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About three months ago, Jes dumped Bret Michaels on the Rock of Love  reunion show.  The Poison frontman is wasting no time getting back on the horse, as it were, and now he has 20 more women gunning for what‘s in his pants.  It‘s Rock of Love 2, so let the shame and degradation begin!This time, Bret rolls up to the mansion in a nice sports car, as opposed to the motorcycle last time.  Once again, Bret promises to find a babe he can love as much as he loves "the bitch goddess, rock ‘n‘ roll."  Thankfully, Big John is still around, bringing beer into the mansion using a wheelbarrow.  If that doesn‘t clue you into the classiness-level of this show, nothing will. Read more »
Last night, Poison front man Bret Michaels returned for another run of Rock of Love, which promises to include even more mayhem and controversy as a new batch of women lay it all on the line for an opportunity to capture his heart.  Of course, viewers already know that things didn‘t work out between Michaels and his first season pick Jes Rickleff and now, he is back to find love and redeem himself of the humiliation of being dumped.Michaels has guest starred last week on KTLA and during his interview, he sheds some light on his previous love and what‘s in store for the second season of Rock of Love. Read more »
The writers‘ strike has had financial implications for many in the entertainment industry beyond the writers themselves. The crew of scripted reality shows are also effectively on hold once the previously-written scripts are used up. The glut of reality shows is great for at least one industry, however: producers of alcoholic beverages. Whether it‘s an unabashedly trashy show like Rock of Love or trash masquerading as “class” like The Bachelor, one thing is certain for any reality dating show – there will be booze. Rivers and rivers (or, in the case of Rock of Love, wheelbarrows) of booze. It‘s no joke when, in one Rock of Love preview, Heather Chadwell ominously warns the women that they better have brought their extra liver. One woman from last Sunday‘s premiere, alas, neglected to pack that spare organ and paid the price. Courtney tippled a bit too much and found herself unceremoniously removed from the competition. She appears to be taking it in stride, but recently wrote that she wishes people would maybe just lighten up about it a bit. Read more »
With A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, MTV launched the, essentially a social networking site specifically dedicated to the stars of the show and their fans. Not sure if you just befriended the real Bobby Banhart or just some imposter on MySpace? MTV‘s site includes the “Verified Personalities” of the show‘s stars, so you always know you‘re getting the real deal. Well now, you can do the same with the Rock of Love 2 girls on VH1‘s new Rock of Love 2 site - with one possibly big caveat. Read more »
Previously on Rock of Love 2: 20 babes of varying hotness entered the mansion to have sex/fall in love with Bret Michaels. Erin, Megan, Destiney and Daisy were chosen as the VIPs. In the end, four girls went home, including VIP Erin, and Courtney was also eliminated, but she was upstairs in a drunken stupor, so she got to spend the night in the mansion.On the next morning in the Rock of Love mansion, Courtney wakes up, and Peyton has the unfortunate honor of being there when she does. Courtney asks what happened, and Peyton tells her that people got eliminated, including Courtney. She takes it surprisingly well, saying that if Bret doesn‘t want a girl who gets “black-out drunk” then he made the right choice. Still, not since Berger‘s Post-It has a break-up been so cruel and heartless. Read more »
At the start of any new reality show season, when the playing field is so full of new characters to meet, it can be hard not to identify cast members primarily by some simplistic attribute rather than a more nuanced consideration of their whole personality. Since we are just getting to know the women on Rock of Love 2, it‘s likely that most viewers are using some kind of short hand to keep track of who everyone is. Kristy Joe is the hot germophobe, Ambre‘s the girl who almost went home, Megan‘s the blond Playboy model (and Beauty and the Geek 3 winner), Peyton‘s the husky rocker chick, Daisy‘s the buxom tattooed lady, Inna‘s the one whose faux tan makes her look a little…aggressively and artificially matte at times, and Angelique, well Angelique‘s Angelique; at this point, it‘s pretty easy to keep track of which one she is. Since we haven‘t gotten to know Catherine yet, it‘s understandable that some viewers might mainly think of her as “the one who‘s 45-years-old.” But of course, there‘s more to a person than age.  Read more »
Previously on Rock of Love 2: Peyton and Daisy stepped it up thanks to their musical abilities. Angelique continued to look and act like a transvestite prostitute. Destiney, Daisy and Roxy won passes to take Bret Michaels away whenever they want. Bret acted like a sexual pervert. Three more women went home.Big John hands the women their first challenge, and I immediately grow suspicious because it says Bret knows all the women are “sweet and classy.” I suppose technically smearing chocolate mousse on your breasts does make you “sweet.” Megan prays the task doesn‘t involve “athletic-ness,” so I guess winning Beauty and the Geek didn‘t change her that much. Read more »
Peyton Turner, one of the women on the second season of Rock of Love, landed the reality show gig by chance when she ran into a casting director on MySpace, but the musician from Danville is nevertheless grateful for the experience, especially since it gave her the opportunity to spend time with Poison‘s Bret Michaels, one of the biggest rock stars in the country. “With Bret, what you see is what you get,” Turner told the Danville Register and Bee.  “What I picked up when I was in his presence and spoke to him one-on-one, he is one of the most genuine men I‘ve ever met.  He‘s extremely intelligent, he‘s fun and funny, but underneath it all he‘s driven and serious.  He and I connected like that.  He genuinely is a good guy.” Read more »
Is one hour a week simply not enough of your Rock of Love 2 stars? Don‘t worry, it‘s a busy group and there will plenty of chances to catch up with some of them over the next few week, especially the man at the heart of the drama, Bret Michaels.Bret was just featured on an episode of MTV‘s Cribs, and so if you missed its first airing today, be on the lookout for upcoming repeats on the network. It‘s not his first time on Cribs; Bret was already featured on the celebrity home showcase once before. In 2001, Cribs featured his 10-acre ranch in Los Angeles, CA. Read more »
If you were to ask any fan who the breakout star of Rock of Love 2, most would say Angelique. The buxom nicknamed Frenchie is everything you‘d want in a reality show contestant. She‘s energy, has a great sense of humor about herself, and most importantly, she loves to get naked. Not just topless, but full frontal naked.BuddyTV spoke to this self-professed exhibitionist who was sadly eliminated on the show‘s third episode. She talked about how she came to be on the show, her love of nudity, her past as a stripper and porn star, and what the future holds for her. Continue reading to listen to our interview with Angelique, and to read some of the key points she made. Read more »
Rock of Love 2 star Bret Michaels has been in the public eye for over two decades now, and so no doubt by now has gotten quite comfortable with seeing himself in videos and other on-camera appearances. Nevertheless, even those who might have no trouble physically exposing themselves on camera sometimes balk at the idea of watching their personal life play out on screen. Tila Tequila has spent much of her career scantily clad in front of a camera, but when it came to watching herself bare her emotions (or, as many suspect, “emotions”) on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, she said she found the act of watching it very difficult.So what does Bret think about watching Rock of Love 2? Read more »
Some viewers were plunged into an existential despair by the unexpectedly early departure of Angelique from Rock of Love 2. Did anyone expect her to win? Probably not. But as she is practically a bionic woman made by science for the sole purpose of appearing on a show like Rock of Love, what kind of mixed-up world are we living in where she‘s sent home on the third episode?And, being lost in that haze of chocolate-mousse-smeared despair, some Rock of Love 2 fans might have almost forgotten that we also said goodbye that night to Roxy. She was the lovely lady who mastered the Funky Chicken to win a VIP pass, but who seemed to otherwise fly under the editor‘s radar. It turns out she was flying under Bret Michaels‘ radar, too, and her tour ended early.She recently talked about her time on the show, and explained why she thinks she went home when she did. Read more »
Rock of Love 2 isn‘t the end of the road for Angelique, the contestant who won a date with rock star Bret Michaels but was eliminated on the third episode of the VH1 reality dating show. In a recent interview with BuddyTV, this self-professed exhibitionist hinted on a couple of her upcoming projects fans can soon look forward to.  In yet another interview conducted by VH1, Angelique further discussed what‘s in store for her future and as usual, it involves a lot of sex and stripping. Read more »
We still don‘t know which Rock of Love 2 girl will ultimately “win” Bret Michaels‘ “heart” (i.e., will get final backstage pass and will pretend to have tried to have a long-distance relationship with him until they break up at the reunion and season 3 is announced). Since it is all being kept hush-hush for now, the chosen lady most likely will not be able to spend Valentine‘s Day with Bret at his appearance in St. Charles, MO.But no self-respecting Rock of Love girl would spend a Valentine‘s Day at home alone. These are party girls, and so most likely party they will, including on the big day. If you want to party with them, there are a couple of opportunities for those of you who live in the Chicago area. Read more »
Previously on Rock of Love 2: Angelique was sent home, and everyone else ganged up on Kristy Joe because…I‘m not really sure. She seems perfectly nice to me.After the last elimination, everyone gets drunk, then Bret Michaels decides to go to bed. He gives all the girls a goodnight kiss…except for Aubry. It‘s hilarious and sad at the same time. Daisy is not quite done, and she offers to walk Bret to his room, then goes inside for some overtime tonsil hockey. After several hours pass, the girls outside begin to speculate that Bret and Daisy are having sex. This is confirmed when Daisy slinks back into her bed the next morning. Read more »
While casting the right personalities for a show like Rock of Love2 might be challenging, tracking down the general population that fits well on the show must be easy. You can find the girls behind the bar, on the stripper pole, or on the fringes of the entertainment industry. Or, as in the case of Kristy Joe or Megan, you might find them through Playboy, as a Cyber Girl on in the pages of the magazine.With even stars like Vanessa Hudgens having nude photos of herself circulating (albeit in her case unintentionally), you would think at this point appearing in an institution like Playboy would have lost some of its ability to cause a scandal. But it appears that‘s not quite the case, and in 2006, Kristy Joe had to address the concerns about her nude modeling with family and friends. Read more »
Previously on Rock of Love 2: Everyone hated Kristy Joe except for Aubrey, who sacrificed herself so that Kristy Joe could stay. Ironically, it turned out Bret was gonna cut Aubrey anyway.The “divine nine” wake up and Big John hands them their next clue, and it‘s time for the second annual Bret Michaels Mud Bowl! Catherine the cougar is excited, because she‘s a dirty Montana girl. Daisy is terrified of getting hurt, probably because she‘s really tiny. Read more »
With weekly episodes of Rock of Love 2, the upcoming DVD of Rock of Love 1 to be released, and his regular touring schedule, Bret Michaels fans have more chances than ever to catch up with their man.Over the coming weeks, you‘ll have another chance to catch up with the Poison front man and object of desire from Rock of Love, including a chance to see him to try his luck on the Fox show Don‘t Forget the Lyrics! Read more »
Last week, Rock of Love 2 attempted to squeeze a little drama from the episode by making it appear that Daisy was going to be eliminated. The show needed to do a little switcheroo because so far, it‘s seemed pretty apparent which women he seems most interested in, and which ones are likely to go next.Will this next week‘s episode see any major shifts? Or while Daisy and Bret Michaels‘ physical chemistry continue to be a major focus while Kristy Joe‘s emotional rollercoaster brings the drama? There are still several contestants left in the running, so here‘s a little bit on two other contestants, Ambre and Jessica. Could either of these contestants emerge from being the underdog to the dark horse player in the game of Rock of Love 2? Read more »
Previously on Rock of Love 2: Bret Michaels eliminated…nobody. Then Saturday Night Live did a killer parody of this show last night, with Peyton constantly begging for more face time. It was five kinds of awesome, down to the smallest details like replicating Kristy Joe‘s blue dress.Bret personally wakes the girls up, and then they get a note for today‘s challenge, all about being a cowgirl. Catherine has done barrel riding all her life. That old lady is just full of surprises. At the farm, Bret introduces the special guest, Rodeo from season 1. I believe Rodeo and Peyton being in the same place at the same time destroys the space-time continuum. Read more »
Bret Michaels has thrived in the music circuit as the lead vocalist of glam metal band Poison and has found his niche on television with his highly rated VH1 series, Rock of Love.  Now, the 44-year-old rock star has come up with an autobiography that will enable fans and spectators as well to get to know him in an all-new light.  Called Between a Rose and a Thorn, the book is expected to be released this year and is published by Simon & Schuster, Inc. Apart from his band Poison, which achieved great success and popularity in the late 1980s and continues to sell out concerts and recording albums at present, Michaels has consistently worked on special solo projects including his forthcoming highly anticipated album due this fall. Read more »
Previous on Rock of Love 2: Peyton was sent home because apparently she didn‘t get enough “FACE TIME!” and Catherine was eliminated in spite of being the only age appropriate woman for Bret in two seasons. Only seven remain, and without a new Saturday Night Live sketch, my interest in this show is waning again.The challenge for this episode is for the girls to perform a “talent” show for veterans and active military personal, a sort of mock USO. show. Haven‘t these troops been through enough? Bret Michaels is proud to say he‘s just come back from Iraq where he performed for the troops. As cheesy and kind of perverted he is on Rock of Love, I have to respect him for that. Read more »
Peyton Turner may not have established a romantic chemistry with Poison lead singer Bret Michaels as she was axed during week 7 of the reality dating show Rock of Love 2.  Nevertheless, the 38-year-old singer/songwriter from Danville, Virginia has made some other kind of connection with the rock star.In an interview with, Peyton Turner shared some of her experiences during her stint on Rock of Love and her relationship with Michaels and the other girls as well. Read more »
Due to the success of shows like Rock of Love and Celebrity Rehab, VH1 has entered the list of top 10 basic cable networks among the adults 18-49 demographic in primetime for the first time in its 23-year history.  The network is currently in 7th place, according to Nielsen Media Research.For those who are not familiar, Rock of Love is competition-driven reality series starring Poison lead singer Bret Michaels as he embarks on a search to find his ideal match among a pool of women vying for his attention.  The series is currently in its sophomore season and continues to reap high ratings in its target audiences.  Celebrity Rehab, on the other hand, is a show that features several celebrities as they undergo treatment for various drug and alcohol addictions under the guidance of Dr. Drew Pinsky. Read more »
Previously on Rock of Love 2, the girls had to perform a USO-style show for the veterans.  In the process of rehearsal, Inna Dmitrenko snapped when one of the choreographers made a few choice remarks concerning her dancing, which ultimately led to her elimination at the end of the episode.Following her elimination, Inna Dmitrenko explains her demise on the Rock of Love and how she felt about Bret Michaels calling her his “Ukrainian love tank.” Read more »
As reported previously, VH1‘s hit reality series Rock of Love has significantly improved the network‘s target demographics and has already paved the way for more celebreality shows.  At the same time, however, the show continues to rocket in the ratings, often taking the top spot on all of cable television. With Rock of Love‘s increasing popularity, its bachelor star Bret Michaels, popularly known as rock band Poison‘s lead singer, is also getting more and more exposure on television, having recent guest appearances on top talk shows such as Live With Regis & Kelly, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Late Night With Conan O‘Brien. Read more »
Tonight was the long-awaited first episode of Saturday Night Live since the writers‘ strike ended. With Tina Fey as host and more than three months of material as fodder, the episode hit a homerun, making it one of the few consistently funny episodes of the last few years.Among the first episodes targets were the media‘s infatuation with Barack Obama (played by Fred Armisen, a clear sign they need a skinny black cast member), The Celebrity Apprentice and several Oscar-nominated films. Seeing Bill Hader “drink your milkshake!” was worth the 90 minutes all by itself. Yet the highlight could‘ve been the ingenious Rock of Love 2 parody. Read more »
Maybe you are enjoying the new crop of girls on Rock of Love 2 well enough. You like Kristy Joe and how she brings the drama, Daisy‘s spunky attitude, Peyton‘s singer-songwriter edge, Megan‘s Playboy curves, Catherine‘s homage-to-the-‘80‘s hair, Inna‘s tough-girl persona and…um…I guess you‘d call it a “tan”? But maybe some part of you longs for more. A more outré villain like Lacey Conner. A more complex drama queen, like Samantha. A more memorable catch phrase like, “Don‘t threaten me with a good time.” You know: the good ole days of Rock of Love 1.Well, don‘t fret, because in April, you can start reliving Rock of Love 1 when its DVD is released. Read more »
On the last episode of Rock of Love 2, Aubrey nobly gave up her chance at “love” with Bret Michaels so that her best friend in the house Kristy Joe, could have her own chance to pursue his heart. Not since Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) let Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman) board that plane to Lisbon at the end of Casablanca has a personal sacrifice to allow someone else to benefit romantically been so moving.Okay, maybe there are a few other sacrifices one could think of that are slightly more moving. Okay, maybe a lot, and maybe hers wound up being a bit more comical than moving, but whatever. It‘s all about context. Don‘t forget that the Rock of Love universe is one in which “I don‘t think you‘re a whore” (as Heather Chadwell said to Lacey Conner during the season 1 reunion show) is considered a touching reconciliation. Aubrey has now spoken up to give her perspective on the episode. Read more »
Previously on Rock of Love 2, the remaining girls were asked to participate in a talent show to salute the U.S. veterans.  Ambre stole the show with her tap shoes and really had the crowd on her side. Inna, on the other hand, decided to take her dance routine to a new level in the form of stripping.  At dinner, Ambre and Destiney confronted Kristy Joe about her true feelings for Bret Michaels, saying that she wasn‘t really there for him.  Kristy Joe didn‘t care what everyone thought about her.  In the end, Ambre was given the first pass, while Inna met her demise on the show because of her attitude with one of the USO choreographers. With only six girls remaining in the house, the pressure intensified as Michaels put the hopefuls in yet another challenge.  This time, the girls‘ creativity was put to the test as they are asked to shoot, direct and edit their own music videos.  The tension escalated further when one of Michaels‘ favorite contestants had a major melt down, leading Michaels to make a tough decision about who should stay and who should go home. Ultimately, Kristy Joe voluntarily withdrew from the competition.Read on to find out what‘s in store for the next episode of Rock of Love. Read more »
Previously on Rock of Love 2: The girls desecrated America by performing a “USO-ish” show. Inna was eliminated for disrespecting the old USO ladieswho taught them.Kristy Joe calls up her second husband and tells him that, because of her feelings for Bret Michaels, she wants to go ahead with the divorce, which is news to him. So not only is Kristy Joe emasculating him on national TV, but we also have concrete proof that Bret Michaels is solely responsible for at least one divorce in this country. Ambre is shocked to learn Kristy Joe‘s “ex-husband” wasn‘t really an “ex” all along. To deal with the house drama, Bret gets in his car and runs. He runs so far away. That‘s the smartest thing this man has ever done. Read more »
Bret Michaels celebrated his 45th birthday in true rock and roll style.  The infamous Poison front man turned reality TV star of Rock of Love partied in front of 1,500 rabid fans at the Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan last Saturday and continued the merriment after the concert with a meet and greet, where he was hugged, kissed and was given the opportunity to sign all kinds of interesting things.Although Michaels‘ birthday fell on March 15, he kicked off his early birthday bash on March 13 during his concert at Sweet Caroline‘s in Winchester, Virginia where he had a special intimate but sold-out gig.  Then the festivities rolled on at Al Rosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio, which was also successfully sold out. Read more »
If you‘re a fan of Bret Michaels and the Florida Marlins, this news is definitely music to your ears.  The much awaited return of Super Saturdays, Florida Marlins‘ post-game concert featuring internationally acclaimed recording artists as well as a display of fireworks, will be starting this year‘s season with a performance from Bret Michaels, Poison frontman and star of the reality dating series Rock of Love. For those who are not familiar, each of the 13 Saturday home games of the Florida Marlins baseball team will be designated as a Super Saturday.  The highlights of each Super Saturday consist of a free concert and fireworks show for tickets purchased for the Marlins game that night.  Additionally, the Marlins are featuring a special 16-game Super Saturdays ticket plan, which includes discounted pricing on tickets to all 13 home Super Saturdays, on Opening Day on March 31, on Closing Day on September 28 and on the Marlins vs. Yankees exhibition game on March 29. Read more »
Previously on Rock of Love 2: Bret Michaels gave Kristy Joe the choice to either stay or go. She left, so by default, Megan got to stay.Big John and Bret let the girls know that it‘s time for the annual arrival of the exes. Destiney‘s ex-husband Adam arrives in a stupid beret and some white pull-over sweater thing. He looks like a cross between a preppie and a gangsta wannabe. Jessica‘s ex-boyfriend, Casey, is rocking the casual look. She claims he treated her like crap. Megan‘s sort of ex-boyfriend, Josh, actually had another girlfriend the whole time Megan tried to get with him. Apparently Bret couldn‘t convince Ambre‘s exes to show up, so she gets her best friend Adam. Daisy is not happy with her ex, Charles. He‘s sporting a wife beater and looks like Tommy Lee on steroids. Read more »
Previously on Rock of Love, Bret Michaels surprised the girls by inviting their ex-boyfriends and provided some sort of balance by inviting Heather Chadwell, one if his exes on the first season of Rock of Love.  While Bret took the guys to a cigar club to dig up some dirt on the girls, Heather got the women to take their tops off and got them drunk.  In the end, Bret eliminated Megan, leaving the competition with four girls.When Rock of Love returns for yet another new episode, the show won‘t just feature the remaining four contestants as it will also include Heather as she gets invited again to spice things up.  Read on to find out what‘s in store for the episode called “Bitter Suite,” which airs on March 30. Read more »
Heather Chadwell, who lost to Jes Rickleff during the first season of Rock of Love, has proudly returned in a recent episode to help Bret Michaels weed out his ideal match from the fakes and gold-diggers vying for his attention in the second season of the VH1 reality dating show.  On the other hand, her comeback may also imply an ulterior motive. Although Heather came on Rock of Love 2 in a non-romantic role, she reveals that her reunion with the infamous Poison front man has become steamier than what she expected. Read more »
Previously on Rock of Love 2: The ex-boyfriends (and Heather from season 1) arrived. Daisy revealed she still lives with her ex-boyfriend and Megan cried for the first time…over her ex-boyfriend, so she was eliminated.The “awesome foursome” and Heather pack and fly off to Las Vegas with Bret. Everyone is very excited, including Bret Michaels, who romanticizes the trip to Vegas from the first season of Rock of Love. Luckily the editors remember it better and provide us with clips of the epic dinner table puke-a-thon. Read more »
Despite not finding love in the first season of VH1‘s Rock of Love, Bret Michaels is keeping a positive mindset in his romantic ventures as he heads out for his Solo Tours.  The rock musician turned reality TV star has been keeping himself busy with his numerous television appearances outside the reality dating show, with visits to Live with Regis and Kelly and Late Night with Conan O‘Brien.  Additionally, he has been recognized by late night favorites Late Show with David Letterman and Saturday Night Live, which successfully garnered some of its highest ratings for the episode in which they did a 10-minute Rock Of Love sketch.Bret Michaels‘ fame has already risen to new heights, with old and new Poison fans welcoming back the rock star into the limelight. Read more »
Previously on VH1‘s Rock of Love 2, we saw a whole lot of drama involving the final four women who haven‘t woken up from a really bad nightmare. Heather from season 1 also arrived, along with the ex-boyfriends. Later, Ambre, Destiney, Daisy, and Jessica headed out with Bret to Las Vegas for a little out-of-town date. While Jessica and Destiney landed a golfing date with Bret Michaels, Daisy and Ambre scored a dinner date. Jessica showed off her golfing chops while Destiney danced around the poles for the lack of any golfing skills. Back at the hotel room, Heather went into a discussion on who among the girls should win the competition. Shamelessly letting everyone know she disliked Daisy, Heather turned everyone on her, and as soon as she came back, everyone gets into a huge cat fight.Come elimination time, Bret labeled Jessica as "too innocent" for his rock ‘n roll lifestyle and decided to give her the boot. Yesterday, Jessica had a chat with VH1 to talk about what really went down during her stint on Rock of Love 2. Read more »
Previously on Rock of Love 2: The final four and Heather went to Las Vegas, where all hell broke loose as everyone turned on Daisy. But it was sweet, innocent Jessica who was sent home.The final three return to the mansion and Big John instructs them to clean up for some special guests. First in the door is Ambre‘s dad, who she describes as a conservative, church-going Southern gentleman. He has a bit of a bald spot, so maybe Bret Michaels will lend him a bandana. Destiney‘s parents are next, and Bret describes them as biker hippies. Daisy is very sad, because she doesn‘t really have a relationship with either of her parents and hasn‘t seen them for several years, so she doesn‘t know who is coming. The doorbell rings, and it‘s her “surrogate sister” Stephanie, who is actually Daisy‘s ex-boyfriend Charles‘ real sister. Even Bret isn‘t stupid enough to miss those red flags. Read more »
With the season finale of Rock of Love 2 up and coming, fans just can‘t wait to see who Bret Michaels will choose between the thirty-something-year-old Ambre and 25-year-old Daisy, who admittedly still lives with her ex-boyfriend. In the last episode of the VH1 reality dating series, we saw Bret Michaels get some quality time with the final three women and a few of their relatives. Destiney‘s father had the time of his life when Bret gave him a little ride on Bret‘s Harley. However, when it came to elimination time, it was Destiney who had to pack her bags and walk away.VH1 recently sat down with Destiney to talk about the relationships she had with the girls in the house and her entire experience with Bret Michaels on Rock of Love 2. Read more »
Daisy, Daisy, Daisy…she‘s been the target of a lot of animosity in the Rock of Love 2 house, and seems to elicit some strong reactions from the viewers as well. She‘s also been the subject of a Saturday Night Live parody, and her unique, twitchy, swollen-lipped manner of speaking inspired Tina Fey to hit new levels of hilarity. This week, Bret Michaels picks between her and Ambre, and the two women couldn‘t be more different. Ambre was nearly sent home at the start of this season. That‘s not a good sign of strong physical chemistry between Ambre and Bret, a man who has never shied away from detailing exactly how much influence his nether regions have on his decision-making process. Daisy, on the other hand, seems to float Bret‘s boat, so to speak, in a big way. But even he seems as conflicted about Daisy as do the viewers themselves. Daisy: love her or hate her? Read more »
Since the casting special for Rock of Love aired, we‘ve been learning all sorts of little factoids about the women who are angling for Bret Michael‘s heart on the new season of the VH1 series. Will we find these women nearly as compulsively watchable as we did the first crop of ladies? Will the group of models and dancers have a few interesting standouts, as we found Jes, Heather, Rodeo and others last season? Can anyone top Lacey Conner for pure villainy?? (I‘m voting no for now.)It‘s hard to know just from the few details we can glean about some of the women, but here are some tidbits about one Rock of Love star, Daisy. Read more »
Sometimes Saturday Night Live is a total dud, but sometimes a skit will hit the sweet spot of timeliness and catchiness to garner some buzz that lasts past the show. I didn‘t catch it last weekend, but hunted down the video after I read John Kubicek‘s article on the Rock of Love 2 skit. Tina Fey as Daisy? How could that work?Pretty darn well, actually. Between Fey‘s Daisy, the “mad skin tags” on their non-Rock of Love 2 Amber character and Peyton‘s repeated shouting about “face time,” the skit was entertaining to those of us who have been watching this season.A good Saturday Night Live skit can, however, be pretty stinging to the folks who are the butt of its jokes. George Michael seemed so chagrinned by Dana Carvey‘s “Look at it!!” “perfect buttness” sketch that he even seemed to be making a reference to it in his song “Freedom ‘90.” So how do the girls of Rock of Love 2 feel about the SNL skit? Daisy and Peyton have weighed in with their thoughts. Read more »
Previously on Rock of Love 2, we saw Meet the Fockers Bret Michaels style when some of the relatives of the final three women were invited to the mansion for some quality time with Bret. Ambre‘s father was the first to step into the house, with Destiney‘s parents following shortly. Daisy, on the other hand, did not have her parents or relatives over. Instead, she had her "surrogate sister," Stephanie, who was in fact Daisy‘s ex-boyfriend, Charles‘ real sister. Daisy, Destiney and Ambre each got some alone time with Bret and their guest, as they went out on dates.And in the true Rock of Love fashion, Episode 11 gave us another surprise when Ambre‘s father revealed another shocker—his daughter‘s real age! Ambre Lake is nowhere anywhere her early thirties. In fact, her father says she‘s thirty-freaking-seven. Read more »
On last night‘s season finale of Rock of Love 2, Bret Michaels chose 37-year-old Ambre Lake over the 25-year-old Daisy de la Hoya. Throughout the episode, Bret repeatedly hoped he would not choose the wrong girl like he did in season 1, when he chose the young, sensible Jes Rickleff over the wild child Heather Chadwell.From these two finales, we can hope to understand what exactly Bret is looking for, aiding the endeavors of any potential “sex mates” for the inevitable Rock of Love season 3. Read more »
Previously on this season of Rock of Love 2: Daisy, Oscar de la Hoya‘s niece, is a stripper with giant fake lips who still lives with her ex-boyfriend and claims she hasn‘t had sex in the last two years.  She‘s also prone to crying-induced seizures.  Ambre, by comparison, is, 37-years-old and seemingly reasonable.  Which of these two women will Bret Michaels choose to be with for the rest of his life (or until next week‘s reunion special, whichever comes first)?  I‘m here all night with my live commentary as these events unfold.Let me be your rock of love! Read more »
A couple of days ago, VH1‘s Rock of Love 2 concluded its 12-episode second season with the 37-year-old Ambre Lake winning the competition.  For most fans, this seemed like a mature step taken by Bret Michaels, who previously chose the young, emotionally immature Jes Rickleff over fan choice Heather Chadwell, to be his Rock of Love.  In fact, the 45-year-old musician has indeed changed from what he was in the 80‘s as the frontman for the rock band Poison.  Today, he‘s a matured man who still got the rock vibes in him, although it has mellowed down a notch or two.Rock of Love has, for Bret, been the first step in finding someone he could possibly spend the rest of his life with, contrary to what Daisy dela Hoya might have thought.  In fact, Bret Michaels finally admits to finding "someone who is really nice and cool and gets rock ‘n‘ roll. Read more »
Now that the second season of Rock of Love is over, Bret Michaels has finally found a woman to share his rock n‘ roll lifestyle with.  He isn‘t quick to jump into a serious relationship, though he assures fans that he and Ambre are taking it one step at a time.  In fact, it seems that there won‘t be any major break-ups happening anytime soon.  Fans are already looking forward to the reunion show, and recently, VH1 met up with Ambre Lake and Daisy De La Hoya to talk about their final days on Rock of Love, and how they‘ve been dealing with life after the reality show.Read on to find out if Daisy‘s still hung up on Bret, and if Ambre‘s feelings for him changed in the course of five months. Read more »
Previously on Rock of Love 2: Lots of crying, lots of fighting, lots of drinking, lots of nudity, and in the end, Bret Michaels chose the seemingly responsible and nice Ambre Lake.Thank God for us, the Rock of Love 2 reunion special isn‘t about seeing Bret and Ambre living happily ever after. It‘s about shoving a bunch of drunken women on stage and letting them throw chairs at one another. Riki Rachtman is back as the ringleader of this circus, and he introduces us to all the women. Despite watching and recapping every episode, I don‘t recognize half of them. Who is Niki? Read more »
After all Daisy de la Hoya said about moving on after her experience on Rock of Love 2, we saw her discussing with Bret Michaels how she felt so used and taken advantage of.  She used the word "vulnerability" quite a lot, saying that Bret took advantage of her during the final night.  During the Rock of Love 2 Reunion Show, Daisy was unfortunately seated beside season 1 runner-up, Heather Chadwell, who seemed to have grown tired of hearing Daisy‘s complaints about Bret not having a deeper connection with her.Much to the fans surprise—or should we say, delight—little Daisy bounced off her seat and starting ranting at Heather, who got really fed up and hit Daisy back in the head.  The fight ensued until Riki Rachtman and Bret Michaels himself pulled apart the ladies, who angrily stomped off the stage in different directions. Read more »
Now that Rock of Love has finally concluded with Ambre Lake taking home the bacon, Bret Michaels is ready to move on with his life and further his musical career.  In fact, he‘s busy doing his solo tour all over the United States while making guest appearances on TV shows here and there.Following the reunion special of Rock of Love 2 on Sunday, which garnered high ratings and became the number one show on cable for that day, Bret Michaels is set to take on another short stint on a reality television series. Read more »
It seems that Bret Michaels has indeed found his Rock of Love in the recently-concluded second season of his reality dating show, as he and Ambre Lake are happy together.  In fact, contrary to the speculations of many, Rock of Love isn‘t going to come back for a third installment, and Ambre herself confirms it.Following the massive drama session in the Rock of Love reunion show, Ambre has posted on her MySpace blog her thoughts on the reunion, the Heather-Daisy cat fight and her life with Bret outside reality television. Read more »
Following the big heartbreak she got on the second season of Rock of Love 2, Daisy De La Hoya is back on track and ready to take on the world. In fact, she says that she‘s pursuing her musical career and just plainly moving on from her experiences in the reality dating show with Bret Michaels.  Sure, she did land a runner-up spot on the show, but that was not enough for the 25-year-old singer/actress. Daisy did get into a horrible fit in the reunion show of Rock of Love, where she had a cat fight with Heather Chadwell, runner up of the first season.Nonetheless, Daisy is past all that and is moving on to greener pastures. With the show being a stepping stone for a real television or music career, no one really knows what‘s next for Daisy De La Hoya. Read more »
Coming off Rock of Love’s second season, Bret Michaels claimed that he has found someone to share his rock n’ roll lifestyle with.  Currently, he and season 2 winner Ambre Lake are steadily dating and trying to see where their relationship outside the reality series is heading.  Meanwhile, both are also pursuing their solo careers, with Ambre doing some shows here and there and Bret touring the United States for his solo concerts.More recently, Bret Michaels took time off to tend to charity work by appearing on Don’t Forget the Lyrics, where he helped raise a generous sum of money for his two favored institutions. Read more »
As previously reported, VH1 has a new reality series called I Love Money: The Challenge Show that will pit former Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and I Love New York contestants against each other.  You can read about it in this article.Meanwhile, more details have also surfaced the internet regarding the program‘s premiere and premise. Read more »
Rock of Love is known as Bret Michaels’ haven for non-stop make out sessions, drinking parties and Vegas sexcapades.  Most of the contestants that do land a stint on the show are either strip dancers, bartenders or wannabe Playboy models. In fact, the show has had a very skanky reputation with the public in its two-season run.  While some may watch the show for the sexiness factor, some watch it for the comedy factor, finding laughter in the silliest antics of our dear Rock of Love contenders.Of course, there are still some viewers who find the drama of reality TV so overwhelming and addictive, that they just can’t get enough of these dating shows.  Surprisingly, a hot Hollywood couple has come out in the open to profess their love for Rock of Love. Read more »
If you think it’s over for the other women who became part of the crazy second season of Rock of Love, think again.  While Bret Michaels and Ambre Lake are living happily ever after the reunion, the other women are trying to move on with their lives.  Most importantly, our little runner up Daisy dela Hoya is busy pursuing her musical career, with appearances all over the United States.  In fact, Daisy will be heading to destinations such as California, Ohio, Washington, Nevada, Florida, New York and Texas in the coming months.  For more information about venues, check out her official MySpace page.  Meanwhile, some of our Rock of Love ladies are heading back to VH1 to compete for another crazy reality series that puts $250,000 up for grabs. Read more »
While the crowd has already dispersed following the recently concluded Rock of Love 2, we find a few still hanging on to reality TV.  We already reported that VH1 has recalled some of the most memorable personalities in their dating competitions for their newest reality show, I Love Money.  This pits the contestants to vie for a jackpot prize of $250,000.  Aside from some I Love New York alums, we have four Rock of Love women who joined in the fun.  In fact, one of them happens to be second season third placer, Destiney Moore.A model, actress and host, Destiney Moore first entered the world of Rock of Love in its first season.  However, she wasn’t able to land a spot in the final 25 who appeared on season 1 of Rock of Love.  She finally did make it to reality TV after she was spotted and Hollywood and was asked to join the show.  Her stint was pretty successful, landing third place right behind Daisy dela Hoya and Ambre Lake, who eventually landed the prize of Bret Michael’s affections.  Nonetheless, Destiney’s happily pursuing a career after Rock of Love, with a few endeavors for a good cause on the side. Read more »
If you’re a die hard VH1/Rock of Love fan and you think you’ve seen it all, think again.  Just when we all thought that there will be no more drama, no more Rock of Love 3, VH1 hits us up with yet another crazy reality series with a twist.  The network recently announced that they’re bringing back the craziness of Charm School, this time with a little Rock vibe to it.  In fact, the new show entitled Rock of Love Girls: Charm School follows the previously released Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School series.  The show starred Mo’Nique as the headmistress to the 14 former Flavor of Love contenders.  Now, we have one very familiar face in the realm of reality TV to pick up the title of headmistress for Rock of Love Girls: Charm School. Read more »
Say it isn’t so—our little Daisy dela Hoya from the second season of Rock of Love has hooked up with another rock star!  Following her close call back in the season finale of the VH1 reality dating series, Daisy has made it a point to be on the headlines with her previous fight with season 1 runner up Heather Chadwell.  Since then, Daisy’s been trying to move on with her life, claiming that she did love Bret Michaels, and it was time to let go of the whole Rock of Love experience.Along with that, Daisy has pursued her musical career, releasing her LP entitled “The Crush.”  The three-song collection contains her singles “Pretty Messed Up,” “Save Me,” and “Heartbreaker,” all of which can be sampled on her official MySpace.  Most recently, Daisy has been spotted with another rock star, and this time it’s the 40-year-old former guitarist of Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Navarro. Read more »
VH1 Classics is proud to present the brand new album from Bret Michaels entitled "Rock My World" in stores June 3rd, 2008. Best known from his days in legendary rock band Poison, as well as his hit VH1 reality show Rock of Love, Bret has returned to making new music with his third solo album.BuddyTV has three copies of the album, which hits stores on June 3, to three lucky fans.  Read on to see how you can win. Read more »
Coming off Rock of Love’s second season, Bret Michaels found love in the arms of Ambre Lake, the older TV show host and model who won over Daisy dela Hoya, the aspiring singer and model who was deemed too immature for Bret.  Today, Bret Michaels continues to tour America following his latest album, Rock My World, which was released a couple of days ago.  Fans can now grab the album at their nearest retail stores. Read more »
Following Bret Michaels‘ two-season long stint on VH1‘s Rock of Love, he promised his fans an album and a tour, which is currently underway.  In fact, the rock artist who endured two whole seasons of crazy women living under one roof and vying for his attention admitted to entering the reality series without literally looking for love.  He said that he had high hopes of looking for someone he could make a good connection with, but he did not necessarily mention wanting a girlfriend.  Nonetheless, it seems that Bret has found what he was looking for in Ambre Lake, season 2 winner of Rock of Love.Following the reality series, Bret Michaels embarked on a nationwide tour to promote his latest album, Rock My World, which recently hit retail stores.  The rocker and former Poison frontman recently spoke to the Associated Content to share his thoughts on his tour. Read more »
In the past few weeks, we‘ve told you that a few of the ladies who tried to win the heart of Poison frontman, Bret Michaels, on VH1‘s Rock of Love, are jumping straight into an all-new reality contest.  Megan, Destiney, Rodeo and Brandi C. have all decided to return to the wacky world of reality television, this time not for the prospect of romance, but for the comfort of cold hard cash.All four Rock of Love alums join a host of other reality show contestants in the race to win a quarter of a million dollars.  While we‘d previously reported that I Love Money, the new VH1 reality series, was scheduled to begin July 13, the network has since jacked up the premiere a week earlier to July 6. Read more »
Despite the success of Rock of Love, Poison frontman and rock superstar Bret Michaels says that he is still, first and foremost a musician before a reality TV star.“It‘s all I‘ve known my whole life,” he sums up. Read more »
At present, Bret Michaels, Poison frontman and star of the reality dating series Rock of Love, is currently on tour to promote his recently released album "Rock My World," which has often been referred to as the Rock of Love soundtrack given that it contains all the music heard during the first and second season of his VH1 reality series.  Now, the 45-year-old rock star has added the Gonzales Thunder Rally Rock Festival and Bike Rally as part of the tour‘s slate. Gonzales Thunder Rally is a three-day rock festival and bike rally that will commence on October 10 to 12 at JB Wells Park in historic Gonzales, south of Austin, east of San Antonio.  The festival, which has already enlisted AXE and Great White, among others, will welcome the Rock of Love star as he headlines the October 11 event. Read more »
After two season of the VH1 reality dating series Rock of Love, Bret Michaels has finally found his ideal "Rock Star Girlfriend.”  In the first season, the 45-year-old Poison frontman picked Jes Rickleff over Heather Chadwell but was later dumped during the Rock of Love reunion special as Jes felt that her connection with the rocker was not nearly as strong as the bond between Michaels and Heather.  Nevertheless, he got lucky the second time around as he chose Ambre Lake, the Rock of Love 2 winner whom Michaels is still dating."Everything turned out good so far," Bret Michaels told USA Today. Read more »
Seasons 1 and 2 of VH1‘s reality series Rock of Love didn‘t work out for the show‘s rock star, Bret Michaels.  He tried to find love in a mansion full of beautiful women, but off-camera, he failed.  The relationship he had with last season‘s winner, Ambre Lake, was over when Ambre called it quits.  VH1 has confirmed that Bret won‘t give up until he finds his perfect match, and will be returning for a third season in 2009.Bret Michaels might have realized that he‘s been looking for the right girl in the wrong places.  The women were stuck in a mansion to compete for his heart.  Bret‘s pick for the previous seasons gave up on the rock-and-roll life that he leads.  Ambre Lake tried to make things work out between them but couldn‘t face the hectic schedule that the rock star had.  Read more »
When VH1 announced it has renewed Rock of Love with Bret Michaels for third season, it became clear that the Poison frontman and his second season pick Ambre Lake have already broken up.  Although many were doubtful that Bret and Ambre wouldn‘t last, their split came quite as a shock given that Bret talked about his “better than ever” relationship with the Rock of Love 2 winner just earlier this month.Now, Ambre breaks her silence as she sheds light on her split with the Rock of Love bachelor. Read more »
A few days ago, we reported how Ambre Lake broke her silence to shed light on her amicable split with Bret Michaels, Poison frontman and star of the reality dating series Rock of Love.  Now, we bring you Ambre‘s life after Rock of Love and what‘s coming up on her career front.With the announcement of Rock of Love 3, it seems that it‘s easier for Bret Michaels to heal his broken heart and move on as he will soon embark on yet another love quest.  This time it‘s called Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels where women vying for his affection will follow the rocker on a month-long tour across the country.  However, that doesn‘t mean that Ambre is just sulking with bitterness and animosity.  In fact, she‘s coping with the heartbreak by keeping herself busy as well. Read more »
With the announcement of a new season of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, fans would think Bret would have less and less time for appearances.  He‘s been involved in a variety of projects, and there‘s definitely nothing stopping him.  He has been slated for a number of appearances on all parts of the country, and will be soon seen on stage once again.  On September 1, Bret Michaels will be on performing at the Rock the Bayou Festival in Houston.  The crazy music extravaganza promises a lineup of over 40 bands, in addition to quite a number of celebrity headliners.  Bret will be taking the stage on Monday, at 9:25pm for the four-day event sponsored by Bud Light.  Other rock legends he will appear with are Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, Queensryche, Yngwie Malsteen and Lita Ford.  Famous bands have come from all parts of the globe to converge in Houston for the rock n‘ roll weekend.  Read more »
Daisy De La Hoya was one of the 20 hopefuls that fought for rock star Bret Michaels‘ heart on the VH1 reality dating series Rock of Love 2.  She ended up in the final two but lost to Ambre Lake, who was hailed winner of Rock of Love. After three months since we last saw her on Rock of Love, Daisy looks back at her time on the show and gives an update on life after Bret Michaels. Read more »
It‘s no secret that Bret Michaels will soon embark on yet another love quest after things didn‘t work out between the Poison frontman and his Rock of Love season 2 winner Ambre Lake.  With the announcement of his new reality series called Rock of Love Bus, VH1 is now loading up a tour bus filled with beautiful babes who will compete for Bret‘s affection and will follow the rocker on a month-long expedition across the county.If you are a sexy single lady looking for love who can party like a rock star, then Rock of Love Bus is for you. Read more »
Even though Poison frontman Bret Michaels has already signed on to do a third installment of his reality dating series Rock of Love, the 45-year-old rocker is still not over former girlfriend Ambre Lake. “I still love her,” the Rock of Love bachelor told People.  “I‘m not really over her yet.  We still hang.  She was just out with me a couple days ago and we were having a great time.  She‘s really got it.  I think she‘s great.” Read more »
Daisy De La Hoya may not have won Bret Michael‘s heart on Rock of Love but perhaps she‘ll be able to capture yet another rocker‘s heart.  According to E! Online, the 25-year-old reality TV vixen is reportedly dating Tommy Lee, drummer of Motley Crue and ex-husband of actress Pamela Anderson (Pam: Girl on the Loose). Although a rep for De La Hoya claimed that the two were "just friends," sources said that there was more going on than just holding hands. Read more »
Brandi C. is one of the many buxom blondes vying for the affection of Poison frontman Bret Michaels on the VH1 reality series Rock of Love.  As one of the Barbie twins on the show, along with Kristia, Brandi C. is on the self-named "A Team," a group of girls who just want to go wild and have fun.Outside the show, the past week has been quite hectic for Brandi, as a video of her in an adult film has been spread all over the Internet.  Earlier today Brandi spoke to BuddyTV about her decision to make that video, her future goals, and she even talks some trash about some of her fellow Rock of Love contestants.Below you will find a complete transcript of the interview, as well as an mp3 audio file. Read more »
“Rock My World,” the sixth music album by Poison vocalist Bret Michaels that features songs from the reality shows Rock of Love and Rock of Love 2, will soon be getting some extra attention as VH1 airs the album‘s second single video on Monday, August 25.“Fallen,” the second single from Bret Michaels‘ latest release, is described as a poignant ballad professing true love with a simple, yet beautiful melody.  It is also rendered as a song that will find a home in pop, rock and country genre. Read more »
As part of the promotion of his recently released album, "Rock My World," which has often been referred to as the Rock of Love soundtrack given that it contains all the music heard during the first and second season of his VH1 reality series, Bret Michaels has decided to bring his Rock of Love tour to Ocala, Florida on October 25.The concert in Ocala reportedly marks the last date of Bret Michaels‘ Rock of Love tour.  Shortly after, the Poison frontman will be focusing his attention to the third season of his reality dating series called  Rock of Love Bus, where women vying for his affection will follow the rocker on a month-long tour across the country. Read more »
Angelique Morgan has left quite an impression to viewers of Rock of Love 2 as the girl who licked chocolate mousse off her breasts during the peep show challenge.  As one of the contestants of the reality dating series, she made it a point to always show off her breasts in an effort to capture bachelor Bret Michaels‘ attention.  Soon, she‘ll be taking her clothes off yet again.  This time, however, she‘ll be stripping in the name of art. The former Rock of Love star has landed a cameo appearance in Stripped, an upcoming documentary chronicling the making-of photographer Greg Friedler‘s new book, Naked Las Vegas. Read more »
With the third installment of Rock of Love scheduled to film later this year, Bret Michaels is presently focusing his attention to his music.  As reported last month, the Poison frontman is on tour as part of the promotion of his recently released album “Rock My World,” which is considered the Rock of Love soundtrack as it features all the music heard during the first and second season of the VH1 reality dating series.  At the time, the 45-year-old rock star has decided to bring his tour to Ocala, Florida on October 25, which was supposed to mark the last date of his Rock of Love concert series.  Recently, however, he added yet another stopover. Read more »
The third time just might be a charm for Bret Michaels.  Following two failed relationships on TV, the 45-year-old Poison frontman is still determined to seek out his match while trying to be true to his nomad-rocking lifestyle on Rock of Love Bus, which is scheduled to air in early 2009.On the first season of his reality dating series Rock of Love, Michaels found love in 24-year-old Jes Rickleff but due to off-screen differences, the two parted ways. Read more »
We previously reported that VH1 is bringing back one of their craziest reality series, Charm School, but this time, with an edgier feel. The women of Rock of Love seasons 1 and 2 participating in the brand new endeavor.  In fact, we also reported that a familiar face will be joining VH1‘s Rock of Love Girls: Charm School. The Osbournes‘ very own matriarch, Sharon, will serve as headmistress for the show, in which 14 women from both seasons of Rock of Love will be trained to learn proper etiquette and social skills.A couple of days ago, VH1 revealed the final list of Rockers who will be part of Charm School this year.  Read on to find out who enrolled! Read more »
Bret Michaels didn‘t end up finding love on Rock of Love or Rock of Love 2, but he hasn‘t given up yet – he‘s just changing venues.  VH-1 announced today that Bret Michaels will be searching for that perfect girl one more time, but with a twist – he‘ll travel the country to do so.  Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels will premiere on VH1 in early 2009.  The format will remain similar to the first two seasons of Rock of Love, but instead of a mansion full of women, it‘ll be a tour bus full of women vying for Bret‘s affection.  The series will film over the course of a month-long cross country tour for Michaels, at the end of which he hopes to find that lucky lady.  Maybe the third time‘s a charm. Read more »