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While the show was titled Rock of Love Charm School Reunion, they really should have titled it: The Battle of Sharon versus Megan. Because let‘s face it, everyone was tuning in for the big fight, and the battle of Sharon and Megan did not disappoint. Let me set the scene: six months after the finishing the filming of Charm School, tempers still seem to be running hot between the former contestants and the head-mistress of the show, Sharon Osbourne. Even before the full-on fight broke out on stage, you could tell the tensions were high and that very little of the ‘charm‘  and manners that the ladies had learned, had stuck.  The Vh1 censors were kept busy with expletive filled name calling, and interviews with past-Charm School contestants that were more bleep-outs than words.  Read more »
Two seasons weren‘t enough for Bret Michaels to find love on a reality series, but maybe third time‘s the charm.  The star of VH1‘s Rock of Love dating show didn‘t exactly reveal if he‘s finally met his soul mate.  He only claims that he‘s “pretty sure” he won‘t be returning for another season of the program.  Michaels recently talked to the New York Daily News about the new installment of his series, claiming that Rock of Love Bus might be his final hurrah.  “I can never say never, but I‘m pretty sure that this kind of show is it for me,” Michaels declared.  Even so, there are other ventures to tackle.  Reality television is rife with shows for celebrities like him, and Michaels isn‘t keen on giving up just yet.   Read more »
Gia and Nikki (aka DJ Lady Tribe), the first two to be eliminated on the third season of Rock of Love, are ready to open up about their experiences on the wild VH1 reality dating show.  They seemed to enjoy their time on the series, no matter how short it was.  Other than getting booted off the first episode, the girls share another thing as well: both of them said alcohol was the reason for their departure.  “I love how much fun I had, but I wouldn‘t have put it all out there in that one episode [if I knew I was going to be eliminated],” Gia began.  “I would have spaced it out and let them see how wild and crazy I am over time.  I know I would have stayed longer had I not been inebriated most of the time.” Read more »
If the premiere was any indication, this is going to be the hardest rocking and heaviest drinking, Rock of Love yet. Bret and his bevy of could-be girlfriends have taken the reality show out of the mansion and on the road, accompanying Bret on a cross-country tour. Last night‘s hour-and-a-half long premiere introduced us to the 19 women who hope to be Bret‘s lasting love and taught us the following valuable reality TV lesson: choking another contestant is fine, but taking a shot out of another contestants nether-region is too crazy; even for Bret Michaels.But let me not get ahead of myself, as there was at least half an hour of show before what is certain to become one of the most infamous drinks ever had on television. As in previous two seasons of Rock of Love, the ladies who‘ve been chosen to vie for Bret‘s affection tend towards the plastic and fame-searching, with a few genuine folks sprinkled in for good measure. In hopes of getting to know the girls and to get a taste of their personality, Bret decides to have the girls pose for some sexy backstage pass photos. Read more »
If being watched by millions of people isn‘t scary enough, Rock of Love 2‘s Frenchie (aka Angelique Morgan) is slated to appear in a new reality flick of the horror genre.  During the reunion special of Rock of Love: Charm School, she was talking about appearing in some sort of “scary movie.”  Though it was difficult to believe, she was actually telling the truth.  Frenchie will be joining the cast of the upcoming Reality Horror Night.Along with other contestants from reality shows, Frenchie is going to compete for a million dollar prize that might just cost the participants their lives.  Fellow Rock of Love 2 contestant Destiney Moore will also be on Reality Horror Night, much to her fans‘ (if there are any) delight.  Joining the two ladies are Erik Chopin, who won The Biggest Loser 3, Billy Garcia of Survivor, Robert Smith of I Wanna Work for Diddy, Elizabeth Gasinski of NBC‘s Momma‘s Boy and other contestants from different reality series.  Read more »
What does it take to be on a reality series?  Apparently, it could boil down to simply winning an online voting competition.  A 23-year-old Syracuse native named Brian Magee did just that, and now he‘s on his way to become a contender in the new VH1 show, Daisy of Love.  The reality dating program centers on Daisy de la Hoya, runner-up on Rock of Love 2 with Bret Michaels. Daisy may not be aware of Brian yet, and Magee is uncertain about what lies ahead of him.  He has no information regarding his cast members or his living arrangements, but he knows quite a few things about the girl he‘s about to compete for.  Read more »
There was hair pulling, swearing, and sharp claws digging their way into viewers‘ television screens, when Sharon Osbourne allegedly attacked Rock of Love: Charm School contestant Megan Hauserman during the reunion special.  It made headlines in the entertainment news circuit, when Hauserman filed a battery incident against the show‘s host.  She had her chance to explain her side of the story, now it‘s Sharon‘s turn.Last December, Megan Hauserman insulted the rock and roll veteran by calling her husband a “brain-dead rockstar.”  Sharon retaliated, losing her temper and allegedly running across the stage to grab Hauserman by the hair and scratch her.  No charges were filed, but Osbourne has insisted that she was the real victim in the reality TV crime. Read more »
VH1 interviewed the recent castoff from the Rock of Love Bus, and she revealed quite a lot about the many miseries she experienced on the show.  Despite all that, Brittaney found the whole thing funny and said that she was satisfied about her screen time. “I feel I was portrayed completely wrong,” Brittaney began.  “I was probably the sweetest, nicest person on there.  They took 48 hours and edited into 30 minutes and I looked like a crybaby racist.  I‘m far from that."  Read more »
Rock of Love Bus hasn‘t rolled out of television screens yet, but a recent interview with Bret Michaels reveals that the show was a success – for him, at least.  OK! Magazine caught up with the musician and asked him how he managed to pick just one from the 20 single ladies he spent so much time with.  “If you want to know the true measure of a person, spend a week on the road with them,” the 45-year-old star revealed.  He went on to say that he‘s still looking for love, since his past flames didn‘t quite work out.  Read more »
Someone just yells “Tequila!” and you know it‘s likely that Rock of Love Bus‘ Marcia will follow.  After being eliminated on Bret Michaels‘ third reality dating show, the Brazilian lady talked to VH1about how she behaved on the series, her feelings (or lack of it) for the Poison frontman, and why she thinks she got kicked out.  “Honestly, I didn‘t have time to think about Bret,” Marcia confessed.  “He was in and out so much.  He‘d come in to talk and be gone.  I‘d be like, “Whoa! What was that? Was that Bret?”  It was too quick to think about him. He‘s a cool guy, but I did have more connection with the bottle of tequila.  That was true.” Read more »
Last week we were disappointed when Episode 2 failed to bring the antics of the premiere of Rock of Love Bus. Now that we‘ve finished watching Episode 3, we are down right petrified that Bret sent home all of the fun crazy during the first eliminations and just kept the certifiably crazy. This week, we find the ladies of Rock of Love Bus heading to Champaign, Illinois. Utah girl Kelsey is thrilled they are heading to Champaign, since "that‘s the name of her favorite drink." Sorry to disappoint you Kelsey, but nothing in Champaign, IL is going to resemble the bubbly loveliness of champagne--though you may be feeling a bit dizzy after the up-coming challenge. The tour buses pull right up rink side for the bruising challenge facing the ladies: a game of Baby Bret Ice Hockey. The challenge goes about as well as you think it would. Not many of the ladies of Rock of Love Bus are too adept on skates, it would seem that they wasted all their time learning to balance on stripper shoes instead. Unfortunately for them, they are facing some tough competition: three members of the University of Illinois Women‘s Hockey Team and ruthless Rock Of Love alumni Lacey. No mercy is shown to the ladies, during the course of the challenge Natasha gets a concussion, Brittanya bleeds from one of her many piercings, and Melissa pops one of her breast implants. Just another day at the Rock of Love Bus Rink. At the end of the challenge, the Pink Team consisting of Maria, Brittaney, Beverly and popped implant girl Melissa, was victorious. Read more »
While the premiere episode of Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels was filled with debauchery and insanity, the second episode of the season left the debauchery behind and was firmly focused on insanity. Disappointingly, in episode 2 there were no thrown drinks, no choking, and no one bowing to the porcelain throne--there was however, lots of nudity, cat fights, and crying. Well, there was lots of Brittaney crying. Every reality show has to establish it‘s crier early on and on Rock of Love Bus the constant crier is Brittaney Starr, former porn star turned professional Bret Michaels stalker. While supposedly all of these girls are looking for love with Bret Michaels, Brittaney has found it after a full day of a half on the road and she‘s about to let him know that in a big way.For the first official challenge of the season, Bret asks the ladies to write him hypothetical wedding vows. While most of the women take this chance to promise Bret a lifetime of naughtiness, Brittaney decides to write Bret five pages of bad Hallmark Card style vows. About Brittaneys‘ vows Bret says, "Brittaney is either madly in love with me or certifiably insane." Sorry to say it Bret, but it looks to us like it may be a little bit of both. While Bret struggles with Brittaney‘s over-the-top vows, he perks up at the promises of Farrah, Ashley, and Brittanya. Both Farrah and Ashley make their vows to Bret in dirty rhyme, with Farrah promising him, “We can party and have a good time. And occasionally, you can hit it from behind.” Bret seems most impressed and intrigued by Brittanya‘s ‘wedding gift,‘ a piercing which she promises he can "put back in place" if they get to know each other better. Hopefully she soaked that thing in boiling water or alcohol before giving it to him. Read more »
For a season that started out with so much scandalous promise, Rock of Love Bus sure has been disappointingly dull this season. After three thrown drinks in the first episode, we‘ve seen none since and at least for now, all the girls are pretty much getting along. In fact in the largest confrontation of this week‘s episode, the conversation went a little something like this. "You know I really like you, but what you did is not cool." It also involved saying a cheeseburger was needed multiple times, but come on! This is reality TV, scandalous, trashy, tasteless reality TV, and you‘re prefacing your confrontations with friendly words?!? What has happened to the trashy show I once felt a need to bathe in bleach with after watching? So disappointing. Perhaps the dull nature of the show was because Episode 4 started on a serious note; retired-model Maria, a season long favorite for winning it all, had to drop out of the show because of "serious medical issues." Big John just huddles the girls around the bus one morning and says Maria was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night and we don‘t know her condition, but she‘s no longer on tour. And that‘s it--the show must go on. An early article about this season said that one of the contestants suffered a stroke while on the road, and we wonder if that‘s the serious medical condition Big John referred to. Whatever the case, Maria is gone and the top spot for Bret‘s heart is now wide open. Read more »
If it wasn’t for Pam Anderson, Bret Michaels probably wouldn’t have been the star of his own reality series: Rock of Love.  Now that he’s truly over their 1990s era relationship, Michaels talked to Blender magazine about why he thinks it didn’t last.  Apparently, the blame’s been cast on Pamela’s mother.  The frontman of rock band Poison admitted that he tried his best to win over Mrs. Anderson, but constantly failed at his attempts.  He recalls how he tried drastic measures just to get her to like him. Read more »
Bret Michaels is more than determined to find the love of his life on Rock of Love Bus, and he‘s ready to tell audiences just what he‘s looking for (in case he doesn‘t succeed on the show perhaps?).  The 45-year old rocker knows that the woman he‘s looking for is somewhere out there, and she‘s someone who can definitely “roll with the punches.”  Talking to The Star Telegram, the star of the VH1 reality show stated that this season of the series is the true test for him to finally find love.  According to Bret, being with people on the road will reveal the true identity of a person.  “If you want to find out the true person somebody is, take them on a family vacation or a road trip and you will find out really quick,” he said.  Read more »
Winning Rock of Love: Charm School doesn‘t guarantee that others will behave better around you, and Brandi M is learning that fact.  She was recently spotted with adult film director Jason Green, causing the media to conclude that the two are dating.  However, Brandi M. assures everyone that they‘re not. Earlier in January, Brandi M attended the AVN Awards, which is the equivalent of the Oscars in the adult industry.  She walked the red carpet with Green, the co-owner of Paradise Visuals, an adult production company based in Las Vegas.  During the event, Green was asked about his opinion of Brandi M.  What he said might have caused the whole issue to blow out of proportion. Read more »
It‘s not enough that he has dozens of ladies vying for his affections on Rock of Love, because Bret Michaels has his eye on actress Jennifer Aniston.  The only problem is that she‘s still dating another musician: John Mayer.  But while the two are having relationship problems due to Mayer‘s schedule, Bret‘s not about to swoop in and take Jen just yet.  As Bret is obviously busy with his reality dating show and tours, it‘s unlikely that he‘ll compete for Jennifer Aniston‘s heart anytime soon (how ironic).  Even so, a friend of the Poison frontman revealed that the rock star knows that she‘s his ideal girl. Read more »
These reality shows are getting way ahead of us.  Rock of Love Bus hasn’t even wrapped up on the small screen yet, but VH1 is already taking the girls for another ride.  The network has announced that the ladies from Bret’s third attempt at finding love will appear in a new spin-off, Charm School 3.Joining the ladies from Rock of Love Bus are those from Real Chance of Love, while the appointed headmistress of the etiquette-based show’s third season will be none other than Ricki Lake.  According to VH1’s press release, this “legendary talk show host, documentary film producer and author” will be tasked to teach and tame the girls on Charm School 3 with Ricki Lake.   Read more »
After four relatively dull episodes, Rock of Love Bus finally brought the crazy drama this week. Apparently we weren‘t the only folks bored with the ladies of Rock of Love as much of this weeks episode centered around Bret‘s displeasure with the women vying for his heart. Seeing that he‘s done this before, Bret‘s been comparing this season with his previous experiences on Rock of Love, and he is not happy. Bret just isn‘t feeling the girls this season like he was in Season 1 and 2. Despite being halfway through the season, Bret still doesn‘t feel like he‘s made any strong emotional or sexual connections, which makes for one moody rock star.This weeks tour takes the ladies to St. Louis, MO. The first stop in St. Louie is at Larry Flynts Hustler Club, which if you‘re keeping track, is the second strip club Bret has taken the ladies to this season. Unsurprisingly, the Pink Bus which houses the wild women of Rock of Love Bus are thrilled about pulling up to the Hustler Club--because let‘s face it, some of these ladies are intimately acquainted with the pole. The more reserved women of the Blue Bus are none too pleased by the Hustler Club; especially Beverly who has been to both strip clubs this season. Turns out the women of the Blue Bus are right to be apprehensive, because Bret has a show changing surprise inside. Read more »
While we continuously doubt how much reality is put in reality shows, Bret Michaels asserts that his own Rock of Love series is as real as it can get.  Since he has been targeted with rumors that the VH1 dating show is a scam, the Poison frontman decided it was time to clear things up. Bret Michaels has been defending his choice to keep shooting Rock of Love while living with Kristi Lynn Gibson, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his children.  A lot of people have bothered the rockstar with their comments, but he claims that he‘s doing it all for the kids. Read more »
Now that we‘re on to the third season of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, we know there are certain things you can expect from every season. A plethora of questionable plastic surgery, bandannas, unintentionally hilarious characters, over-imbibing, bad blonde dye jobs, and best of all--The Mud Bowl. Ah yes, it is that time again...when women who‘ve never played sports a day in their life suit up for their day in the mud, Bret Michaels style.For the third (and final?) Mud Bowl, Bret promises the muddiest Mud Bowl of all time. To this end, Bret has acquired the services of some local firemen and firetrucks whose hoses are put on blast to create a wet and wild mud field. For their services, the firemen are allowed to watch the plastic-popping debacle that is Bret Michaels‘ Mud Bowl. Today‘s game pits The Sweethearts (Mindy, Taya, Brittanya, Kami, and Beverly) against The Fallen Angels (Farrah, Ashley, Kelsey, Jamie, and Jennifer), which is basically the Pink Bus/blondtourage versus the Blue Bus. As in all previous Mud Bowls, Bret serves as the objective quarterback for both teams. Read more »
Rock of Love Bus contestant Mindy Hall is surely not the first of her kin to appear on a reality series, but only a handful of people know that.  Her features might actually be very familiar to audiences, especially those who‘ve seen Survivor: Guatemala.  It‘s all because it was Mindy‘s identical twin sister who first appeared on the eleventh season of the CBS show. Zookeeper Cindy Hall, a long-time fan of the Survivor series, tried out for the program and later made it to the Top 5 contestants.  It‘s just like how Mindy‘s been doing these days, as she‘s become one of the frontrunners in Bret Michaels‘ search for love.  Both of these ladies seem ready to prove how they can face extraordinary challenges – despite the obvious differences between their chosen endeavors.  Read more »
We‘re seven episodes in to Rock of Love Bus and finally the drama and insanity we started the season with has returned! Thank goodness--a dating show filled with this much silicone, strippers, and intentionally over-dramatic scenarios shouldn‘t be as dull as Rock of Love Bus has become. Episode 7 finds Bret and his possible Rock‘s of Love heading south to Alabama and the first ever Rock of Love Bus Truck Stop Games.The Truck Stop Games are as epic and ridiculous as you would expect. Read more »
The Rock of Love Bus celebrity has gotten word of what Jason Mesnick did on this season of The Bachelor, and he doesn‘t sound happy about it.  Bret Michaels faced the press to give his two cents on the matter, as well as point out what Mesnick might have done wrong.  “He definitely better hide his car,” Michaels said, “because it‘s about to get keyed.”  Is Bret Michaels sympathizing with The Bachelor‘s Melissa Rycroft?  Perhaps.  The Rock of Love star underwent the same experience in the first season of his show, when his soulmate Jess, dumped him.  Read more »
On this week‘s Rock of Love Bus, the drama that started the season out with a bang (or rather a tossed drink), has finally returned. Thank goodness! As I said last week, for a show with this much potential for insanity and drama, Rock of Love Bus has been somewhat of a snooze fest--and Bret still hasn‘t found love. If a season is going to unsuccessful in finding Bret a "Rock of Love" -- it better be damn entertaining.For the eighth episode of Rock of Love Bus, Bret is taking the remaining seven ladies to Panama City, "The Redneck Riviera." At least most of the girls should feel at home. Since there are so few girls left, the Blue Bus is abandoned in Alabama and everyone moves on to the Pink Bus. No one is pleased with this change. The Pink Bus is worried the lameness of the Blue Bus will spread to their Pink mobile mansion, while the ladies of the Blue Bus are upset they are going to have to deal with the over-the-top antics of the Pink Bus 24-7. If the producers of Rock of Love Bus really loved us and the drama, they would have made this change weeks ago. Read more »
If you ever wished you were Bret Michaels, here‘s your chance – well, sort of.  BuddyTV introduces the Rock of Love Bus Fantasy League, where users will be able to experience the reality show in a new way.  Just like the series‘ star, you can also choose which contestants will be sent home (to mend their aching hearts).Pit each lady against another, picking out your least favorites and predicting which among the remaining Rock of Love girls will win Bret Michaels‘ affections.  For every upcoming episode, you get to select three contestants to be eliminated on the series.  It may not affect Bret‘s decision, but at least we can get valuable BuddyTV points for it. Read more »
A number of celebrity autobiographies have been popping up lately, and Bret Michaels is one to join the bandwagon.  The star of VH1‘s Rock of Love Bus reality dating series has confirmed that he‘s ready to release a book which would “give people the untold story.”  Titled Roses and Thorns: The Rock ‘n‘ Roll Fantasy to My Reality, the memoir is scheduled to hit bookshelves in June.  According to the Poison frontman, the book will tell readers everything they need to know regarding the details of his life. Read more »
On last week‘s Rock of Love Bus, the blondtourage was killed when Bret eliminated Farrah, leaving Ashley the only blonde standing. We begin this week‘s rock‘n‘roll disaster with Ashley realizing that Farrah has been eliminated and that she is left with a bus full of brunettes. Needless to say, Ashely is not pleased. When Penthouse Pet Taya walks in instead of her BFF Farrah, Ashley says: "I see Taya and I want to die. I don‘t even know what I am going to do with myself." It‘s kind of sweet that Ashley is so upset about her BFF leaving, but it makes me wonder if she‘d ever feel so upset about something Bret-related--I think no. Read more »
There are only four girls left on Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels, with yet another elimination looming tomorrow night.  The challenges get more and more difficult, but nothing is worse than Bret having to decide which lady he has to send home.  On the new episode of Rock of Love titled “Duet to Me One More Time,” Poison frontman Bret Michaels tests the girls‘ abilities in songwriting.  The remaining contestants are given the task to write lyrics to one of the musician‘s songs, and perform it with him as well. Read more »
Oh no, the boring has returned...with a vengeance! Just as I feared, now that the blondtourage is gone and only the brunettes remain, there will be no drink throwing, choking, or over-the-top insanity. Nope, we‘ll be coasting down the road to Dullsville right up to the Rock of Love Bus finale. Will there be pseudo cat fights? Yes. Will friendships be tested? Certainly. Will any of it be the drama or ridiculousness match what we‘ve come to expect or hope from Brett Michaels and the Rock of Love franchise? Sadly, no. Read more »
Every week BuddyTV offers expert analysis on who will be eliminated on Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels. See who BuddyTV users and our own experts think will get booted this week, then make your own picks at Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels Fantasy TV. Read more »
The Bret Michaels bus is stopping over at Miami, Florida for the pre-finale episode of Rock of Love Bus.  This time, the challenge is for the rock star himself – if he can keep his sanity.  The time for the final decision is nearing; it‘s down to three, and the girls are going head to head for the competition of their lives. On “Double Dates,” Bret plans a couple of fantasy dates to spend even more time with his last ladies.  It‘s a swamp boat gator ride for them, and things look ready to sink.  A dinner date among the group doesn‘t go as sweet as planned, and two of the contestants believe that Bret‘s completely shunned them. One girl gets to go on a date twice, much to the disdain of the rest.  Read more »
It‘s getting to be big decision time on Rock of Love Bus. Only three girls remain on the road and we‘re just one episode away from Bret choosing this season‘s Rock of Love. While many men would envy Bret‘s situation, having to choose between three beautiful women who want you, Bret Michaels certainly doesn‘t seem to be enjoying himself. If I only had one word to describe this week‘s penultimate episode of Rock of Love Bus, it would be: painful. Painfully awkward, painfully boring, painfully dull. Even though there was plenty of drama this episode, it was more like a bad soap opera than a trashy reality show. While it may bode well for Bret‘s relationship that he‘s kept around the dullest of the girls, it sure doesn‘t make for good trashy reality TV.This week the three remaining girls--Jamie, Mindy, and Taya--are taking their final bus ride to Miami, Florida for some fantasy dates. While everyone seems happy to get off the bus, that seems the only bright spot for the girls. With only one elimination standing between them and the finale, the tension is high, politeness is out the window, and friendships are done. The gloves are off, the manicured claws are out, and the competition is on. Read more »
Here are the current standings for Rock of Love Bus Fantasy TV.Rock of Love Bus Fantasy TV Leaderboard:1. AiraZ 80002. saucer 72503. curliegurl78 72504. dusti22603 72505. iamvampire2004 72506. FunSucka8 72507. twolv08 72508. SefaunaDunker2 72509. winifred123 725010. auttienkassiemom 6750 Read more »
With Rock of Love Bus coming to an end, some of the most memorable characters from this season will be making their way to another Vh1 reality show: Charm School with Ricki Lake. VH1 announced today the ladies of Rock of Love who will be joining this season‘s Charm School and by the looks of it, this season is going to be a doozie. Warring parties will be brought back under one roof, including the entirety of the blondtourage, former porn star Brittaney Starr and everyone‘s favorite Brazilian alcoholic, Marcia.This season of Charm School will combine girls from Rock of Love Bus and Real Chance of Love in a new take on the VH1 show. The official cast from Rock of Love Bus consists of: Ashley, Beverly, Brittaney, Brittanya, Farrah, Gia, Marcia, and Natasha. The Real Chance of Love girls checking into Charm School will be: Bay Bay Bay, Bubbles, Ki Ki, K.O., Risky, and So Hood. Read more »
It‘s down for the final two women on Rock of Love Bus With Bret Michaels and it‘s time for Bret Michaels to make a big decision. Since his first two forays into finding love on reality TV weren‘t successful, we‘ve decided to help Bret out by making a pro and con list for the remaining women vying for his heart. Up first is Penthouse Pet, Taya Parker.Bret has been smitten with Taya since the moment she dropped her pants and exposed a near perfect derriere during the girls backstage pass photo shoot. And we can see why--what goes better with rock stars than nude models? Save booze and groupies, very little. Of course a lasting relationship has to be built on more than rock‘n‘roll stereotypes and a perfect butt, so let‘s explore the pros and cons of picking Taya below. Read more »
It‘s down to the final two women on Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels and it‘s time for Bret to make a big decision. Since his first to forays into finding love on reality TV didn‘t work out, we‘ve decided to help Bret by making a pro and con list for each of the remaining women vying for his heart. Yesterday, we discussed the pro and cons of picking Taya Parker, while today I‘ll be tackling the pros and cons of picking Mindy Hall.While it wasn‘t love at first sight for Bret and Mindy, they‘ve become seriously smitten with each other as the season progressed. Though Mindy is a bit "normal" to be on the arm of a rock‘n‘roller like Bret, that‘s probably the best thing she has going for her. Bret‘s tried dating models and groupies before to no avail. So if he really is looking for lasting love, it‘s time for him to settle down with a regular girl...and Mindy just may be that girl. Read more »
Every week BuddyTV offers expert analysis on who will be eliminated on Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels. See who BuddyTV users and our own experts think will be named Bret‘s Rock of Love, then make your own picks at Rock of Love Bus Fantasy TV.BuddyTV Users’ Picks:1. 64 % of users think Taya will be eliminated2. 36% of users think Mindy will be eliminated Read more »
It’s neck and neck on the finaleof Rock of Love Bus, when Bret Michaels has to choose his new Rock of Love.  The final two girls left are Mindy and Taya – once best friends turned into sworn enemies by their feelings for the Poison front man. On “Rock of Love III,” the girls say a final goodbye to the buses as they are flown to the Dominican Republic to spend more quality time with Bret.  Clearly, that’s all there is to this show.  The final choice has to be made, and it seems as though no one among the three is ready.  Read more »
After 12 weeks of criss-crossing the country and 21 girls being eliminated, we are down to the final two on Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels. This go-round Bret managed to look beyond the blonde and the train wrecks, to end up choosing between two fairly normal brunette beauties in the finale: Taya and Mindy. Of course, other than the fact they‘re not blondes and they‘ve carried themselves with as much class as you can on a show like Rock of Love Bus, Mindy and Taya couldn‘t be more different. Mindy is a gorgeous girl next door from Cincinnati, Ohio who no one expected to make it this far on tour. Taya is the 2009 Penthouse Pet of the Year and Bret was instantly smitten with her, so it‘s really no surprise she‘s made it as far as she has on the road. Read more »
The first two Rock of Love winners didn‘t last long, as Bret Michaels ended his relationships with original Rock of Love winner Jes Rickleff and Rock of Love 2 winner Ambre Lake. After those two didn‘t pan out, Bret Michaels got back on the horse for a third season of the VH1 reality hit with Rock of Love Bus, which puts the show on the road as the women pile into his tour bus and ride across the country with Bret until he finds a new winner.This week Bret‘s cross-country tour for love ended and he‘s chosen his third Rock of Love: Penthouse Pet of the Year, Taya Parker. Read more »
Not only was last night the finale for Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels, it was also the final round for Rock of Love Bus Fantasy TV. While the rest of us were convinced Bret would pick "just Mindy Hall from Cincinnati, Ohio" AiraZ, the winner of the Rock of Love Bus Fantasy TV league, knew better. Since joining the Rock of Love Bus Fantasy TV AiraZ almost batted a 1000 with their choices, including predicting both Ashley and Mindy‘s shocking eliminations. Thanks to their smart picking, AiraZ beat the nearest competition by 750 points. A big congrats to AriaZ for knowing Bret better than Bret knew himself and for dominating in Fantasy TV. While AiraZ may be the Taya Parker of Rock of Love Bus Fantasy TV, where did you stand? Here is the top 10 Rock of Love Bus Leaderboard after last night‘s surprising finale: Read more »
Bret Michaels has found his third Rock of Love, presenting the anticipated ring to her as they stood on the beach in Puerto Rico.  Now, three months later, he joins her in greeting (and gloating) as the rest of the girls return for the Rock of Love Bus reunion special. Tonight, relive the unforgettable season with Bret and the ladies as they sit down and reminisce over the third season of the VH1 reality dating series. While it might seem tame at first, this is Rock of Love we‘re talking about.  Claws have been sharpened and the girls are ready to reveal secrets you never thought you‘d hear.   Read more »
Just when you thought you were done with the Rock of Love Bus, it‘s reunion show time. Everyone seems to have made it back for the reunion show, including the entirety of the blondtourage and perhaps most excitingly, DJ Lady Tribe. Seeing that this was a season of drama, back-stabbing, shocking decisions, and lots of smack talking, this reunion could definitely be very interesting. Of course, like most Mindy fans, I‘m hoping for a Bret Michaels Bachelor style switcharoo at the reunion. Be a man and admit you chose the wrong lady Bret! Unlike Jason Mesnick, America will love you for doing so. And, double bonus, you‘ll end up with a woman you might actually have a chance at a real relationship with. Seriously, think about it Bret Michaels. Read more »
Another season of Rock of Love has come and gone, Bret‘s got a new girl, and he believes that she‘s truly the one for him.  We‘ve heard that story before, but it seems as though there‘s still more to tell.  VH1 recently talked to the rock star about what‘s been going on with him these past days, particularly his relationship with the series winner, Taya Parker."I think that I absolutely made the right choice with Taya," Bret admitted.  "When you‘re around her one-on-one, she lets you know that she cares about you and she makes you feel like a man.  She‘ll tell you, "You look great."  Being flattered whether you‘re being played or whether it‘s sincere, matters." Read more »
Now that she‘s won over Mindy and the rest of the girls, Taya Parker is going on and on about Bret Michaels.  As his newest (and hopefully last) Rock of Love, she‘s hoping their relationship would really push through and they‘d continue what they started on the show.  Before the series‘ reunion show aired, Taya was interviewed by Chaunce Hayden of the magazine Steppin‘ Out.  She didn‘t hold back as she dished the details on what she felt about winning Rock of Love, as well as discussed her plans regarding Bret.   Read more »
Being a runner-up for Bret Michaels affections might not seem like much, but it was a tough blow for Mindy Hall.  She was neck and neck with winner Taya Parker on Rock of Love Bus, and she admits she didn‘t expect to go that far.  She surely got her heart broken by the great Bret, and she knows it might take a while to get over him. "My heart still thinks about Bret everyday," Mindy said during her VH1 interview.  Though she went on Rock of Love without any interest in the rock star, spending so much time with him stirred up her emotions.  Read more »
Having appeared on quite a number of reality television shows, the Rock of Love, I Love Money, and Charm School star Destiney Moore has good reason to settle down.  It‘s not just her VH1 fame and horror movie acting stints that both excite and exhaust her; it‘s the good news of having a baby.  On her official website, Moore wrote that she‘s all ready to welcome a boy into the family."I am almost 5 months pregnant with my first child!!!  YAY!!  And, it‘s a BOY!!!" she wrote on her online diary.  The aspiring clothing designer also added that she might consider making garments for her child, adding a new section to her own fashion line.  Read more »
What else can a rock star do when his hit reality dating series has finished?  Poison front-man and Rock of Love king Bret Michaels has been touring the country promoting his music.  He‘s been seen in ball games and cook-offs, looking like he thinks this reality is far better than what he‘s had to deal with on television.The Rock of Love star was recently seen at downtown Toledo in Ohio.  While he wasn‘t really scheduled for a concert in the area, he managed to belt out a tune anyway.  Bret Michaels rocked out at Fifth Third Field‘s Hen House and offered up his rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."  Read more »
Heather Chadwell has quite the list of credentials up her sleeve.  There‘s prime antagonist and runner-up on the first season of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, fourth-placer on Rock of Love: Charm School and strategy-master on I Love Money.  While she has her reality television life backing her up, who would‘ve thought she‘d land a role in a big screen project?Surprising as it may sounds, VH1 star Heather Chadwell has been cast on the upcoming drama flick titled The Sandy Creek Girls.  It will be directed by Cylk Cozart, an actor renowned for his appearances on movies like Eagle Eye and 16 Blocks.  Read more »
Bret Michaels may be known for smooth antics on Rock of Love, but his stint on the Tony Awards went far from smoothly.  During Sunday night‘s 63rd Tony Awards, the Poison frontman took the stage with his band and made the event memorable.  It wasn‘t exactly for their performance, but because Bret missed his mark and ran into a piece of scenery which knocked him unconscious. No one expected the star to be injured, since everything seemed to go well when Poison began their set with the cast of Broadway‘s hair-metal play Rock of Ages.  Bret Michaels was belting out the lyrics to the band‘s hit "Nothin‘ but a Good Time" when the backdrop descended upon the stage, forcing the musician to the ground. Read more »
Days after a descending set piece at the Tony Awards came down and cracked him in the face, Rock of Love star and Poison frontman Bret Michaels has posted photos of his injuries on his MySpace. Michaels, and his representatives, are none too pleased that the accident occured, or that it‘s being taken so lightly--which would not be the case, they say, if it had happened to one of the Tonys‘ own.In a lengthy public statement released Tuesday to MTV, Michaelsspokesperson Janna Elias criticized the Tonys‘ apparent apathy aboutthe incident, saying, "I find it surprising that a Tony spokespersonwould brush off thisincident with a comment stating ‘Mr. Michaels missed his mark‘ with nomention of concern for his condition." She went on to say, "I feel hadthis incident happened to Liza Minnelli, Dolly Parton orElton John, the Tonys would have at least issued a letter of concern. Read more »
It seems as though the panic involving Bret Michaels‘ nose has died down, and the rock star himself has loosened up about the whole Tony Awards incident.  He recently talked to People magazine and described what happened to him, even joking around about it.  According to the Poison frontman, one way to explain a set piece hitting him on the face is this: "I got my bell rung!"The 46-year-old Rock of Love star admitted that the accident was indeed a bit grave for an awards show, but he‘s learned to just let it go and accept that it happened.  "All in all, I‘d like to think I feel okay," he told the publication.  "But I got to be honest with you, I feel pretty beat up." Read more »
We weren‘t really rooting for Megan Hauserman on Rock of Love: Charm School, nor were we cheering her on as she caused trouble during the series‘ reunion special.   Sadly, it looks as though she‘s getting the last laugh.  If any of you remember what plagued reality TV screens back in December last year, you‘ll know what this is about.  Megan Hauserman sued the host of Rock of Love: Charm School, rock-and-roll veteran Sharon Osbourne, and it was filed last Monday in Los Angeles.  Osbourne was charged with battery, negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  Hauserman even requested a jury trial, and is suing to cover medical expenses, loss of earning potential and other punitive damages.  Read more »
Daisy De La Hoya, one of the remaining hopefuls vying for Bret Michaels‘ heart on VH1‘s Rock of Love 2, is gradually creating buzz on the internet due to a racy photo posted on her MySpace page.  The picture shows the 25-year-old reality TV star topless and making an obscene gesture to the camera, while holding a Jack Daniels bottle next to a table that appears have several lines of cocaine.The Rock of Love 2 contestant maintains, however, that the white cocaine-like substance is just plain flour.  Nevertheless, it speaks volumes.  It also hasn‘t stopped several media outlets from criticizing her lack of values.  On the other hand, others speculate that this is exactly the reaction the Daisy was hoping for when she posted the picture. Click here to view the photo. (Warning: Contains Semi-Nude Image) Read more »
Maybe being involved in accidents is all part of the rock star life, because Bret Michaels can‘t seem to get enough of them.  After suffering from facial injuries during this year‘s Tony Awards, the Rock of Love star tempted fate once again.  It was another unlucky break for him this Fourth of July weekend, when his tour bus was hit by a car in Canada. Bret Michaels‘ broken nose and bloody lip probably haven‘t healed yet, so this is an unfortunate turn of events for him.  According to his official website, a car lost control and hit the star‘s bus while he and his crew were on their way to St. Paul, Minnesota.  They had just come from a performance at Toronto‘s Molson Amphitheater and were headed for another gig. Read more »
At times, LA Ink has become a refreshing choice among the sea of reality television shows prominent today.  However, it sounds like it‘s going slowly downhill with the addition of the Rock of Love 2 castoff Aubry Fisher.  As a new cast member on the show, will she be able to make it work? Drama‘s a certainty when you put Aubry in the upcoming season of LA Ink, as we‘ve seen on her stint in the VH1 competition.  Now that she‘s back in the small screen, we can expect even more.  The producers of the TLC series hardly thought it over, since the Bret-Michaels-girlfriend-wannabe just showed up at Kat Von D‘s shop one day and got a job.  Read more »
In between dating Rock of Love Bus winner Taya and the numerous tours with his band, Bret Michaels says that one of his priorities is simply being a dad.  He recently talked to Sioux Falls Argus Leader about the memoir he just released, titled "Bret Michaels: Roses and Thorns."  There‘s no doubt the musician is enjoying his success, but there‘s more to it that we think.With a solo album "Rock My World" to his credit, Bret Michaels has been gaining even more fans for his efforts.  Even though he‘s used to the thousands of girls screaming his name, he still finds the life of a rockstar exciting. Read more »
Bret Michaels‘ career isn‘t over, and we‘re not sure if that‘s such a good thing.  Apparently rocking out has no age limits.  Anyway, the Rock of Love star and Poison frontman has gotten himself into another TV gig.  He won‘t have ladies lining up for his affections this time though, but millions of fans ready to hear him tell his tale.Reuters reports that the VH1 iconic series Behind the Music is back on, and will soon be focusing on the journey of Bret Michaels.  It won‘t be for another month, but here‘s a heads-up on the upcoming show anyway. Read more »
It‘s been quite some time since Miley Cyrus got into trouble with the media.  We weren‘t exactly waiting for the next upsetting move of hers, but here it is, despite claims that there‘s nothing to worry about.  The Hannah Montana starlet recently recorded a song with Poison frontman Bret Michaels, and it‘s already causing problems with critics and fans alike.Michaels‘ new country-rock ballad "Nothing to Lose" speaks of a romance gone wrong, but it seems to be a tune gone wrong instead.  Followers of the 17-year-old Miley Cyrus could hardly believe she‘d sing such raunchy lyrics, but they were told not to make a big deal of it.  Read more »
We all have them--Cheaters reruns, RuPaul‘s Drag Race, 16 and Pregnant--shows that are so bad they‘re almost good. We posed the question to our friends on Facebook and to anyone in the BuddyTV offices who was willing to name names: What are your TV guilty pleasures?Here‘s what makes you feel just a little bit dirty every time you watch: Read more »
After the announcement that Poison frontman and reality TV star Bret Michaels suffered from a brain hemorrhage, we‘re going to need some good news. But the only update we have so far is the fact that the Celebrity Apprentice contestant is still hanging on. According to the Rock of Love star‘s Facebook page and official website, Bret Michaels is still in critical condition and has been told to remain in the ICU. The statement released revealed that tests are still being done to get to the bottom of the problem. Read more »
Current Celebrity Apprentice contestant, Rock of Love star and Poison front man Bret Michaels is in critical condition after suffering a brain hemorrhage last night, according to People. The magazine reports that the rocker was rushed to the hospital after suffering from an excruciating headache. Doctors discovered a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding at the base of his brain stem). A source told People that Bret will likely be "touch and go for the next few days," as doctors try to discover the cause of the hemorrhage and treat its effects.   Read more »
Rock star and Celebrity Apprentice competitor Bret Michaels is still in critical condition following a brain hemorrhage, and while fans around the world wait for word from his doctors, his Boardroom friends are all standing behind him.Since Michaels was first hospitalized, Donald Trump and the other contestants on this season of The Celebrity Apprentice, currently airing Sundays at 9pm on NBC, have all shown their support for the Poison frontman.  Read more »
Since news broke out of musician Bret Michaels‘ brain hemorrhage, friends and fans of the Celebrity Apprentice star have prayed for his recovery. Now, reports have it that his condition has improved from critical to stable. However, he is still undergoing tests. According to his representatives, it was discovered that the Poison frontman has been diagnosed with a side effect of the disease. People reports that this might lead to Bret Michaels having seizures, meaning he‘d still have to remain in the intensive care unit until this passes. Read more »
Poison frontman and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Bret Michaels has reportedly been released from the Arizona hospital he was being treated in. People reports that he‘s on the road to full recovery, despite his doctor proclaiming that he‘s "still very sick right now."Find Out What "Minor Setback" Bret Michaels FacedAs the celebrity was discharged from Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix earlier, a televised press conference was held by his neurosurgeon. Bret Michaels‘ doctor, Joseph Zabramski, spoke to the crowd and praised the Rock of Love star‘s fighting spirit, and his luck. Read more »
It‘s another American Idol roundup, kids, and this time we‘ve got more old material from Idol winner Lee Dewyze, and Bret Michaels stating his case as to why he‘d do well as a judge on the show.  Read more »
Performing with Poison and emerging victorious on The Celebrity Apprentice aren‘t enough for rockstar Bret Michaels. He‘s even starting yet another reality show, airing this fall. The Rock of Love star has been given his own Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It on VH1.Could Bret Michaels be the Next American Idol Judge?The New York Times reports that VH1 made the announcement last Monday, stating that the new show will feature Bret Michaels‘ life as a father. It‘s past his Rock of Love days, and instead focuses on his efforts to spend time with his daughters.  Read more »
Take a quick minute to catch up on the latest TV news in 300 words.More Bret to ComeRock star turned reality sensation, Bret Michaels, has announced details for his new reality show. Instead of courting bus loads of women on Rock of Love, or vying for a seat next to Donald Trump on the Celebrity Apprentice, Michaels will be getting the old "this is what my life is like" treatment. His new show for VH1, titled Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It, will focus on the rockers personal life as he juggles life as a father, lover, rocker and bandana wearer. Michaels says this show is different from his previous reality TV ventures because this will be "unprotected reality." He is really trying to pull the no holds barred angle when it comes to his show, but "unprotected reality?" Unless his show is live (wouldn‘t that be rad?) it will be as canned, produced and addictive as the rest of them. [People] Read more »
At the risk of sounding cheesy, I‘ll say this: celebrities are humans, too. They get hurt, they work hard, and they fall in love. They date around. Some of them, a lot. Difference is, they get noticed for it more than we do. And by that, I mean news reports devoted to who‘s dating who. Column inches speculating whether they‘re together or not. Hours spent in the water cooler doing all the same. So maybe what I said earlier isn‘t entirely true, after all... Read more »