Articles for Project Runway Season 10

It‘s good to be the king. The 2012 Emmy Award nominations were announced Thursday morning and four-time Drama Series winner Mad Men and two-time Comedy Series winner Modern Family remained the top nominees.  Read more »
Prepare to be dazzled by design--Project Runway is back! This year it‘s season 10, which means we‘re starting with splash with a first-time-ever Times Square runway show. But before we get to the special runway, we need to get a little acquainted with the 16 finalists, their talent level and how much drama we can expect from this hallmark season. Read more »
Last week made a splash with the ambitious Times Square premiere challenge, but this week is a fan favorite: the unconventional materials challenge! That means we‘ll get to see who has real creativity (i.e. actually uses the unconventional materials) and who refuses to learn from past seasons (i.e. uses fabrics).  Read more »
It‘s week 3 on Project Runway, and the question is, will this be the week people crack and unceremoniously leave the show? We know two designers voluntarily flee the competition in the middle of the night, and from this group, there are a few people who seem like the likely candidates to crack under the pressure.  Read more »
The drama shifted into high gear this week on Project Runway after two (!) contestants unceremoniously left the competition. First, there was the morning-after shocker when everyone awoke to find Andrea (the fashion instructor with sewing troubles last week) gone, without even a note left behind. With the designers in shock, a second blow came soon after in the workroom, when Kooan, the oddball who‘d been withdrawn recently, announced he, too, was leaving.  Read more »