Articles for Project Runway Season 11

Heidi‘s back. Tim‘s back. Nina‘s back. And 16 fresh faces will begin their journey along the runway as Project Runway season 11 premieres January 24 on Lifetime. This season is unlike any other. Yes, I understand that every new season is different than the one before, but this one is truly unique. "Every challenge is a team challenge," says Heidi. The added pressure of having to depend on your fellow designers, of whom you are competing against, can only mean one thing. Drama! Read more »
Toss your all-star seasons aside along with the lesser known judges. The original is back! It‘s the season 11 premiere of Project Runway, but this time there‘s a twist. Yes, I‘m sure you‘ve heard many spoilers, yet I‘m reminding you once more. In case you have been stuck under a rock for the holidays, this edition of PR will be dedicated to teams!The question arises, though, of eliminations. If only one person is to leave each episode and the designers will be assigned to groups, won‘t there be odd numbers? Can we look forward to one group having the advantage with that extra person? Surely they‘ve put more thought into this than what we‘ll have to. Read more »
The games continue tonight on Project Runway: Teams as the Dream Team and Team Keeping it Real juggle the competition and their teammates. Now that first impressions have been made and everyone is getting to know one another, it‘s time to get to know Susan Sarandon? Yes, the Academy Award winner is lending her sudden fashion expertise as she takes the guest judge seat tonight and promotes her new ping-pong club, SPiN. Read more »
It‘s week three and the number of hopeful designers is dwindling down with only 14 remaining on Project Runway: Teams. The Dream Team seriously needs to step it up, since the only two eliminations have come from their losing streak. Can they finally top Keeping It Real‘s effortlessly gelled machine? Or will those nightmares just get worse and worse?Heidi is looking for sexy showstoppers to wear while promoting her new fragrance "Surprise." So let‘s hope the teams are prepared to deal with such a picky, and important, client! Read more »
The month of February has come to an end, but season 11 of Project Runway: Teams is just kicking into high gear. Yes, we have graduated to a new level, a level with senior citizens!Tonight, the designers will be working with new clients and models, the elderly! Will this be more Off Their Rockers? Or possibly lean a bit to the Driving Miss Daisy side? Let‘s find out! Read more »
Do you remember prom? The hair, the fashions, the date. If the night resonates as a confusing blur, tonight‘s episode of Project Runway: Teams will surely jolt your memory. That‘s right, you guessed it. The designers are taking on prom! Those of us who have been there and done that, we mostly want to forget those high school days. Hopefully, these teams can add some fun fashion sense to the occasion. Read more »
After last week‘s double whammy of an elimination, tonight‘s episode of Project Runway: Teams is sure to keep the shock value at an all-time high.Most, if not all, of these designers have never worked with menswear before. They will have to learn the trade very quickly for this challenge. There‘s a beefed up group of performers looking for new costumes. If the contestants can stock giggling long enough, they just might be able to throw something decent together. Read more »
Heidi, Tim and company have sifted through the bad seeds and narrowed it down to only seven designers for tonight‘s new episode of Project Runway: Teams. Now that there are fewer personalities to mesh with, the teams have to be working together more effectively, right?Tonight, the designers will be creating ready-to-wear looks for a major retailer and changing the team dynamics up a bit.  Read more »
Heidi and Tim are back with another fresh episode of Project Runway: Teams. Last week, the designers had to work with flowers, constructing something fabulous and wearable. Tonight, the designers must find inspiration in country and rock and roll.A country superstar is looking for some new looks and it‘s up to the remaining 12 designers to give her something fabulous. Who will be in and who will be out? Read more »