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Shiri Appleby was popularly known as Liz Parker on the science fiction teen series Roswell. She attended Roswell High School and was best friends with Alex Whitman and Maria DeLuca. Although her relationship with the alien-human hybrid Max Evans was full of obstacles and hindrances, she ended up marrying him in the final episode of the series. Read more »
Jason Behr drew attention when he was cast as Max Evans on the television series Roswell. As an alien-human hybrid and clone of the fallen king of his home world Antar, he possessed healing powers and was able to change the molecular structure of objects, as well as produce a force field to protect himself. Apart from his struggle to hide his true identity from the authorities, another thing that the show focused on was his dramatic love affair with Liz Parker. Read more »
USA Network has added an original action comedy called To Love & Die in its latest roster of greenlit series.  Making her return after her recent exposure on the drama series Six Degrees is Shiri Appleby who will be leading the network’s new pilot.Created by Sara Goodman, To Love & Die centers on Hildy (Shiri Appleby), a young woman who hopes to resolve her personal intimacy issues by tracking down the father (Tim Matheson) she never knew.  Digging deeper, she discovers that that he’s a contract killer and realizes that she has an innate flair for her father’s type of work. Read more »
Remember that diminutive and petite dark-haired girl with the plaintive eyes, who captured the hearts of fans on the cult show, Roswell?  Shiri Appleby, who played Liz Parker for three seasons on the show, has just been plucked out of post-Roswell near-anonymity to join the long-running ER.Appleby joins the ensemble cast of the groundbreaking medical drama along with Julian Morris, Emily Rose and Victor Rasuk.  Along with talented veteran actress Angela Bassett, all four new recruits look to add color to ER‘s coming 15th and final season in the fall. Read more »
On Monday Daniel Dae Kim became the first Lost regular to secure a post-Island career by signing on for the CBS remake of Hawaii 5-0.  Obviously the rest of the Lostcast needs to start finding work fast, so here‘s our take on how other Lost stars might be able to capitalize on this trend.Sure, Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly have claimedthey‘re done with TV after Lost ends, but we think our ideas are sogood that they‘ll have no choice but to reconsider that position.  Matthew Fox may want a film career, but the guy from Vantage Point, Speed Racer and We Are Marshall should be like Scott Wolf and keep to awesome TV shows like Everwood, V and The Nine.And now, without further adieu, our lineup: Read more »
This Monday and Tuesday I‘ll be in Dallas, Texas to visit the set of The Good Guys, Matt Nix‘s (Burn Notice) new action comedy series on Fox starring Colin Hanks, Bradley Whitford and Bradley Whitford‘s mustache.Whitford plays Dan Stark, a washed-up detective who spends most of his time drunk or re-hashing his glory days. Hanks is Jack Bailey, an ambitious, by-the-book detective, who gets stuck solving annoying petty theft cases that nobody else wants--with Stark as his partner.I‘ll also get to chat with Jenny Wade, who plays Assistant D.A. Liz Traynor, and Diana Maria Riva, who has the enviable job of playing Stark and Bailey‘s boss, Lieutenant Ana Ruiz.Have questions for creator Matt Nix, Hanks, Whitford or Whitford‘s mustache (which plays a bring role in the Good Guys promos, as you can see in the video below)? How about for the lovely Ms. Wade and Ms. Riva? Leave them in the comments section below and I‘ll try to get good answers to your Good Guys questions.  Read more »
Thanks to an interview with an astronomer, the Internet has gone crazy over new truths written in the stars. Instead of the 12 zodiac constellations we‘ve all known and loved, it turns out that there‘s a 13th zodiac sign out there. And it‘s called Ophiuchus. Weird... Read more »
If you‘re disappointed that The Vampire Diaries is over and The Originals is entering its final season, the CW might have a solution. The network is developing a reboot of the WB/UPN sci-fi drama Roswell as a potential new series for the 2018-2019 TV season, and the cast includes plenty of recognizable CW stars as well as one of the stars of Pretty Little Liars.  Read more »