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FOX recently came out in the open to reveal a new inspirational unscripted series which will debut on Wednesday, December 3 at 8pm.  Titled Secret Millionaires, the new reality series will feature an internet mogul worth $300 million, a husband-and-wife team who own a multi-million dollar magazine-publishing business, a successful Southern California lawyer, an owner of a restaurant empire, a Baltimore socialite and former NFL cheerleader as well as a software inventor worth $50 million.Read on to find out more about these Secret Millionaires. Read more »
The FOX network, once the home of salacious fare with titles like When Animals Attack 4: Bloodthirsty Zebras on the Rampage, moves into the world of kinder, gentler reality television with tonight‘s two-hour premiere of Secret Millionaire.  The new series takes America‘s wealthiest individuals away from their sprawling mansions and moves them to some of the poorest neighborhoods in the country.  Their mission?  To go undercover as regular people, living on minimum wage and working side-by-side with members of the community they‘d never interact with otherwise.  On the final day of the experiment, the millionaires will reveal their true identities and pass on at least $100,000 to those who most inspire them. Read more »
There‘s a lot of buzz surrounding Secret Millionaire, FOX‘s latest reality TV offering that‘s fashioned after a show that has been a hit in London, England for the past eight seasons.  While a few may raise their eyebrows on the show‘s premise, which is to take millionaires and make them live like poor people, others think that the program may actually be a better version of Oprah‘s Big Give.  If you missed last night‘s two-hour season premiere, you can check out this article for some sneak peek of the series. Read more »
When Fox‘s Secret Millionaire debuted last week, it got mixed reaction from critics.  Both camps agree that the network is definitely going for that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition kind of appeal, with tear-jerking scenes and pokes at the heart.  Essentially, the reality show takes millionaires from their sprawling mansions into the less-then-posh parts of the country where they interact with so-called normal people.  At the end of the “experiment,” their identities are revealed and the person who they end up trusting the most gets at least $100,000 from these millionaires‘ very own (deep) pockets.Matthew Gilbert of the Boston Globe says that Secret Millionaire is “contrived” and makes a show out of charity, meant to milk the public sentiment over the supposed recession.  True enough, the timing of the series seems suspicious at least to some, when worries over the economy and federal bailouts of big businesses are growing.  If we‘re going to bail out the big guys in the real world, the show‘s pitch seems to be, at least we can watch them bail us out on TV,” says Gilbert. Read more »
The Fox philanthropy reality series Secret Millionaire is only two shows away from wrapping up its first outing that started just this December.  Last week, it was advertising executive Gurbaksh Chahal who gave out more than $100,000 to deserving individuals.  Secret Millionaire, which averages 7.6 million viewers a week, takes millionaires, cloaks them as so-called ordinary people, do menial things, earn the minimum wage, and interact with the regular folks to supposedly get a taste of what‘s out there.  At the end of the experiment, that episode‘s millionaire will choose one or more people to reward with a cash prize.Last night, it was former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader and wife to the CEO of an energy company Molly Shattuck, who made her way to a small coal-mining town in eastern Pennsylvania, took on three jobs alongside her mother Joan. Read more »
ABC announced its plans for the 2010-2011 TV season and despite adding seven new shows this fall, the rest of the schedule is very familiar.  Returning shows Dancing with the Stars, Castle, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Grey‘s Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters all remain right where they currently are.See More:The CW‘s Fall Lineup>>CBS‘ Fall Lineup>>FOX‘s Fall Lineup>>NBC‘s Fall Lineup>>Other than the new shows, the main story from ABC is that V, which was renewed for a second season, won‘t be back until 2011.  It looks like the network really is trying to turn it into the new Lost.  Read more »