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After its initial announcement last month about the shows it would pick up, today NBC revealed its official 2009-2010 schedule and also made several official cancellations.My Name is Earl and Medium are both gone, though there are possibilities that both shows could be picked up by rival networks.  For My Name is Earl, it‘s especially difficult since the season ended with a cliffhanger.More Fall Lineups:FOXABCNBCCBSThe CW Read more »
Based on the 1989 movie and the short-lived 1990 television spin-off, Parenthood may seem like your ordinary family-themed sitcom, but its cast alone is already getting raves from critics.  Twenty years after the theatrical release of the movie, Parenthood the new series stars the likes of Peter Krause, Maura Tierney, Dax Shepard, Monica Potter, Erika Christensen, with Craig T. Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia playing the parents.  Friday Night Lights‘ Jason Katims will serve as the show‘s executive producer. The new one-hour version will reportedly feature an update on the original, taking into account the modern parenting challenges brought about by technology. Read more »
NBC has already announced the premiere dates for its fall shows, kicking off the highly anticipated, The Jay Leno Show, on Monday, September 14 at 10pm---a week before the official start of the 2009-10 TV season. The Biggest Loser will also get an early start this fall as it kicks off the news season with a two-hour episode on Tuesday, September 15.  Read more »
UPDATE: In a statement released by Maura Tierney on Monday, she revealed that the delay is due to a tumor in her breast, and that she is hopeful that she will be back to work on Parenthood in the near future.  In her statement Tierney said that the doctors believe it is treatable, but that they won‘t have a full diagnosis until after the tumor is removed.Parenthood, the new NBC drama scheduled to premiere in September, isbeing pushed back to mid-season to accommodate star Maura Tienrey, whois undergoing an eight-week medical evaluation Read more »
Now that Parenthood lead star Maura Tierney‘s breast tumor has pushed Mercy from midseason to fall, Gossip Girl fans are now pondering whether this move will affect Michelle Trachtenberg‘s appearance in the third season of the CW teen drama. Trachtenberg has been cast as rookie nurse Chloe Payne on the NBC drama Mercy, which was supposed to air in January but has now been set to launch in September. Obviously, the cast and crew of the medical show have been asked to start work much earlier than expected. Read more »
In the midst of the on-going national Team Conan/Team Leno debate, NBC has released it‘s newly organized night-time schedule. It turns out life after Leno (at 10pm) will involve a lot of Law and Order re-runs, in both Law and Order flavors: original and SVU. The just-released post-Leno (and post-Winter Olympics) plan finds the Peacock airing the remaining episodes of the is-it-or-isn‘t-it canceled Trauma and a few new premieres, including Parenthood and Jerry Seinfeld‘s The Marriage Ref. Of course, the schedule doesn‘t address the question on everyone‘s lips...what‘s on at 11:35pm NBC?  Read more »
Now that the Olympics are over and we‘re back to regular programming, there‘s lots to take in this week. For starters: Jake takes his pick, Jim and Pam have a baby and Oscar night‘s comedy duo are just a few reasons to tune in. Also of note: American Idol‘s Top 10 contestants perform on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, for those of you following the young hopefuls every inch of the way.  Read more »
What happens when you put together a star-studded cast and two award-winning producers? We‘ll soon find out tonight as NBC airs Ron Howard and Brian Grazer‘s latest brainchild, Parenthood. The title of the dramedy probably sounds familiar, especially for those who have seen Howard‘s 1989 film starring Steve Martin, Dianne Wiest and Keanu Reeves. NBC‘s Parenthood is actually based on that very same movie only this time the Braverman family takes the center stage instead of the Buckmans. Read more »
TV networks are looking to cash in on the public‘s seemingly unendingappetite for remakes.  Just look at the anticipation that‘s beenbuilding around Hawaii 5-0 and the general disappointment in the new Melrose Place.  NBC‘s new series Parenthood offers different, and perhaps even better, idea: turning ‘80s movies into TV shows.Movies of the ‘80s have since become beloved cult classics, many ofwhich are just campy enough to become real TV shows.  Not convinced? Picture a human-robot buddy cop show based on the film Short Circuit or a young adult action adventure series based on The Goonies.  Read more »
After a midseason kickoff last season, Chuck is back on NBC‘s fall calendar, prematurely leaked by The Hollywood Reporter. Chuck returns to its old Monday 8pm slot, followed by two rookies: global-conspiracy-theory drama The Event and another action drama, this time about a team of US Marshalls who track down fugitives, Chase.See More:The CW‘s Fall Lineup>>CBS‘ Fall Lineup>>ABC‘s Fall Lineup>>FOX‘s Fall Lineup>>Wednesday, meanwhile, is Law and Order night, featuring the spin-off Law & Order: Los Angeles at 10, while J.J. Abrams drama Undercovers and Law & Order: SVU open the night. Mercy and Trauma, as well as former NBC flagship Heroes, are nowhere in sight, although network execs are reportedly in talks to give both Heroes and Law & Order "special event" or two-hour finale send-offs next fall. Read more »