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All right, here it is! Yesterday and Monday, we worked through the ten season 4 Project Runway designers who fell into our Power Rankings for Middle Five and Bottom Five.Today, we look at the picks for the Top Five. These individuals‘ backgrounds and runway looks indicated they might just make it far in the competition. Without further ado, let‘s get to it! Read more »
Project Runway fans have had to win over a year to get their next fix of Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn on their television.  In tonight‘s season premiere, the contestants will race through New York City to create any design they want.  It‘ll be tough to impress the judges: Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Monique Lhuillier.  It‘s time for some live thoughts so keep freshing throughout the hour to get all the update!  Also, place your bets on your early favorites and let us know what you think of the new season! Read more »
In the season premiere of season 4 of Project Runway, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn returned to find the next great fashion designer.  Judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia returned again to help decide who‘s in and who‘s out while Gunn reprised his role as mentor to the designers.  On tonight‘s episode, the designers received their first challenge, in which they were allowed to construct any outfit they wanted which represented their personality.  In the end, three will be chosen to show their work at Mercedes Fashion Week in New York and the winner will receive money to start their own line and the opportunity to sell their clothing.  The stakes are high!  Let‘s take a look back at tonight‘s season premiere of Project Runway. Read more »
Last night we had our first full-episode of the new season of Project Runway and it was simultaneously entertaining and underwhelming. Entertaining as the designers seem to be an interesting bunch, and that‘s legitimately interesting, not just reality-TV-wackjob-interesting. Underwhelming because the fashion was mostly a big ole snooze and disappointment. Also underwhelming because while I love to be right (and I was SO right as my absolute Top and absolute Bottom pick for our pre-season Power Ranking was dead on, thank you very much, I accept your applause), it‘s kind of boring to be able to guess so accurately where folks will fall on the show. Read more »
Last night, Project Runway returned to Bravo for its fourth season, with Tim Gunn boasting that these were the strongest designers the show has ever had.  Prior to last night, I had never seen the show, though my family is completely and insanely in love with it!  Being a fan of other Bravo shows, such as Top Chef, I decided to try this one out and fell in love from the minute Gunn uttered his catch phrase, "Make it work!"  It‘s one of those shows where you have an opinion on everything from the designer to their concept to their outfit to the fabric they chose to the model wearing it.  I was in opinion heaven! Read more »
On last night‘s season 4 premiere of Project Runway, Simone LeBlanc had the unfortunate experience of being the first one eliminated.  Host Heidi Klum and mentor Tim Gunn decided that, for the first challenge, the designers would have their pick of fabrics and use them to create any design that they felt represented themselves the best.  In the studio, Simone raced against the clock to finish her dress but she ran out of time and sent an incomplete design onto the runway.  She received one of the three lowest scores of the night, along with Elisa and Ricky.  Today, Simone took the time out of her busy schedule to talk to BuddyTV.  In the interview, she gave her opinions on Gunn, her fellow competitors, and talked about her pride and joy, her new line of clothing.  Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Although previous Project Runway winners like Jeffrey Sebelia and Jay McCarroll have commented about the challenges in finding success after the show, the competition does offer some pretty great exposure – and not just for the winning designer.Every designer has a chance each week to not only make his or her vision manifest in front of millions of viewers, he or she also has the chance to charm them, and build an emotional investment in the clothes beyond just the aesthetics. And of course, the final three designers all get a pretty impressive prize: the chance to show at Bryant Park in front of many fashion powerhouses.But this year, one element of the prize is possibly one of the best ways yet to make coming in first translate to lasting success. Read more »
Last week, we got our first chance to really get to see in action the fifteen designers for the new season of Project Runway. While it will still take a few episodes to truly get a handle on their talents and personalities, we can start to fill in more than the occasionally brief details available prior to the show.We also had our first winner and first eliminated designer. They happened to match up exactly with the bottom designer and top designer from my Power Rankings. I‘d love to think it was due to my special reality TV Spidey Sense, but the truth is, it seemed pretty apparent from a lot of the details available before the show. Will things continue to be so clear as the season progresses? Let‘s make a few guesses. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Project Runway, the designers were paid a surprise visit by fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker.  Not all the designers would get to present their own outfits at the fashion show and would be forced to work in pairs.  Their budges were less than desirable but they had to find a way to "make it work".  One designer manages to impress after having a less than stellar start last week. Read more »
On last week‘s Project Runway, we met the newest crop of designers who got to create any design they wanted to show the judges what they could do.  Unfortunately, Elisa showed too much with lots of unnecessary fabric hanging from her dress.  Simone showed too little, with an incomplete two piece ensemble.  Rami won the challenge, proving himself to be an early favorite.  Tonight, the designers will be surprised by a guest visitor who becomes the subject of their challenge.  It‘s time for some live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your feelings about your favorite (or least favorite) outfits! Read more »
Well, it was too good to be true. For a hot minute I thought I might have some kind of special Project Runway psychic abilities since I was able to pick the first designer to win and lose, but my picks for this week‘s top and bottom designers weren‘t just off, they were completely reversed. But that‘s okay, because I was worried that maybe the pre-season runway had given too much away, and was wondering how they would build suspense when we‘ve already had the chance to see so much of what the designers can do. I needn‘t have worried, apparently, at least not for myself. Read more »
Gratification came quickly for Victorya Hong, Project Runway season 4 contestant whose winning dress from Wednesday‘s episode is now available for sale.  Sarah Jessica Parker, who served as celebrity guest judge during the episode, ended up choosing Hong‘s design as an inspiration for a new addition to the Sex and the City actress‘ clothing line, Bitten. Hong made a dress and a matching vest in a challenge wherein contestants had to create an outfit with a $15 budget and a $40 retail price.  The winning design was said to be featured in Bitten‘s fall line, exclusively sold at Steve and Barry‘s stores nationwide.  Among the seven designs, including the work of Elisa, Kit, Marion, Ricky, Christian, and Rami, Parker opted for Hong‘s outfit. Read more »
On the last episode of Project Runway, Sarah Jessica Parker was a guest judge as the contestants created a new look for her clothing line, Bitten.  Designer Marion Lee was excited for the opportunity and exposure.  He said in his on camera interview that he hoped it would be his time to shine.  His competitor Victorya Hong ended up being the one to shine and not only did she win the challenge but, as BuddyTV reported, her dress went on sale last week with Bitten.  Marion ended up with the lowest score and was eliminated.  Today, after enjoying a long holiday weekend, it‘s back to reality for Marion.  He spoke to BuddyTV about his time on the show and what he thought of his design. Read more »
After a fairly predictable start, Project Runway switched things up last week. Elisa Jimenez, who had been in the bottom two the previous episode, ended up as the runner-up for the top for her collaboration with Sweet P. Christian Siriano, who had been the runner-up for the top spot in the premiere episode, ended up narrowly escaping elimination for another of his highly-tailored jacket outfits.So don‘t get too comfortable with your favorites! If Project Runway continues in this fashion (pun unavoidable), it looks like things can change on a dime this season. Read more »
On the last episode of Project Runway, Sarah Jessica Parker showed up as a guest judge to plug her new clothing line, Bitten.  The designers had to create an affordable outfit to be sold in her fall collection.  The challenge was to only spend $15 on materials and have it retail for $40.  Elisa redeemed herself after a shaky start at the first challenge and ended up at the top of the pack.  VIctorya won the challenge and her dress debuted in stores last week.  Marion‘s strange Native American-inspired dress ended up being his undoing and he was the second designer eliminated.Time for some live thoughts and tonight‘s designers face a tough challenge from Heidi and Tim!  Keep refreshing throughout the hour and post your thoughts! Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Project Runway, the designers were visited by legendary NFL running back Tiki Barber.  Their challenge was to design an outfit for him to wear for his current job as a Today Show correspondent.  The design challenge really threw everyone for a loop, as many of them were not comfortable with menswear.  The pressure of the competition started to get to some.  Heidi sent another designer packing.  Here‘s what happened on tonight‘s episode of Project Runway. Read more »
It‘s time to pick our favorites from this week‘s Project Runway and decide which outfit we‘re putting back on the rack.But first, I think we all need to decompress from this week‘s challenge.  Let‘s all take a deep breath and shake it out.Wow. That was brutal. Almost not even fun-brutal just plain old brutal. Menswear…it‘s an entirely different planet from womenswear.  Many of the designers looked absolutely traumatized by the process. Read more »
On Wednesday‘s episode of Project Runway, Heidi Klum eliminated designer Carmen Webber after she put up an incomplete menswear outfit for their challenge.  Former NFL running back and Today Show correspondent Tiki Barber was the guest celebrity that they had to design the outfit for.  At the age of 39, Carmen is an accomplished designer and author.  She owns her own store in New York City and felt right at home among the high caliber contestants on Project Runway.  Today, she talked to BuddyTV about her time on the show and her busy life off screen. Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
After launching a roster of highly-rated reality shows last year, Bravo is once again on to celebrate its second best consecutive year ever across all key demographics, according to Nielsen Media Research.  While the success of the network can be attributed to hits like Top Chef, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, and The Real Housewives of Orange County, the most significant boost comes from its three-time Emmy-nominated competitive reality series, Project Runway. Read more »
Tomorrow, it‘s our fourth installment of this season of Project Runway, and it‘s time to make some guesses as to who could be going home and who could be leaving the runway a happy designer with a win under his or her belt.So I‘ll just start off with the easier of the two to pick. While we are probably being set up for a big switcheroo, there have been several signs pointing to the person I think is at greatest risk for this next episode of Project Runway. Read more »
When we last left the designers of Project Runway, most had failed to impress in a menswear challenge for former NFL player Tiki Barber.  Tonight, they‘ll have to turn a fashion don‘t into a fashion do.  Tonight, I‘m pulling for Chris to do well and get noticed by the judges.  It‘s time for some live thoughts so keep refreshing throughout the hour and post your thoughts as well. Jack chooses to swap models and takes Ricky‘s model.  Ouch.  Two of the models have been eliminated from the competition.  No time to dwell on that.  Tim is waiting for them in the workroom! Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Project Runway, Heidi meets with all the contestants to eliminate the models from last week‘s losing designs.  Jack has the option to keep his model or swap and he chooses to switch his out.  He takes Ricky‘s model and Ricky gets his. Two other models are sent home.  The designers head to the studio where they meet with Tim and Nina.  Tonight, they‘ll have to take outdated looks and make them fashionable again.  Easier said than done but of course, there‘s a twist to the challenge! Read more »
This week‘s Project Runway was surely a disappointment to the growing group of Chris March fans. While I wasn‘t particularly excited about his clothes, I was still sorry to see him go – he seemed like a sweet guy, and was especially adorable when he teared up as Sarah Jessica Parker appeared on the second episode. But it‘s not a personality contest, unfortunately, and so we have to make our evaluations based on designs. So who are my picks for best and worst looks this week? I wound up with a tie for the top spot. Read more »
On last night‘s episode of Project Runway, costume and fashion designer Chris March was eliminated.  The designer were teamed up in groups of three to take a fashion faux pas from the past and make it something fashionable for today.  Chris‘s team ended up in the bottom two along with Ricky‘s team.  The judges felt that out of everyone in his group, Chris‘s piece was the weakest in terms of construction and also felt that their collection didn‘t go together.  Today, Chris spoke to BuddyTV about his background in fashion and life after Project Runway.   Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
On Project Runway, team challenges can sometimes result in some inspired looks, as the team of Jillian Lewis, Rami Kashou and Kevin Christiana proved last episode. However, the mish mash of styles and clash of personalities can also end up in some serious messes.Despite the unpredictable nature of the fashion, though, there‘s one sure bet when team challenges are featured on the show: there will be some drama. This past episode of Project Runway wasn‘t quite the usual hotbed of tension, but the animosity between Ricky Lizalde and Victorya Hong proved that you can always count on someone not getting along.The designers recently answered some “Burning Questions” about the episode, including some dish on that inter-designer tension. Read more »
Is there any hope for Mr. Ricky Lizalde? How many times can the Project Runway judges criticize the policeman‘s hat right off his noggin before they just blow him right off the runway? Well, folks, I have two words for you: Wendy. Pepper. Wendy Pepper made it all the way to the finale – THE FINALE! A show in Bryant Park for crying out loud! – by being one of the lowest scoring designers in six out of the nine challenges. So while he‘s not only scoring low with the judges, but high with the audience in our polls asking who should be out, it could turn out to not necessarily mean he‘ll be packing his bags next episode.So who else could be going home? Read more »
On the last episode of Project Runway, the contestants had to take outdated looks and make them trendy again.  They worked in groups of three to complete their task.  Ricky and Chris ended up in the bottom two and the judges decided to send Chris, the costume designer, home.  Ricky has now landed in the bottom twice - will he be able to survive tonight‘s episode?  Tonight, the contestants will learn the importance of transformation.  At least, that‘s the cryptic description on my DVR.  Keep refreshing throughout the hour ‘cause it‘s time for another round of live thoughts! Read more »
Last night‘s episode of Project Runway certainly got off to a wrenching start, did it not? Apparently the spoilers were true: Jack Mackenroth really did need to leave early due to a health-related issue. It was so sad to see how genuinely distraught he was, and how sorry the entire group was to see him go. One can only hope that he will get the chance to come back on another season to get a chance to compete fully. I don‘t know if he would have won the whole competition, but his looks were always strong and well-constructed.And then, just when you think that‘s enough emotional upheaval for one Project Runway episode, there‘s even more! Read more »
On last night‘s episode of Project Runway, white pleather ended up being designer Steven Rosengard‘s undoing.  The contestants were assigned to models who had recently lost weight.  They had to take their favorite outfits from when they were heavier and reinvent them.  Steven got Laura, a woman who loved her wedding dress, but needed something she could now wear to work.  Time became an issue for him and, even though other designers tried to jump in and help, it wasn‘t enough to save him.  Today, Steven talked to BuddyTV about whether or not he agreed with the judges and about his time on Project Runway.  Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
This group of Project Runway designers seems to have a lot of affection for each other – Victorya Hong and Ricky Lizalde excepted, of course.So when Jack Mackenroth had to excuse himself from the competition due to a staph infection, the sadness from the other designers was palpable and seemed sincere. Even though it meant (for that moment, at least, until Chris March returned) they had one less designer to work against, it was clear the Project Runway competition was so very important to Jack, and no one wanted to see him felled this way.Additionally, Jack seemed to be a sweet and friendly guy who got along with the other designers, so on a personal level, it appeared to be doubly difficult.Jack recently gave a few updates on his health and talked about leaving the competition. Read more »
Fashion can be about transforming and redefining the body. Last week, the designers of Project Runway had a very real encounter with this concept as they worked with women who had all lost a significant amount of weight. Last season on Project Runway, designing for the “Everyday Woman” (i.e., not the specific shape and size of the fashion model) seemed to mainly elicit frustration or at least a lack of enthusiasm from many of the designers. This season, however, the designers seemed more eager to have the chance to really test out their abilities. Read more »
We are sadly without a new Project Runway episode for the next couple of weeks, but that doesn‘t mean you have to go without a DIY fashion fix. With the extra hour back in your week, you could try your own hand at fashioning a new design out of an old look, recyclable materials, florist shop goods or produce, just like contestants from Project Runway have.And if watching the designers sew on the show has inspired you even further – to considering fashion as a career – Project Runway judge Nina Garcia recently gave some advice to those who might want a career in the clothing industry. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Project Runway, the designers get unconventional models for their challenge.  One contestant leaves unexpectedly in the middle of the competition for personal reasons.  The designers find out that a familiar face is back in the game.At the beginning of each episode, Heidi gives the designers their challenge and they choose their models.  Tonight, their models were women who had recently lost significant amounts of weight, anywhere from 40 pounds to over 100 pounds.  They were wearing their favorite outfit from when they were at their heaviest.  The designers would have to take that design and revamp it for their skinnier bodies.  Designers and models are paired up randomly and everybody gets to work. Read more »
Nina Garcia, Project Runway judge and Elle Magazine fashion director, recently shared some advice for those hoping to break into the fashion industry. Now she offers up some additional pointers, this time for anybody at all who loves fashion and wants to look their best..She recently published an entire book on fashion, The Little Black Book of Style, but there‘s always plenty of stuff to say about clothing, style and being appropriate for events like the big holiday next week, New Year‘s Eve."It‘s one of the nights of the year when you can really throw the rules out the window," the Project Runway told the Boston Globe. "It‘s about being glamorous, it‘s about making a statement, it‘s a festive and big night." Read more »
Since last year, Project Runway host and judge Heidi Klum has been designing jewelry for Mouward USA. For some individuals, when first seeing her clover-shaped designs for the company, there was confusion.The designs seemed reminiscent of the iconic style used by Van Cleef & Arpels stylized clover shape. Some less familiar with jewelry ins and outs thought she was designing for the company famous for that shape (and wondered what she was designing, exactly, since the shape was already set).Other, savvier fashionista weren‘t so much confused as curious: was the Project Runway judge, despite her fashion industry status, somehow unaware of the similarities? Now, that question is the heart of a lawsuit launched by Van Cleef & Arpels against Klum and Mouward. Read more »
Oh Project Runway, how we‘ve missed you!  The show took a holiday hiatus and we haven‘t had a new episode since December 12.  Tonight, the show returns and when we last left the designers, they were reinventing outfits for average women who had recently lost a significant amount of weight.  Tonight‘s episode looks like so much fun!  They‘ll head to the Hershey store in Times Square to get materials in order to construct an outfit.  Can I get a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup scarf, please?  Nah, I‘d eat half of it before I made it down the runway!  It‘s time for some live thoughts so keep refreshing throughout the hour and post your thoughts! Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Project Runway, the designers have to make a design using candy from the Hershey store in Times Square.  As a material, the candy proves to be difficult to work with and many of the designers struggle.  One designer annoys the others by letting his ego get the best of him.Tim Gunn pays the designers a visit early in the morning, waking them up and telling them that they‘re heading on a field trip.  Everyone ends up in Times Square where they learn that today‘s challenge will involve candy from the Hershey store in Times Square.  Tim gave them five minutes to grab as much material as they could and the designers went on a free for all.  Jillian could hardly carry her things out of the store! Read more »
Last night was my favorite episode of Project Runway this season.  It was fun and we saw some of the best outfits to date in season 4.  The designers were sent on a little field trip to the Hershey store in Times Square where they had five minutes to grab as many things as they could.  Whatever they left the store with would be used in constructing a fun, candy-inspired outfit to be shown on the runway.  Rami came back in all his glory, winning the challenge with a fabulous dress made 80% of paper!  Impressive. Read more »
On last night‘s episode of Project Runway, Elisa Jimenez became the latest fashion casualty and was sent home.  The designers used Hershey‘s candy for inspiration and to use in constructing their outfits.  Elisa went for a Hansel and Gretl theme, in honor of her daughter, but the judges didn‘t seem to get it.  Last night was the first time that we actually got to know Elisa a little bit and she had quite a shocking story.  A terrible car accident in London left the designer in a five-day coma but she made a miraculous recovery and appreciates life on new levels.  This quirky designer was certainly an individual and makes things interesting this season on Project Runway.  We were sad to see her go but she called BuddyTV today to give us some more insight into the show ... and that creative mind of hers!Below, you will find the complete mp3 and transcript of the interview. Read more »
Last week‘s Project Runway, episode, "Eye Candy", was one of my all time favorites.  It‘ll be hard for the Bravo show to top themselves but hope to tonight with a prom-themed episode.  The designers will have to create dresses for a group of teen girls headed to prom.  I‘m going to put my money on Chris and Kevin.  I think Chris will continue his hot streak from last week and keep in mind his purple dress from week 1.  Kevin is a solid designer who doesn‘t get as much recognition as Rami or Christian but deserves it.  Here are live thoughts from tonight‘s episode.  Refresh throughout the hour and post your thoughts! Read more »
After a holiday hiatus, Project Runway was back last week with an episode that was sure to appeal to many, as the designers had the chance to work with candy and candy-related products to make their designs. Of course, even with all the candy, any episode of Project Runway is a little bittersweet (sorry, couldn‘t resist making at least one pun) as we lost Elisa Jimenez last episode. This was not surprising given her unusual approach that didn‘t seem to have the commercial appeal the Project Runway judges seem to be looking for. Nevertheless, it was somewhat saddening as she always seemed to try to bring such a positive spin to everything she was involved with on the show. In fact, come to think of it, other than Christian Siriano‘s sassiness, which I think we can pretty well blame on youthful hubris, this is a relatively friendly group all around.Unfortunately for the designers, it‘s the judges, not their fellow competitors, who make the calls, so who could be on their way out this week? Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Project Runway, the designers get new models but it‘s not who they expected.  They worked with high school girls to create a perfect prom dress.  Before coming on the show, the girls had time to look through the designers‘ portfolios and they got to choose who they wanted to work with.  Not everyone was happy with who they got to work with.  Victorya found out that she was the last designer chosen but her model tried to make it up to her by saying she liked her portfolio.  Christian got way more than he bargained for with his model, a budding designer herself. Read more »
Six designers have come and gone since season 4 of Project Runway kicked off.  Well, seven if you count Chris but he actually came, went, and came back.  Sad to say but I‘ve actually never watched a season of Project Runway before this one.  I didn‘t know what I was missing out on!  Thank goodness they released seasons 1 and 2 on DVD so that I can get my knowledge on.  So far, my favorite episode was last week‘s, "Eye Candy", especially since it put Chris back on top of his game.  Though he‘s one of my favorites, I think that it‘s pretty obvious who this season‘s frontrunners are and who‘s barely getting by. Read more »
It‘s nice to see that prom can still rattle the nerves of full-grown adults not even trying to get a date for or get lucky on prom night. While this was not as difficult as some of the other challenges on this season of Project Runway, the rather tepid results make me wonder if the designers felt more constricted in some ways. I feel uniquely qualified to rate this week‘s challenge because I actually made my own prom dress; not completely from scratch and I‘m not saying it was the best-looking thing ever…but I have to say it had more appeal than at least one of the offerings from last night‘s episode. Read more »
Oh Ricky, Ricky, Ricky. I‘ve already invoked her name once, but I‘ll say it again: will Ricky Lizalde be the Wendy Pepper of Season 4 of Project Runway? So far our policeman-hatted former dancer and current lingerie designer has been in the lowest scoring group four times out of seven runway challenges, and two of those times, he was in the bottom two. He‘s had no wins so far, but he continues to hang on. One can‘t help but be reminded of Wendy Pepper and her making it all the way to fashion week by being the “second worst” more often than not. Will this week be the week he finally either loses his grip on the “Bad, but not so bad he has to go home” toehold he eked out and tumbles off the runway? Will he continue his run of narrow escapes? Or has he been hiding his true talent under his assortment of hats and will he wow us all this week?  Read more »
Well thank goodness last week‘s models were only temporary.  On the previous episode of Project Runway, the designers made prom dresses for a group of teenage girls.  For the most part, they weren‘t too annoying with the exception of Christian‘s demon spawn model from hell.  I left last week‘s episode feeling quite underwhelmed so I‘m looking for a lot of "wow" this week.  I assume Christian and Rami will stay on top but maybe it‘s Jillian‘s week to win a challenge.  Tonight, the designers will have to base their entire outfit on their models‘ hairstyles.  This should be interesting...It‘s time for live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your thoughts throughout the hour. Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Project Runway, the designers were asked to make prom dresses for a group of high school girls.  What seemed like a fairly simple task proved to be one of the most difficult the contestants have faced.  Strong designers like Christian Siriano and Rami Kashou ended up in the bottom along with Kevin Christiana.  When Kevin was eliminated, fans were outraged as he has been a strong designer throughout the season, landing in the top on four consecutive episodes.  Though he doesn‘t believe he should have been eliminated, he refrains from say anything negative about his fellow designers.  Yesterday, he spoke to BuddyTV about what went wrong and life after Project Runway.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Project Runway, the designers were given a challenge to design an avant garde outfit based on their models‘ hairstyle.  After choosing their models, Tim Gunn informed the designers that they‘d have to work in pairs and only choose one model to design for.  The four teams were: Kit and Ricky, Sweet P and Rami, Chris and Christian, and Victorya and Jillian.  A curveball was thrown at the designers in the middle of their challenge.  While some teams worked harmoniously, other teams fought like a married couple on the verge of divorce the entire time.  Here‘s what happened on tonight‘s episode of Project Runway. Read more »
With only seven designers left this season on Project Runway, one might wonder: What are some of them still doing there?  When Chris first returned after being eliminated because Jack had to bow out of the competition, I wasn‘t sure that he could cut it against the others.  He has, however, proven himself to be a worthy competitor and is one of my favorites.  Christian is the king of the season for me.  Practically everything that comes out of the workroom with his name on it is just amazing.  I used to think Rami would be in the finals but he‘s been cracking under the pressure lately and not exactly showing what he is capable of.  Many designers that I loved have been sent home in favor of keeping mediocre performers (like Ricky) around.  I don‘t understand it and I don‘t like it.  Let‘s take a look at some fabulous designers whose time was cut short on Project Runway. Read more »
Well now this is just getting absurd. On the one hand, I can – in the isolated world of this one episode of Project Runway, understand why Kit Pistol was auf‘d, even while I might still find her a talented designer with good potential. She was the team lead and she lead her team into a “Scarlett O‘Hara‘s déclassé cousin creates a dress out of tea towels and a bad idea” mess. Nevertheless, Ricky Lizalde? STILL IN? I‘m just going to keep saying it. Wendy Pepper, Wendy Pepper, Wendy Pepper. Let‘s all shake that off and get to the picks for Chic and Freak for this week, OK? Read more »
Last night‘s Project Runway, the judges gave designer Ricky Lizalde another chance and Kit Pistol the boot.  The designers were teamed up in pairs to present an avant-garde design based on their model‘s hairstyle.  In the middle of their work day, they were surprised with the news that they‘d also have to present a ready to wear ensemble based on their avant-garde piece.  Kit took control and came up with a unique design with Ricky following her lead.  The two landed in the bottom for presenting two outfits that neither looked avant-garde or expensive.  Kit was dismissed and headed home to continue working on her design career.  Today, Kit sat down with BuddyTV to talk about life before and after Project Runway.  For some reason, the show didn‘t focus on her very much but we learned more about her in five minutes than we did all season!Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
This season of Project Runway has been trying to keep us on our toes. As my fellow BuddyTV writer Gina noted, there are some obvious frontrunners, but the judges and editors are doing their best to highlight those frontrunners‘ weak areas so that while they might appear to be slam dunks, we can at least start to see some of the flaws that could be their Achilles heels. And – with the exception of Ricky Lizalde, who‘s really only ever scraped by and never been in the top – even the weaker designers have been shown to have strengths that build at least some credibility for the possibility of their continued success. So for the remaining designers, what could be their fate this next episode? What would be the reason for a win, and why could any of the designers be auf‘d?  Read more »
There are only seven designers left on Project Runway and there‘s no doubt that the contestants are going to have to pull out some of their best work to stay in the competition.  I‘ve been tough on Ricky the last few weeks, feeling that he should have been the one eliminated instead of some others (like Kevin!).  However, I‘d actually like to see Ricky redeem himself.  I think tonight will once again be Christian‘s night, as the designers will have to create an original denim design.  Jillian is a contestant that many eliminated designers have complimented in their interviews with BuddyTV.  Perhaps it‘s her night.  I predict that Sweet P or Ricky go home tonight with Christian or Jillian win the challenge.  Let‘s see how my psychic powers are doing as it‘s time for a new episode of Project Runway, complete with live thoughts! Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Project Runway, the contestants met up with Caroline Calvin, Senior Vice-President for Levi‘s.  Their challenge this week was to create an iconic denim look that captures the spirit and originality that lives in the heart of the Levi‘s brand.  Tim Gunn gave the designers only a few minutes to grab their materials: denim and white cotton.  Rami immediately grabs the darkest washes he can find while Jillian goes for the lightest.  Christian looks to grab jackets and Victorya steals a pair of jeans from Chris, claiming it was hers after he dropped it.Back in the studio, Sweet P is frustrated that she dropped her materials all over the ground in the warehouse and got them dirty.  She asks Chris how to clean it and he tells her to finish her garment then use a wet cloth to remove the dirt.  Christian jumps in and says that you have to use another piece of dry denim to wipe the dirt away gently.  Two egos collide and most of the designers feel that Sweet P should listen to Chris, since he has more experience.  Christian‘s designs win him fans but certainly not his personality sometimes. Read more »
Well, this is one vexing season of Project Runway, is it not? Just when we had all tired of Ricky Lizalde barely scraping by, the judges give him a win. I guess I should have seen this coming. Nobody could get as much screen time as Ricky has over the season without it building to something. The question is what? Just that last final moment in the sun, or more? He doesn‘t have immunity next week, so he will have to continue to step it up. And we saw the departure of Victorya Hong, which, quite frankly, I was a little surprised by. Not from a fashion perspective, but rather from an editing one. Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Project Runway, designer Victorya Hong got the boot after putting up a denim trenchcoat that didn‘t wow the judges.  In the challenge, designers had to use Levi‘s denim and white cotton t-shirts to create a new class look.  Both Jillian and Victorya decided to make coats and both landed in the bottom two.  The judges felt that her design seemed simple and one that did not require much work.  She was sent on her way but today, she told BuddyTV that she didn‘t mind that much!  Read on to hear what else she had to say!Below, you will find the complete mp3 and transcript of the interview. Read more »
One actually doesn‘t have to look too hard to catch up with Project Runway Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll. He‘s been busy writing a pretty genius recap and commentary of his own of Season 4 of Project Runway for Elle Magazine. However, while his fans might be thrilled to learn he‘s just as much an entertaining presence in print as he was in person on the show, they still might wonder what else he‘s been up to. Quite a bit, it turns out, including a relocation from the Big Apple to the city of Brotherly Love. Read more »
He was charismatic, talented, and left us much too soon on this season of Project Runway.  Jack Mackenroth surprised viewers and his fellow designers when he chose to leave the show in episode 5 due to a medical condition.  Jack was suffering from MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus) which is a bacteria that causes infections in different parts of the body.  Because of the illness, sometimes referred to as the "superbug", Jack suffered a very serious skin infection on his face.  He chose to leave the show to take care of himself, opening the door for previously ousted designer Chris March to waltz back into the competition.  Fans were concerned and sad to see Mackenroth go.  Many expected him to go far in the competition but now, his only chance of winning any cash is to be voted Project Runway Fan Favorite.  Read more »
In the second episode of Project Runway‘s fourth season, fashionista and celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker appeared as a guest judge.  The designers had to construct an outfit on a budget that could be sold on Sarah Jessica‘s clothing label, Bitten.  Victorya Hong ended up winning that challenge and her dress was featured as part of Bitten‘s collection, sold in Steve and Barry‘s stores nationwide.  It seems that the actress has caught the reality show bug and wanted to have one of her town.  Today, Variety reported that Parker‘s production company, Pretty Matches, is developing a new reality competition to look for the country‘s best artist. Read more »
On Project Runway, he helps the fashion designers take their outfits to an entirely new level.  On Tim Gunn‘s Guide To Style, he takes average women and teaches them to feel comfortable in their own body and choose the right clothing.  Tim Gunn is a published author, the chief creative officer for Liz Claiborne, and a department chair at Parsons School of Design.  It seems there‘s nothing Tim Gunn can‘t do.  Yet, he admits, that there is in fact one thing he‘s incapable of: helping Britney Spears. Read more »
We still have six designers left on season 4 of Project Runway, but in real time, it‘s already New York City Fashion Week, and the judges and designers – including some from previous seasons – are out in full force.Heidi Klum walked the runway yesterday, but she was neither headed to update a group of contestant about the week‘s challenge, nor was she strutting to showcase an individual designer. Instead, she was helping with a star-studded event meant to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease. Read more »
So where were we?After a one week hiatus on Project Runway 4, it‘s time to get back into the swing of things with our remaining six designers. One of whom is still Ricky Lizalde.Who had a win last week. Maybe they took a week off to give us all time to process that information.This week, the designers‘ challenge is to work with the Divas of the WWE. Yes, that‘s right: lady wrestlers. At this point last season of Project Runway, the designers were in Paris making couture dresses. Read more »
We were left hanging last Wednesday, as Bravo did not air a new episode of Project Runway.  On the last episode, Victorya was sent home after putting a denim design on the runway that was less than stellar.  Tonight, the remaining designers will work with unexpected clients (WWE wrestlers) to create a fantasy and use their designs to tell a story.  I‘m really interested to see Christian team up with the WWE.  That‘s a funny mental image!  It‘s a race to that finals and this Friday, I‘ll be in New York covering Fashion Week and that final runway show.  Can‘t wait.  Until then, though, let‘s focus on tonight and who‘s one step closer to that final runway and who‘s headed home. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Project Runway, the designers certainly were in for a surprise when they were introduced to their clients.  Six beautiful and strong female wrestlers from the WWE are paired up with the designers.  Ricky chooses Layla, Jillian pairs up with Michelle, Chris chooses Maria, Christian goes with Kristal, Sweet P teams with Candice Michelle, and Rami takes Torrie.  The designers are given DVDs from Blockbuster to study in order to properly execute their designs.  This challenge proved to be one of the most difficult for the contestants, who are all just dying to make it to Fashion Week.  Here‘s how tonight‘s episode played out. Read more »
It‘s kind of difficult to pick a Chic for this week‘s Project Runway because, quite frankly, everything was kind of Freak. But that was the goal of the challenge, so I will have to power through and make some kind of call.First, though, let‘s all take off our policeman‘s caps for a moment for our dear departed Ricky Lizalde. My fears have not come to fruition: he will not be this Project Runway season‘s Wendy Pepper. And, in his defense, while his tears seemed to annoy many, and he did get a little testy at times, he was no manipulator or game player like Wendy, so the comparison wasn‘t entirely apt. Actually, after a season of giving him a hard time, I will say that I think with a few more years of experience, he will have good potential. Sometimes designers seem utterly clueless, and other times they just seem green, and I think that ultimately, Ricky was the latter.So who was as Chic as could be managed this week? Read more »
It‘s the biggest fashion event of the year.  New York Fashion Week, also known as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, is held at Bryant Park in the heart of Manhattan.  This month‘s designers who presented their work included:  Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren, and Vera Wang.  One big event took place this past Friday that had television fans begging security guards to let them in.  Bravo held Project Runway‘s final runway show and BuddyTV was lucky enough to get in and report back on what we heard and saw.** WARNING!  SPOILERS AHEAD!  ** Read more »
Our very own Gina Scarpa had the chance to hobnob with the fashionistas at Bryant Park on Friday when she attended the final shows for the remaining Project Runway designers. Unfortunately, the clever rascals at Bravo had all five designers (i.e., either four finalists and one decoy or three finalists and one decoy) show at Fashion Week, so neither she nor we got any clues as to who is going to be auf‘d this week.So who could it be? Who could be the designer whose collection was not actually one still in the running for the final prize? I have but one name to offer up as the potentially auf‘d designer this week. Read more »
We are getting closer to finding out who makes it to the finals on Project Runway.  As many of you know, I was lucky enough to attend the final runway show at New York Fashion Week.  Just because I went, though, doesn‘t mean I have any answers for you.  The final five: Sweet P, Chris, Jillian, Rami, and Christian all presented their designs so that the media and fans wouldn‘t be able to spoil it for anyone else.  If I had to guess, I‘d say that Chris, Jillian, and Christian will be in the finals but you never know.  They‘re all pretty amazing!  Tonight‘s episode is a crucial time in the competition and the designers will have to keep the stress under control.  Let‘s find out who‘s one step closer to winning Project Runway.  It‘s time for some live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your thoughts! Read more »
Tonight on Project Runway, the final five designers are brought to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  There, they choose a piece of art to base this week‘s design off of.  Rami knew exactly what he wanted, heading for the ancient Greek art, while Sweet P roamed around, taking over 200 pictures.  Christian chose to base his design off of a Spanish painting of military figure called Don Andrew De Andrade Y La Cal by Bartolome Esteban Murillo from 1665.  That‘s a mouthful!  Sweet P settled on the painting, Peacocks, by Melchior D‘Hondecoeter from 1683.  Rami will base tonight‘s design off of Kallimachos‘ marble statue of Aprhodite from the 1st-2nd century AD.  Chris chose an 18th century portrait of Marie Francoise De La Cropte De La St. Abre by Jean Marc Nattier.  Jillian chose Master of the Argonauts, a 15th century painting. Read more »
The purpose of this column is to review my own picks for best and worst look of the most recent episode of Project Runway and to give you the chance to make your own and weigh in with your thoughts. But please excuse me for a moment while I hijack this article for a minute to toot my own horn regarding my pre-season picks.So I haven‘t exactly been on the mark all the way in the weekly prediction columns, but back before the season started, I took a close look at the pre-season runway show and grouped the designers into my guess for the Bottom Five, Middle Five and Top Five. I was way off on Sweet P – I thought she‘d be auf‘d a lot sooner, and while I thought Chris would make it some way through the season, I wouldn‘t have guessed he‘d come back from his elimination so strong. I also misjudged Carmen Webber and Kit Pistol as having more potential than the judges saw. But! Three out of my top five wound up being three of the ultimate top four: Christian Siriano, Jillian Lewis, and Rami Kashou. Either I‘m really good (a possibility I‘m certainly willing to consider) or else this season started out with some clear front runners who never really faltered significantly. Onto the picks! Read more »
On Wednesday‘s episode of Project Runway, it was a race to the finals and to Fashion Week.  The designers were brought to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where they had to choose a work of art and base a design off of it.  Sweet P chose to model her dress after a painting called "Peacocks".  On the runway, her dress was criticized by the judges for being too marketable and not avant garde enough for their taste.  Two designers were supposed to be eliminated, but Sweet P ended up being the only one sent home.  Chris and Rami were given one last chance to prove they belong at Fashion Week.  This week, Sweet P spoke to BuddyTV, defending her design and venting her feelings about her elimination.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Now, part of me wishes that Project Runway waited until after the finale to do a reunion.  I would have loved to see reactions to the winner and the judges‘ final decision.  I‘ll survive.  I‘ll be curious to see what people think of Chris being eliminated, brought back, and make to the finals.  Or did he?  I‘m sure many of the designers will sound off on Christian‘s personality/attitude.  I like it but I don‘t have to be around it 24/7.  I‘d also like an update on Jack‘s health, who seemed to be doing well when I saw him at Fashion Week.  It‘s time to hear the designers spill it so keep refreshing for more live thoughts and post what you think, too! Read more »
On tonight’s special episode of Project Runway, the designers came together for a reunion. The four finalists were brought out and you could see a hint of jealousy on Sweet P’s face. After all, she was the only one eliminated on the last episode and even admitted in her interview with BuddyTV that she was upset about how it all played out. Rami and Chris say that the experience of having to prove themselves at Fashion Week in order to make it to the finals brought them closer together.Read on for more of the Project Runway reunion special! Read more »
Project Runway fans were shocked when, in the last episode before Fashion Week, the judges couldn’t reach a decision as to who should go home. They were unanimous in sending Sweet P on her way but found themselves deadlocked when it came to Rami and Christian. Needing more time to think it over, they gave them both a chance to prepare a collection to show them at Fashion Week before the final runway show so that a proper decision could be made. Who should be in? Who should be out? We examine the two designers to see which one will stand in between Christian and Jillian in the finale. Read more »
Last week, on the Project Runway reunion, we saw the eliminated designers make some picks for their potential favorite for the win.But what do the four remaining designers – Christian Siriano, Rami Kashou, Chris March and Jillian Lewis – think of each other and the eliminated designers they got to know throughout the season? Who do they think is their biggest competition, and who do they think should have gotten further in this season of Project Runway? Read more »
The 2007 Academy Awards were on last night, and to be honest, I found it a snoozefest. The Oscars are so long and tedious and self-important. Even if I agree with who gets the awards or not, I don‘t ever enter Oscar pools, so I don‘t have a whole lot riding on the hours-long event anyway.But what I do love watching are all the beautiful gowns that the actresses wear on the red carpet. It‘s my one bit of celeb envy. I wish that I regularly had fabulous gala events to attend, while wearing custom-made gowns costing thousands of dollars, too. And because Schadenfreude is my middle name, I also love to criticize the hideousness that some stars insist on wearing. I‘m sure you‘ll agree, it‘s more fun to criticize the bad looks anyway.Read on to see who my picks were for best and worst dressed. Read more »
On the next episode of Project Runway, we have the first part of this year‘s season finale. I‘m going to make some bold predictions as to what we might see during what I expect to be a series of Tim Gunn home visits as the designers complete their collections.Tim Gunn on a home visit, standing with arms folded and chin resting in hand, with brow furrowed as he issues the damning, “I have concerns.” Rami Kashou being stubborn, yet hot. Chris March giggling, yet still with that look of slightly anxious amazement he‘s had since coming back from elimination. Christian Siriano being sassy and cocky while showing some pieces that show he has reason to feel confident. Jillian Lewis feeling nervous about how slow she‘s moving, and her collection in a worrying state of being incomplete. Read more »
Tonight, on Project Runway, the final four contestants head to New York Fashion Week.  While Jillian and Christian have solidified their spots in the final runway show, the same cannot be said for Rami and Chris.  In order for one of them to make it there, they‘ll have to show their collection to the judges before a decision can be made.  I‘ve gone back and forth all week about who will be the one to advance.  Most of the designers said at last week‘s reunion that they felt Rami would win the whole thing, which makes me lean towards him.  Then again, Chris has shown more creativity and diversity throughout the competition.  We‘ll find out soon enough as it‘s time for a new episode.  Keep refreshing throughout the hour for updates and post your comments as well! Read more »
On tonight’s episode of Project Runway, it came down to Rami, Chris, Christian, and Jillian but only three would make it to the final runway show at New York Fashion Week. Heidi met with the designers to tell them that it was time for the final challenge. They would have 5 months and $8,000 to create their final collections, which would involve 12 different outfits. For Rami and Chris though, it wouldn’t be that easy. When they returned to New York, they would have to show their three strongest outfits to the judges. From there, they would decide which one of the two would move on. Read more »
Last night, the pressure was on for Rami and Chris on Project Runway.  Christian and Jillian had already solidified their places in the final runway show but Rami and Chris had one last chance to impress the judges.  They presented their three strongest pieces and ultimately, the judges decided to go with Rami over Chris.  It has been a rollercoaster of a journey for Chris March, who was eliminated early on only to be brought back after Jack Mackenroth had to withdraw from the competition.  He came back with a vengeance, putting up strong designs week after week, earning him the respect of his fellow designers and winning over a legion of fans.  Today, Chris spoke to BuddyTV (for the second time) in an exclusive interview.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Last night‘s episode of Project Runway 4 saw the departure of our beloved Chris March. Has there ever been a more lovable Project Runway contestant? As I mentioned in my Predictions article, as much as I find Christian Siriano‘s youthful sass entertaining, I was shocked that he – rather than Chris – won the fan favorite spot. Shocked, and, with last night episode, a little saddened. I‘ve never been a full-on fan of Chris‘s aesthetic – sometimes he delivers a knockout but his less-than-stellar outfits have seemed a little dated to me – but I am an absolute fan of him as a person. So I was hoping prior to the reunion show that he would win fan favorite so he would get some reward from being on the show (I suspected he wouldn‘t make it to the finale). I sort of want to start an Alternate Project Runway Fan Favorite site and raise another cash prize for him; he‘s just such a sweet-hearted person that you want him to be rewarded for his lovely spirit.Instead, what I‘m going to do is give this whole column over to a quick retrospective of Chris‘s time on Project Runway. Read more »
We now know that the final three designers on Project Runway 4 will be Rami Kashou, Jillian Lewis, and Christian Siriano. Last week, we had the end-of-season ritual of Tim Gunn visiting the homes of the three (plus recently auf‘d Chris March), an event that is as much about seeing Tim react to the home lives of the designers as to their designs.We went along with Tim as he visited Jillian Lewis and her family, and now Jillian has given us a little behind-the-scenes peek at what the Project Runway star‘s visit was like.She says that despite the pressure of the Project Runway competition, she was having a great day when Tim came to visit. “I felt really good,” she said. “It was the sunniest New York day, the East River was blue and I felt good about everything. I was back to being healthy because the regular part of the series was so stressful it took the humanity out of us. I had gained all the weight back [she lost 8 pounds] and it was shot around Christmas time.” Read more »
We still have weeks before we will see the first episode of the new season of Project Runway. With the release of the names of the designers, though, we can start getting to know the stories behind the faces who will bring us the fashion in season 4.We have put all the names into that Vincent Libretti basket hat from season 3, and selected our first designer at random. Everyone, say hello to Rami Kashou.And just who is Rami Kashou? Well, he might just very well be a strong contender in this season of Project Runway, but let‘s start at the very beginning, shall we?  Read more »
In the fast-paced environment of Project Runway, inspiration can be tough to come by.  These designers won‘t have the luxury of leisurely mulling over one series of concepts for an entire season; they‘ll be having to pull out the stops creatively every couple of days.Luckily for season 4 designer Jillian Lewis, she‘ll be bringing her own muse with her: herself.She says that similar to Diane von Furstenberg, she sees herself as the embodiment of her fashion sensibility, and serves as kind of the living embodiment of her own style. Read more »
This Wednesday, a new winner of Project Runway will be crowned. Mentor Tim Gunn called the finalists “the stiffest competition we‘ve ever had”. At New York Fashion Week, Rami Kashou, Jillian Lewis and Christian Siriano showed off their collections for the judges. Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and special guest judge Victoria Beckham had the final say. Only one of them will win the grand prize of $100,000, an Elle magazine editorial spread, a 2008 Saturn Astra and the opportunity to sell a fashion line on the website. As we prepare to find out who reigned supreme, let’s take a look back at the best and worst moments of the final three. Read more »
Here we at the conclusion of another season of Project Runway, and before we get to the predictions, a few thoughts on this season.At the beginning of the past three seasons, Tim Gunn has usually made some statement to the effect that the current season‘s designers really are the strongest bunch yet. I haven‘t put much thought into the overall progression of the show, but I do agree that this season – while there were a few weak spots – the overall talent level was very high. Even if I didn‘t care for a contestant‘s particular aesthetic, it was still usually clear that each designer had some real skills.I haven‘t been watching the ratings for this season, so I don‘t know if they are up or down from prior seasons. I hope up, because if this season of Project Runway is more (or at least as) successful as previous ones, I think it could really help start a positive trend for reality television. Read more »
After the first episode aired of Project Runway season 4, I was convinced that Rami Kashou was going to win the season. However, it only took a few more episodes before I jumped on the Christian Siriano bandwagon. Jillian Lewis, who is without a doubt a talented designer, has had to fight to take a little of the spotlight off of these two men. Tim Gunn has said that this will be the “stiffest competition we‘ve ever had” but is there a clear cut winner here? ** WARNING!  MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! ** Read more »
Tonight is the REAL finale of Project Runway and I will accept nothing short of a Christian Siriano victory.  Don‘t get me wrong.  I love all three designers but we all have to have a favorite.  Tim Gunn has said that this is the strongest season yet but this is my first one I‘ve watched.  I‘m hooked.  I‘m in love.  Tonight, the designers head to Fashion Week to show their final collections on the runway.  I‘ll be scanning the crowd shots to see if I can find myself but it‘s a long shot.  Thank God there weren‘t cameras around when I climbed over two rows of chairs in a skirt to get to Kevin Christiana!  It‘s time for some live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your comments, too! Read more »
On tonight‘s finale of Project Runway, the three remaining designers headed to Fashion Week to show their final collections.  The winner will receive the grand prize of $100,000, an Elle magazine editorial spread, a 2008 Saturn Astra and the opportunity to sell a fashion line on the website.  Tonight‘s (not so secret) guest judge was fashion icon Victoria Beckham.  On TRESemme‘s online game, Fantasy Runway, I predicted that Christian would win.  I got my butt handed to me most of the season, being way off on who would win each challenge but I had a good time playing!  Read on to find out if my final prediction was correct and more details on Project Runway‘s season 4 finale! Read more »
On last night‘s season 4 finale of Project Runway, viewers were delighted as Christian Siriano was named the winner.  Two weeks earlier, he had been named Fan Favorite on the Project Runway reunion episode.  Confident and comical, Christian has been quite the character this season and will certainly live on as one of the most memorable designers the show has ever seen.  After he showed his collection at Fashion Week, guest judge Victoria Beckham said that she would proudly wear anything he designed.  It has been a dream come true for the young designer and today, he spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
The long wait is over and at last we know who the winner of Project Runway 4 is. As Tim Gunn hinted, it ultimately came down to a matter of taste. All three of the final designers had elements to their designs that were beautiful, but none of the collections was without its flaws. In the end, the judges felt that Christian Siriano‘s theatricality was tempered by his preternaturally mature sophistication and taste level, and that his looks were the best offered in the finale.Some viewers have wondered why Christian‘s collection was deemed the winner, while a similarly dramatic collection like Chris March‘s was auf‘d? Read more »
I could not have been happier with the results of the Project Runway finale this week. Christian Siriano, my favorite designer since very early on in the season, won and is on his way to a very big career. This finale was one of my favorite reality episodes of all time. Not only did my favorite contestant win but I got to see myself on national television. Here’s how I went from TV writer to runway attendee to cameo on Bravo. Read more »
In the second episode of this season’s Project Runway, Sarah Jessica Parker was a guest judge. She asked the designers to create a high fashion look on a low budget for her clothing line, Bitten. The winning design would be sold in Steve and Barry’s stores nationwide. Though season 4 winner Christian Siriano fared well in the challenge, it was actually Victorya Hong who took the challenge. Now that the show has finished airing, Parker can speak out on the episode she taped as well as her thoughts on the winner. She spoke to entertainment blog, Josh and Josh are Rich and Famous, while promoting her Sex and The City film and dished about Project Runway! Read more »
On last week‘s Project Runway finale, designer Rami Kashou was close to winning season 4 but the judges decided to give that honor to Christian Siriano instead.  Kashou has nothing to worry about, though.  He was an established designer within the fashion world before coming on the show.  He has worked with celebrity clients such as Jessica Alba and his designs have been seen in major magazines.  Last year, he showed his spring collection on The Tyra Banks Show.  Being on Project Runway has only helped Rami Kashou and he is grateful for the experience.  Today, he spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview, dishing on everything from Fashion Week to his competitors.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
It’s a busy time for Project Runway season 4 winner Christian Siriano. He is busy designing outfits, as promised, for Victoria Beckham. He is also preparing a spring collection for the next Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. His collection will be filled with “really wearable, sellable pieces and my creative pieces,” as he put it in his BuddyTV interview. Christian has also made appearances on Late Night with Jay Leno and The Ellen Degeneres Show and last week, he appeared to help the contestants on Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel. Read more »