’s Big Challenge draws closer, the show’s producer (RDF), the ABC network and the series’ star Shaquille O’Neal are getting ready to launch the show‘s companion website, The website will be kept active even after the reality series ends. As of this time, the network has committed to only six episodes of Shaq’s Big Challenge, which premieres this upcoming Tuessday, June 26th, but if it doesn‘t draw in a significant number of viewers, then the network could decide to air even less. Read more »
Childhood obesity has become such a problem in the United States that NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is stepping in to do something about it. He’s chosen six dangerously overweight kids from Florida to help get into shape. Shaq will not only help change the lives of these kids but lobby to change the lives of kids all across the country by fighting for change in school systems as well as in our own government. He hopes to accomplish this over only a six month period. Will he accomplish his goals? We’ll find out as we watch Shaq’s Big Challenge.Shaquille O’Neal is the perfect person to take on this mission. He not only is a great athlete in great shape but he’s a father of six and loves working with children. He is understandably concerned by what he’s learned: 59 million Americans are considered obese and 300,000 die each year from complications due to their weight. Read more »
Due to the positive intentions of Shaquille O’Neal to help fight childhood obesity on his reality show Shaq’s Big Challenge, the 35-year old NBA star was awarded a Florida Commendation Medal.The star of Shaq’s Big Challenge earned the medal yesterday afternoon, June 27, during his meeting with Florida Governor Charlie Crist. Read more »
In an effort to extend his efforts to combat childhood obesity, Shaquille O‘Neal, 4-time NBA champion and star of the upcoming reality show Shaq’s Big Challenge has teamed up with Florida Governor Charlie Crist to address the growing health crisis. O’Neal is set to meet Crist on Wednesday, June 27, a day after Shaq’s Big Challenge debuts at 9/8c on ABC. Read more »
Childhood obesity has become one of the ever-increasing problems resulting to a shorter lifespan and risk of diabetes and heart disease. In an attempt to address the fast outbreak of childhood obesity in the United States, ABC will launch a new reality program called Shaq’s Big Challenge. Hosted by Shaquille O’Neal, the show follows the four-time NBA champion in his quest to help kids across America to live a healthier lifestyle.O’Neal joins his hand-picked team of experts, which include Shaq’s own physician and trainer, Carlon "Doc" Colker, personal trainer Tarik Tyler, nutritionist Dr. Joy Bauer, childhood obesity expert Dr. William Muinos, Food Network celebrity chef Tyler Florence, and Shaq‘s Louisiana State University coach Dale Brown, as they embark on a crusade to help change six obese middle school kids from Florida into fit and healthy youngsters, while promoting how other communities nationwide can help fight childhood obesity. Read more »
ABC’s new reality series, Shaq’s Big Challenge, premiered on Tuesday with low ratings, having only drawn in 4.5 million viewers, according to ratings released the following afternoon. Nielsen’s overnight ratings showed that an average of 1.7 million viewers from the adults 18-49 grid tuned into the series premiere, which consequently pushed it into third place, trailing behind its 9PM timeslot competitors, NBC’s America‘s Got Talent and a rerun of Fox’s House. Read more »
Episode Overview: A tough new trainer tries to get the kids back in line, but trouble keeps piling up as one kid quits the show.  Also in peril is Shaq and company‘s plan to reform Florida‘s school curriculum by adding physical education requirements, but budgetary constraints make it just as difficult as the workouts.Last week on Shaq‘s Big Challenge, while Shaquille O’Neal was away, the kids played. They slacked off on their exercise programs and lied to him about their progress. Unfortunately for them, Shaq’s health specialist, Carlton “Doc” Colker, spied on them and reported his findings back to Shaq. They should know better than to make a 7‘1‘‘, 325-pound man angry. He calls a meeting with the kids and their parents at the gym.Shaq sits the kids down to let them know how disappointed he is. He calls them out on their behavior and their lies. Doc will be in charge now and he’s got a trainer who doesn’t like kids. Yikes. He speaks to the parents, calling the kids liars and pointing the finger at Chris as the ringleader. The tough as nails trainer is brought in - Tarik Tyler, and he is no joke! The kids will now have a mandatory workout with him five days a week. Read more »
After taking over the basketball arena with several MVP awards, and taking on a quest to fight childhood obesity on his reality show Shaq’s Big Challenge, Shaquille O’Neal has decided to try his hand in law enforcement and politics.  According to the Sun-Sentinel, the popular NBA star is contemplating on running for sheriff. For the past several months, rumors about Shaquille O’Neal’s political intentions circulated around Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Subsequently, when he appeared as a guest on Live With Regis & Kelly, he confirmed that the hearsay was true. Read more »
Ariel, age 14, is one of the six participants on ABC’s Shaq’s Big Challenge. When she first began the program, Ariel weighed 211 pounds. She has been put through a rigorous program to improve her overall health through diet and exercise. BuddyTV sat down with Ariel to talk about her time on the show so far and what it means to be a role model.How would you describe yourself?I like everything. I’m very big in music. I love music and everything that has to do with music. As long as it’s upbeat and happy, I like it but I really like Evanescence. I get along very easily with people. For some reason, I’m good with people and I have fun when I go out with my friends. My mom tells me I have a very strong personality! I don’t like to quit at anything I do. I love animals and books. I’m actually one of those kids that likes school. Read more »
Episode Overview: Halloween candy gives trouble to some of the kids, who once again must do the Presidential Physical Fitness Test to see how they‘re doing halfway through the challenge.  Shaq faces yet another obstacle in his effort to bring physical education to the school systemsNBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal and his health specialist, Carlton “Doc” Colker, pay a visit to the house of 14-year-old Kit. Kit dropped out of the program in the last episode of Shaq‘s Big Challenge, citing her parents as the reason. Shaq and Doc hope to convince Kit’s family that being back in the program is the best choice for her. Kit’s father is immediately upset, demanding the cameras (and his unwanted guests) leave. Shaq steps in to talk to Kit’s father one-on-one on his level to try to change his mind. He works his magic and Kit has been let back into the program. The kids are thrilled to see her especially Ariel, who is happy to have girl power back in effect. Read more »
After his attempt to bring physical education to the school systems, Shaquille O’Neal has yet another challenge in the next episode of his reality show Shaq’s Big Challenge. Here’s a little appetizer on what’s coming up. As the kids’ fitness program gets tough, Shaquille O’Neal is compelled to give them more encouragement, support and inspiration.  To boost their spirits to hit the 20-pound weight-loss milestone, the six kids are offered the opportunity to win tickets to a Miami Heat game, which is Shaquille O’Neal’s current team.  Read more »
Chris, age 11, is one of the six participants on ABC’s Shaq’s Big Challenge. When he first began the program, Chris weighed 206 pounds. He has been put through a rigorous program to improve his overall health through diet and exercise. BuddyTV sat down with Chris to talk about his time on the show so far and his major league dreams. Read more »
Episode Overview: Shaq brings in a celebrity chef to give kids a healthy lunch alternative at school and James holds his team back from reaching their goal.Shaq calls on celebrity chef Tyler Florence to offer healthy alternatives to the children’s daily menu. Tyler says that when he was in school, the food was so bad that he started a petition to change the menu to a healthier one, showing that one person can make a difference. He convinces Ariel to start a petition herself, bringing out the rebel in her. The other kids jump on board to try to make a difference in their own school. Read more »
Episode Overview: The kids continue to progress, chef Tyler Florence aims for a successful healthy school lunch, and Shaq works to get an exercise program implemented permanently in the schools.Chris is up before the sun rises, on the stairmaster, working out. His parents stay on top of him to make sure his workout is complete. For those who don‘t have that luxury, trainer Tarik Tyler is there to make sure their work gets done every day. Mr. Tyler is feeling the pressure to get these kids ready to meet the governor in less than 30 days to show the progress they‘ve made. Read more »
Episode Overview: On the season finale, the kids show off their progress to the friends, family, fans, and the governor of Florida.Nine months ago, Shaquille O’Neal started climbing an uphill battle with six South Florida children. He and his team worked hard to get them in shape, change the school lunch menu, mandate physical education, and show what progress he made to the governor. Thousands turn out to see the end result including family, friends, classmates, and teachers. Read more »
Last night, ABC aired the finale of Shaq‘s Big Challenge, showing us what a group of kids can do if they put their mind to it.  Shaquille O‘Neal was looking to make a difference in kids‘ lives.  Childhood obesity has gotten out of control and it‘s time he took matters into his own hands.  We first met the six participants over nine months ago.  Each came with their own serious weight and eating issue.  Chris began the program at 206 pounds as an overeater.  Ariel, an emotional eater, first weighed in at 211 pounds.  Low self-esteem kept Kevin from reaching his potential and he weighed in at 230 pounds.  A lover of junk food, James began at 182 pounds while outsider Kit got on the scale the first day, weighing in at 263 pounds.  Last but not least was Walter, a video game loving couch potato, who topped the scale at 285 pounds. Read more »
It‘s game over for professional basketball star Shaquille Rashaun O‘Neal, also known as Shaq, and his wife of seven years, Shaunie O‘Neal. According to court papers which were filed on Monday in Los Angeles County Superior Court and made public on Tuesday, Shaunie cites irreconcilable differences as grounds for the separation which will eventually lead to divorce. Additionally, Shaunie is seeking sole custody of their four minor children, ages 3 to 9, with visitation for Shaq, and an unspecified amount of money for child support. Read more »
Coming on the heels of the news that Shaquille O‘Neal and his wife Shaunie are headed for divorce, rumors are starting to surface about the NBA star having an affair with Laura Govan, the fiance of Wizards star Gilbert Arenas. According to the website Young, Black and Fabulous, Shaq, who has also starred on his own reality show Shaq‘s Big Challenge, and Govan have allegedly been more than friends for five years now. Both have reportedly been flying to each other‘s towns and meeting up at different events, and even spending last Christmas together when Shaq was still playing in Phoenix, where Laura just so happened to be there "visiting her sister". Read more »
After several stunts against renowned athletes, the illustrious Shaquille O‘Neal is back with another season of ABC‘s Shaq Vs. This time around though, it won‘t just be sports that will dominate the show. Our challenge-hungry star is out to face a different set of contenders in a number of unusual matches.PHOTOS: See More of Shaquille O‘NealAccording to the network, Shaq Vs.‘ second season will be featuring spelling bees and dance-offs, in addition to the usual sports. Last time, we saw the athlete go against the big game greats. Now, it‘s twice the fun when he attempts to bring home the bacon on an entirely new level. Read more »