Articles for Robot Chicken Season 3

Multi-talented actor Seth Green knows for certain that his brainchild, Robot Chicken, has come a long way from when it first premiered on The Cartoon Network in 2005.  Now, Green said, he no longer has to explain what the show is all about nor go into details of stop-motion animation.  Better yet, they are having a much easier time getting other people to participate in the show. “There was a point where we were trying to get Harrison Ford on the show, and we went to his manager, who had no idea that there was a Cartoon Network, let alone an Adult Swim.  It‘s an uphill climb trying to explain this show to someone who has no idea what it is, and that‘s what we dealt with in the first season,” Green told the A.V. Club last month.  “But after that, people started hearing about it and seeing it, and we had kind of a place in pop culture.  Now when we approach people, they‘re at least aware of it.” Read more »
After a highly successful, in fact Emmy-nominated Star Wars-inspired episode of Robot Chicekn, the Adult Swim sketch program is not stopping on its heels, as it summons The Force once again for Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II, which is set to debut on November 16. "We‘re thrilled to get to make ‘Episode II;‘ it doesn‘t even seem real--getting to make Star Wars twice!" says co-creater Seth Green, who also won an Annie Award for directing the first special.  "We‘re so excited and bursting with joy." Read more »