Articles for Psych Season 2

Psych will kick off its second series debut tonight with a playful jab at American Idol.  Mocking Idol is not exactly a new sport in television comedy, but the writers and stars of Psych hope their offering, “American Duos,” will set the bar when it comes to parodying the monolithic talent show.  Read more »
USA Network rolled out a double-shot of season premieres Friday night – Monk returned for its sixth season, while Psych was on tap for its sophomore season. Even though both shows are dramedy detective shows, they each have their own distinctive quirks that set them apart. Monk, the more senior show, kicked off its new season by bringing back one of their strongest guest stars – Sarah Silverman as the Monk-obsessed fan Marcy Maven. Marcy needs Monk‘s help when her dog Otto is accused of killing her neighbor‘s wife by mauling her to death. The tricky part is that her dog died three days before the lady died. Even trickier, Monk doesn‘t want her anywhere near him. Read more »
Get ready for some bounty-hunting action on the midseason finale of USA Network‘s Psych. When an accused murderer goes on the run, America‘s favorite pseudo psychic, Shawn Spencer, and his best friend, Burton “Gus” Guster, decide to go after the fugitive themselves.  Along the way, they meet their toughest competition, an actual bounty hunter whom they once idolized.  Things get more complicated for the two when Shawn realizes the man they have been chasing is innocent of the crime. Read more »
Although USA Network‘s Psych is scheduled to resume its second season in January, fans will be delighted to know that the cable channel is airing a special holiday episode tonight. According to the show‘s website, the episode, “Gus‘ Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy,” has the Guster family gathering for the holiday season.  However, the joyous occasion hits a snag when police tie Gus‘ (Dule Hill) father (guest star Ernie Hudson) to a murder case. Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show) guest appears as Gus‘ mother. Those who want to know what else happens in Psych‘s holiday episode, read on for spoilers. Read more »
NBC, the network in the worst shape going into the writers in regards to quantity of available original content, are bringing two of their cable series up to the big leagues.  USA, a member of the ever-expanding NBC Universal clan, will see both Monk and Psych move from the relative anonymity of basic cable to network television in March 2008.  The series will air on NBC Sunday nights.  Both Monk and Psych will be airing original episodes on USA beginning this January.  Those new episodes will the be re-purposed for NBC and re-aired on the mother network beginning in March.  Read more »
After nearly a four-month break (excluding the holiday special), Psych is returning with the second half of its sophomore season tonight at 10/9c on the USA Network.  The wait seems worth it, as the network says the boys will be handling a unique missing person case from an unexpected client. To know who that unexpected client is, and to learn more about Psych‘s midseason premiere, read on.Warning: may contain spoilers. Read more »
Tonight, Psych wraps up its second season after 15 episodes of witty crime solving mysteries.  In the finale, Shawn attempts to solve yet another case with his "heightened observational skills" and impressive detective instincts that allow him to convince people that he is psychic.Warning: May contain spoilers. Read more »