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Grey‘s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes first tackled the world of nurses, doctors and interns with fast dialogues, sharp tongues and, oh, the sex. She‘s brought those familiar characteristics into a new world -- that of Washington and the political power, lies and deceit that come with it -- in Scandal, which returns at 10pm tonight on ABC.Have you caught the Scandal fever yet?  Read more »
Scandal is back from its winter hiatus with the episode titled "One of the Dog." Last we saw them, the president was in the hospital still in a coma, VP Langston was just sworn in and Huck was led away in handcuffs, being held under the Patriot Act. Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Scandal titled "A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar" further delves into the rigged election that James uncovered in Defiance. And who exactly is a criminal, a whore, and idiot an a liar? There are also not only one, but two familiar faces from Shonda Rhimes‘ other show who will be guest-starring on Scandal. Read more »
This week‘s episode of Scandal is a story of beginnings of sorts, as flashbacks tell show us how Olivia Pope and Associates is loosely formed, as well as the power of five that rig the election. In present time of "A Criminal, a Whore, a Liar and an Idiot," the president is out of the hospital but barely hanging on. Read more »
After a week off, Scandal is back with the all-new episode "Truth or Consequences." When we last left everyone, Fitz had asked Mellie for a divorce as Edison was asking Olivia to marry him. Will either of those things happen? One seems way more likely to happen than the other. But one thing‘s for certain: Fitz asks Olivia to wait for him. Read more »
"Truth or Consequences" is one of those episodes that‘s sets up for something bigger, presumably for next week. It gives more back stories, fills in more holes in story lines and pushes the plot along but with no reward in the end. Except for the one little bombshell that Scandal loves to pull on us -- what you believed all along isn‘t the case at all. Read more »
Scandal season 2 continues on Thursday, February 7 with an episode called "Nobody Likes Babies." BuddyTV caught up with Guillermo Diaz on a set visit during last month‘s TCA 2013 and he talked to us about what it‘s like playing the mysterious Huck.   Read more »
With tonight‘s episode titled "Nobody Likes Babies," you‘d naturally assume the episode will center around Mellie and Fitz‘s baby, which was born prematurely. One minute, we saw Mellie enter the doctor‘s office looking perfectly normal yet with a ton of vengeance. Next minute, she was having that baby.Yet there‘s so much more to this episode, since they‘ve been teasing it as a "Game Changer," and who really order the assassination attempt on Fitz. But for now, all we have are previews of Fitz juggling the main women in his life.  Read more »
Scandal season 2 continues on Thursday, February 7 with an episode called "Nobody Likes Babies." Last week we saw just how far Mellie is willing to go to keep her husband. Last month BuddyTV caught up with Tony Goldwyn (Fitz) and Bellamy Young (Mellie) on the set to talk about this TV couple‘s very complicated relationship.   Read more »
Things have really been heating up in Scandal season 2 and there‘s a whole lot going on right now for Olivia Pope and her cohorts. BuddyTV caught up with Columbus Short (Harrison Wright) on a set visit during last month‘s TCA 2013 and he talked to us about what it‘s like playing one of Olivia‘s coworkers.   Read more »
Scandal season 2 continues on Thursday, February 14 with an episode called "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot." BuddyTV caught up with Kerry Washington during a set visit last month to talk about what it‘s like to play Olivia Pope on the show.   Read more »
After a week-long tease of a game-changing episode, consider the game changed. "Nobody Likes Babies," threw things at us from every direction, leaving me to wonder: Did that just happen? Practically every character came clean about something, and it‘s debatable whether it did more harm than good, which is what Verna Thornton tells Olivia on her death bed. The episode is a bit of a mess because it‘s everywhere, but at least we get answers. Read more »
Tonight‘s "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" picks up from where we left off 10 months later. That‘s almost a year since Fitz killed Verna and called off his divorce from Mellie. Does that also mean he hasn‘t seen Olivia in 10 months? Possibly. Read more »
Why the long face, everyone of Scandal? In "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot," the clock has moved 10 months later for everyone in Washington. How are they faring? And Olivia‘s new "friend" Jake has officially become creepiest character on TV. Read more »
As much as Olivia Pope is so very good at her job, she‘s so very bad when it comes to her romantic life. There‘s the president, with whom she continues to have trysts with, there‘s Edison, who seemed nice enough but didn‘t provide her with enough (or any) passion and now there‘s possibly Jake. We found out last episode that Jake is watching Olivia from her home. Why? And is Jake even his real name? I‘m doubting it. Read more »
In "Boom Goes the Dynamite," Jake has moved from peeping Tom to ... possibly someone likable. I didn‘t think it was possible either, but with Scandal, we should know by now to expect the unexpected. Meanwhile, Cyrus, still getting shut out from Fitz‘s inner circle in favor of Mellie, decides to take matters into her own hands after Olivia specifically tells him to let her to let it be because she will eventually mess up. Also, why is Huck really smelly these days? Read more »
ABC may not be in last place, ratings-wise, among the networks (that dishonor goes to NBC), but they‘re closing out the announcements for this spring‘s season finale dates. Most of their shows end in May, as usual, with The Neighbors and Suburgatory ending in March and April, respectively. Read more »
It‘s been exactly a month since we last saw Olivia and the gang on our televisions -- and it sure feels like it in "Top of the Hour." There is a disconnect, like the show is off their game. The Scandal episode spends way too much time on the case, a case I felt like we‘ve seen before on the show: A high-powered Washington player, this time around a Supreme Court nominee, has been having an affair with a woman. What?! Shocking. And the woman‘s child may or may not be his but the real dad has no idea. In the end, he rips up the paternity test because well, he‘s still her dad.  Read more »
Hollis Doyle is the devil (Olivia Pope & Associates‘ word, not mine), but at least he‘s an entertaining one. He‘s not buying at all that his daughter has been kidnapped and being held for ransom money. We knew Hollis has stooped very low in the past but this? His own child?Meanwhile, it appears the mole is well on its way to being exposed ... until the ending brings not one, but two shockers that turns this story line upside down. This episode is such an improvement after last week‘s snoozefest. Read more »
The episode was titled "Molly, You‘re in Danger, Girl," but the title could‘ve been changed to any of the following characters: David Rosen, Huck and Quinn, and even Olivia. This episode is on overdrive, as we start with tying up loose ends over the CIA director‘s suicide -- until it turns into murder. It ends with Olivia in the hospital. Read more »
Scandal returns with an all-new episode titled "Seven Fifty-Two," where we‘ll learn about Huck‘s mysterious past. All that we‘ve gathered so far in two seasons is that he was a member of the CIA and has a lot of skeletons in his closet.But the main story concerns Olivia, who was sent to the hospital in the most recent episode, and the elusive Mole, who has been stirring up trouble all season long. That‘s not to say I‘m undermining the Huck storyline because there IS a connection to the Mole, but everything is so convoluted right now surrounding him. Read more »
Scandal‘s latest episode after a long break, "Seven Fifty-Two," was all about Huck, the mysterious killer/techie with the signature frown/scorn at all times. After he was tricked into going into that storage unit and locked in a box only to be rescued by Quinn, he‘s holed himself in Olivia Pope & Associates, repeating "752" over and over and over. What does it all mean? Read more »
In Scandal‘s latest episode, Mellie is the woman referred to in the title "A Woman Scorned" as she gives her husband an ultimatum: his wife or his mistress. Fitz calling her bluff and letting her be drives Cyrus nuts, since he seems to be the only one taking her seriously.Meanwhile, Olivia and the gang digs deeper into the identity of the Mole, but are they any closer? Read more »
"Any Questions?" is the title of the episode, and to that I say: Where should I start? With the season finale next week, I‘m relieved the identity of the Mole is revealed, rather than having a cliffhanger in the finale with the person just about to be revealed or have the reveal and then immediately end it.But before we get to that point, there‘s the whole Mellie drama to deal with, that‘s pushing Cyrus to his breaking point. And the Gladiators are working around the clock to figure out the Mole. Read more »
ABC has been a little late to the game in terms of announcements for the 2013-2014 TV season. While the other four major networks have revealed almost all of their renewals, cancellations and new pick-ups, ABC has been completely silent. Until now.The network has officially renewed many returning shows, including freshman hit Nashville and bubble comedy Suburgatory. Sadly, it also cancelled one of the funniest shows on TV, the low-rated Happy Endings, as well as five other shows. It has also picked up the high-profile series Marvel‘s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. produced by Joss Whedon, the Rebel Wilson comedy Super Fun Night and more. Read more »
ABC is the third network to announce its schedule for Fall 2013, featuring eight new shows and nearly all of its current ones staying in the same time slots. However, there‘s one giant show missing: Dancing with the Stars: The Results.  Read more »
The Season 2 finale of Scandal, titled "White Hat‘s Back On," might have the most-talked about ending of any show this season. It‘s a tall task given that I haven‘t yet watched it, of course, but that‘s how the previews are hyping it.So what‘s going to happen in the finale? Let‘s try and find out. Read more »
Ever since Scandal debuted last season, it‘s done its part in throwing twists and turns every which way. With the season-long story line of the Mole revealed, it didn‘t seem to top that. Oh, but it was done -- twice -- in the Scandal season 2 finale "White Hat‘s Back On." Read more »
May sweeps have come to a close, yet The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, and Modern Family stood their ground throughout. We expect this to change dramatically, though, due to the imminent season turnover of the three shows.  Read more »
Scandal teased viewers all last season with the Mysterious Man who Jake would periodically meet up and take orders from. In the season finale, we found out that Rowan is actually Olivia‘s father.Knowing this fact has raised a lot more questions, and because of this, the show took to Twitter and Facebook to ask fans what their theories are on Rowan. Read more »