Articles for Party Down Season 1

Party Down, a new comedy series from Starz, follows a group of dreamers struggling to make it big in Hollywood, while stuck in their jobs as an LA catering team.  They mingle with their guests, waiting on them while harboring hopes of something better.   Premiering tonight, the show was created by Rob Thomas, best known for his work on Veronica Mars.  The series is backed up by celebrated executive producers, like John Enbom, Dan Etheridge, Paul Rudd and Thomas himself.   Read more »
Sure, the American Film Institute honors the best films of the past year--their Top 10 list this year includes box office darlings Up and The Hangover and critical faves like Precious and The Hurt Locker--but they also honor the best television of the past year, and their list this year has some interesting picks.The AFI will honor the following ten shows in a luncheon on January 15 in Los Angeles:  Read more »
Tomorrow morning the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will revealthis year‘s Golden Globe nominees, and you never know what to expect. The Golden Globes have been a lot more diverse than the Emmys,nominating people like Evangeline Lilly for Lost, Anna Paquin for True Blood, Lauren Graham for Gilmore Girls and Sarah Michelle Gellar for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  They‘ve also given the Best Drama award to Nip/Tuck and Party of Five.This year, there are a ton of new shows that have a good chance to be nominated alongside regulars like 30 Rock and Mad Men.  Here are some of the new faces and names you could see at this year‘s Golden Globes.  Read more »