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Gossip Girl star Blake Lively will spend her post-Thanksgiving week with the cast of Saturday Night Live, which she is set to host on December 5.Will Lively be a giggly, coasting-on-her-looks host like January Jones two weeks ago, an eager to please entertainer like last week‘s Joseph Gordon Levitt, or something else entirely? For that we‘ll just have to wait and see--and it‘s hard not to be curious, given Lively‘s lack of acting experience in the comedy department. (Unless you count certain episodes of Gossip Girl season 3...) Read more »
Blake Lively visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to address the rampant Internet rumors about her... and the rampant awkwardness now that she and Jimmy no longer spend Thanksgiving together.Of course, the claim on the web that Lively is a Riverdancer is just as ludicrous as the idea that Blake and Jimmy have been eating turkey together since 1995 (she would have been... 8 years old then, yes?) but that doesn‘t keep either segment from earning our laughs. Check them out: Read more »
Blake Lively is set to host Saturday Night Live this weekend, with musical guest Rihanna.Here she is giving you a sneak peek at her humor chops with SNL star Andy Samberg, who plays off her history with Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Gossip Girl.Think Blake will make a good host, and do you plan on watching? Let us know! Read more »
Gossip Girl star Blake Lively hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and held her own amongst the show‘s comedy players in skits about the Muppets, ladies‘ bowling, Tiger Woods, and even a Staten Island spoof of Gossip Girl. Beyond Lively‘s pleasing (though rather muted, stage-time-wise) performance, the episode was full of some other great laughs overall, especially the week‘s Obama cold open, the digital short, which starred musical guest Rihanna, and the fake "Underground Festival" commercial, which, if you‘ve ever heard of the "Gathering of the Juggalos," probably brought tears of joy to your eyes. If you have no idea what I‘m talking about, I recommend you do your online research and watch this first. (Thanks Videogum!) And you can thank ME later.Watch the entire Blake Lively SNL episode here, or check out the Hulu highlights after the jump.  Read more »
Tonight marks a special night in the realm of television, as Saturday Night Live airs its very own special, "SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas."  Gilly, of course, means we‘re definitely going to see more of Kristen Wiig, the host of the evening.Audiences must prepare as Wiig gets into her character, Gilly, a schoolgirl with the penchant of biting her lower lip and causing mischief.  She‘ll be the one to take us through decades of Saturday Night Live sketches that have the holiday theme imbued in them.  One of which is the famous Alec Baldwin one, Schweddy Balls. Read more »
Ever since her hilarious appearance in the Super Bowl‘s most popularcommercial, 88-year-old Betty White is riding high.  She‘s funnier andmore well-known than ever and a brand-new generation is discoveringwhat their parents and grandparents already knew: old people are funny.There‘s currently a campaign on Facebook to get Betty White to host Saturday Night Live,which is one of the best ideas we‘ve heard in a long time.  At her age,she still has a razor sharp wit and massive stage presence, as sheproved when accepting the award for Life Achievement at the recent ScreenActors Guild Awards.  Read more »
Tina Fey, star of 30 Rock and former Saturday Night Live Weekend Update anchor, is heading back to host the long-running late-night show in April, and with her return comes the likely return of her most famous impression: Sarah Palin.  While talking to the AP, Fey said that she‘ll definitely try out her Palin impression when she returns to host, but that viewers will have to tune in to see if it makes it on the air.Everyone remembers her spot-on impression during the 2008 presidential campaign that helped earn Tina Fey a well-deserved Emmy Award for Guest Actress in a Comedy Series.  With Sarah Palin back in the spotlight as a FOX News analyst, and with the recent swell of FOX News-related sketches Saturday Night Live has been doing, a Palin appearance is all but inevitable.Check out some of Tina Fey‘s most memorable sketches as Sarah Palin to get excited for her possible return. Read more »
Sure, the Winter Olympics is in its final week, but American Idol expands to five hours for the first performance shows of the season.The Top 24 will be singing for your votes tomorrow, but the Bachelor women reunite tonight to dish about dating Jake.  This weekend, Jennifer Lopez is scheduled to make a bootylicious appearance on Saturday Night Live.For the full scoop and latest updates, check out the links below. Read more »
Ever since her Super Bowl commercial, 88-year-old Betty Whitehas become an Internet superstar.  A Facebook group dedicated togetting the Golden Girl booked as a host on Saturday Night Live has over 450,000 followers and the momentum is definitely working, with rumors swirling that SNL is close to signing White.This new crop of young fans may be eager to see the cute, grandmotherly woman pull out some raunchy humor on SNL, but there‘s really only one reason for Betty White to host: Grady Wilson.  Read more »
While NBC has yet to officially confirm the news, Betty White has already confirmed Sunday to at Elton John‘s annual Oscars party that she will be making an appearance on Saturday Night Live this season.  And according to‘s source, the 88-year-old actress is likely to do the show with former SNL cast member Molly Shannon some time in May.  Read more »
Everyone wants a piece of Betty White. After landing a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, the Golden Girls actress has signed on to appear in the season finale of ABC‘s The Middle.  Read more »
Some things exist not only because they‘re delightful in their own right, but because they make everything better with their presence.Bacon and Betty White are among these things.You see, from our vantage point, bacon and Betty White make everything better. And a simple timeline confirms this truth.  Read more »
NBC attempts to score more ratings by booking some of today‘s most popular TV personalities on Saturday Night Live this month. And if there‘s one person who could cause a buzz just by appearing on the sketch comedy show, it‘s Tina Fey.The Emmy-award winning writer-comedian, who made headlines for her satirical portrayal of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in 2008, will once again bring her unique blend of humor as she serves as host on Saturday Night Live for the second time tonight, along with musical guest Justin Bieber. Read more »
It‘s a treat for fans of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Cruel Intentions as ex-Mr. Reese Witherspoon Ryan Phillippe hosts tonight‘s Saturday Night Live. After the sort of successful return of Tina Fey, 35-year-old Phillippe will make his debut on the SNL stage alongside another SNL first-timer Kesha as musical guest.Phillippe will be on deck to also promote hilarious Saturday Night Live skit-turned-movie MacGruber, where he‘ll appear alongside lead Will Forte. Kristen Wiig will reprise her role as Vicki, while Phillippe will be Lt. Dixon Piper. Val Kilmer is also on board. Read more »
Ryan Phillippe was onboard to promote the movie version of MacGruber on Saturday Night Live, so it‘s probably not a horrible idea to do a MacGruber skit, don‘t you think?That said, Phillippe didn‘t exactly send milk running out our noses on Saturday Night Live, but the following did, or not exactly, but you get the point: Read more »
Following up on what some are calling the worst performance on Saturday Night Live ever (that would be Ke$ha‘s), it‘s up to Gabourey Sidibe to save the day. The Precious star will try to prove that she can do more than tear-jerking dramas, and judging from the promos, she can. That, and Andy Samberg can really scream like a girl.‘Saturday Night Live‘: Hits and Misses as Ryan Phillippe HostsPromo after the jump: Read more »
Betty White might as well be the hottest women in tinsel town. Ever since she appeared in the Snicker‘s commercial during the Super Bowl, the 88-year-old actress has been bombarded with numerous TV offers--- the latest of which is a regular spot on TV Land‘s original sitcom, Hot in Cleveland.See Betty White‘s Superbowl CommercialIn a press release today, TV Land announced the addition of the former Golden Girls actress to Hot in Cleveland, which is expected to premiere in June. She‘ll be playing the snarky yet adorable Elka Ostrovsky, who works as a property caretaker of the home being rented by three L.A. women of a certain age. Read more »
After months of build-up thanks to a massive Facebook campaign, Betty White finally hosted Saturday Night Live.  At 88-years-old, the most surprising and gratifying part is that White delivered one of the funniest episodes in a long time, thanks to some assistance from a large group of returning female cast members. Read more »
Watch Clips from Betty White Hosting SNL>>With a career that spans over 70 years and 18 Emmy nominations, it‘s one of the great mysteries of life why it took this long for Saturday Night Live to get Golden Girls‘ Betty White to host. But now, "thanks to the Internet," it‘s a reality. And it‘s worth the wait.Her comedic timing is just so spot on. See what we mean by checking out her SNL promos: Read more »
Not long ago, we postulated that Betty White, like bacon, makes everything better. That certainly held true when it came to the ratings for this weekend‘s much anticipated episode of Saturday Night Live. Riding a tide of Facebook and online support, Betty White‘s visit to Saturday Night Live boasted the highest ratings for the show in nearly two years. Videos: See the Best of Betty White on Saturday Night LiveSince Betty was so successful on SNL, there‘s a new online petition in support of inviting the octogenarian to co-host the Emmys this August 29.  Abe Gurko at the Huffington Post is pushing hard for Betty to co-host TV‘s biggest night and has created a Facebook page much like the one that helped Betty land the SNL gig. Read more »
In the middle of what‘s been called her "career renaissance" -- Superbowl ads, her Saturday Night Live hosting gig and the Facebook campaign that led up to it, and now her new TV Land sitcom Hot In Cleveland -- Betty White still thinks of acting as "just a hobby." Just as dear to her heart is another hobby: her frequent visits to the Los Angeles zoo.ABC‘s Nightline joins White "on safari" through the zoo tonight to talk about her life, her passion for animals and her six decades as a beloved TV actress, from The Mary Tyler Moore Show to Golden Girls to Boston Legal. Just last week, White saw the last of her remaining Golden Girls co-stars, Rue McClanahan, pass away.Watch a sneak peek of the interview below, and catch the full story tonight at 11:35pm on ABC.  Read more »
Have you been following the Conan / NBC / Leno / Late Night controversy? No? Well, you might be the only one. The talk of the town seems to be Conan O‘Brien, despite the fact that he‘s out of a job. People love Conan and are (literally) rallying on his behalf. But,  his last night was officially last Friday and Conan‘s reign, on NBC at least, is over.Will we all have to wait until September to see him again?In order to answer these questions, we‘ve brought in Sarah East, BuddyTV‘s resident non-prophet. She wanted to use her psychic abilities for a good cause so she turned her inner eye towards Conan‘s future. Will he be back on television? Will his hosting routine ever be as good again? Sarah East has all those answers (and more!) in this week‘s episode of BuddyTV‘s Non-Prophet.  Read more »
Here at BuddyTV, we‘re totally Team Conan. We‘ve joined the "I‘m With CoCo" Facebook page. We‘ve written articles about the awfulness of Heroes that turned out to actually be all about Conan vs. Leno vs. NBC. We‘re ordering a batch of translucent freckled ribbons to support our favorite wronged late night funny man.Basically, we‘ve turned our office into the un-official Team Conan campaign headquarters.While Conan‘s all-too-brief reign at NBC is over this week, we‘re still campaigning hard for Team Conan here at HQ. And every campaign needs a memorable slogan, right? Right! Here are Ten Slogans for Team Conan.  Read more »