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After a long wait and a network switch, Scrubs returns tonight at 9pm on ABC with two brand new episodes to kick off season 8. The show has been through a lot of turmoil, but now it‘s back and just as good as ever.The first two episodes prove that the switch to ABC hasn‘t changed the show at all. Scrubs is still a quirky half-hour with off-the-wall comedy and a real sense of heart. The whole cast is back, plus one big addition. Courtney Cox returns to comedy as Sacred Heart‘s new chief of medicine, replacing Dr. Kelso, who was forced into retirement last season. Read more »
The unnamed janitor on Scrubs may have put J.D. in some tough situations, but it seems as though he‘ll soon be handling one of his own.  Neil Flynn, the actor best known for his work on the sitcom, has been slated to star in yet another ABC show.  He‘s been cast in a new comedy pilot for the network, titled The Middle.Reports say that Flynn will be portraying the husband of the protagonist, portrayed by Patricia Heaton.  The series will begin shooting in February, and is directed by Julie Anne Robinson.  The Middle focuses on this matriarch of a middle-class Midwestern family.  Heaton and Flynn will play a couple, trying their best to raise their three children.  Read more »
Scrubs is off to a good start on ABC, and one of the best ways to celebrate its early success is to hear from the series creator himself.  Bill Lawrence was recently interviewed by Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello.  In addition to that, he took time to answer questions from the fans, together with actor Zach Braff.  Candid as he is, Lawrence might have revealed a few possible spoilers here and there, but things just go unexpected on Scrubs that it‘s hard to tell.For the most part, Bill Lawrence discussed the changes that the series is undergoing.  A lot of viewers noted the dramatic shift in the first two episodes of season 8.  Lawrence maintains that they were building up the tension for the finale. Read more »
Previously, we reported that Scrubs had been getting more dramatic than usual of late, and all of it are intentional to build up the tension for the highly anticipated finale, says Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence.  “I thought we got a little silly,” he explains.  “In order for the finale to actually mean anything, the show has to be borderline real for people to give a s--t.  We were dangerously venturing into an area where everyone was so fake no one would have given a s--t when it ended.” On the first episode of Scrubs tonight called “My Saving Grace,” Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) and Cox (John C. McGinley) come together to oust Dr. Maddox (Courtney Cox) from Sacred Heart.  Meanwhile, Carla decides to take a self-centered, incompetent intern down a notch. Read more »
From ABC‘s official press release:The doctors of Sacred Heart realize just how dysfunctional the new crop of interns really is, while J.D. and Elliot‘s love life gets off to a slow start, on ABC‘s Scrubs.Sesame Workshop‘s "Muppets" guest star. Read more »
To make room for new shows, ABC has shuffled its Thursday night comedy block.  The new schedule, which was announced yesterday, effectively bumps off Scrubs at 8pm as it pairs up with the new series Better Off Ted every Wednesday beginning March 18. Scrubs, which revolves around J.D. (Zach Braff) as an attending physician with his own class of interns to guide and mentor after surviving his internship and residency at Sacred Heart Hospital, is no stranger to schedule changes.  During its run on NBC, the series went from one timeslot to another.  At present, Scrubs is airing every Tuesday at 9pm on ABC with back-to-back episodes. Read more »
From ABC‘s official press release:Could Drs. Cox and Kelso actually become friends? "My New Role" - When Dr. Cox becomes overwhelmed in his new role as Chief of Medicine, he does the unthinkable and reaches out to Dr. Kelso for friendship, on Scrubs, Tuesday, February 3 (9 to 9:30pm, ET), on the ABC Television Network. Read more »
Can Scrubs be Scrubs without JD (Zach Braff)?That is the question in everyone‘s mind, especially die-hard Scrubs fans, as talks are reportedly underway for the ABC comedy to return for a ninth season.  The catch is that both Braff and Judy Reyes have categorically stated that this would be their last season on the show.  As for the other cast members - Donald Faison, John C. McGinley and Neil Flynn - all of them have booked pilots for spring that should get first priority should they get picked up.  When such happens, JD, Nurse Carla, Turk, Dr. Cox, and Janitor would at best have recurring roles on the series they are now most known for. Read more »
As the season finale of Scrubs gets closer and closer (only a few hours left!), the anticipation is getting higher.  It‘s like a disease - you want it to end but you can‘t help but stick around and watch.  Whatever you may be feeling as the series wraps up (or not), there‘s one more thing to be really excited about.  Reports have it that the hospital comedy will be bringing about 50 guest stars back on the show this Wednesday.ABC has released a list of actors who will be present on Dr. John Dorian‘s last day, including Colin Hay as himself, Amy Smart as Jamie, Nicole Sullivan as Jill Tracy and Phil Lewis as the crazy Hooch.  J.D.‘s brother Dan (Tom Cavanaugh) will also be there, in addition to the rest of the hospital staff composed of  Nurse Roberts (Aloma Wright), Todd (Robert Maschio), Ted (Sam Lloyd), Keith (Travis Schuldt), and the rest of the interns.  Read more »
Yes, today‘s that day; J.D. will be having his last moments at Sacred Heart Hospital soon.  Fans of Scrubs should ready themselves for whatever tickles and tears that the series will bring, as ABC airs the show‘s season 8 finale. Tonight, the beloved hospital dramedy will wrap up with Dr. John Dorian (Zach Braff) heading to a new life.  We‘ve all seen what he‘s gone through over the years, and now let‘s see him try to leave all that behind.  Below are several sneak previews of the hour-long finale of Scrubs. Read more »
There are hardly any words for how J.D. (Zach Braff) left Sacred Heart Hospital, unless you suddenly have the urge to blurt out "Eagle!" as a tribute.  Anyway, Scrubs‘ eighth season gave us a number of great scenes that will forever stand out in the show‘s history.  From the emergence of new characters to reliving past relationships, Bill Lawrence‘s brainchild is something no one will ever forget (assuming you‘ve heard about it).  Below, we‘ve listed some of the remarkable moments of closure of the 8th season of ABC‘s Scrubs. Read more »
ABC is expected to formally announce tomorrow that they‘ll air six new dramas and four new comedies as part of their 2009 fall lineup, with high concept genre ensemble Flash Forward, science fiction remake V and John Updike adaptation Eastwick, as well as several crime and legal series. They‘ll be joined by some familiar favorites. After setting expectations that this past year would be Scrubs‘ final season, ABC has picked up the medical sitcom for next year after all. Corporate warfare satire Better Off Ted and crime-show-with-a-twist-of-lime Castle also made good impression in the two months they‘ve been on. They both got picked up for next year.   Read more »
Scrubs might be over for its protagonist J.D., but is it the same for the rest of the Sacred Heart Staff?  Actor Zach Braff, who plays the lead character on the show, has already made his decision to leave the series.  However, it seems as though the network isn‘t ready to let go of him and the show. Braff addressed the issue on his official MySpace blog, explaining how Scrubs will be given a new life on its next installment.  It sounded as though things have worked out, and the actor will be returning for the first few episodes of the ninth season. Read more »
The end of May means it‘s time to start campaigning for the Emmy Awards.  Many shows have already started hitting voters with giant For Your Consideration DVD sets to get the coveted nominations.  This season, however, there‘s a lot of gamesmanship going on for category placements as actors are moving from Lead to Supporting or vice versa in order to improve their chances at a nomination.The biggest change is coming from Grey‘s Anatomy, where McDreamy himself Patrick Dempsey is dropping down to the Supporting Actor race after failing to get nominated as a Lead Actor for four years.  While some might criticize the move as blatantly mislabeling himself in order to score a nomination, it‘s actually a bigger indictment on the show itself. Read more »
ABC unveiled its Fall schedule today and it features an ambitious lineup of new series to premiere all season long.  The schedule features eight new shows, including a Wednesday night that contains nothing but new programs.  This is identical to the strategy ABC used two years ago when it premiered three new hour-long shows on Wednesdays.The new Wednesday, however, features four new half-hour comedies which I will tentatively title the Back to You reject lineup, as three of the sitcoms star former cast members of that failed FOX sitcom, including Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton and Ty Burrell.  The other big change to the schedule is that Ugly Betty has been bumped to Fridays, wedged between Supernanny and 20/20.More Fall Lineups:FOXABCNBCCBSThe CW Read more »