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Returning to New York for this season seems to be looking good for Project Runway, particularly because it‘s the judges who are thrilled to be back.  The contestants are another story, but we‘re sure they‘re just as excited. One other reason that gives this season something extra is the fact that the show managed to have a street named after it.  Even though it was just temporary, NYC had its own "Project Runway Avenue" in the Fashion District.  During the unveiling yesterday, series judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors stood by fashion guru Tim Gunn to express their enthusiasm. Read more »
The new season of Project Runway has just premiered, bringing us back to the Big Apple.  But things move fast in the world of fashion, and already they‘re hauling the show back to Los Angeles.  Series host Heidi Klum told Access Hollywood about another location change, which may come sooner than we thought."We like to change it up, we like to go back and fourth," the Project Runway judge announced.  She talked to the publication‘s Billy Bush last Wednesday, and revealed what‘s in store for season 8. Read more »
As promised by Nina Garcia, this season of Project Runway will have its fill of commendable guest judges.  Last week, we were treated to the presence of Nicole Richie for the premiere.  It‘s not that difficult to top, but this Lifetime series managed to take a step in the right direction.According to, joining the judging panel tomorrow is actress and model Lauren Hutton.  She‘s known for her career on the runway, in addition to a role in the 80s flick American Gigolo. Read more »
Nicole Richie was the first to make her mark as guest judge on this season of Project Runway, but we‘re pretty sure she won‘t be the last celebrity we‘ll be seeing.  We already saw Lauren Hutton take her seat on the panel.  Who could be next? If you want to alert the fashion police for Project Runway, the show could haul in Lady Gaga.  What‘s more, Tim Gunn might be on their side on this issue.  Read more »
If ever Project Runway needs a stand-in for Heidi Klum, they can always trot over to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum to find her twin there.  It was recently announced that the unveiling of the German model‘s wax figure was held at the museum‘s Berlin branch earlier this week.As though the universe decided to grant us a miracle with another Heidi Klum, the Project Runway host stood beside her figure for photographs.  Both wore the same smile, even though the wax likeness had on a far more revealing dress than the original. Read more »
In between guest judges, bad auditions and pretty good talent, there are the other bits that happen within the American Idol universe. Should work, right? Then again, in this edition we have bits about guest judges. And Project Runway and Kris Allen.  Read more »
We‘ve seen how difficult teamwork has been in the history of Project Runway.  When it comes to that, it‘s always been a disaster.  The most recent episode of this season has proven so, and one of the most verbose designers of the group admitted to feeling that pressure.Alabama native Anthony Williams had it tough on "The Hi‘s and Low‘s of Fashion", since we saw him paired up with hot-head punk Seth Aaron Henderson.  They tried their best to execute the garment well, but tempers really do fly in the workroom.  Read more »
Last week we witnessed one of the most trying challenges in Project Runway history, which usually means seeing the designers work in teams.  It really seems difficult to get over that, especially when you‘ve had to endure verbal abuse from your competition.  Worse, even the models aren‘t on your side.The circumstances she got stuck in shouldn‘t have mattered to the eliminated designer Ping Wu.  Despite her best efforts, the Chinese-born contestant with a unique vision didn‘t really expect to be out of the competition this early.  Read more »
Being the host of Project Runway has convinced Heidi Klum to attempt a career as a fashion designer, and it‘s actually something she‘s good at.  Or she thinks so, at least.  On her recent appearance for Good Morning America, she revealed that she has worked on a new maternity line to debut this Friday.  The Project Runway judge gave audiences a sneak peek of the clothes during her time on the show.  She was asked by host Juju Chang about what inspired her to work on maternity clothes, and Heidi responded with a nod to her reality competition. Read more »
Last week‘s episode showed a lot of heart, but there‘s still a lot more that Project Runway isn‘t letting us see.  That is, according to the eliminated designer Jesus Estrada.  Like most contestants, he wasn‘t expecting his elimination.  But unlike them, he‘s blaming a water stain."I was absolutely shocked," the 21-year-old told Movieline.  "I don‘t know if it had to with that I was in the bottom two at the beginning of the show." Read more »
Supermodels and reality television celebs Heidi Klum and Paulina Porizkova just signed a deal to appear on Desperate Housewives, E! Online reports.The two aren‘t exactly newbies to primetime as Klum hosts Project Runway and Porizkova used to be a judge on America‘s Next Top Model (until she was dropped because of a reported tiff with Tyra Banks). Read more »
Having worked for years together on Project Runway, Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum continue to praise each other for their successes.  However, it looks like the fashion guru is still in awe of the supermodel after all this time.  Talking to People, the workroom mentor kept complimenting the reality show‘s host."I don‘t know how she does it.  She really is Superwoman," Tim Gunn said of Heidi.  He really summed it up well, seeing as how she‘s been busy with saving the fashion and family world.  Coming up with two maternity lines, slaving for the runway and caring for her four kids sounds like too much for us normal beings, but certainly not for Klum. Read more »
Despite airing about six episodes for this season so far, Project Runway already managed to raise a few well-trimmed eyebrows for Fashion Week.  Right in the middle of the seventh installment, they drop this bomb on us, but maybe it really isn‘t as bad as we think. Before we go any further though, be warned.  The rest are spoilers for the Project Runway season 7 finale. Read more »
Usually, it‘s the judges‘ harsh criticisms that keep us on our toes as we witness the drama on Project Runway.  However, if you‘re a designer standing in front of them as they tell you how you bored them with a look, it‘s a different experience   The fear and rejection find their way to your self-esteem and you almost give up, but that isn‘t the case with the recently eliminated Janeane Marie Ceccanti.After being Auf‘d for her "blah" children‘s wear design on the episode "A Little Bit of Fashion," the 27-year-old contestant was determined to look on the bright side.  Even though she was out of the competition, she‘s still going to persevere in the industry. Read more »
You‘d think the Project Runway mentor would easily be a fan of his television work, but the outspoken Tim Gunn revealed that he never did quite enjoy the sixth season of the show.  Several fans swore to give up on the reality TV competition since then, but it seems as though things have gotten better in season 7.  Unfortunately, memories of the previous installment still haunt us all."Oh, that dreaded season six will never leave us alone!" Tim Gunn said during his speech at a Georgia State University.  He then noted the difficulties that they experienced during that chaotic time.  Read more »
One of the most successful and memorable designers that Project Runway has ever produced is Christian Siriano, and it seems as though the public can‘t get enough of him.  That‘s probably why he‘s returning to our television screens with his own - not reality show, mind you - TV special.See Photos of Christian SirianoEven though it‘s just one hour showcasing this talent‘s life since Project Runway, it‘s still worth looking into.  Christian Siriano‘s feature will be called Having a Moment, and will be airing on April 5 on Bravo.  Those dreading his catchphrase need not worry; he‘s already moved on from all things "fierce." Read more »
It‘s always great to see that Project Runway alums have made it in the real, not reality TV, world of fashion.  Recently, one of the most unforgettable contestants of the show hit it big at the Oscars.  Chris March was asked to dress acclaimed actress Meryl Streep for the event, joining the chosen few who underwent Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum‘s tutelage.Read: Project Runway Alum Christian Siriano Stars in ‘Having a Moment‘For the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, Chris March got a call from the star.  Knowing how he‘s like when he‘s ecstatic, we bet the look on his face was priceless at that moment.  He told People that he "almost fainted" when Meryl Streep rang him up. Read more »
Some of these Project Runway alums are certainly making themselves known in the fashion industry, even though they didn‘t win the competition.  Season 5 fan favorite Korto Momolu recently unveiled a new collection of hers, but it‘s a bit different from what you think.  It‘s a line of accessories for retail store Dillard‘s.Read: Chris March Praised for Meryl Streep‘s Oscars DressNBC Dallas-Fort Worth talked to the designer and found out that she‘s been tirelessly working on a number of affordable creations.  There are necklaces and bracelets, as well as earrings and handbags.  Just by looking at the pieces, you‘d know exactly that they were made by Korto Momolu. Read more »
Ra‘mon Lawrence Coleman went from the runway to The Hills, as he employed his Project Runway skills and worked alongside reality TV star Lauren Conrad for her spring collection.  The season 6 designer didn‘t exactly make any appearances on the show, since even the star doesn‘t work there anymore.  However, the two of them put their heads and hands together to come up with a line for Kohl‘s. Read: Chris March Praised for Meryl Streep‘s Oscars DressNew York Magazine reports that Lauren Conrad recently released the Kohl‘s Spring 2010 Lookbook for everyone to see.  The results actually surprised many, because her earlier collections don‘t come as close to this.  Well, that‘s thanks to the hand of Ra‘mon Lawrence. Read more »
Many designers on Project Runway never thought they‘d come this far, especially since they didn‘t win the competition.  On Wednesday night, several of the series‘ alums sauntered over to Fashion Group International‘s big celebration: "The Designers & Their Muses" party in Los Angeles.  Held at Standard Hotel, it boasted of a number of upcoming talents and their creations.Read: Season 6 Designer Ra‘mon Works with Lauren ConradThe Los Angeles Times reports that among those present at the event was the current season‘s finalist Mila Hermanovski.  She believed that the celebration was a way to come out as a designer" in the industry. Read more »
Geek chic might just be taking over the runway tonight as the designers work on a tech-inspired challenge on Project Runway. Let‘s see if our workroom robots will be able to hone their creativity and create clothes to impress the judges. Find Out Which Project Runway Designer You‘re Most LikeIt might be tough to do so, since the guest judge for the episode "Hey, That‘s My Fabric" is Vivienne Tam. The noted fashion tycoon has a lot to say about the contestants‘ HP-inspired looks. Will they be able to "invent" and inspire, or just invent excuses as to why their designs are less than appealing? Read more »
What makes tonight‘s Project Runway episode exciting isn‘t just the identity of the guest judge. Fans have been waiting for "Sew Much Pressure" for some time now, because rumor has it that one of the ousted designers will return.Trivia: Think You Know About the Runway Designers?That means someone else will be asked to leave the competition and once again introduce another Project Runway twist. April Fool‘s joke? No, but the hardly constructed, highly edited reality TV show plot thickens. Read more »
It sounds like we‘re going back to basics tonight on Project Runway, as the designers are taught to work with "The Elements of Fashion."  Perhaps they need reminding of what‘s essential in their careers in the high-class arena of fashion design, or maybe Tim Gunn is just messing with them again.Read: Project Runway‘s Chris March Praised for Meryl Streep‘s Oscars DressOn "The Elements of Fashion," it‘s another tough challenge as the contestants come face-to-face with the elements - earth, air, fire and water.  Will they trust their designer instincts and take risks or play it safe once more?  Read more »
It‘s a battle on the streets tonight on Project Runway, and as we‘ve learned, anything goes since the streets have no rules.  The contestants are paired up once again and none of them enjoys the experience, but they have to suck it up if they want to win the challenge.Meet the Season 7 DesignersOn "Takin‘ It to the Streets‘ tonight, scandal ensues in the workroom as the designers face their toughest dilemma so far: each other.  Hardly anyone among them is getting along and to make things worse there‘s one judge missing from the panel. Read more »
As the pun on the title suggests, tonight‘s Project Runway episode is going to get hard and handy.  We weren‘t treated with an hour of Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum last week, but they‘ll be back in a few hours with "Hard Wear."Obviously, the remaining designers will be making garments out of another peculiar material.  Their tools will be tools, once they step away from Mood and instead head for a hardware store.  Are we supposed to prepare ourselves for seeing robots down the runway tonight? Read more »
It‘s playtime in the workroom on Project Runway tonight, but we won‘t be seeing as much smiles from the designers as we expect.  They‘ll have to deal with quite an invasion, when a gaggle of little girls head to the competition and take on the job of clients.On "A Little Bit of Fashion," the remaining 11 contestants won‘t just have a tough time sewing garments for the kids, they‘ll also have to be babysitters for the day.  Tim Gunn certainly wasn‘t kidding when he said this season was going to be difficult. Read more »
If that title doesn‘t lean towards an early Valentine‘s Day episode of Project Runway, it‘s got to be something bloody.  But we doubt this show would go there.  Still, with potato sacks and farm fashion last week, we don‘t really know how far the competition will go.Anyway, we need to put the jokes aside for "Design Your Heart Out."  The preview promises an "emotional challenge" for the remaining designers.  What that means is to expect some tear-jerking moments and inspirational montages.  In addition to a red-filled runway, that is. Read more »
After the potato fiasco last week, we‘re expecting a lot more from tonight‘s episode of Project Runway.  It‘s the third installment this season and we‘ve only got 14 designers left.  Well, it‘s still a long way to go, which is why the remaining contestants will have to experience "The Hi‘s and Low‘s of Fashion" first.First, the lows.   As we‘ve seen in past Project Runway episodes, these designers are only looking out for themselves.  It‘s going to be difficult once Tim Gunn decides to make them work in pairs.  Read more »
If you haven‘t guessed it from the title, tonight‘s Project Runway episode will bring our contestants to the countryside.  The grass is greener this time around.  That is, if you win this creative new challenge.On "The Fashion Farm," this new batch of designers will be getting their hands dirty and work with an unusual material for tonight.  Since they‘re heading away from the Big Apple and away from Mood fabrics, what else would they be using?  Potato sacks. Read more »
With six seasons under its belt, Project Runway is returning stronger this year.  Tonight, sixteen hopefuls will undergo challenges and training in order to make it big in the world of fashion design. On the season 7 premiere, we‘ll get the usual introductions, some of the usual lines, along with the usual bunch of unusual personalities.  Project Runway‘s new installment kicks off with a return to its origins, which is what made it work in the first place. Read more »