Articles for Psych Season 3

USA Network has announced that their comedy-drama series Psych will be returning for a triumphant third season.  No one had to be psychic to predict that.  The antics of instinctive Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and his reluctant partner in crime (crime-fighting, that is) Gus (Dulé Hill) will be back tonight at 10pm.  The show, a proven cable hit, will be comprised of 16 episodes, beginning with one entitled “Ghosts.” The third season of Psych begins with Gus‘ boss demanding that he quit working simultaneously at the Psych agency.  When Shawn finds out, he tries to look for a way to keep his partner.  Shawn becomes busy with another haunting case, while he becomes a mediator to Henry and his recently returned mother.  There might be a different feel to the new season, as the series will be examining the characters even more. Read more »
As new episode for Psych returns every Friday at 10pm on the USA Network, series creator and executive producer Steve Franks spilled the beans on a lot of things, including, for Shawn and Juliet fans, a possible rekindling of old flames between the two."The episode we‘re editing right now is the roller-derby episode, and there‘s another really just supersweet, great moment [between Shawn and Juliet]. It‘s not the thing that everyone‘s thinking, but it sort of steps that way.  We always put a toe in, and pull a toe back out.  And you know, we‘re not going to make the mistake of ‘They‘re suddenly dating!‘  But there is definitely an attraction there.  And the relationship with the mom is sort of the first step of Shawn becoming complete enough to be worthy of Juliet." Read more »
Often compared to its timeslot neighbor Monk, some critics can‘t help but point out how Psych seems to be getting the infamous Emmy snub, which had been directed to some great shows in the past.  Some have pointed out that Psych is often every bit as entertaining as the Tony Shalhoub show.  It is even better in some respects as it is said to take more risks in terms of its format.While Psych may not have a Tony Shalhoub, who has swept the Emmy‘s three years in a row, its main star James Roday as Shawn Spencer is not totally bad.  In fact, in seasons past, it was his chemistry with Dule Hill, who plays his best friend Gus, that was said to be the show‘s finer points.  After the release of Psych: The Complete Second Season, this remains to be true. Read more »
It‘s a very complicated father-son relationship on Psych, with Shawn Spencer, played by James Roday, and Henry Spencer, played by Corbin Bernsen.  In an interview, Bernsen, 53, says that while he feels he shares some things with the character he plays, he often feels at odds with how his character deals with Shawn.“Henry is a guy who is very set in his ways and I think I‘m a little more adaptable. I think I‘m a little bit cooler.” Read more »
Burn Notice and Psych have been picked up by the USA Network for a third and fourth season respectively after a record-breaking summer.  Both programs reportedly captured the coveted 18-49 demo last season, with the spy drama delivering 2.76 million and the dramedy attracting 2.24 million for that key audience. Psych stars James Roday as Shawn Spencer, a young crime consultant for the Santa Barbara, California Police Department whose "heightened observational skills" him to convince people that he is psychic.  The series also stars Dulé Hill as Shawn‘s best friend Burton "Gus" Guster, as well as Corbin Bernsen as Shawn‘s father, Henry.  Season 3 premiered on July 18 and after eight episodes, the show went on hiatus. The next new installment will be a Christmas-themed episode scheduled to air on November 28, with the rest of the third season resuming in January 2009. Read more »
Sci Fi and USA networks welcome the New Year with new episodes of their signature series.  According to The Futon Critic, which has exclusively confirmed the networks‘ plans, Monk and Psych will resume their current seasons on Friday, January 9 at 9/8c and 10/9c, respectively.Psych, which stars James Roday a young crime consultant for the Santa Barbara, California Police Department whose "heightened observational skills" him to convince people that he is psychic, has recently been renewed by the USA network for a fourth season after a record-breaking summer.  Monk, on the other hand, is presently on its seventh season and has just reached the 100th episode milestone before the show went into a summer season hiatus. Read more »