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The new Amy Poehler comedy hasn‘t even premiered, but already the show has gained attention after a leaked focus group report enumerated its many loopholes and bad points and essentially said it‘s bound to flop.  NBC‘s Parks and Recreation stars the Saturday Night Live alum and follows fellow NBC comedy The Office‘s mockumentary format.  For his part, NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman is not bothered because focus groups are generally haters anyway.According to the FGD report, preview audiences thought Parks and Recreation was a “carbon copy” of The Office (after all, the show is from The Office‘s Greg Daniels and Michael Schur).  As for Silverman, these kinds of negative responses are not unusual for a new series. Read more »
The highly anticipated comedy series from Office executive producers Greg Daniels and Mike Schur hasn‘t premiered yet but it‘s already making some buzz in the media. Critics who have seen the pilot episode of Parks and Recreation have given mixed reviews for the mockumentary that looks at the exciting world of local government but many are still optimistic that the show will turn out to be hit.Similar to The Office, Parks and Recreation features documentary cameras that follow Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), a mid-level official in the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana. I n an effort to doll up her town and advance her career, she takes on a seemingly simple project that involves helping local nurse Ann Logan (Rashida Jones) take on suspicious bureaucrats, selfish neighbors, and real estate developers who are equipped with lawsuits, the jumble of city codes, and the democratic process that Leslie adores.  The show also features Aziz Ansari and Aubrey Plaza. Read more »
When the American adaptation of The Office premiered in mid-spring of 2005, four years after Ricky Gervais’s original British mockumentary-style comedy began and two years after it has successfully wooed audiences on both shores, critics were quick and harsh in their evaluations. The American show starring Steve Carell as a mid-level boss at a regional paper company was "so diluted there‘s little left but muddy water,” said the New York Times. Even ever-jovial USA Today gave a backhanded assessment, calling it a “passable imitation of a miles-better BBC original.” Reviewers saw potential, but were wary that the American show could grow from shoddy reproduction to original interpretation when it retained the same premise, same tone, and same style of the British Office.Now, four years later, the American Office has forged its own way, becoming one of the sharpest and best-loved comedies on television. The show managed what first seemed impossible: paying due respect to its original source while constructing its own identity within that space. And now, still four years later, NBC is putting their faith in comedienne Amy Poehler to make a similar jump from replica to real thing with Parks and Recreation, a mockumentary about city government official Leslie Knope, the pilot episode of which airs this Thursday, April 9 at 8:30 on NBC. Read more »
NBC unveiled their slate of programs for the 2009-2010 season this morning.  Six new pilots were picked up (two comedies, four dramas).  NBC failed to concoct an actual day-by-day schedule for the Fall - they are expected to release that schedule within a couple of weeks.  Not mentioned during NBC‘s announcement this morning were the likes of Chuck, Medium, My Name is Earl, Law & Order and Life.  Some of those series could get picked up for mid-season.  As of right now, the fall schedule looks filled to the brim, especially when you consider that Jay Leno‘s new show will be taking up five hours of prime-time per week.  For Chuck fans, the wait continues, although the forecast isn‘t terribly bright.  Shows picked up for next season include Parks and Recreation, Southland and Heroes.  NBC has also ordered six more episodes of Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday for the Fall.  Here‘s a rundown of the six new shows from NBC: Read more »
On tonight‘s Parks and Recreation finale - "Rock Show" - the members of Leslie‘s (Amy Poehler) sub-committee attend Andy‘s (Chris Patt) first concert since he broke his legs. "This is very exciting," says Leslie on the promo.  "We are at St. Joseph Medical Center because today Andy Dwyer is getting his cast off. It is a great day for Andy and it‘s a wonderful day for my sub-committee."  When the cast was taken off, Tom (Aziz Ansari) says his leg looks like a "sweaty piñata" and Anne (Rashida Jones) actually finds her iPod there. Leslie then asks if she can keep the cast, and the ortho obliges, despite saying that it‘s a disgusting request. Leslie then calls it a symbol of new beginnings, and a symbol of hope and their project.  Also, Leslie herself has a meeting with one of the local bigwigs. Read more »
After its initial announcement last month about the shows it would pick up, today NBC revealed its official 2009-2010 schedule and also made several official cancellations.My Name is Earl and Medium are both gone, though there are possibilities that both shows could be picked up by rival networks.  For My Name is Earl, it‘s especially difficult since the season ended with a cliffhanger.More Fall Lineups:FOXABCNBCCBSThe CW Read more »