Articles for Royal Pains Season 1

Yet another medical-themed series is set to join the fray on our television sets, as USA Network launches Royal Pains in June.  The series about a young ER turned Hamptons doctor-on-call was picked up for 11hour-long episodes in addition to the two-hour pilot, in is the first original series produced for USA by corporate sibling Universal Cable Productions.Royal Pains follows Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein), who was on his way to becoming a brilliant doctor, when he fell from grace after being blamed for the death of a billionaire hospital trustee.  He then became a "typical genius New York surgeon turned unemployed dude," and finds himself working in the Hamptons as a doctor-on-call for the rich and famous denizens of the area.  With the prodding of his younger brother Evan (Paulo Constanzo) and an ambitious young woman who volunteers to be his physician‘s assistant, he agrees to be a concierge doctor - a private physician for hire - for the summer.  The challenge for Hank, then, is to keep his feet on the ground while treating his high-flying clients.  Royal Pain co-stars Reshman Shetty and Jill Flint with Christine Ebersole and Campbell Scott. Read more »
As summer starts, where else to go but the Hamptons.Meet Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein).  Brilliant ER doctor in the big apple who one day made the mistake of doing the right thing rather than what his boss instructed him, too.  The result?  Banishment to the Hamptons as the on-call doctor of the town‘s elite (which means essentially everyone).  It didn‘t exactly happen as smoothly as that, though. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Royal Pains - "Strategic Planning" - "concierge doctor" Hank (Mark Feuerstein) gets a call, this time when a senator‘s son gets infected with an unknown disease. He couldn‘t say no to the case, and it‘s not clear whether it‘s because of the medical mystery or the powerful family.  Privacy becomes an issue, however, when his protective mother raises some issues of her own.When we last left off the Hamptons-set series, Hank and his pesky brother met a beautiful prima ballerina (played by Gillian Jacobs) who was en route to her final tour before she retired.  We also learn that the brunette whom Hank bumped into on the pilot because of having similar cars is the administrator at the much-maligned Hamptons hospital, who‘s trying to launch a free clinic for the Hamptons workers. Read more »
Things have obviously gotten more complicated for Hank (Mark Feuerstein) since he moved into the Hamptons and everything else happened.  But apart from the odd cases that grow more ridiculous (or impossible, maybe) as time passes by, the personal side gets a little entangled, too.So, obviously, with Royal Pains‘ season finale tonight, that gets tackled.  From here, it seems the cases are of the more conventional kind, with Hank treating a woman who‘s suffering from hallucinations.  (But of course we know better.)  It‘s what‘s behind the scenes that‘ll tide over, and since Hank‘s career as a doctor is back in safe hands, the approach gets deeper.  Read more »