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The CW announced it‘s upcoming fall schedule today, which includes an unusual new show for the network with the 16th century historical drama, Reign. The pilot episode was filmed at a castle in Ireland. Read more »
The CW is the final network to announce its schedule for the 2013-2014 TV season, and things are getting shaken up. While returning hits Arrow and The Vampire Diaries are staying put, all the other returning dramas are moving to new nights.  Read more »
The CW is tinkering with its fall premiere schedule, and it‘s good news for fans of The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, which will now be debuting one week earlier than previously announced. The network was also renewed its most popular summer series.  Read more »
While most networks launch their fall seasons in the last two weeks of September, the CW is once again avoiding the pile-up by moving its premieres to October.  Read more »
Reign is the dramatized story of Mary, the Queen of Scot, beginning when she arrives in France to finalize the alliance between France and Scotland through her marriage to Prince Frances. It‘s not a simple tale of a wedding, rather it‘s a historical intrigue where politics can overrule the heart. Read more »
Reign will take viewers back into history to tell the fictional story of Mary, Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane). The story begins with her arrival back at the French Court after surviving an assassination attempt. She‘s been engaged to Prince Francis (Toby Regbo) since she was a young child, but whether they will marry or not is questionable. On her arrival,  it‘s immediately apparent that Francis‘ half-brother, Bash (Torrance Coombs), is smitten by the Queen. Read more »
Adelaide Kane has gone from Teen Wolf to teen queen, starring as Mary Queen of Scots in The CW‘s new drama Reign. The former Cora Hale knows she has some big shoes and small corsets to fill, as Mary Queen of Scots was a compelling and dramatic historical figure. Read more »
This week will see the premiere of Reign, The CW‘s big new drama gamble. The show centers around the life of the teenage Mary Queen of Scots during her time in the French Court. Because this is The CW expect plenty of drama, backstabbing, love triangles, and headbands. Read more »
The CW‘s new show, Reign, tells the story of Mary, Queen of Scot (Adelaide Kane). She‘s been engaged to marry Prince Francis (Toby Regbo) since they were both children. When she arrives at French Court it doesn‘t begin as an epic love affair, though one can‘t fight love, right?This summer, I caught up with Toby Regbo to talk about Reign. We discussed whether or not Francis is a likable character and his relationships with Mary, Bash, and his mother. Check out excerpts from that interview below. Read more »
The CW went out on a ledge when they greenlit Reign, a historical drama about Mary Queen of Scots starring Teen Wolf‘s Adelaide Kane. In some ways the show is unlike anything else on the network, and it‘s certainly the first time the soapy CW has dipped its toes into period piece waters. But in other ways, Reign fits right into the network most famous for pretty people and scandalous love triangles. Read more »
Welcome to the world of Reign, where Mary Queen of Scots is a sassy brunette, hunky Nostradamus prophecies trouble ahead, and the spirits in your wall are better than the best roofie detector. Read more »
It wouldn‘t be a CW drama without a love triangle involving brothers. On the network‘s new historical drama Reign, Toby Regbo and Torrance Coombs play half-brothers with one very important thing in common: an attraction to the young Mary Queen of Scots. Read more »
This week on Reign, Mary zeroes in on her enemies at court, the Phantom of the French Court loses her marbles, and Bash adds "bi-lingual heretic whisperer" to his already impressive ye olde OkCupid profile. Read more »
This week on Reign, aka Game of Thrones-light, Nostradamus has visions of war, Francis of France proves where his heart lies and Queen Mary is torn between passion and duty. We are also subjected to girl talk among Queen Mary‘s court, who share their most intimate secrets about kissing and boys and blah, blah, blah. The costumes are great, the story is better and, overall, this episode is a step in the right direction from previous weeks. Read more »
The nominations have been announced for the 2014 People‘s Choice Awards.Glee leads the pack with eight nominations, including Favorite Network TV Comedy and nods for Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Jane Lynch and Lea Michele. Both The Big Bang Theory and Grey‘s Anatomy come in second with five nominations each, and How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, Castle, The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries all have four. Read more »
This week on Reign, Tomas turns out to be too good to be true and Mary and the boys need to get their Scooby Doo on in order to uncover a conspiracy. It‘s a fast-moving and action-packed hour, which ends with a return to status quo. The ending is also a hopeful sign pointing to Mary‘s position being secure enough to ditch the device of putting her wildly in danger every week. Read more »
It‘s good news for all three new shows on the CW this fall. The network has officially given full-season orders to The Originals, The Tomorrow People and Reign.  Read more »
This week on Reign, there‘s another obstacle in the way of Francis and Mary‘s relationship, the pagans are calling from inside the castle, and Mary and Bash finally get cozy. That‘s right, five episodes in and the show has finally gone full love triangle. Watch your back Francis, because Bash is honing in on your lady with his rugged good looks, charm, and comparatively healthy relationship with his mother. Read more »
This week on Reign, the tension is political and personal, as pagans force the love triangle out into the open, Bash begins to truly understand his precarious position at court, and danger surrounds Mary.   "Oh Mary‘s in danger? Must be a day that ends in Y," everyone in the castle mutters to themselves. While Queen Catherine was berating the servants, you could feel half of them rolling their eyes. Someone tries to kill Mary more consistently than Kenny on South Park. Read more »
Spoiler alert: The true story of Mary, Queen of Scots, is a real downer. Betrayal is involved, as is a messy beheading and arguably the worst cousin in history. Reign, CW‘s latest guilty pleasure, may be focusing in on Mary‘s teen years, but history buffs know that gloom, doom, and head-rolling is right around the corner. But does it need to be that way? I for one wouldn‘t want to interrupt the soapy fun and tangled love triangles for a little thing like accuracy -- this is the CW, after all. There has to be an easier (or at least more enjoyable) way to circumvent our history books. Let‘s explore some options.  Read more »
Rocker Bret Michaels will be guest starring and performing on Revolution. And Victor Garber has been cast as a certain someone‘s father on Sleepy Hollow. Read on for all the details, including casting news for The Good Wife, Arrow, The Mindy Project, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Parenthood, New Girl, Law and Order: SVU and Reign. Read more »
This week on Reign, the castle is overrun by angry Italians, Diane plays Lady Macbeth to Bash, and a million people get stabbed in the face. It‘s hands-down the best episode of Reign so far, managing to balance high drama and intriguing character development. Plus Mary literally shivs someone in the throat! Read more »
This week on the midseason finale of Reign, hearts are broken, lives are lost, Clarissa loses her favorite burlap accessory, and there are so many schemes it‘ll make your head spin. Read more »
Awards season kicked off tonight with the 40th Annual People‘s Choice Awards. Hosts KatDennings and Beth Behrs did a pretty good job, for their first time. I wouldn‘t say they were fabulous, but they didn‘t totally suck either. I felt like they tried a little too hard to be funny. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Reign, Mary and Bash make it about a week and a cliff away from the castle before being summoned back. And Mary must work to save Bash and Francis‘ life from sinister forces -- aka Daddy Hankie and Fate.  Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Reign, Mary believes Catherine tried to have Bash assassinated and learns some of his secrets, the ladies in waiting get a subplot, Catherine is unusually cranky, and I contemplate the meaning of life in the opening credits. Again. Read more »
Let me tell you a not-so-secret secret: Catherine, and her portrayer Megan Follows, is the true MVP of the show. Adelaide Kane is a fantastic lead and Mary Queen of Scots is a likable and interesting teenage royal. But Catherine, and Megan Follows, makes this show spin on all wheels, cylinders, or other spherical objects.Except, tonight might just be too much. No, excuse me. It is WAY WAY too much. Read more »
Each week an episode of the popular TV show Reign is not complete without conniving Queen Catherine scheming and plotting against someone.We have seen her threaten Mary, lure he son‘s ex-mistress to Court to discourage Mary, and mix up poisons to be used on her enemies, and send an assassin to kill her husband‘s bastard son. It‘s easy for people to see her as the villainess of the show, but is she? Read more »
The CW is already making plans for the 2014-2015 season with the announcement of five official renewals. Supernatural, The Vampires Diaries, Arrow, as well as freshman dramas The Originals and Reign, have all been renewed for next year.  Read more »
The CW has announced its finale dates for all of its current (and upcoming) shows, most of which span the first three weeks of May. In addition, the network has released the premiere date for the miniseries Labyrinth.  Read more »
On CW‘s Reign, Mary and Bash try to save Catherine‘s other sons from one clearly demented Clarissa, who should never, ever try and rock another mask again. Francis and Lola grow closer, because hey, why not. And Catherine remains a suicidal mess in captivity. Read more »
I think I‘m watching Reign wrong.It must be me, right? I‘m just too insane to take this show. That has to be it. Or maybe, just maybe, when the other voice in my head whispers, you aren‘t the only insane one, they are not wrong. Let‘s be real: this show is bonkers. Scandal, the reigning champion of the last few years, has nothing on this show in terms of batcrap crazy. Whatever can happen, will happen in the course of ten minutes. And then the rest of the episode is the foot on the accelerator for the next 50 minutes.  Read more »
In Thursday‘s episode of the CW‘s Reign, "The Consummation," Mary finally got married to a man she loved. Much of the publicity leading up to the wedding posed the question of which brother Mary would choose, though I thought it was a given that she would choose Francis because of their historical marriage. But if the show had been open to letting Mary choose either brother, did she make the right choice? I would argue that neither man is right for Mary, at least not right now.  Read more »
This week, we get a buddy-cop cover up, an unplanned pregnancy and a weird woods storyline two months after the wedding. Just another week in Reign.  Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Reign, Kitchen Boy is back. I repeat, Kitchen Boy is back. This is not a drill. Also, Henry spirals into a serial killer sort of, while Mary and Lola deal with the whole baby sitch.  Read more »
On tonight‘s Reign: a surprise marriage, two switched engagements, some brother bonding, and a little reliable poison. Read more »
This week on Reign, Mary learns the hard way that politics is a dirty game. She has been betrayed by everyone. It‘s time for her to step up as queen of Scotland. We finally get to see the queen of Reign.  Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Reign, we witness a wedding, a big fight and another entry in the Henry the mad saga. Often times, around this time of the typical 22 episode season, we get filler episodes. Episodes meant to move the plot along and not offer much momentum. Rather, they set the pieces up for the finale. I‘m not sure what a filler episode looks like for Reign. There is always a piece of the puzzle that shifts ever so slightly. The game changer this episode? Never saw coming. But it still feels like a filler episode. Read more »
On this episode of Reign, Mary and Francis must choose between helping France or Scotland while dealing with problems in their marriage. Read more »
Reign, the CW‘s newly popular period drama, is hurtling toward its first season finale with high velocity. In fact, unceasing forward momentum has become a hallmark of Reign‘s charming, addictive, and insane first season. Read more »
A little battlefield action, some plotting at court and the test of true love. Another episode of Reign. Read more »
Reign benefits and suffers from a selective memory. It chooses what it likes about history and what it doesn‘t. It takes creative liberties to a new threshold, creating an unpredictable atmosphere. Who would have guessed Bash would have been named ‘king-to-be‘ for a short while? Of course, the problem with its selective memory is that selective memory includes storylines. I had hoped Reign had long forgotten the Darkness storyline, but alas. It‘s back. Yay.One of the other problems of picking and choosing history is what is chosen. Or maybe what hasn‘t been. There are a LOT of missing things I wished we could see. Mary taking power and control while Francis is gone. Catherine at court. Too much time passes in between episodes -- Francis has come back, Mary Tudor is dead (according to King Henry), Kenna and Bash are close now. All this stuff happened since last week and we didn‘t get to see it.  Read more »
The CW became the final network to reveal its schedule for the 2014-2015 season, and it kept a largely stable lineup. Wednesday and Thursdays remain the same while typically summer shows head to Friday nights and The Originals moves to Mondays.  Read more »
This week on the season finale of Reign, Mary puts on her big girl crown while Francis takes part in a full metal joust. Outside of royal maneuvering, Bash fights the darkness, Lola is maybe dying, and Greer has boy troubles. Read more »