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Faced with a trademark infringement claim, the ABC network has been forced to change the name of its new comedy series, Sam I Am, to Samantha Who? The said series is part of the network’s fall TV lineup, and is scheduled to show on Monday nights, 9:30/8:30c. The claim was made by the estate of Dr. Suess (the pseudonym of writer Theodore Geisel), whose children’s book Green Eggs & Ham features a character by the name of samantha-who. Read more »
To fortify its fall lineup, ABC has greenlighted a new comedy series entitled Sam I Am. The pilot is slated to follow the fifth season of Dancing with the Stars on Monday nights at 9:30/8:30c. Sam I Am follows the life of a 30-year old psychiatrist named Sam, who has to rediscover her life, her relationships and herself after getting retrograde amnesia following a hit and run accident. After an eight-day coma, she wakes up but can’t remember anything about her own life. In an attempt to find out who she is (or what her life used to be), she tries to unearth clues but is hindered by her parents and friends, who seem to have something to conceal from her. She discovers that she has been a self-centered and rude person, and has had more foes than friends. Eventually, she finds out that her so-called “accident” was actually an attempted murder.Read on to find out more about the cast. Read more »
Premiere Date and Time: Monday, October 15, 9:30pmNetwork: ABCTime Slot Competition: Rules of Engagement, Heroes, K-Ville, The GameCast: Christina Applegate, Jean Smart, Kevin Dunn, Barry Watson, Melissa McCarthy Read more »
In BuddyTV‘s 2007 Fall TV Guide, we scoured the new shows for this year‘s biggest potential hits and misses. We found the ones that you should be following and which ones will probably get canceled early. The hits include Journeyman, Kid Nation and Dirty Sexy Money while the misses are Samantha Who?, Viva Laughlin, and Nashville.It‘s true, Samantha Who? has the sweetest lead-in, lead-out combo on television.  It‘s a well known fact that the ratings needle barely nudges between Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor, and there is only one alternative to Samantha Who?? that starts in the awkward 9:30pm slot, Rules of Engagement.  Given such a sweet setup, it‘s quite unlikely that Samantha Who? Will be canceled anytime soon, but it sure should be. Read more »
In BuddyTV‘s 2007 Fall TV Guide, our team disagreed vehemently on the prospects of several new shows. Please read as they cheer, bash and degrade each other and the shows. Then you can decide what you think about Gossip Girl, Samantha Who?, Viva Laughlin, and Aliens in America.BuddyTV writer Gina Scarpa loves the new ABC comedy Samantha Who?, starring Christina Applegate as an amnesiac who must figure out a way to restart her life without any knowledge of the woman she once was. On the other hand, fellow staffer Debbie Chang did not care for it, ranking it in the bottom half of all the new TV shows.The two met up to discuss the reasons they loved or hated this show. You can find a transcript of their conversation below. Do you agree with Gina that the show is as charming and cute as Christian Applegate? Or do you think, like Debbie, that the new comedy Cavemen has more potential? Read on to find their thoughts, then decide for yourself who is the winner. Read more »
Christina Applegate was catapulted to stardom as Kelly Bundy on the surprise `80s to `90s hit sitcom, Married with Children.  This fall, she returns to the small screen via the debuting series, Samantha Who?. Fresh from her divorce to Jonathan Schaech, Applegate now has her hands full with a new weekly show as well as her upcoming film, The Rocker. Read more »
It‘s only been a little over a month since Samantha Who? star, Christina Applegate‘s divorce from Jonathan Schaech last August 10.  While the dust has barely settled on the split, Applegate‘s Samantha Who?? co-star, Jennifer Esposito, is also embroiled in her own separation proceedings. The 34-year old Esposito married 32-year old Cooper on December 30 of last year, following two months of engagement and a little over a year of very low-profile dating.  Last May 1, Esposito filed for divorce after four months of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences between them. Read more »
From her days as one of four strong and stylish ladies on the mid `80s sitcom, Designing Women, Jean Smart has evolved into a one of television‘s favorite screen figures.  Most recently, the statuesque Smart charmed audiences on day five of FOX‘s action-packed series, 24.Jean Smart is back as a supporting cast mainstay on the new series, Samantha Who?  Topbilled by Christina Applegate of Married with Children fame, Samantha Who?? debuts on ABC on October 15 at 9:30pm. Read more »
Christina Applegate‘s brand new sitcom, Samantha Who? is set to debut two weeks from now on October 15 at 9:30pm on ABC.  The former Married with Children star plays a not-so-pleasant woman who gets a quirky second chance at reforming herself when she wakes up with a case of amnesia from an eight-day coma after falling victim to a hit-and-run mishap.Aside from Applegate, who plays the title role of Samantha Newly, the new series also features Crash‘s Jennifer Esposito as Samantha‘s best friend, Andrea, and Jean Smart and Kevin Dunn as her parents, Regina and Howard.  Aside from the show‘s regular cast members, we recently have word of an exciting casting piece of news for Samantha Who?. Read more »
ABC‘s Samantha Who? has given Lost alum Kiele Sanchez a guest-starring role on its upcoming freshman run.  Sanchez joins former Invasion star Eddie Cibrian on the show‘s guest-star lineup for this fall. Samantha Who? revolves around Sam, a woman who upon incurring retrograde amnesia goes on a quest for self-discovery, only to find out that she isn‘t exactly the ideal person.  The show stars Christina Applegate as Sam, Barry Watson as Sam‘s live-in boyfriend, Todd, Melissa McCarthy as Dena and Jennifer Esposito as Andrea.  Veteran actors Kevin Dunn and Jean Smart also appear on the series as Sam‘s seemingly supportive and loving parents. Read more »
I believe it was Roger Ebert who once said (and I‘m paraphrasing), “It‘s not what a film is about that‘s important, it‘s how it‘s about what it‘s about.”  This is a fancy way of saying that, more than anything, execution is king.  All kinds of stories can be effective and, while some ideas may be better than others, an idea does not make a film or a TV show.  With Samantha Who? (premiering tonight at 9:30), the new ABC comedy starring Christina Applegate, the overwhelming criticism has been that  the show has a lame, unoriginal premise.  Applegate plays Samantha, who wakes up with amnesia after a brutal car crash.  After going back and figuring things out about her pre-amnesiac self, Samantha realizes that she was an awful person.  Amnesia stories have become a cliché in TV comedy, a crutch of a plot point that‘s been beaten to death and made fun of for the last fifty years.  However, improbably, Samantha Who? survives the weak premise and provides audiences with a surprisingly funny half-hour of comedy. Read more »
Barry Watson has made a career out of playing the sincere nice guy. He was the responsible, eldest child on 7th Heaven, the hopeless romantic in What About Brian, and now he‘s the good-humored boyfriend of Christina Applegate‘s amnesiac character in Samantha Who? That new show premieres tonight at 9:30pm on ABC, wedged carefully between Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor.Barry Watson spoke to BuddyTV about Samantha Who?, his desire to play a bad-ass, working with such an experienced ensemble, and his wife, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition designer Tracy Hutson. Below you will find a transcript as well as the mp3 audio file of the interview. Read more »
Samantha Who?  Wow, so that worked out well.  I suppose when you market the hell out of a show with an attractive, well-liked star (Christina Applegate) and premiere it after one of the biggest shows on TV (Dancing with the Stars), high ratings should be expected.  But, I‘m not sure if anyone expected Samantha Who? to perform this well.  The show pulled in over 14 million viewers and held on to a larger post-Dancing with the Stars audience than The Bachelor had been receiving.  Of course, the big test comes next week, when audiences will decide if the first Samantha Who? episode was enough for them to tune back in for a second week.  My guess is that the ratings won‘t be as high, but will remain solid, giving ABC another minor hit. Read more »
After his exposure on HBO‘s Deadwood, Timothy Olyphant will be returning to the small screen with an acting gig on one of ABC‘s newest sitcoms.  According to TV Guide, the 39-year-old actor has just landed a recurring role on Samantha Who?Created by Cecelia Ahern and Don Todd, Samantha Who?? follows Christina Applegate as Samantha "Sam" Newly, a 30-year-old who has to rediscover her life, her relationships and herself after developing amnesia from a hit-and-run accident. The comedy includes her boyfriend Todd (Barry Watson), her father Howard (Kevin Dunn), her mother Regina (Jean Smart), and her best friend Andrea (Jennifer Esposito).  Also featured on the show are Tim Russ as Frank and Melissa McCarthy as Dena. Read more »
All this week, now one month into the Fall TV season, BuddyTV takes a hard look at the new shows to determine which ones we were right about, and which ones have surprised us the most, both positively and negatively.The minute I heard about ABC‘s new comedy Samantha Who?, I was intrigued.  I became a fan of Christine Applegate post-Married With Children.  I may be one of the few who remember her late 90s sitcom, Jesse, but I loved it.  She impressed in recent years holding her own opposite Will Ferrell in Anchorman and even braving Broadway in a revival of Sweet Charity.  I didn‘t need to know much more than she was the star of a new sitcom to get me on board.  After two episodes, has the show lived up to my expectations?  Let‘s explore. Read more »
It‘s time for BuddyTV to face the music:  did our picks for the new seasons hits and misses display an uncanny prescience, or should we try tea leaves and Oujia boards next time?  Let‘s tick through the shows that we picked as hits and misses and see how close, or far, away we were. Read more »
Despite its share of detractors and non-believers, Christina Applegate‘s return vehicle to regular television, Samantha Who?, has become one of the fall season‘s surprise hits.  Enough so, that its carrier network, ABC, has picked it up for an entire maiden season. Samantha Who? received the order for additional installments last week, after the show registered a third week of strong, solid ratings. Read more »
Spending seven years on the highly-successful Gilmore Girls didn‘t exactly make Melissa McCarthy feel all that confident about her television career, and when she landed a starring role in the new ABC comedy series, Samantha Who?, it seems not a lot of people were sure she would succeed either. “Everyone was saying, ‘Well, you‘ll never have [Gilmore Girls] again, you‘ll be lucky if [Samantha Who??]gets picked up,” McCarthy told TV Guide. Read more »
Amnesia is one of the most overused plot devices in television, but actress Christina Applegate saw no problem with it when she signed up for Samantha Who?, a new comedy series about an amnesiac woman who is trying her best to make up for her past wrongdoings. “I wasn‘t afraid of it,” Applegate told Contra Costa Times, after explaining that at the time they were preparing to film the pilot, ABC‘s Grey‘s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives were also dabbling with storylines that featured amnesia.  “The way we‘ve approached it is with sensitivity to the condition itself, while acknowledging that there is a slew of funny and interesting things you can pull out of it.” Read more »
Actress Christina Applegate had planned to stay away from doing television series, but a series of unfortunate events led her to reconsider re-entering the small screen. Just what were those unfortunate events? “I broke my foot, lost my show, had my show, lost my marriage, came back home, and it was like nobody knew me,” Applegate, the star of ABC‘s new comedy series Samantha Who?, told the New York Times. Read more »
Samantha Who? was finally back last night with the first of its scheduled six remaining episodes for this current maiden season.  The charming ABC comedy starring Christina Applegate returned with a curious dilemma for its titular character as well as the promise of more interesting developments in Samantha‘s life. Applegate spoke to the New York Daily News about what viewers can look forward to in the coming new installments of the show, while co-star Barry Watson shared his thoughts on Samantha Who?‘s post-strike return with E! Read more »
Samantha Who?, the sitcom about a hit-and-run victim who develops full retrograde amnesia and has to rediscover her life after being in a coma for eight days, has delighted viewers with a cast of colorful characters for its first 15 episodes. Christina Applegate, who plays titular character Sam, has charmed viewers with her struggle with memory loss, while Barry Watson has entertained fans as Sam‘s ex-boyfriend Todd Deepler.  Then there‘s also Jean Smart, who plays Sam‘s mom Regina, Jennifer Esposito as Sam‘s co-worker Andrea, Melissa McCarthy as Sam‘s childhood friend Dena, and Kevin Dunn Howard as Sam‘s dad.While the current cast of Samantha Who? may be enough to keep viewers in tune for the upcoming second season, the producers of the ABC series have decided to add more characters in attempt to give more zest to the show. Warning: May contain spoilers.  Read more »