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If you thought MTV had hit rock bottom, you were wrong.  Sure, their phalanx of dating shows over the past few years have been an embarrassing reminder of just how low and shameless the once proud and edgy network has become.  But, it wasn‘t until today that MTV officially scraped the bottom of the barrel.  It has careened into the abyss, tossing off any semblance of self-respect and embracing the potential commercial merits of pure, unadulterated evil.  If you haven‘t guessed already, MTV has ordered ten episodes of a Paris Hilton reality series, tentatively titled Paris Hilton‘s My New BFF.  On the show, wannabe sycophants will compete in a series of competitions in order to become Paris Hilton‘s new best friend forever. Read more »
Let‘s look at the pros and cons of being Paris Hilton‘s best friend.  Pros: You‘d be in the media spotlight and become a household name.  You‘d get to go to all the hottest parties and clubs in every major city worldwide.  You‘d rub elbows with hot celebrities (especially male ones) from rock stars to movie stars.  Now the cons: Well, you‘d probably never have an intelligent conversation.  Being mobbed by paparazzi can‘t be any picnic in the park.  You‘d probably end up with a member of the band Good Charlotte (yeah, that‘s a con).  This fall, a group of wannabe Hiltons will ignore the cons and try to become Paris‘s best friend in a new MTV reality show entitled Paris Hilton‘s My New BFF.  Paris needs more than just an American best friend.  Just when you thought you were safe in England, Paris jumps across the pond to find a dumb Brit to join her entourage, too! Read more »
In anticipation of the premiere of its newest series Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, MTV is airing a casting special to introduce the 18 potential best friends forever. If you’re looking for intelligent, thoughtful television, abandon all hope, ye who enter here. The title alone should clue you in that this won’t be your average reality show.Right away, we learn a lot about Paris Hilton’s My New BFF when we see her list of 14 requirements for a best friend. You must like pink and dogs, and you need to look hot, not hit on her boyfriend, and “Must be a loyal pet.” With that list, this is destined to be one of the most fabulous trainwrecks in TV history. Read more »
Socialite Paris Hilton comes back to television screens with her new reality series, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, in which she aims to find a new best bud. In fact, the 27-year-old fashion entrepreneur says that she has one requirement that not all individuals could pull off, and that’s being “paparazzi-ready” at all times.  Let’s face it—Paris lives under the limelight 24/7, so her best friend, who we assume would always be by her side, needs to tough it up for the cameras as well.Recently, the Hilton heiress spoke to Reuters to share her thoughts on the MTV reality series and what she gained from it. Read more »
While MTV is trying to find another bisexual to fill Tila Tequila‘s shoes for season 3 of A Shot at Love, the Tuesday at 10pm time slot is now occupied by Paris Hilton‘s My New BFF. It‘s ironic, because Paris Hilton is filling a hole in the MTV schedule, while usually it‘s the other way around for her.The casting special for Paris Hilton‘s My New BFF was very revealing, though I‘m still not sure of Onch‘s gender. Either way, this show is bound to offer fun, absurdity and enough offensive material to force E!‘s The Soup into doing hour-long episodes. If you can‘t get through it sober, play the “That‘s hot” drinking game at home. Read more »
We recently reported that Paris Hilton is ready to come back to television screens again with another reality endeavor, this time with MTV.  The fashion model turned entrepreneur and reality TV star has recently debuted her new series, Paris Hilton’s My BFF on Tuesday, September 30, when she starts looking for a best friend.The 27-year-old socialite recently told Reuters that she is on the lookout for a real friend, saying, “I am looking for someone I can trust, someone who is friends with me for the right reason.  A lot of girls want to be photographed with me.  They get so excited when the paparazzi are around and put their arms around me.  I don‘t like friends who try to use friends like that.” Read more »
Last week on Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, 18 contestants began competing against each other for the title of "Paris Hilton’s BFF."  In fact, four best friend wannabes headed home that night, as Erin, Athena, Francisca and Trisha were the first four chosen by Paris to leave the competition.  Reasons behind the elimination may include the fact that they hadn’t made an impression, or that their personalities didn’t quite mesh well with Paris’.  Recently, one of the eliminated contestants spoke to E! Online, revealing that her experience with Paris was quite odd."It‘s just weird," Michelle Kopasz told E!. "You feel like you need to talk to a psychologist afterward. It‘s kinda rough." Read more »
With everyone else getting caught up in the political storms before the national election, some are just eager to tune into MTV and check out what silly antics Paris Hilton is up to in her latest reality stint, My New BFF.  The reality competition which aims to find her new “paparazzi-ready” best friend is well underway, and the hotel heiress and fashion model is making sure that the British version of the reality search is well publicized.Meanwhile, another cast-off speaks out about the socialite.  Michelle recently revealed her post-competition thoughts and this time, it’s Baje who speaks up with some parting words for Paris Hilton. Read more »
Last week on Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, we saw the contenders of the MTV reality show head off to the amusement park to do something very outrageous—pose for “hot” photos while riding a rollercoaster.  The other contestants were excited about the challenge, but Onch in particular was devastated.  He dragged himself to the Ghost Rider rollercoaster ride and did one round.  Paris thought that some of their photos, including Onch’s, made them look like they were going to “poop in their pants.”  Lauren emerged successful from the first challenge.Paris’ prize for Lauren was a trip to Japan for the MTV Video Music Awards with her, of course.  She also took Sinsu, Natasha, Brittany and Brian with her, because she felt that she needed to get to know them better. Read more »
Sometimes you just can‘t wrap your finger around the many things Paris Hilton is up to.  If you thought that her MTV reality show, Paris Hilton‘s My New BFF, is enough, then you‘re wrong.  She‘s still up and about doing other stuff—just what you would expect from an hotel heiress.First, the socialite‘s been reported to have paid $200,000 to board the inaugural flight of Virgin Galactic, the space tourism endeavor of maverick businessman Richard Branson.  The intergalactic flight is said to also include celebrities such as actors William Shatner and Sigourney Weaver, as well as singer Moby.  But Hilton has expressed her worries about the flight, which is pegged for take-off in 2010. Read more »
Natasha Komis may not have won Paris Hilton‘s My New BFF since she was just recently eliminated on the competition but she ultimately got what she wanted: some exposure and some fun in the sun.  This New Jersey rocker may never be best friends with Paris Hilton but, after giving her the time of the day, she has grown to genuinely care about the hotel heiress.“It took time to get to know Paris‘ character.  But she is an awesome girl, and I care about her now,” Natasha Komis told the New York Daily News.  “A lot of people don‘t know this about her, but she really wants to have friends and she‘s really sweet.” Read more »
If you think Paris Hilton will be staying at the sidelines this election, think again.  Over the years, the hotel heiress managed to master the art of staying in the spotlight and in front of the cameras and now that the fate of the America is about to change with the elections, Paris has once again gave importance to this event by coming up with quirky videos in which she shares her own opinion about politics.In fact, the 27-year-old socialite recently came out to talk about her thoughts on the election, and how much she believes that one should take time to give importance to this world-changing event. Read more »
Last week, Paris Hilton‘s My New BFF headed to Las Vegas, and the girls were tasked to do a showgirl routine for Paris.  The crash course, and the lack of sleep, has made things a little complicated for some.  As the girls head down to the spa, Paris suddenly springs the challenge—letters with rumors!  Some didn‘t take things as well as the others, and eventually Kiki was sent home because of her attitude.Watching the series for the past few weeks, you can‘t help but notice that Paris is looking way beyond the ditzy partygoer-slash-fashionista we‘ve been so used to seeing in the media.  Just look at the way she TTYN‘ed Kiki—so serious!  If she admits to one thing, it‘s her attempts to move past that careless image and look a bit more… responsible. Read more »
On last week‘s Paris Hilton‘s My New BFF, the girls spent their last day in Las Vegas looking for guys to bring back to Los Angeles—only to find out that they‘re so far from Paris‘ “wall-to-wall men” specification.  But that‘s not the focal point of the episode: last week was when enemies of the contestants dropped bombshells on all of them!  (Well, not all of them.)  In the end, it was Kayley who was eliminated, in a move that surprised everybody.Paris‘ reasons were simple: she couldn‘t afford to have a free-spirited a person like Kayley for her BFF.  It wasn‘t really a judgment on the behavior of Clark Gable‘s granddaughter, however—no TTYN‘s on last week‘s episode.  Some viewers might‘ve preferred to see Corrie go instead, with the surprising revelations, the flimsy rebuttal, and all that crying during the elimination. Read more »
“I’ve got to get back to my life now,” Paris Hilton said in last week’s Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, as she TTYN’ed Lauren after a very intense discussion session with the five remaining girls.  A pretty poignant line for her to say, if you ask me, considering the things she is going back to.Is it just me or is Paris’ relationships very complicated?  She’s been in the spotlight for quite a while, and during that time we’ve obviously seen quite a lot, but this week it seems things have gone the way of the roller coaster.  It is, after all, about her relationship with Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, or whatever’s left of it now, if anything.  Depending on who you’re listening to, you’ll get a different side of the story, and perhaps a peek into what she faces on a daily basis—and, in theory, whoever wins My New BFF in the coming weeks. Read more »
After ten weeks, eighteen wannabes and loads of drama—with a sprinkling of bitchiness, if I’m allowed to say that—Paris Hilton’s My New BFF has a winner.  Paris finally chose her new BFF.  And it happens to be Brittany.The two remaining BFF wannabes, Brittany and Vanessa, were brought to New York, and were each given a chance to get Paris all for themselves for one day.  A dizzy Brittany was treated to a shopping spree, including an ice cream sundae worth a thousand dollars.  (So what exactly was in it that made it so expensive?)  Vanessa was given a personal tour of East Hampton, a trip to the spa and, quite importantly, a ring that says those crucial letters: BFF. Read more »
A few weeks ago, I remember distinctly saying that watching Paris Hilton’s My New BFF is a guilty pleasure of sorts.  I’m not really into reality shows, mostly because it’s descended towards the consistently trashy kind, but for some reason I am drawn into this show.  I’m not even a fan of Paris, at that!Last week, however, was a totally different case.  Sure, it was (if you look at it one way) the usual challenges, with the intention of seeing how the remaining BFF wannabees adapt to Paris’ wham-bam life as a celebrity heiress, and also to see what they are really in the competition for.  The photo shoot was a given—it was almost a toss-up between Vanessa and Shelley, with the former eventually winning.  The interview with Ryan Seacrest was, in the tradition of people trying to impress other people, a little too revealing; you might actually agree when they say Vanessa looks very, very freaky. Read more »
While writing about Paris Hilton‘s My New BFF, I remember spotting a comment on the MTV website saying that the show isn‘t really worth it.  That comment went along the lines of, nobody‘s going to be Paris‘ BFF anyway, regardless of who wins.  Well, maybe a part of you thought that it‘s just a big scripted reality-a-thon with no actual winners but the producers, Paris included.  But, of course, someone out there is bound to prove you wrong.  And that person happens to her new BFF, Brittany!So what has she been up to since winning My New BFF anyway?  Of course, the show has been recorded a while back, and a winner has long been announced.  We haven‘t really seen Brittany out and about as the show went on—it‘s the confidentiality clause, obviously—but Paris has let slip, perhaps by accident, that the winner is a she.  Now that we know she‘s won, we can see her out and about, perhaps on the tabloids, but what about the time in between? Read more »
Paris Hilton‘s My New BFF is over.  I don‘t really have to repeat it (although reruns are probably airing on MTV right now), but now that Brittany‘s been declared the winner, we should expect to see her around more often, right?  First, I think I said that before.  And second, yes, we are indeed seeing her around.So begins the slow rise of Brittany Flickinger—the East Coaster who was, for a while, a rocker chick in Las Vegas—from obscurity into tabloid fodder.  A customary search for updates on Paris Hilton on the Internet leads you to those bits from events across Los Angeles (and elsewhere, I must add) where she has been spotted with Brittany, who else?  It seems that Paris is very excited, and perhaps relieved, to be seen with her around. Read more »
The last time I checked with Paris Hilton herself—or, to be more specific, with what I described as “that complicated flux” called her relationships—it was a little confusing.  She split up with Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, and it was given a different spin, depending on who you are talking to: either Paris is still in love with him, or is not breaking up with him, or is that desperate to actually attempt to track Benji down and force him to spend time with her.  And then Brittany won Paris Hilton‘s My New BFF, which distracted us from further developments, or at least those worth watching.By now, you very much know that Paris and Benji have indeed split up, and despite his appearance on the finale of My New BFF—it‘s pre-taped anyway, so there are no shattered expectations there—things have been different in the present.  Followers have made much play of Paris‘ many solo appearances, as she continues doing her work or just having some fun.  Of course, there are spottings of her with Brittany, because that‘s what BFFs do, right?  Spend some time with each other. Read more »