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Real and Chance return on another season of VH1‘s Real Chance of Love, and the Stallionaires are ready to put their hearts on the line once again.  Their last try didn‘t end on a happy note.  Real wasn‘t able to make a romantic connection with anyone, while Chance‘s relationship with the wholesome girl Cornfed wasn‘t much of a success. Even though Real and Chance were left disappointed during the show‘s first season, they haven‘t given up.  They‘re hoping to find the girls of their dreams once again, and their quest begins with the episode "Back in the Saddle Bros."  Read more »
Out of the twenty original contestants of Real Chance of Love 2, there are only sixteen left.  With the series having just premiered, the Stallionaires were all ready to weed out the girls they didn‘t think desirable, and it appears as though there were a lot.Real and Chance, former contestants of I Love New York, continue their search for the right woman for each of them.  The first season of Real Chance of Love has obviously failed them.  Real didn‘t connect with any of the girls while Chance blew it with Cornfed.  Then again, it just gives them a chance to have yet another bunch of rabid fangirls screaming their heads off at the sight of them.  Read more »
There are 16 girls left on this sophomore season of Real Chance of Love, so the Stallionaires have to raise the stakes.  With all these ladies at their beck and call, the guys can‘t seem to figure out what to do with them.  Still, they don‘t forget how important it is to find out who their perfect match is, so they try to find out what the remaining contestants have to offer.On "Love is in the Stallionaire," Real and Chance ask the ladies to give them a door-to-door sales pitch.  The sweet-talking sweet 16 have to discuss their best qualities and show the guys just what they have that will make them stand out.  Read more »
Ahmad Givens (Real) and Kamal Givens (Chance), former contestants on I Love New York, finally picked the women who captured their hearts following 12 episodes of the VH1 reality dating series Real Chance of Love 2: Back in the Saddle. The finale saw five remaining contestant flying to Miami Beach where deep dark secrets were uncovered, but in the end, only two were left with a real chance of love. Warning: Winners are revealed after the jump.  Read more »