Articles for Oz Season 6

Terry Kinney gave life to Tim McManus on the HBO series Oz.  He depicted the idealistic manager of Emerald City, a unit in the Oswald Maximum Security Prison, who seemingly had a fair share of positive and negative traits.  While he believed in justice, morality and the goodness of people, he was also overly idealistic, self-righteous and naïve.  He also had multiple sexual relationships with several staff members.  Throughout the series, he aimed to make his unit an ideal prison where people of all groups can learn and live together.  Unfortunately, his vision to rehabilitate the prisoners to make them better citizens eventually became cloudy when a mysterious substance was released into the facility, causing everyone to evacuate Oz. Later this year, the 53-year-old actor will be gracing the big screen with a drama and will be returning to the small screen with a new series in 2008. Read more »
Lee Tergesen‘s career took off with his acclaimed portrayal of Tobias “Toby” Beecher on HBO‘s Oz.  He played a successful attorney who ran over a little girl while driving drunk.  This led to his conviction, facing a sentence of 15 years.  In prison, he was considered to be part of the outcast group, providing little disciplinary problems to both staff and other inmates.  Although a recluse, he endured a pool of emotional upheaval sparked by the brutal attacks and rape of Vern Schillinger (J. K. Simmons) inside the titular facility.  This unleashed Beecher‘s rampage and surged his thirst for revenge.  Apart from fighting back physically, he also maneuvered several schemes that made Schillinger‘s life miserable.  However, he became a victim of deceit when he fell in love with inmate Chris Keller (Christopher Meloni) who was working with Schillinger in his plot for vengeance.  At present, the 42-year-old actor remains in the limelight with both his upcoming television drama and miniseries. Read more »
From the executive producers of House comes yet another medical drama that focuses on the brain and how a world-famous neurologist will try to deal with its mysteries through challenging patients and bizarre cases.   Read more »