Articles for Persons Unknown Season 1

What do you do when you combine the movie franchise Saw, crazy-weird series Lost and the NBC show Kidnapped? Persons Unknown.This upcoming NBC miniseries revolves around strangers who have been taken away from their ordinary lives and imprisoned inside a small ghost town. To get out, they have to engage in a sort of surreal mind game. They are watched by omnipresent security cameras and "mysterious" forces continue to thwart every effort they have of leaving town. Read more »
Seven strangers have been abducted from their routine lives, only to find themselves in a deserted town where they have to fight one another to survive. On the premiere of Persons Unknown, NBC has audiences anticipating a new mystery-drama miniseries that will keep everyone guessing. NBC Tries To Lure Fans to Persons UnknownTonight, we‘ll be meeting the seven individuals who have been trapped in suspicious surroundings. They soon find out that cameras are everywhere and someone is stopping them from leaving the place. There‘s no way out, unless they start killing one another. Read more »