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I know you all have been dying to hear who will be at this year‘s Comic Con. I have some good news for all the Twilight and Supernatural fans out there. Although guest lists haven‘t been confirmed yet, both camps will be present for panels, which is no surprise. Other Comic Con essentials confirmed are Chuck, Lost, Fringe, True Blood, Smallville, Vampire Diaries, and the new Peter Jackson flick District 9. Check out our tentative TV panel schedule and our confirmed show list:  Read more »
Psych is getting the Bollywood treatment when the series returns for its fourth season on the USA network. Sendhil Ramamurthy, who plays Mohinder Suresh on Heroes---his biggest role yet, has signed on to join the cast of Psych in at least one installment. Evidently, Ramamurthy and Psych director Jay Chandrasekhar are cousins, and they are both appearing in an episode entitled "Bollywood Homicide."According to E! online, which first reported the news, the Heroes actor  will play Raj, "a young man who believes that the firstborn in each generation of his family is cursed--a belief reinforced by the fact that bad things keep happening to all of his girlfriends." Read more »
Comic-Con this year is going to be huge. I mean huge. More TV shows and movies are premiering than ever before. After Twilight‘s huge success last year, marketers are starting to take notice. Comic-Con equals an intense fan base and everyone knows how help die-hard fans are.The people over at San Diego Comic-Con headquarters just released Thursday‘s schedule. There‘s a lot going on down there this year, so if you want to see the whole list, head to the official site. Below are our picks for the must haves: Check out the other schedules: Friday Saturday Sunday Read more »
It‘s been nearly six months since we last saw Shawn, Gus, and the rest of the cast of Psych but something tells me that tonight‘s season four opener is worth the wait. For a change, the crime-comedy series kicks off with a different backdrop while our heroic duo tries to kick back and relax before getting themselves in a cat-and-mouse chase with a Thomas Crown-like criminal.The humor-filled misadventures of Shawn and Gus continue with the episode entitled "Extradition: British Columbia," in which our fake psychic tandem head off to Canada to enjoy the ski vacation Shawn (James Roday) booked on Gus‘ (Dule Hill) credit card. Of course, their holiday retreat is not without some mind-twisting mysteries. Read more »
Friday nights get a lot better tonight with the return of USA‘s two best shows, Monk at 9pm and Psych at 10pm.  For Monk, this marks the beginning of the end as it‘s the obsessive detective‘s final season.Monk and Psych are an interesting pair because they areso similar, yet so different.  Both are expertly craftedcharacter-based comedies with a ton of laughs and compellingmysteries.  However, Monk seems to skew older, a throwback to the days of Perry Mason and Murder She Wrote, while Psych, with its nonstop barrage of pop culture references, is much younger and hipper.  Read more »
Are you the biggest Psych fan? Do you like free stuff? Well, BuddyTV has the perfect contest for you! It‘sbeen nearly six months since we last saw the comedic duo of Psych. Andthe wait is now over. If you haven‘t seen it already maybe this article will help you understand how much we love our Friday nights with USA.  Psych returns for season 4 tonight, and tocelebrate we‘re doing a giveaway. And I bet you‘re wondering what you can win! Well let me show you: Read more »
We‘re just one week into our BuddyTV New Year Personality Quiz contest and it‘s already off to a great start!If you haven‘t entered yet be sure to leave a comment on our contest page and start taking those quizzes. There are 10 great prizes to give away! Read more »
To kick off 2010 in style, BuddyTV is launching a new, fun Personality Quiz contest with 10 great prize giveaways from now until January 4th.  These prizes include $100 Cash Card, Gift Certificates, and BuddyTV DVD grab bags. Update: This contest is now closed. Get the list of winners hereGet started now to increase your chances of winning >> Read more »
Psych kicks off the second half of its fourth season with an army-themed installment entitled "You Can‘t Handle This Episode." When we last saw the mystery comedy back in October, Shawn‘s life was in danger as he stumbled onto something dangerous while working on a case involving an ice cream truck. And something tells me that tonight‘s episode is no different.  Read more »
Psych returns tonight with an all-new episode that focuses on Gus. Apparently, he‘s got a big secret that he‘s kept from Shawn all this time but he‘s finally coming clean in the episode "Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers."  Read more »