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I can‘t remember the last time I was this excited to stay in on a Saturday night, and I‘m not just saying that as a certifiable Gleek. I‘m also saying it as a certifiable Christopher Guest, Party Down and all-around Jane Lynch fan. The woman is a comedy (and human) gem. Which, and this probably goes without saying, is just the jolt SNL needs.In fact, there are no Glee jokes to be seen in these Saturday Night Live promos for Jane Lynch‘s hosting gig on Saturday, October 9. Instead of Sue, we see Lynch‘s sweeter (and a little psychedelic) side opposite Fred Armisten. In case you were lulled into forgetfulness, Lynch (who got her start with the renowned Second City improv group) has comedy chops that far surpass her role on Glee, and there‘s no way SNL won‘t take advantage of that range.Does that mean the SNL writers will do their own song and dance to avoid evoking Glee and Lynch‘s iconic villain Sue Sylvester during the show? (For those doubting her cultural impact, remember she‘s now immortal.) Somehow, I doubt it. As Jimmy Fallon showed us, Glee jokes are fun to write and even more fun to execute. Whether it‘s a "Sue C‘s It" segment during "Weekend Update," an Andy Samberg-penned Glee-inspired Digital Short or something else entirely, I think we‘re all expecting just a liiiittle tracksuit action this Saturday.Will we get a double dose of Sue this week? We‘ll find out on Saturday. Until then, watch the promos below and get psyched!  Read more »
Jane Lynch hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and--as is her right, her gift and her duty--stole the show with some hilarious characters that reminded us she‘s got plenty of range beyond Sue Sylvester.There were lots of great moments on SNL this weekend, but not everything worked, despite Lynch‘s presence. Here‘s my take on the highlights and lowlights of the show: Read more »
Saturday Night Live has become painfully uneven. You can tune in on any given week and find absolutely nothing to laugh at or you could be in for some brilliant comedy. This week‘s episode hosted by Anne Hathaway delivered one of the rare funny episodes of SNL, with great sketches about Rachel Maddow and Prince William‘s engagement. But I owe most of the laughs to a fake commercial late in the episode for a special Black Friday sale at Mega Mart.  Read more »
In a move so awesome that it suddenly feels inevitable, Cookie Monster has announced his desire to host Saturday Night Live. Not since Betty White (yes, I know that was only a few months ago) has there been such a sudden outpouring of support and fervor for a potential SNL host. Read more »
In promotion of his new movie How Do You Know (and as part of a super-secret Christmas charity project to help Saturday Night Live become funny again), Paul Rudd will host SNL this week. And if these promos with Andy Samberg are any indication, the episode will be crazy-funny-cool. ‘Tis the season for wishes to come true!WATCH: Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.December is a time to look back at the year that was in television, and now it‘s time for comedy. Modern Family won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy, 30 Rock went live and Louie C.K. made me laugh a whole lot over the summer.  Read more »
Wait! Before your brain curls up in its head-cave and hibernates until new TV programming returns in January, remember: There‘s an all new Saturday Night Live this weekend, with the one reverently known as THE DUDE, Jeff Bridges, taking up the hosting torch. Eminem and Lil Wayne will join as musical guests, rounding out the badass quotient for the evening.SNL‘s first host of the new year will be Jim Carrey, returning for the first time in 14 years with musical guest The Black Keys. (Who, I might highly subjectively add, are amazing, and even more amazing live.) His episode airs January 8.Both respected comic actors in their own right, Bridges and Carrey are also promoting big film releases this season: Bridges stars in Tron: Legacy and True Grit, both of which premiere this week; Carrey currently stars in I Love You, Phillip Morris, for which he is already receiving massive critical acclaim.Below, watch Bridges‘ promos for the December 18 episode, and a behind-the-scenes clip of Bridges sacrificing his beard for the role: Read more »
Sesame Street and Muppet fans clamoring for a Cookie Monster-hosted Saturday Night Live got a tantalizing treat this weekend when the ravenous blue creature showed up for a surprise song on the late-night comedy show.  Read more »
Life is complicated. TV can help. "What Would TV Do?" attempts to explore life‘s mysteries, problems and everyday situations with the assistance of the life lessons offered by television. Read more »
One of the final stops on Gwyneth Paltrow‘s Country Strong Straight-Promote Express tour is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, but due to weather problems (or so they say) she couldn‘t make it from London (where she lives, because she‘s so country) to New York in time to film her promos. So here are Fred Armisen and Andy Samberg, doing part of her one-week job for her. Luckily, it‘s their full-time job, and they‘re good at it.So here‘s a test to see whether you‘re a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty sort of person. When you read that Fred and Andy did the Paltrow promos, what did you think?A) "Yes! Fred and Andy! They‘re so funny! Boy oh boy, I can‘t wait to watch these promos! This is perfect, because I hope the whole episode is full of the SNL cast and as little Gwyneth Paltrow as possible!"B) "Well, clearly this week‘s SNL is going to suck, because either Gwyneth Paltrow couldn‘t be bothered to show up for rehearsals, or she‘s such a terrible host that they are afraid to even feature her in the promos."I don‘t know which is right, but I‘ll be honestly shocked if option C ("Gwyneth is featured a lot, and is very well rehearsed and funny") comes out of left field on Saturday night. In any case: Will you be watching? Read more »
Ready for the return of the plastics to North Shore High School? Meaghan Martin certainly is. The actress, known for her roles in ABC Family‘s 10 Things I Hate About You and Disney‘s Camp Rock movies, stars in Mean Girls 2 -- premiering Sunday, Jan. 23 on ABC Family -- alongside Jennifer Stone (Wizards of Waverly Place), Maiara Walsh (Desperate Housewives), Nicole Gale Anderson (Make It or Break It), Claire Holt (H20: Just Add Water), Diego Boneta (Pretty Little Liars) and Tim Meadows (Glory Daze).BuddyTV‘s Carey Proctor and other members of the press had a chance to chat with Meaghan Martin about what it was like to work on the sequel to 2004‘s hit Mean Girls, how her role differs from that of Lindsay Lohan‘s in the first film, and how to deal with real-life high school bullies, among other things. See what Meaghan had to say.  Read more »
Muppets make everything better.With the Grammy Awards show last night being very Grammy-esque (meaning, not so very exciting), it‘s important to have a brief interlude of insanity that makes the whole night worthwhile. Thanks to Cee Lo Green‘s way-too-catchy tune and some Muppet spectacle, that insanity did indeed come. Also, Gwyneth Paltrow showed up. Of course. Read more »
Life is complicated. TV can help. "What Would TV Do?" attempts to explore life‘s mysteries, problems and everyday situations with the assistance of the life lessons offered by television. Read more »
There‘s more going on in Hollywood than the Oscars and Charlie Sheen‘s epic meltdown. Here are the other stories of the day.  Read more »
Miley Cyrus is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and according to these new promos she made with Keenan Thompson, the episode (with musical guests The Strokes, NOT musical guest Miley Cyrus!) is going to be "pretty cool."In case you‘ve all but given up on SNL, that‘s an allusion to Vanessa Bayer‘s "Miley" impression in "The Miley Cyrus Show," one of the funnier recurring sketches this season. Will Cyrus have enough of a sense of humor about herself to mock herself in a "Miley Cyrus Show" sketch this Saturday night? I hope so because that would actually be pretty cool of her.Check out the promos for this week‘s show, plus a clip from "The Miley Cyrus Show" with Vanessa Bayer as Miley and Anne Hathaway as Katie Holmes:  Read more »
What did you think of Miley Cyrus‘s hosting stint on Saturday Night Live this weekend? Overall I found the episode, err, middling: Devoid of disaster, but missing any surprises or crazy-exciting sketches that would make it very memorable. And while Miley was technically the host, the show‘s focus on making as many Charlie Sheen jokes as possible overwhelmed and ultimately outshined her. If you missed the episode or just want to relive the best sketches, you‘re in the right place. Check out the highlights from Miley‘s episode: Read more »
Comedian/movie star/great bearded American Zach Galifianakis is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and if these laugh-out-loud promos with Andy Samberg are any indication, the episode is going to be great. A lot greater than Miley Cyrus‘s episode was last week.Check ‘em out: Read more »
Zach Galifianakis really gave it his all on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Look, here he is even shaving his head backstage for the sake of the comedy. But even a group of hilarious, talented writers with a hilarious and talented host at their disposal are bound to have some hit or miss moments in an hour of live sketch comedy. Maybe it was my inordinately high expectations of the episode given Galifianakis‘s usual comedic charisma, or maybe it was my inordinately high expectations of SNL in general anymore, but I felt my initial laughs waning into disappointment and frustration as the hour went on. It just wasn‘t that funny, and worse, at times it was downright boring. Still, the episode had its share of high points. Here they are:  Read more »
Do you have plans for this Saturday night yet? Well, if you‘re home around 11:30pm on April 2, a true living legend would love to visit you in your living room: Elton John is hosting Saturday Night Live, and he‘ll also be that night‘s musical guest.John is returning to SNL for the first time since 1982, but back then he was just the musical guest. Does Sir Elton have the comedy chops to hold his own with the SNL actors? Watch his silly promos with Jason Sudeikis and see:  Read more »
Today Glenn Beck announced that he will be leaving his highly-rated FOX News program later this year. Beck will continue to work for FOX News and produce various pieces for the network, but his daily prime-time series will come to an end.It‘s truly a sad day in America, not because the nutty pundit won‘t be around anymore to terrify us into hoarding gold and turnip seeds in our underground bunkers, but because Glenn Beck has become a constant source of great comedy.  Read more »
To promote her new book, Bossypants, which came out today and should be in all your e-Kindles and iCarts already, Splitsider reports that Tina Fey will head back to the real 30 Rockefeller to host Saturday Night Live on April 30. Hooray! But they didn‘t list a source. Hmm. Guess we‘ll need to wait and see.(It makes you wonder: Was that the "30 Rock" Tom Hanks was talking about in his tweet? Did he get mixed up and say Tina Fey when he meant Elton John? Will he make multiple cameos this month? Are parenthetical rhetorical questions a good way of phrasing my completely baseless speculation about things that probably aren‘t All That Important?)Meanwhile, Helen Mirren is hosting this Saturday, and her promos with Fred Armisen are right here. The last one is very, very GIF-able. Will someone make me a GIF of it right now, please?  Read more »
It‘s shaping up to be a solid hosting spring for Saturday Night Live, though the news of their finale host may have slipped out earlier than they planned. On Tuesday, a fan tweeted to the official SNL account, "I didn‘t realize that @nbcsnl isn‘t back until May 7th!!! What am I going to do!? Is Tina Fey the season finale!? #SNL #aaahhhh." To which the SNL social media ghostwriter wrote back, "Nope! We have Timberlake after that!" The tweet has since been deleted, but the news is out there now, along with reports that Timberlake‘s musical guest will be none other than Lady Gaga. Quite a way to close the season. The episode is currently slated to air May 21. Read more »
Do you live every week like it‘s Shark Week? Well, Shark Week just got even better, so if you do, it‘s time to up your game.The Discovery Channel has named SNL star -- and movie star, and Lonely Island singer -- Andy Samberg their official CSO, or Chief Shark Officer, for this summer‘s Shark Week. From their press release:"After a long and arduous process of blood typing, insurance verification and wetsuit fittings, Discovery Channel today announced the appointment of its first ever Chief Shark Officer (CSO), Andy Samberg. As CSO, Samberg will host the network‘s 24th annual SHARK WEEK celebration, cable‘s longest running programming event and the official mark of summer. He will film on-air wraps for the weeklong event, host a SHARK WEEK special and may even take the plunge and dive with the apex predators."Awesome. Also: 24th annual? Way to go, Discovery! I had no idea Shark Week had been going so long. Here‘s what Samberg has to say about his new gig: Read more »
Moms: Who doesn‘t love ‘em, right? Saturday Night Live certainly showed the love this weekend, as former head-writer and current media superstar Tina Fey ("I have the number one book in the country and the 86th TV show") returned host on Mother‘s Day eve.Six months pregnant, Fey was also joined by fellow pregnant SNL alum Maya Rudolph, and together they helped carry a sharp, solid, mom-centric hour full of both obligatory sketches (Palin...) and plenty of happy surprises. The highlights: Read more »
Ed Helms is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, with musical guest Paul Simon, meaning that we may just be able to double-down on solid episodes with inherently funny hosts after last weekend‘s Tina Fey-filled hour. Unless Ed succumbs to terrible amnesia or keeps missing simple hand cues, as he does in these promos with Fred Armisen. And below that, JUST FOR FUN, check out one of Helms‘ oldie-but-goodie segments from when he was a Daily Show correspondent. I was inspired to check out the online archive after a Daily Show commercial reminded me that I could do that. Thanks, The Internet! Read more »
It‘s hard to believe the SNL season is almost at an end, but The Hangover and Office star Ed Helms helped ease us into the idea with a light, fun, generally likable penultimate episode. And musical guest Paul Simon wasn‘t the only legend (musical or otherwise) at 30 Rock this weekend. Check out the must-watch sketches of the night: Read more »
Ed Helms rocked the "adorable everyman" angle as the host of Saturday Night Live last week (he‘s like the Jason Sudeikis of hosts!), and this weekend veteran host and cameo-maker Justin Timberlake will try to take the season out on an even higher note, accompanied as always by his SNL partner in crime, Andy Samberg. It‘s clear from these episode promos that Timberlake and Samberg are still very much in love, years after they put their "d*** in a box" and became viral sensations. Watch the promos and steel yourself for even more JT+AS love come Saturday night (not that that‘s a bad thing!):  Read more »
If you‘re already pre-mourning the loss of Oprah, here‘s some happy news: Sesame Street‘s Bert is ready to pick up the talk show host torch, and he‘s asking the hard hitting questions like, "If you were a kind of fabric, what would you be?" and "Family: Do you have one?"Check out Bert‘s first installment of "Conversations with Bert," in which he brings us "the adventure of tet-a-tet from his round table of talk" with Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg. (He‘s everywhere these days!) They‘re talking books, socks, capes, milk and more. It‘s five minutes of delight. And this is only part one!  Read more »
There‘s a sliver of me that has always wanted to hate Justin Timberlake -- that‘s the natural human response to seeing someone who is so talented and good-looking and seemingly good-natured and successful, riiiight? -- but I just can‘t do it, and Saturday‘s SNL finale reminded me why: The man knows his way around a comedy sketch, has a healthy sense of humor about himself and the voice of a baby angel. For a guy whose monologue was a song-joke about how he wouldn‘t be singing and dancing during the show, Justin sure sang and danced a lot during the show! Not that I‘m complaining. The season ended on a solid high note, with the added help of Lady Gaga, brief cameos by Bradley Cooper (snore) and Jimmy Fallon (yay!) and an always-welcome appearance by Stefon. I ask you once again, Hollywood: WHERE is Bill Hader‘s Stefon movie? You have the summer to think about what you‘ve done and fix this glaring oversight. If you have the time, I recommend watching the entire episode (Hulu‘s good for that) but if you only have a couple minutes or just want to relive the highlights, here are my picks for the night‘s best sketches:  Read more »
Have you ever wished that you could jump inside the brain of your favorite TV star or writer so that even when the show wasn‘t on, you could witness their brilliance, insight and hilarity at all times?Well, even if you haven‘t wished it, since that‘s sort of a creepy (but understandable) wish, now you can, thanks to Twitter. Getting inside a star‘s head has never been easier! (Or less messy, if we‘re being literal. Which, for the record, we are not.)Here are our picks for 25 people on and involved with TV (both real and fictional!) that you‘ll want to make sure you follow this summer.  Read more »