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Project Runway lives through another season!  Tonight marks the premiere of the show‘s sixth installment, with its all-new cast and a sister-series to back it up.  Now that it‘s on Lifetime, it‘s bound to have plenty of fresh faces to match the challenges ready for reality TV. Along with the return of the hit show is the debut of Models of the Runway, which will accompany Project Runway as it progresses.  The new series focuses on the behind-the-scenes drama of the ladies strutting the catwalk, definitely something to look forward to. Read more »
It was record-breaking start for Project Runway‘s sixth season, as it marked the show‘s move to the Lifetime Network.  Things have certainly been difficult for the reality series after the struggle they underwent with the famous lawsuit, but it was all worth it.  Why?  Well, Heidi Klum says it‘s because the new network‘s got better food.The supermodel and show host divulged her feelings on this season of the show to the Los Angeles Confidential magazine.  She appeared on the cover of the publication, discussing the fate of Project Runway with them as well. Read more »
Expectations are definitely high on tonight‘s episode of Project Runway, given the identity of the guest judge and the challenge in store.  The remaining 15 designers will once again have to prove they have what it takes to win that cash prize and the coveted glory of being a winner of this hit series.Tonight on the Lifetime network, catch the new episode of Project Runway titled "We Expect Fashion."  The keyword to the challenge is the second one in the title, so there‘s your clue as to what to "expect" tonight on the show. Read more »
Fashion fierce and Sasha Fierce.  We just saw Chris March again during the premiere of Project Runway season 6 when he competed on the All-Star Challenge, and now he‘s back on the news again.  The designer, originally introduced during the fourth season, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the costume designers of R&B singer Beyonce. Wait, it was just last week that my friends were sending me messages wondering if the musician died.  I didn‘t really pay much attention since the rumors were false, but hearing how she‘s involved in Project Runway madness days after that just kind of creeps me out.  Anyway, E! News reports that Chris March is going up against her designers (but not Beyonce herself) because they failed to pay him for the costumes used during her world tour. Read more »
She may have placed third on Project Runway season five, but that didn‘t keep her out of bars.  Kenley Collins spent two days in jail for her cat-flinging antics and yet she‘s still determined to maintain a career in fashion.  Well, at 26 years old, she‘s bound to come around some time.Talking to the Daily Beast about her upcoming plans and her prison past with an ex-boyfriend, Kenley can‘t help but stay optimistic.  "Jail inspired me!" she admitted.  "It made me appreciate freedom." Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Project Runway will reportedly house "the biggest challenge yet," which was definitely added to entice the fans.  Well, they didn‘t need to tell us that.  Seeing the preview with Tim Gunn donning a blazer and flip-flops in the beach would be enough to draw in the viewers.  Is this some new rule of fashion we haven‘t heard yet?For "Rumble on the Runway," it looks as though the designers are getting a change of scenery.  They‘re headed for some sun and surf to face another stage in the competition.  Catch the previews from E! Online below. Read more »
Hearing Tim Gunn‘s words on the Jon and Kate Plus 8 patriarch, I just had to laugh.  Really hard.  The Project Runway go-to guy for style recently talked about the low-down laziness of Jon Gosselin when it comes to his clothes. It‘s often said you can tell a lot about a person upon seeing the way they dress.  Well, here‘s the father of eight.  He‘s usually spotted wearing incredibly loose shirts and the baggiest of jeans.  That is, if he‘s eager to get dressed at all.  He‘s already been spotted going around sporting a bare chest and that belly of his.  Read more »
Thirteen lucky (or not so much) women get a chance to have their clothes designed by a designer from this season of Project Runway.  Once again, the designers have to take their clients‘ preferences into consideration, while keeping their personal styles apparent in the finished product.We‘ve heard of this challenge before, but as with the usual Project Runway fare, a surprising twist is bound to be in store.  Unfortunately, that might just ruin your viewing experience so you‘ll have to wait and just watch the episode, titled "What a Woman Wants." Read more »
The ever-charming Tim Gunn is one busy fellow.  From mentoring the designers of Project Runway to working on Fashion Week to handling his own show, you‘d think he has little time for other things.  Even so, there‘s apparently another endeavor he‘s pursuing. According to Entertainment Weekly, the host of Tim Gunn‘s Guide to Style will be releasing a book next year.  Titled "Gunn‘s Golden Rules: Life‘s Little Instructions to Making It Work", the tome will be published by Simon Spotlight Entertainment.  It‘s due in June 2010, following his bestselling 2007 work "Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style." Read more »
The title of the episode should already give you a heads-up on what to expect for tonight‘s new Project Runway installment.  Yep, heads-up for headliners.  The remaining designers will have to use rather unconventional materials for their work tonight.  Any guesses?For "Fashion Headliners," the contestants won‘t need a trip to their friendly neighborhood fabric store because they‘ll be working with newspapers.  I‘d like to see them try to get those through a sewing machine. Read more »
Sloppy supervillains have to watch their back now that Tim Gunn‘s taking a step towards becoming Project Runway‘s own comic-book superhero.  Yes, it‘s a shocker.  I couldn‘t believe the news myself, but you can‘t deny how amusing this is going to be.According to The Associated Press, the fashion guru can be spotted making it work as a character in cartoons released by Marvel Comics.  Tim Gunn‘s "Loaded Gunn" storyline will focus on him trying to save a bunch of extraordinary superhero clothes from envious antagonists. Read more »