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The latest ungodly VH1 reality dating show premiered last night. Real Chance of Love is about as derivative and offensive a show as you can imagine. The stars are the Stallionaire brothers Real and Chance, who have competed on I Love Money and I Love New York. So now the contestants on a show starring a contestant get their own show.The premiere of Real Chance of Love introduced the brothers and the 17 women competing for their love. Real is the smooth nice boy with long flowing hair and Chance is the gap-toothed bad boy. They‘re like a terrible, low budget version of Outkast, only without the talent, charm, personality or any of the other attributes that make Outkast great. The only saving grace is that, being the Stallionaires, the show has a ranch theme, so when the women stampede into the mansion to claim their beds, the producers add lots of mooing. Read more »
While some reality show contestants tend to crash and burn following their stint on a particular competition, some actually manage to stick to the trend and land themselves a couple of more television stints.  Take for example Tiffany Pollard, more known as New York from the I Love New York dating series.  In fact, New York isn’t the only one basking in the limelight as two of her former lovers have landed their own reality series with VH1.Real and Chance of I Love New York are now busy with their own dating game, Real Chance of Love.  Following in the tradition of finding the woman of their dreams, the brothers, more known as the Stallionaires, are ready to take on reality TV once again. Read more »
Is it just me, or am I getting a laugh from Real Chance of Love for the wrong reasons?  There are loads of dating shows on VH1, and for some reason, this has stood out.  It‘s partly because I somehow root for both Real and Chance to finally get the ones they‘re looking for—I‘m a closet romantic, after all.  It‘s also partly because I think the girls are just, well, ridiculous to say the least.What else, however, do you expect from a reality show like this? In last week‘s episode, “Who Wants To Be A Stallionaire?”, the brothers begin to test the remaining girls in whether they can keep up with the day-to-day basics of running the family farm.  To be specific, the girls were paired up to clean up parts of the barn, and along the way, deal with the animals running free or otherwise.  It‘s the perfect time for us to discover how these girls are with animals—or learning what they are, for that matter. Read more »
It must have been some amorous childhood for Real and Chance of Real Chance of Love, but neither of them admits that they fought over girls as they grew up.  They‘ve gained fame competing for the affections of Tiffany Pollard on I Love New York, and now they have things going for them being Stallionaires and all.  In a recent interview, the two share what‘s in store for them, regarding their music and the reality series.  “Nah, we never competed for girls,” confessed Real.  “There was times that I found out [Chance] was sneaking around humping my girls on the bed but you know that‘s a whole ‘nother story.”  Read more »
Fans should prepare themselves for chaos on tonight‘s episode of Real Chance of Love, as the boys get down and dirty with a bar brawl.  On “Ride or Die,” a night out with the girls turns vicious when the guys learn how the green-eyed monster can take its toll on them.  With only seven girls left in the competition, can Real and Chance risk losing one of them prior to elimination time?  Real and Chance decide to take time off and bring the ladies out in the town for some drinks.  However, a random guy hits on one of Chance‘s girls and she doesn‘t seem to mind.  This causes Chance to become rather irritated, perhaps thinking that she might leave him for a different man.  Moments later, a fight breaks out between Chance and the guy, with Real breaking a bottle over the man‘s head.  Read more »
With Rock of Love Bus coming to an end, some of the most memorable characters from this season will be making their way to another Vh1 reality show: Charm School with Ricki Lake. VH1 announced today the ladies of Rock of Love who will be joining this season‘s Charm School and by the looks of it, this season is going to be a doozie. Warring parties will be brought back under one roof, including the entirety of the blondtourage, former porn star Brittaney Starr and everyone‘s favorite Brazilian alcoholic, Marcia.This season of Charm School will combine girls from Rock of Love Bus and Real Chance of Love in a new take on the VH1 show. The official cast from Rock of Love Bus consists of: Ashley, Beverly, Brittaney, Brittanya, Farrah, Gia, Marcia, and Natasha. The Real Chance of Love girls checking into Charm School will be: Bay Bay Bay, Bubbles, Ki Ki, K.O., Risky, and So Hood. Read more »