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Did you make it through NBC‘s first marathon Thursday Night Comedy Block last night? I won‘t lie to you, Internet: Three hours is a long time to do anything, even laugh. I don‘t blame you if you skipped out on a few minutes to eat or sleep, especially if you did it during Outsourced. But why am I talking about Outsourced? That‘s breaking my New Year‘s Resolution to pretend Outsourced doesn‘t exist. (It‘s my life and it‘s precious and that‘s how I want to live it!)But back to shows that ought to be celebrated for existing: Here are my quick thoughts and favorite clips from Parks and Rec, The Office, 30 Rock and Community. What say you, laugh-mongers?  Read more »
Sometimes there is just too much awesomeness to fit into a tidy 22 minutes. Such was the problem, it seems, with Parks and Recreation‘s season 3 premiere last Thursday, "Go Big or Go Home."The solution? THE INTERNET! (The solution is always "The Internet" nowadays, you guys.)Check out two deleted scenes with more Coach Ron Swanson wisdom, including an extended cut about the "Swanson Pyramid of Greatness," plus a little something incredible called the "Swanson Yin Yang of Failure": Read more »
Watch clips and read my favorite parts from the first two hours of NBC‘s Thursday Night comedy block last night, then share your own! I didn‘t watch Perfect Couples again (because I‘m single and it‘s forbidden) or Outsourced (because I do not like that show) but feel free to chat it up about those, too. I watched Archer and Jersey Shore instead. Did you watch Archer? Archer is great.PS: As always, all these full episodes are available to watch on and Hulu. Happy Friday to us! Read more »
She‘s ba-aaaaack! This Thursday on Parks and Recreation, the sworn enemy of the Parks department returns to make Ron Swanson‘s life a living hell once more. And this time, Ron is getting (gasp!) ... cornrows.Watch this clip and scary movie-style trailer to see what happens when Tammy Swanson (special guest Megan Mullally, also Nick Offerman‘s real-life wife) strikes again. Read more »
Hang on to your library cards. Tonight‘s episode of Parks and Recreation marks the return of Tammy Swanson (Megan Mullally), otherwise known as the she-devil that ruins Ron‘s life on a once-a-season basis. Have no clue what I‘m talking about? Check out these sneak peek clips and try not to laugh. Go ahead, I dare you.So, what could be better than a 22-minute Ron and Tammy tornado? How about the opportunity to talk with real-life couple Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman? And, yes, they‘re just as funny as their characters. Don‘t be jealous.  Read more »
It‘s Monday. Whomp whomp. But it‘s also Pi Day! You know what helps a nasty case of the Monday "whomps"? Eating pie. And also there‘s some excitement on the week‘s horizon: The big Pawnee "Harvest Festival" is finally happening this Thursday on Parks and Recreation, and the episode stars one very special guest: A TINY PONY! Named Li‘l Sebastian. If that doesn‘t put a smile on your whomping face, I don‘t know what will.Check out Li‘l Sebastian and two more clips from "Harvest Festival," airing this Thursday at 9:30pm on NBC:  Read more »
Ahhh, St. Patrick‘s Day. The day we all celebrate Irish heritage by eating corned beef and cabbage, wearing green, kissing gingers and ... getting monumentally, masochistically, merrily, magnificently TRASHED.Maybe because they‘ve got so many good "This one time, when I was wasted..." stories, or maybe because watching drunk people is just so funnyyyyy, TV comedy writers love to get their characters drunk and let them wreak havoc. And we love watching them do it!So warm up for your own epic drinking adventure tonight with these 9 hilarious drunken escapades from recent TV past. Or use them as a warning to regulate your own behavior this evening. Your choice! Read more »
In a move that proves all TV executives are not soulless monsters out to destroy quality television, the chairman of NBC has announced the renewal of three of its Thursday night comedies: Community, Parks and Recreation and The Office. Read more »
I‘ve become accustomed to network synergy. Usually if a TV show makes references to other shows, they‘ll be on the same network. But NBC‘s Thursday night comedies clearly don‘t believe in that.Instead, they reference shows on rival networks, sometimes shows they‘re in direct competition with, which is kind of like having a Coke commercial where someone enjoys a refreshing Pepsi. This is nothing new to NBC‘s comedies, but last night it was particularly strong.  Read more »
Today Time Magazine released its annual list of the 100 most influential people of the world. The list includes a lot of the people you‘d expect (President Obama, Oprah, Bieber, Zuckerberg), but there are also some strange pop culture inclusions.  Read more »
The CW typically gets ignored as a second-rate network, especially when compared to the others. Typically, when looking at the ratings, the shows on the CW are the lowest-rated programs of the night. Well, not today.Last night, a new episode of the CW‘s The Vampire Diaries beat the second episode of NBC‘s new comedy, The Paul Reiser Show. The Vampire Diaries was watched by by 2.65 million while The Paul Reiser Show got a measly 2.5 million.  Read more »
We heard reports about the Office finale guest star rampage a couple weeks ago, but the teaser video after last Thursday‘s "Goodbye Michael Scott" (watch the preview again below!) made the news feel real: Spader, Tate, Romano, Arnett, Gervais and Jim Carrey are all coming to Scranton to "throw their hats in the ring" to replace Michael. Although Mindy Kaling has been tweeting character details that hint not all the roles will be middle-management material. One thing we now know for sure: Ray Romano will be wearing glasses. It looks weirder than I thought it would. With three more episodes to go in season 7, The Office has a lot of ground to cover, starting with getting rid of Deangelo, and this preview shows we‘ll have plenty of laughs along the way. And they‘re not the only ones with exciting guest stars! This Thursday, the Pawnee Parks and Recreation department will visit the fancy-pants Eagleton government to discuss a pressing fencing issue, and they‘ll be met by the legendarily hilarious Parker Posey. Meanwhile, Community‘s upcoming double-episode paintball epic will get some heavy-lifting help from super-hot (per usual) Josh Holloway. Watch the clips now:  Read more »
What a great Thursday night for FOX. Rupert Murdoch broke out the good champagne to fill his pool with last night. Both American Idol and Bones saw sizable increases in viewers over last week. CBS fared well with The Big Bang Theory and The Mentalist.It was announced yesterday that Bones, FOX‘s hit forensic crime figurehead, would be renewed for a seventh season, despite star Emily Deschanel‘s pregnancy. Bones flourished under the news, with a whopping 18% increase over last week, and a total of 11.09 million viewers. Looks like FOX made the right call in renewing Bones. Read more »
I suppose I should have added one important caveat to my recent rant about how Jersey Shore parodies are played out, or on their way to being so: "Leave it to the pros."Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy continued his spoof-saga Jersey Floor with his regular slew of amazing guest stars (Abby Elliot, Rachel Dratch, Questlove, to name a few) and two extra-special appearances by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as versions of that Jersey Shore staple side character: "the stalker." These pros prove that there is still joy to be had in the mocking of our favorite MTV macaroni rascals.Watch and love:  Read more »
In a year when it seems like the networks are all rushing to get their next-season news out before each other, we probably shouldn‘t be surprised that NBC has chosen to announce its 2011-2012 season on a Sunday morning. The schedule has a few familiar names, a whole bunch of new stuff and a fair amount of shuffling. Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of Parks and Recreation, "Jerry‘s Painting."High Five Highlights:1. Ron giving the introductory remarks at the art show was great. More speeches should start, "Shut up and look at me!"2. Out of nowhere, Orin (the really intense guy from April and Andy‘s wedding) shows up at the gallery! Of course, he‘s just standing in front of a blank canvas looking really intense. Can we please make this guy an official recurring character? Please?3. As usual, Perd Hapley proves himself a complete dolt, with such stellar lines as "Are centaurs real? Are you absolutely sure?" and "Also joining us today is a different person."4. As Leslie explains the difficulties of defining what is and is not pornography, Brandi Maxxx finds the subject rather straightforward: "For me it‘s when the penis goes in."5. The manic gleam in April and Andy‘s eyes when they find the "As Seen on TV" section of Bed, Bath & Beyond was awesome. The joy of watching them load up their cart with everything on the shelf was matched only by the sweet conversation they had a minute later about how they never want to be adults. Read more »
Last night, FOX dominated with the steadily rising American Idol and the season finale of Bones. Bones aired its season finale last night, and ended the episode with quite the surprise. The episode was Bones‘ highest rated finale since 2008, with 10.05 million viewers. Fans are hungry for more Bones, so it‘s going to be a long summer.And if you missed last night‘s finale, check out our Bones recap here. Read more »
Summer used to be a total bummer for us TV fans. As the last of our favorite shows wrote "S.W.A.K." in our yearbooks on their way out of town for the summer, one question haunted our dreams on those hot June nights: "What am I supposed to watch now?"That is, until Netflix Instant was born. For just $8 a month, you now have more hours of quality television living inside your computer (or fancy TV) than you could ever hope to watch. Netflix is not paying me to say this. They don‘t HAVE to, because it‘s a no-brainer. And if you watch enough streaming television this summer, you can be a no-brainer, too. No need to go outside at all this summer. What are you, a settler from olden days?There‘s so much to choose from on Netflix Instant that you may not know where to begin. That‘s what this handy Netflix Instant Summer Guide is for. Just pick your mood and dive head first into the stream.  Read more »
Have you ever wished that you could jump inside the brain of your favorite TV star or writer so that even when the show wasn‘t on, you could witness their brilliance, insight and hilarity at all times?Well, even if you haven‘t wished it, since that‘s sort of a creepy (but understandable) wish, now you can, thanks to Twitter. Getting inside a star‘s head has never been easier! (Or less messy, if we‘re being literal. Which, for the record, we are not.)Here are our picks for 25 people on and involved with TV (both real and fictional!) that you‘ll want to make sure you follow this summer.  Read more »