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Originally aired on Tuesday, 07/12/2006Written by BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: **** (4 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Fifteen designers have been selected to start the third season of Project Runway. The group appears to be a heady mix of strong personalities, big talents and loose cannons.Episode Highlights: The fifteen selected designers descend on their new Manhattan apartments, and tear the place apart – literally!Lack of expertise and/or vision quickly becomes a liability for some, while overconfidence threatens to topple others.After Project Runway‘s very first runway show, Heidi Klum pronounces the first fashion victim of the season to be “Out!â€? Read more »
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Originally aired on Wednesday, 08/02/2006Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Finally! After weeks of teasing us, at last we learn the scandal that sends one of the PROJECT RUNWAY designers home early. The show must go on, though, and the designers work in some expected teams to complete the challenge. Read more »
Jeffrey Sebelia, winner of Project Runway season 3, is still seeking success after his victory on Bravo’s hit show. As of now, his winning sensation isn’t translating into the same amount of post-reality success compared to others who came from FOX’s American Idol. Moreover, Sebelia weighed against the fashion industry, expressing how music is much easier to sell and promote than clothes. Sebelia, a 36-year old fashion designer made controversy on Project Runway when he was accused by fellow contestant Laura Bennet of cheating the competition by outsourcing the sewing of some of his clothing line during the show’s New York Fashion Week finale.  Read more »
Jay MacCarroll, winner of Project Runway season one, claims that he is not harboring bitter feelings towards fashion designer and Project Runway guru, Tim Gunn. However, his tone may just suggest otherwise. Months ago, Tim Gunn made some unpleasant comments about MacCarrol, which angered the promising fashion designer. MacCarrol added, "I just hate that because middle America looks at him like, ‘He‘s so nice, he‘s like a father to them.‘ On [Project Runway] he was, sure. I‘m not bitter about the man," McCarroll said in the February 4 issue of New York Magazine. "It‘s kind of hurtful. At one point he said I was an embarrassment because I didn‘t show yet. And it‘s like, f***in‘-A, man." Read more »
Originally aired on Wednesday, 10/18/2006 Episode Rating: **** (4 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: This is it! We learn the results of last week‘s investigation and the remaining designers have their show at Olympus Fashion Week!Episode Highlights: After the cliff-hanger of last week‘s episode - will Jeffrey be allowed to remain in the competition? - we learn his fate.The designers finally get what they‘ve been waiting for all these months: the show at Bryant Park.And we have a winner!Recap:We return to the finale to learn the fate of big-necked Jeffrey Sibelia. Did he cheat? Did he get help? Tim Gunn assembles the designers to deliver the verdict. There were some issues, which I‘ll get to in a minute, but he is cleared to continue. Jeffrey collapses into tears of relief and Uli Herzner gives him a hug. Read more »
Originally aired on Wednesday, 10/11/2006Episode Rating: **** (4 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Tim Gunn travels the country to check on the progress and get a glimpse into the off-camera lives of our four finalists. Finally, it‘s time for all four to return to New York in time for their debut at Bryant Park...but it‘s not a happy reunion for all.Episode Highlights: Tim visits each of the designers in their natural habitats to check on the status of their collections.The designers, after weeks of solo work, return to New York for final preparations for their debut.Scandal! Laura accuses Jeffrey of having outside assistance to complete his garments!Recap:It‘s Tim Gunn Across America time! He‘s finally allowed to leave the campus of Parsons for more than a trip to Mood. He heads off to Atlanta to meet with Michael Knight who is now, as he puts it, "a brace face." Michael welcomes Tim into his charming home/studio and shows him the status of his safari-inspired Project Runway Fashion Week collection. Read more »
Originally aired on Wednesday, 10/04/2006Written by BuddyTV Staff Columnist Episode Rating: **** (4 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: It‘s nearly one big happy family (plus prodigal son) when all the designers - including disqualified Keith Michael - return for the reunion show.Episode Highlights: Everyone is back at Parson‘s: Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and all the designers, to discuss the season.There are some laughs and good memories, but also opening of old wounds.Keith Michael, who was asked to leave the show due to improprieties, returns to face his accusers.Recap:Welcome back, everybody! Back at the Parson‘s runway room, Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum meet with the fifteen contestants from this third Project Runway season.  Read more »
Originally aired on Wednesday, 09/27/2006 Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: It‘s all on the line: the designers pull out the stops - or at least SHOULD - for the challenge that will decide who will show at Fashion Week.Episode Highlights: The designers learn they have some relative freedom for this final challenge before Fashion week; their design will be an outfit that reflects their design philosophy.Some designers stick to familiar ground, while others branch out with varying degrees of success.Once again, Project Runway offers up a twist; this one impacts who will make it to Bryant Park!Recap:Project Runway is one of the few reality shows where the first and even second runners-up have nearly as much to gain as the winner. Of course, the winner gets the car, the cash and the spread in Elle Magazine, but all three of the last designers standing get to show a collection at Fashion Week in Bryant Park. This is a Big Fashion Deal. Space at Fashion Week is at an extreme premium. Established designers sometimes don‘t get to show in Bryant Park, and unknowns? Unheard of! Read more »
Originally aired on Wednesday, September 13, 2006 Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The designers are thrown for a loop by the appearance of two special - and unwanted - guests.Episode Highlights: There has been a loophole in the game all along, which Heidi has alluded to, and which we learn about tonight as two designers return to the competition.The challenge this week seems simple enough...but there is, per usual, a complicating factor.Exhaustion seems to get the better of our cool customer, Laura Bennett, and she questions her ability to continue in the competition.Recap:It‘s starting to feel like it‘s not a Project Runway without a twist, and this episode does not disappoint. At the usual pre-challenge debrief, Heidi Klum informs the designers that they will not be receiving their instructions yet. Instead, they will get the details at a party they will attend later with some "very special guests." Note the plural. The designers sure did and the usual buzz of speculation begins. Read more »
Originally aired on Wednesday, 09/06/2006Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Six American designers (and Tim Gunn) in Paris! Taking their inspiration from the City of Lights, and its rich history of fashion, the designers have to create a couture gown for their next challenge.Episode Highlights: The designers are faced with one of their most daunting tasks yet: designing a gown fit for a couture runway and using intricate and time-consuming couture techniques.Some designers - even those who‘ve demonstrated strong construction skills in the past - struggle with the rigors of the laborious handiwork.The designers are whisked back to New York to face the judges.Recap:The Project Runway designers are still in Paris, the capital of fashion and couture!Tim Gunn informs them that their next challenge will center on the concept of couture, which focuses on luxe fabrics and incredibly labor-intensive techniques like embroidery, beading and hand sewing. Their gowns will need to incorporate the spirit of couture as well as at least some of the techniques and they will have - insert groan here - only two days to complete it. Of course, this is a step up from the one-day quickies they‘ve been working. But handiwork is no joke and they know that two days will barely be enough time. Read more »
Originally aired on Wednesday, 08/30/2006 Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The designers learn they will be designing for their own International Person of Mystery this week, and they will miles to go before they learn who is Out!Episode Highlights: This week‘s challenge requires the designers to think on the fly; they have to each design a travel-friendly outfit for an "hip international jet setter"...themselves!The direction exposes some of the designers‘ weaknesses in the area of sophistication and taste.There is a runway twist that sends the group on an exciting journey.Recap:The designers are all still a-buzz from the events of the previous "Project Runway" episode. Uli Herzner thinks Laura Bennett‘s just-announced pregnancy is starting to show, Vincent Libretti has been made more delusionally confident by his steal - ahem - WIN (sorry for editorial slant but I don‘t care for Vincent or his clothes and am happy that my views are neatly in line with my darling Tim Gunn per his blog and podcast), and Jeffrey Sibella continues to simmer with resentment over his interactions with Angela Keslar and her mother. Read more »
Originally aired on Wednesday, August 23, 2006 Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The PROJECT RUNWAY designers get an unexpected surprise from their "real lives," with some heartening - and challenging - consequences.Episode Highlights: The judges learn that they will be designing for an "Everyday Woman" for this challenge......but not just any "Everyday Woman!" Each of the models this week is either a designer‘s mother or sister.Their challenge, however, will be to design for someone else‘s relative.The designers‘ abilities to work with varying body types are put to the test.Recap:It‘s a twist within a twist! After some debriefing from last week‘s "Project Runway" results (Jeffrey Sibella is bummed to lose his friend, Alison Kelly, and winner Michael Knight was so thrilled with his back-to-back wins that he "grinned [himself] a headache"), the designers meet with Heidi to learn of their new challenge. She tells them that their next challenge will be to design for an "everyday woman." Read more »
Originally aired on Wednesday, 08/16/2006 Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: One person‘s trash is a PROJECT RUNWAY contestant‘s treasure - sometimes. The designers are alternately stumped and inspired by a challenge requiring them to use recyclable waste to create a designer.Episode Highlights: The glamorous life of a fashion designer: the contestants take a trip to a Waste Management center in Newark, NJ.With the number of designers dwindling, tensions are building between individuals.The designers are given the least amount of time for this challenge, and the many constraints prove too much for several of them. Recap:The group of PROJECT RUNWAY designers continues to shrink; we‘re now in the single digits. With only nine left, some designers are thinking about the long haul while others are just trying to get through the next challenge. Read more »
PROJECT RUNWAY, airing on Bravo, premieres it‘s third season in July. Hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum and fashion expert Tim Gunn, PROJECT RUNWAY is unique when it comes to Reality Competition programs.  Read more »
Originally aired on Wednesday, 07/19/2006Written by BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The designers have to team up "to design for an icon of American beauty." Some of the designers are able to achieve some excellent creative synergy through teamwork; others find only conflict.Episode Highlights: The challenge this week is to design an evening gown for a very specific type of client.The designers have their first opportunity to work as a team and must pair up with a partner to complete the challenge.Teamwork is not every designer‘s strong suit...but neither is focusing on the client, so the judges have a lot of flaws to pick through to make a decision!Recap:Last week, the designers had their first taste of "Project Runway" action, completing a "Wall-to-Wall Fashion" challenge that tested their ability to innovate using unusual materials: the contents of their own apartments. Despite the stated focus on innovation, the winner, Keith Michael, used mainly a bed sheet to create a gown. A lovely gown, but the innovation in materials seemed absent. Nevertheless, he‘s so confident, he feels the immunity he won last week is unnecessary. Read more »
Originally aired on Wednesday, 07/26/2006Written by BuddyTV Staff Columnist Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The PROJECT RUNWAY models will have a very special accessory on the runway this week: miniature dogs! Most rise to the challenge, but some find it hard to maintain the inspiration.Episode Highlights: Each of the PROJECT RUNWAY designers gets to select a dog and must create a narrative for the owner and an outfit for both dog and owner/model that fits that narrative.Understated Bradley Baumkirchner suffers moments of self-doubt that seriously jeopardize his ability to complete, and he considers forfeiting.Execution and style continue to be major challenges for other designers. Read more »
Originally aired on Wednesday, 08/09/2006Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The challenge this week requires the PROJECT RUNWAY designers to each update the look of a different American fashion icon, selected for them by their models! Some pairings - and the results - are inspired, whereas other designers seem flummoxed and ultimately fall flat.Episode Highlights: The PROJECT RUNWAY designers are out of control - literally. The tables are turned and the models get to choose the designers and some elements of the challenge.Tensions flare in the workroom.Some of the usual suspects continue to struggle, while some of the quiet ones steal the show!Recap:With two PROJECT RUNWAY designers offed (or should I say "auf‘ed?") last week, the model-to-designer ratio is out of whack. Two models will have to go home this week, but rather than letting the designers, as always, make that decision, the choice is being left up to fate. Host Heidi Klum pulls the models‘ names out of a bag, and one by one, they not only learn they are safe, they also get to pick the designer they want to work with for this challenge.  Read more »
Tim Gunn, fashion designer and Project Runway guru has now landed a spot with Liz Claiborne Inc. After spending more than two decades at Parsons The New School or Design in New York City, he landed a new job as a chief creative officer.Gunn, popularly known for his inclusion on the reality design show Project Runway as a mentor to the contestants, served as chair of Parson‘s Department of Fashion Design since 2000. Previously, he was also the department’s associate dean since 1989. Read more »
Tim Gunn, fashion designer popularly known for being a mentor at the reality series Project Runway, has landed a production deal with Bravo for his own show called Tim Gunn‘s Guide to Style. The show focuses on helping and transforming unfortunate fashion victims to stylish individuals. While Project Runway only focuses Gunn as a mentor, Tim Gunn‘s Guide to Style showcases Gunn as the star of the show, as well as his ability to do stylish makeovers. In the show, Gunn will be able to utilize his massive fashion experience to help ordinary people shine. Read more »
The much-awaited Project Runway season 4 is just around the corner. In fact, Bravo has announced that the casting calls for the upcoming season will take place at the end of March until the first part of April.Project Runway, a reality television series on the Bravo showcases fashion enthusiasts as they compete to create the best clothes under extreme pressure and time constraints. Hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum, the contestants are judged and eliminated on a weekly basis by a panel of judges, which consists of Nina Garcia, fashion director of ELLE magazine, Michael Kors, designer, Klum and more often than not a special guest judge. The crowned winner of Project Runway receives a spread in ELLE magazine, $100,000 startup money for a clothing line and a representation by a renowned agency. Read more »
Lesson Five: Skills Don’t Always Pay the Bills(You might think that reality television is one of the signs of the impending end of Western Civilization, BUT if you look closely enough, you can find some important life lessons.  So, kids, here’s One to Grow On…)On the arts-n-crafts end of the reality show spectrum (shows that focus on specific abilities like cooking, fashion design or fashion modeling, which is an actual skill no matter how much it seems to the outside observer to only entail standing still and looking mildly hostile), contestants live or die – figuratively speaking, of course – by their skills. Or so it seems it should be. Read more »
Lesson Three: The All-Tim Gunn Edition(You might think that reality television is one of the signs of the impending end of Western Civilization, BUT if you look closely enough, you can find some important life lessons.  So, kids, here’s One to Grow On…)Sometimes, if people are faking it on reality television, I just don’t want to know.  I would be disappointed if New York from Flavor of Love turned out to be a really nice person in real life.  But I think I would be just crushed if Tim Gunn  of Project Runway turned out to be much less than the persona he and the producers of Bravo have created.It’s not to say he doesn’t have his detractors.  Gawker recently got Zulema Griffin from Season Two on camera saying he’s not the sweet guy we see on the show.  But whatever: it was Zulema. I’m going to personally keep right on loving him.  Why? Read more »
After countless nominations from various award-giving bodies, Project Runway finally takes home an award. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation or GLAAD announced Monday night at the 18th Annual GLAAD Media Awards ceremony in New York that Heidi Klum’s show won the organization’s Outstanding Reality Program award.  Read more »
Nina Garcia is the ideal symbol of elegance and style. Her passion and determination to succeed in the fashion world is an awe-inspiring story, which serves as an inspiration to people of all ages. Although she is already considered as a fashion guru, she continues to explore and learn up-to-date trends while maintaining grace and classiness in her craft. Her role as a fashion authority merges with her life mission to tap fashion markets of New York, Paris and Milan. Apart from her artistic mind, she is also highly capable of speaking Spanish and French. Although she did not dwell in becoming a supermodel, she still maintains a model-like figure and presence. At present, she stars on the reality show Project Runway. Read more »
Heidi Klum has positively transformed herself as a supermodel highly capable of attaining success outside the catwalk. Her knack for fashion eventually evolved into a lucrative career, as seen in her successful modeling stint, her being a television producer, a fashion designer, singer, actress and television personality. Ranked number 13 in’s Top 99 Most Desirable Woman of 2007, she proves that she has the face, mind and body to standout from the rest of the crowd. But apart from her noticeably gorgeous façade, she has an infectious amiable personality, which makes her the crowd’s favorite. At present, she stars on the reality show Project Runway. Read more »
Her conquest of Project Runway season two was what made Chloe Dao a household name. Although there where many promising fashion designers on the competition, she soared with her “young, sexy yet timeless” designs, which earned her $100,000 to start her own fashion line, a 12-month contract with Designers Management Agency, A Saturn Sky Roadster and a spread in Elle magazine. Read more »
Although Jeffrey Sebelia already served celebrity clients such as Gwen Stefani, Dave Navarro and Jennifer Lopez, he became legendary as the winner of Project Runway season three. Known as the notorious fashion designer with a distinct neck tattoo and a disarrayed past, he rose to victory with his creations, ranging from grunge and punk outfits to strikingly colorful dresses. And despite his “cheating” controversy, he came out as the winner who earned $100,000 to develop his own clothing line, a 2007 Saturn Sky Roadster, a year’s representation by Designer’s Management Agency, and a 15-page spread in Elle magazine. Read more »
Monday’s Council of Fashion Designers of America‘s annual awards was graced with numerous fashion icons and celebrities. Among the few that were seen on the so-called “fashion’s big night” were Project Runway judges Heidi Klum and Michael Kors, Oprah Winfrey and Debra Messing.Oprah came to present designer Ralph Lauren with the "American Fashion Legend Award" at the New York Public Library, where the Council of Fashion Designers of America‘s annual awards was held. Ralph also won the Menswear Designer of the Year award over designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright. Read more »
Elle magazine and Project Runway have had a partnership since day one, with Elle Fashion Director Nina Garcia sitting on the judging panel for the past three seasons. While there are still several months before Season Four of Project Runway begins, Elle is whetting our appetites now with some sneak peaks into the nationwide casting process for the show. They’ve posted on their website the casting diary for four cities on the casting tour: Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and Miami. The diaries focus mainly on the more terrible American Idol/trainwreck-style fashion hopefuls, but there are a few clues as to some of the designers we might be seeing next season.  Read more »
Apart from his extensive background, Project Runway has further exposed Tim Gunn in the field of fashion. With the intent to impart his knowledge and expertise, he has written a book entitled "A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style," which he has released in April this year.With his book now in the market, the Project Runway guru is hoping to make a lot of people feel good about themselves by teaching them how to manage their wardrobe and apparel, guiding them in creating their individual style, and, like his popular catchphrase, “make it work.” Read more »
First of all, no, that’s not a typo. Mychael Knight, known as Michael during his time on Season Three of Project Runway has changed the spelling of his first name to Mychael in recent months. But the name adjustment is far from the only recent development for the designer. During his time on Project Runway, Knight became a fan favorite for his friendly and mellow nature. He also won respect from his fellow contestants, as well as Tim Gunn, for his capacity to learn from criticism and adjust his designs accordingly. While his final collections was nearly universally considered a major misstep, the talent he otherwise demonstrated during the season, along with his likable personality, have meant that the young Atlanta-based designer is keeping very busy.  Read more »
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and former wife of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, is reportedly in talks of appearing as a guest judge on the reality show Project Runway. Although Ferguson’s appearance hasn’t been confirmed yet by the network or by Ferguson herself, talks about her presence on the show is gradually becoming more controversial. According to a source of Britain‘s Daily Express newspaper, "Sarah is a style icon here in the States. The people behind ‘Project Runway‘ think she‘d be perfect as a judge…they think she‘ll bring style, grace and elegance to the program. They‘re going all out to sign her up. They won‘t take no for an answer and apparently Sara is sounding enthusiastic about it." Read more »
Bravo has already announced that Project Runway season four, which is currently filming, will premiere not as part of the network’s summer lineup but in late 2007. However, fans catch Tim Gunn in webisodes of “Sprays in the City.”“Sprays in the City,” which is inspired by Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City, is an animated show streamed on the Internet. The said webisodes are part of Unilever’s strategy to take advantage of consumers’ obsession with celebrity gossip. With the use of animated series based on two of its brands, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! and Wish-Bone salad dressing, both of which have a spray product, the company seeks to reach its consumers in an eccentric approach.  Read more »
Recently, BuddyTV gave you the details about the current audition process for Season Four of Project Runway. The details came from the perspective of some of the Elle Magazine staff who worked with Project Runway notables such as Jeffrey Sebelia, Laura Bennett and Tim Gunn to evaluate and select the potential new cast of the next season, slated to air in December. Those writers certainly called them like they saw them, with some pretty blunt assessments of those hopefuls. Now, one of the designers who auditioned – and didn’t make it – has written about her experiences.  Read more »
On Tuesday of this past week, Liz Claiborne, founder of the fashion line which bears her name, passed away after a year-long bout with cancer. She was seventy-eight years old. Young fashion fans might not have been very familiar with the Liz Claiborne name itself, as it had become a less-contemporary brand over recent years. But they certainly knew some of the lines owned by that parent company, names such as Juicy Couture and Kate Spade. And, in February 2007, the Liz Claiborne name got a major infusion of new energy and attention when it was announced that Tim Gunn from Project Runway would be joining Liz Claiborne as their Chief Creative Officer  Read more »
It used to be that the E! Network’s True Hollywood Story series was reserved for celebrity performers. Now, with reality programs gaining such enormous popularity over the past years, they have enough of a fan base to become the star of the True Hollywood Story themselves. E! has already produced a behind-the-scene program about America’s Next Top Model. Recently, the producers wanted to tell the story of another fashion reality hit: Project Runway.There is only one thing standing in their way: Bravo, the network that airs Project Runway. Read more »
Project Runway design mentor Tim Gunn will be joined by supermodel, actress and journalist Veronica Webb on his new reality series, Guide to Style.  Webb’s inclusion in the show as a co-host was made known to the public in May. "We think Veronica will make the perfect complement to Tim – she‘ll add a little sass to his class," Frances Berwick, Bravo’s Executive VP of Programming and Production, said.  "She not only brings extensive fashion expertise to the series, but she will be someone for our makeover subjects to lean on, creating a fun, comfortable, yet educational experience that our viewers can learn from." Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model is a show that pits aspiring models against each other, all vying for a big modeling contract. Project Runway pits fashion designers against each other, all vying for a large contract and exposure for their designs. America‘s Next Top Model is hosted by former supermodel Tyra Banks. Project Runway is hosted by former supermodel Heidi Klum. Similarities abound between these two programs, for obvious reasons. They are the two most popular shows about the world of fashion on TV. Read more »
Jay McCarroll and Jeffrey Sebelia, winners of Project Runway Season One and Three respectively, have made public statements that winning the competition has been slightly less than the total career overhaul they both hoped it would be. Nevertheless, it‘s clear that they and the other contestants have managed to parlay the reality show exposure into ways to enhance their careers, as evidenced by just how busy many of them seem to be staying. With guest appearances supplementing their design work, it would seem that participating in Project Runway has been a good career move for many of the designers. Read more »
There‘s no question that the television program Project Runway is a success. It‘s developed a strong following through its first three seasons, and if our BuddyTV commenters are any indiciation, fans are eagerly anticipating the fourth season that will start in December. And it‘s not just the general public loving the show; for the third year in the row, the show has been recognized by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with a nomination for the Emmy for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program. However, the individual designers themselves aren‘t necessarily having quite the same stratospheric level of success. And now, Heidi Klum herself admits that will, once again, not be wearing a Project Runway frock when walking down the red carpet in September.  Read more »
While their nominations might not get quite the same amount of speculation and attention as do the noms for comedy and drama series or individual actors, reality programs are still part of the Emmy Award night. And with reality shows appearing to have outlived all the “This is just a fad” predictions, and finding themselves fairly firmly entrenched in nearly every network‘s schedule, the competition for the gold statuette can be just as fierce as any Survivor challenge. Reality television awards are divided into two categories, Reality-Competition Programs, and plain ol‘ Reality Programs. The nominations for each category bring some heavy-hitters, some old contenders and a couple of new faces. Read more »