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Person of Interest season 2 continues tonight at 9pm on CBS with an episode called ‘Bad Code.‘ Though it may be short, the preview below does give us a few facts about what we can expect in the episode.  Read more »
Person of Interest sure managed to keep me fooled for a while in this episode. All of the evidence that Reese and Carter were tracking down seemed to lead straight to the identity of Root, but with a nice little twist, we find out that it‘s someone else entirely.   Read more »
Okay people, show of hands. Who thought that at the end of last season of Person of Interest -- after Finch had been kidnapped and Reese turned to the cameras and said that it their problem now - who actually thought that the person or people that Reese was talking to was The Machine??  Well in ‘The Contingency‘ we find out that that is exactly who Reese was addressing.   Read more »
Fans of Mark Pellegrino, Lost and Person of Interest all have reason to rejoice. This weekend, Warner Bros announced at NYCC that the actor will be joining his former Lost cast mate Michael Emerson in this season of Person of Interest.   Read more »
Now that Beyonce is officially set to perform during the halftime show for Super Bowl XLVII on February 3, 2013, there‘s one question left for us non-football fans who enjoy the Super Bowl: What will be CBS‘ lead-out program?  Read more »
Person of Interest season 2 continues tonight with an episode called "Masquerade" and in it, Reese and Finch may face their biggest challenge to date.  Read more »
In this episode of Person of Interest, we saw that though Finch may be home now thanks to the combined efforts of Reese, Fusco and Carter, things are far from over for any of them. Though everything was almost back to normal; with Reese on the case of a new POI, underneath it all there were many, many complications.   Read more »
Person of Interest has added a new cast member to season 2 and while he may be a little furrier than the rest of the team, Bear has already proven that he can contribute just as much as everyone else.  Read more »
Person of Interest season 2 continues this week in an episode called"‘Triggerman," where Reese and Finch must help a mobster get out of the game. Check out a couple of videos below to see what we can expect in the episode.   Read more »
In this episode of Person of Interest, called "Triggerman," Reese and Finch are given the number of a mob hitman and naturally assume that they are there to prevent the thug from taking out a widow. Trouble is, there‘s a heck of a lot more to the story than that and soon the team finds that they‘ve got two people protect, not just one.   Read more »
Person of Interest season 2 continues Thursday November 1 at 9/8C, with an episode called "Bury the Lede." Check out the preview video to see if there might be some romance in Reese‘s future.  Read more »
On this episode of Person of Interest, called "Bury the Lede," The Machine gives Reese and Finch the number of a reporter -- but is she the victim or the perpetrator?  Read more »
In this episode of Person of Interest, called "The High Road," Reese is sent on assignment to the suburbs and Finch re-lives some important moments from his past.   Read more »
Person of Interest season 2 continues Thursday November 15 with an episode called "Critical." According to the preview videos, it looks like the case may bring up some not-so-pleasant memories for Finch.   Read more »
Person of Interest continues season 2 on Thursday, November 29 with an episode called "Til Death." Mark Pellegrino guest stars as a husband in a very unhappy marriage and it looks like Reese and Finch are going to try their hands at a little bit counseling to help him out.   Read more »
Person of Interest season 2 has cranked up both the action and the drama so far this season and judging by a few juicy tidbits that are going around, things are only going to get more interesting from here.   Read more »
Person of Interest season 2 continues Thursday, December 6, with an episode called "C.O.D." In it a New York City cab driver‘s number comes up and it‘s up to Finch and Reese to figure out why. Check out the preview video to find out more about the episode.   Read more »
Person of Interest season 2 airs its mid-season finale on Thursday, December 13 on CBS. The episode, called "Shadow Box," looks to be full of a lot of action and drama. But could it also spell the end to Reese?  Read more »
In the Person of Interest season 2 mid-season finale, called "Shadow Box," Reese and Finch have to help a young woman and her boyfriend out of a mess. Trouble is, their efforts may get themselves into an even bigger mess.   Read more »
Person of Interest season 2 comes back from winter hiatus on Thursday, January 3 with an episode called "2?R." Executive producers for the show, Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman, sat down to answer a few questions about the winter premiere.   Read more »
Following The CW and FOX, CBS has now revealed their season finale dates for spring 2013. Read more »
There‘s a whole lot of good news at CBS as the network officially renewed 14 of its shows for the 2013-2014 TV season. The list includes critical favorites like The Good Wife, reality competitions Survivor and The Amazing Race, hit shows like NCIS: Los Angeles and Blue Bloods freshman drama Elementary and newsmagazines like 60 Minutes.  Read more »
We‘re only weeks away from being able to watch the season finales of our favorite TV shows. To get us to tune in, CBS has released the storylines for their spring 2013 finales, including The Good Wife, Two and a Half Men, NCIS and Elementary. And many of them are bringing in famous guest stars like Hilary Duff, Black Sabbath, Marilu Henner and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to spice things up and bring in more viewers. Which shows will they be guest starring on? And which season-enders are sure to leave us with huge cliffhangers? Read on to find out all the details. Read more »
The Person of Interest season 2 finale, called "God Mode," airs on Thursday, May 9 at 9pm on CBS. In the episode, guest star Carrie Preston returns as Finch‘s love Grace Hendricks and BuddyTV spoke with Preston exclusively about what fans can expect from Grace in the finale.   Read more »
CBS isn‘t doing a whole lot with dramas for the 2013-2014 TV season. With only three new dramas ordered, it‘s the smallest scripted drama order in more than five years. But they don‘t need it.  Read more »
CBS revealed its schedule for next season, and it‘s very comedy-heavy with four new sitcoms and an extra hour on Thursday to compete with NBC.  Read more »